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(Cameras open in Kuwait City, where we see thousands of people crowded around the buildings and statues in the heart of the city. Black limos, trucks and security guards surround the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, who is driving a black drop-top Rolls Royce as she sits in-between the trucks and limos that are trying to escort her through the rowdy crowd. Cleopatra sits there waving at the crowd with her Gucci shades on, hair tied in a ponytail, red lipstick and a custom-made black scarf that covers her neck. The security aggressively tries to move the crowd, but Cleopatra decides to step out of the car to sign autographs for some of the supporters. Before proceeding in doing so, Cleopatra’s right-hand man and a long-time personal assistant named Sebastian questions Cleopatra’s judgment of throwing herself out there, knowing the potential danger in a crowd full of people.)

Sebastian: My Queen, Cleopatra. You are surely worth the praise that is given to you. We’ve been through hell and back throughout the years. I’ve seen you at your worst and still prevail. I’ve seen you climb mountains that no one could ever reach. You’re the daughter of a Queen and monarch of this world. I shall not ever put you in any situation that troubles my heart.

(Cleopatra smirks at her assistant, Sebastian with a slight pause. She is charmed by her assistant’s compassionate embrace. However, she is also loving the attention that surrounds her as well. One of her security guards urges fans to step aside but Cleopatra quickly grabs her security guard.)

Cleo: Watch this. This is my city.


(Cleopatra brushes the crowd away as they make way for the Queen who walks through the crowd like it was Moses crossing the Red Sea. The crowd is in full support for the returning EAW legend, as she finally comes to a complete stop in the middle of the Arabian mob, filling out autographs and snapping pictures. Everything seems fine and dandy until a little girl with orange hair that resembles Cleopatra’s up-and-coming opponent, the gypsy moth and National Elite Champion, Minerva. The little girl approaches Cleopatra in the opposite behavior of the thousands of supporters.)

Little Girl: I hate you, Cleo!

(The little girl’s mother stands by the girl’s side, trying to yank her away from Cleo’s presence but the energy is so overwhelming from the little girl, who begins to tear up, yelling at Cleo with rage over a thousand. Cleopatra acknowledges the little girl’s concerns and it brings out the curiosity in the Hidden Plague.)

Mother of the Little Girl: Come on, Nadia! Let’s go…

(Sebastian quickly steps in front of the speechless Cleopatra who stares at the little girl that despises her. Security finally removes the mother and the little girl named Nadia from the scene as Cleopatra decides to walk back through the crowd into her Rolls Royce. Sebastian feels the curious energy of Cleo and confronts her thoughts.)

Sebastian: Is everything alright, my Queen?

(Cleopatra hesitates while slowly taking off her shades, showcasing the glowing outline of her eyes and reacts to Sebastian’s question)

Cleo: Yes. Bring them to my sanctuary.

(Sebastian stops himself from saying another word because he’s appalled that Cleopatra would invite that angry little girl in her presence again. But Sebastian also knew how clever Cleo was and there was a reason behind this invitation. Without a word, Cleopatra vastly slams her door, waiting for the traffic to move while Sebastian demands the security to find the little girl that was with her mother)

Sebastian: You heard what the Queen said. Go out and bring them to her this instant!

(Security obeys orders as the cameras fade later into that day, where we see Cleopatra sitting at a very long table by herself in a fancy chair, sipping wine with her guardians standing on each side of her. Cleopatra waits for the little girl from earlier to arrive with her mother as she sees the door open but is left disappointed because it’s not them. It’s only Sebastian that walks through the door and approaches her.)

Cleo: Where are they?

Sebastian: They’re here, my Queen.

(The little girl from earlier named Nadia comes through the door with her mother with that same devilish look upon her face as Sebastian escorts her to a seat across from Cleopatra at the long table. The mother also sits beside Nadia with a look of confusion because she knows her daughter hates Cleo’s guts.)

Sebastian: My Queen, meet Nadia and her mother, Maya.

Maya: I don’t know what this is all about? If it has to do with my daughter’s behavior from earlier then I sincerely apologize and hope we did not offend you. We can just leave and let you be.

(Cleopatra lifts her head and stops drinking her wine and stares at Nadia, who has her arms wrapped watching Cleo with a very nasty look upon her face.)

Cleo: It’s nice to meet you, two. You can keep your apology. There’s no need to apologize about something that felt so authentic. I didn’t bring you here to crucify your daughter’s opinions. I’m here to help you. This doesn’t seem normal at all.

Maya: Yeah. I’m sure you can tell. She watches the EAW, and her favorite wrestler is some girl named Minerva.

Cleo: Ah, no wonder.

