Shane Gates

Shane Gates

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Wrestling Name: Shane Gates

Picture Base: EC3

Current Nicknames: The Natural Born Killer, The Psychopathic Monster
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 213
Hometown: Huntington Beach California

Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options:
Psychotic Heel
Gimmick: Shane Gates thinks he is one of the top wrestlers in the world. The so called Dynasty had a rough upbringing as a young boy in Huntington Beach California due to a abusive alcoholic mother and a father who wasn't really there for his son due to his wrestling commitments. The son of the Great Maximillian Gates a famed wrestler from the 1970's era from wrestling Shane vowed never to be like his mother and passed mostly everything in school but there was a dark side to Shane as a boy. He would tend to violently beat up the ones who hurt him or his friends, earning him the name "Shane the Killer" in school due to how severe the injures the people hurt by him would sustain. In high school Shane changed for the better and instead of using his brawn he used his brains and kept away from the bad influences at the time. In his pastime away from school Shane would train with his father and his stepmother wrestler since His father divorced from his abusive mother when Shane was only 12. Shane started his wrestling career at the age of 18 in 2002 and the rest is history. Shane was a accomplished wrestler in Japan winning multiple championships including the world title from many different promotions and Headlined the Tokyo Dome 3 times 2 with the biggest promotion at the time in Japan International Puroresu Wrestling and the 3rd in 2011 in Fujin Pro Wrestling and was a world renowned wrestler, fighting in places like Germany, Ireland and also in the US but for the smaller indie promotions who were partnered with the big Japanese wrestling companies He decided to step away from the limelight of wrestling in 2014 for sometime due to his father who suddenly fell ill and Shane didn't know about it until he got back from a overseas tour.

although doctors didn't diagnose the sickness until it was too late His father would die a year later not being cared in the way Shane thought he would since he was told everything would be alright and Shane's dad would be fine in no time. After Shane's dad died Shane decided the only way to not think about his dad's death was to do wrestling agian but Shane decided instead of going back to Japan he would try somewhere else. Shane decided to try the wrestling scene in the U.K since he heard it was a place where only some of the more tougher guys Shane desired since in Japan Shane was feeling bored of the wrestlers he was facing in Japan. Shane would then embark on a journey traveling the U.K fighting with some of the best in the country. Although the grief wasn't as bad as it was days after his dad died Shane still felt it and he didn't want to bear it anymore so he took it out on his opponents. Mixed with Shanes re-awoken killer instinct Shane was a machine in the U.K. This caught the eye of EAW after a video of Shane putting one opponent through a flaming table with him cover in blood went viral. Shane thought EAW was going to be another point in his career where he could dominate. Although that's not what happened. Shane came in with a cocky attitude and was quickly humbled and found his career at a dead end because Shane thought his mentality could take him places. It didn't, although Shane slowly improved bit by bit he still was feeling a part of him was not there. Heartbreak after Heartbreak got to Shane and he realized he wasn't good enough anymore he was contempt on giving up but then realized that the world set him up to fail. The world must of hated Shane so it was taking out its anger on him. Shanes world slowly crumbled. After the failure of not being able to win the 24/7 battle royale Shane felt it was the last straw. Shane realized he was already too gone and was too weak to do anything since he grew shallow and soft with his cocky mentality. So one fateful day Shane decided to himself he was going to find that part of himself no matter the cost. Shane wants to make the world and his opponents feel his suffering and anger with pure aggression and force. Shane wants to become the Natural Born Killer Again and the only way for Shane to become that very man is to inflict insurmountable pain and suffering to those he feels are below him and or his opponents. Although Shane might not be able to salvage his old life before his dad died. He can make a new one. Although much darker and sinister. After a interesting Season 14 where he was buried alive and electrocuted inside a casket and somehow survived and with all the pain and destruction he left in his wake. For Shane now Wins and losses don't matter to him anymore just destroying people and leaving a path of carnage behind him will satisfy his hunger for destruction, Shane might slowly be loosing his a bit of his humanity since seeing the pain and agony of others pleases him quite well.

Theme Music: The Dying Song(Time to Sing) By Slipknot

Motivation: Shane wants nothing more then to simply destroy and leave people in a broken mess he does not really care about their health or mental state rather he wants to inflict as much punishment and torture as possible to his opponents
Tendency to Cheat: Shane might bend the rules a little bit to make his opponents suffer

Wrestling Debut [Optional]: 2002
Favorite Match Types [Optional]: No DQ Match or Deathmatch.
Least Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Iron Man Match
Favorite Weapon: Steel Bat
-5 Time Fujin Pro Wrestling Champion
-3 Time Fujin Pro Wrestling Tag Champ
-6 Time Suzuki Kingdom Wrestling World Champion
-1 Time Total King Wrestling Fedaration Intercontental Champion
2- Time IPW World Champion
Headlined the Tokyo Dome 3 times during his run in Japan:2006,2008,2011
Dislocated Eric Havocs Arm

Rising Star of the Week(1)
Rising Star of the Week(2)

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Clothesline Combo
2. Pele Kick
3. German Suplex
4. Japanese Arm Drag
5. Brain Buster
6. Facebreaker DDT
7. Pele Kick
8. Gorilla Press SpineBuster
9. Gutbuster Drop
10. School Boy Superkick
11. Dropkick
12. Suplex
13. Eat Defeat
14. Muta Lock
15 Bridging Double Chickenwing
16 Inverted Indian Deathlock
17. Running Senton
18: Big Boot
19: Spinning Heel Kick
20: Dragon Rush

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Aces High- A Powerbomb combo
2. Dead Man- A Inverted sitout side powerslam
3. Kill Shot- Spine Buster into a super kick
4. Heartless Demise: Muscle Buster
5. Darkness Below: Burning Hammer

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. Suffer As One: German suplex into Ripcord Lariat
2. Sin's Delight: Straight Jacket Crossface
3. Reckoning: Iron Claw Choke Slam

UF. Death by Insanity - Snap Piledriver
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Shane Gates

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4. some new special and ultra finishers

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Shane Gates

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