MATCH PROMO Samael is the root of ALL evil (RP7)


Now I have no issue with your love of money, Roberto. I just find it perplexing that you think the people with the most money live better lives than most. Crazy as the world is, money is the root of all evil. Certain people with the most money put their lives on the line for it. Majority of people with the most money have unstable minds and they try to buy happiness with their bank accounts. Living life should not be granted on who has the better cars, who wears the better clothes or who rocks shiner diamonds. Money is not the true form of our purpose. You should not have to fight for money, Roberto. If you’re living out your purpose in life, money should be chasing you instead. The ones who carry life on their shoulders are the ones who have fulfilled their mission. Samael’s purpose is not to carry God’s plan. His purpose is to carry out His own duties that relate to the fire and brimstone. Samael is the physical form of the devil and the embodiment of pure evil. He won’t even sniff at a piece of paper ruled by the government. He is only after what He was born to do. You can go ahead and keep your hope and riches to yourself, Roberto. You’re starting to sound a lot like Jonny Airhart, but you make way more sense than him. The only big difference is you’re too excited to “dance with the devil.” But Samael does not dance with anyone. He is bound and set out to only destroy and conquer. You are taking Him too lightly because you haven’t felt the inflicting pain yet. Soon you will make out to be a great demonstration for whomever carries blood in their hands. Samael can sniff the smell of sweetness and iron. He will not wait to watch the festering and raw blood become sickeningly dry. He will turn that vile pungency and obtain it for a souvenir. People view Samael as a sick man that only collects blood out of pleasure. But you have all been fooled. Samael is only mocking you when He collects your blood. He is only reminding you of the night that terror came into town, and you were victim. I find it hard to believe that some of these people think they will win the 24/7 contract. No one has given Him more than He deserves. Straight out of the gate, that silly boy, Michael painted a picture for all of you. Michael, no matter how foolish and uncanny he can be sometimes. I enjoyed the message that was sent. Despite no bloodshed, the symbolic message was a fair warning of what is to come for next season. Roberto, you must start thinking what you will do once He hinders your hopes and dreams. Once he snags your pride away from you in just a few minutes. The only thing that will help you bounce back into action will be either to submit to Him… or become forgotten. You want to live a better life without using money as an excuse? Allow the darkness to control your path. Allow hell to take over your destiny. A lot of people are shunned by the message of the world. This world is not designed for respect and happiness. This world is designed for sinful and selfish nature. Only the weak are the ones who do not follow their first mind. Only the weak will hold themselves back by not fulfilling their fleshly desires. Money is not the reason you will survive the world, Roberto. Money is not the reason you will win this match and money will not bother Him either. You can keep your money. He will just take your humanity.

Haruka, I would have hoped you were smart enough to extend your hand to His offering. To build and ensure your future would be well secured under His grips. All you had to do was submit to Him. But you’ve chosen the route you want to take… the route that leads to your downfall at this point and time. I know this match will not stop you from battling the doubters and neglections. You will move forward and eventually let out that burst of evil inside you one day. Until then, you must suffer like all other 16 Samael donors in this match. Ohhhh yes! You will feel Him, Haruka. You will feel the power and indomitable force! I do not think you’re ready, little girl. You talk a big game all the time. You have the skill and perhaps… I know you are willing to take risks for a better future. There is a reason why He would be content on enhancing the twilight around you. The admiration is indefinite, but Samael’s heart is like last corner of liquor in a bottle. It’s a tiny fragment and it’s not red inside. It’s completely black and cold. Regardless of how He feels about you. You are now only welcomed to the darkest moment in your life. You will be standing in front of the man who sees through your soul… He can either bend or break you, Haruka. You chose to reject a kind offer so He has no other choice but to reject you out of this battle royal forcefully. You will yield one way or another as Samael will take the contract in blood and laugh at the 16 men who thought Samael’s desire was off subject. He will prevail in victory, and He will become champion soon. Because if He is champion. He is in control. He will make it great again to feel like a monster. EAW is filled with generic and lookalike characters with the same purpose. Samael is like none other. He will not just stand-out in this match… He will stand tall in the end!

Abel, you’ve been here since September, and He has been here since last month? And already, He is going to pass you by at the speed of light. It doesn’t matter if this is your first Pain for Pride event. You had time to create a better opportunity but now you must settle for what’s given to you. In order to get your career back in order, you’ve chosen to fight amongst the least elite excluding Him, Haruka, Roberto and Xerxes. It is certainly an optimistic strategy and worth the time. But you will only fall short because you have run out of things to say. I have a mouth-full to say about you and others but the only reason you’ve run out of gas is because you burnt yourself out. You’ve burnt yourself out because you don’t know how to control the conversation. If you believe in winning, you must not stop at nothing. You must keep going until that bell rings. You’ve chosen a different route to avoid verbal consequences. Now people will see that you’re just all talk. Babbling for nothing and showing no substance behind any of your words. The only thing you have told me, Abel, is that I am contradicting myself with no true fruits behind these words. I have yet to sense any gibberish and drivel from me. Maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after yourself, Abel… Tell yourself, “I will win at any costs.” Tell yourself again while closing your eyes. Then open them and once you see a shadow of Him standing behind you. Are you going to continue your confidence in yourself? Because I smell a lot of worry… You thought the match would be a walk in the park, didn’t you? You may disagree because I’m picking your mind. But I know the truth. I know you did not expect Samael, the one-month Elitist, to turn this match out to be a blood bath instead of a battle royal. The great thing about it all… talk is almost over. The action will take place very soon. Samael is out to kill you.

Sorry Drake King. HAHAHAHA…


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