Nadia: I don’t want to be here! I hate Cleopatra! You should go die!

Maya: NADIA!

Cleo: It’s alright, Maya.

Maya: No, I’m so sorry! She’s only eight years old and doesn’t know any better. We better get going before this get’s any worse.

Cleo: You shall not leave until the Queen dismisses you!

Nadia: I don’t care! You’re not the boss of me! ALL HAIL QUEEN MINERVA! ALL HAIL QUEEN MINERVA! CLEO DIE! CLEO DIE! CLEO DIE!

(Maya tries to cover Nadia’s mouth as she is worried, Nadia’s words will get them in trouble but to her surprise, Cleo smiles at Nadia and gets up from her seat to approach the little girl)

Cleo: I’m curious… Why do you hate me so much little girl?

Nadia: Because what you did to Minerva! You are evil! You remind me of every kid that bullies me at school. They pick on me because their mom and dad have money and I don’t!

Maya: NADIA!!

Cleo: Shhhhhh… Let her speak mother Nadia.

Nadia: I used to like you, Cleo. I tried to be you but every time I did, it never worked.

Cleo: Well, you’re a very smart young girl but no one could ever be me. I’m the one and only, Cleopatra. And you’re the one and only, Nadia. Live life and be yourself. And whatever you do, please don’t try to be like Minerva.

Nadia: Why not? Minerva helps me go to sleep.

Maya: No, she doesn’t, Nadia. Minerva hurts you.

Nadia: Stop talking mom! I’m trying to prove a point!

Cleo: What exactly do you mean, Maya?

Maya (sighs): Well Maya takes everything Minerva does literally, so she has done strange things, like attacking the other girls at school for no reason. She doesn’t like doing her homework anymore. She just writes “No One But New Eden,” in large letters on the papers. She spits soda in her teacher’s face, thinking it’s Minerva’s black mist. Sometimes she crawls in the hallways and at home. There are some nights I can’t even sleep because she has this evil laugh throughout the night. She has done a complete 360. She went from an innocent little girl into a nut case. She is very sadistic, and I hate it! Can you please help us, Cleo?

Cleo: I can see. It’s such a shame that Minerva has corrupted people with good morals. That’s why it’s a smart thing to never underestimate the influence of people you allow in your life. You might not be able to control the negative behavior of others or how long you can participate in it. That’s why you should control much of yourself. Let me tell you all a story. This is a story that I once told a King named Kassidy Heart when we faced for the Vixen’s Championship on Empire back in 2019. I told Kassidy that every villain is a hero of their own story which means that everyone else is just on the outside looking in. Your hero, Minerva judges my life because of how I look or how I act and behave. But little does she know; Cleopatra was never fortunate throughout her entire life. I wore my own troubles on my sleeves and had thoughts of suicide some nights. Yes, who would have thought? Cleopatra taking her own life sounds so far-fetched but it’s the truth. Minerva isn’t the only one who grew up with little financial support. Money was the root of all evil in my family. It’s the reason my drunken father abused my mother in front of me and my little sister when I was a child. It’s the reason my own uncle molested my little sister right in front of me and I could do nothing but shed tears. And when I tried telling my mother, I couldn’t because she was busy asleep from my father’s punch. It was getting so out of hand, my mother decided to move me and my little sister to Canada to live with our grandparents. For once in her life, she stood up to my dad because she did not know him anymore. My dad was once a charmer, hard-working man but losing his job caused his priorities to disappear. He did not care about life anymore. He did not care about living. So, in the process of us moving, he took a life along with him. Leaving on that plane to Canada was the last time I would see my mother. And it was also the last time that I felt alive. I hated men on sight after what happened. It took me a very long time to even speak to anyone. My own father killed my mother. My own flesh and blood took out his troubles on the ones he used to love.

Therefore, I am who I am. I could have been dead by now, but I became stronger than ever by it. And when my grandparents passed, it was just me and my little sister, so I had to put the food on the table. I had to wash the dishes. I had to sweep, mop every floor and take out the trash. I had to work three jobs every single night until I finally discovered my purpose in life. My purpose was to influence girls like you, Nadia. I’m not saying Minerva is a bad person to like because she surely has achieved greatness at points. However, you’re a strong girl with a mother that loves you. Never take that for granted and appreciate the things that are still here because when it’s gone, it won’t be too late. I didn’t come into this business to choose sides of male or female. I wanted to create equality among us. I did it for us because we’re strong women. Maybe we can’t do some things man can do but surely there are many men who can’t do things we can do. But if anything, I knew better about us that we have in common with men. We can fight just like them and I did just that in my EAW career. I’m probably the first female in EAW history to have matches against male competitors. And I did not do that to boost my own ego and brag about it. I did it because I saw the future and now look at it. It’s women like Minerva fighting against males, holding males’ championships and getting opportunities at EAW World Championships. One thing that I can say about Minerva that’s negative is that she doesn’t appreciate history nor the future. She thinks just because she's a certain age that doesn’t impact our company. I came into this business around the same age as her and that didn’t stop me from making the most out of the present so it can benefit our land. It was never just ALL about Cleopatra. It was never just ALL about women. It was about making sure our kids, our future stars and those watching at home feel confident in themselves. It was about ensuring a future that will pass along some wisdom rather than hurt them significantly. It’s easy to see how Minerva’s poor antics have rubbed off a select few. Her attitude makes you want to take an antidepressant pill every single night. Don’t leave yourself in the same room with Minerva and she might turn you into her sacrifice.

Nadia, when you see all these lights on me, when you see people cheer for me like they did earlier today, it wasn’t because I love the attention. I’m a rich and successful woman. I don’t NEED it. I don’t even need to wrestle anymore and still live the rest of my life satisfied with the legacy I left behind. But when I see women like Minerva make a mockery out of everything we built. When I see women like Minerva terrorizing our little girls who look up to her. I get upset. I get VERY upset. I know it’s confusing how Minerva and her little crew, New Eden, fight to divest our championships then turn around and talk about their destiny for more World Championships. Things such as this should not be tolerated. Evacuating our generation in a perplexing state will only cause havoc on their minds. They wouldn’t know what to do or who to be. So, they only choose one person and that would be someone like Minerva, who cares less for our company. Only worries too much about what she has to offer. The only reason I needed to show you what I have done in my career, Minerva, is because you need to understand that I am your future. You’re young, and out of control right now. You need to learn to respect the OG’s and take heed to our words in a positive light. I’m not like Raven Roberts. I did not come to destroy you. If I were that petty, Chris Elite would be National Elite Champion right now. But it’s just too bad, Chris has always seemed allergic to his last name so that wouldn’t make sense for me to do that anyway. Minerva, you will learn the hard way and the same way that led New Eden to a fall at Territorial Invasion. Clearly it did not teach you anything so I must finish the job and take away something that will expose your true intentions in this business. You aren’t fighting me to keep me away from reliving my old glory. You aren’t fighting me because of your New Eden agendas. You’re fighting me because you want to KEEP your National Elite Championship. And that’s a very understanding reason but don’t act like Cleopatra has done you wrong whatsoever because all I wanted to do was help you grow.

You need to respect these hands attached to my body that fed you. I was the first person to push your character. And I can surely be the one to end it any given time, no matter how old I am. I don’t care who ERA it is. Last time, it was Cloud’s ERA. Then it was Sienna Jade’s ERA. Madison Kaline. Jaded Hearts etc. I don’t give a single fuck in the world, Minerva. Eras are meant to end when the basic illusions have been depleted. And soon the moment will come. Then again, I don’t see how this is Minerva’s era when she isn’t even on top of the women pyramid right now. She’s allowing New Eden to hold herself back from competing against Ms. Extreme or Kassidy Heart to solidify a spot. She’s too busy facing filler opponents to stack up easy victories instead of going after the hardest. Perhaps, she thought this would be another easy victory until it was proven wrong. Many were surprised that Cleopatra returned but many more will be surprised when I take away the National Elite Championship from the New Eden scum. You told the world that you made Serena Bennett cry like a little bitch, but do you know what I saw, Minerva? After losing to that hoodlum, you want to know what we ALL saw? We all saw the fearless moth crying a bigger river than Serena Bennett because she didn’t earn a world championship shot. In almost every single promo video before you became Myles’ cum bucket, you retreated from being the aggressive and most-feared woman on the planet into the most greedy and jealous bitch on the planet. Championships don’t grow on trees, Minerva. Greatness does. And you’re about to find that out on Tuesday night. I told you that I was about to take your breath away last week, but I find something more alluring to me. I won’t take your breath away, Minerva but I will take your heart instead!

(You can see the aggressive look on Cleopatra’s face as Nadia and her mother, Maya looks on impressed with Cleo’s speech. Nadia is starting to open to Cleo as she gets up from her seat and hugs her.)

Maya: Thank you, Cleo. I think my daughter needed that talk.

Cleo: Don’t mention it.

Maya: And I hope you do beat Minerva or is it the Gypsy Moth her name?

Cleo: Yes. And at Clash of Kingdoms II. She will get squashed like one.


(Cameras fade to black as Cleopatra turns away from the camera and walks back to her throne)
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