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The Gawd
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I'll be the first to admit it. Every organization on the face of this planet is corrupt. Including EAW.

We do play favorites. I do have favorites. There is discrimination. There is marginalization. There is inequality. There is unequal opportunity.

That is definitive to Elite Answers Wrestling. And the same goes for every corporation. Every other company. Every single government. All law enforcement agencies. Every three-letter agency period. You name it. The FBI, SEC & the IRS. Can't trust them. Every international conglomerate. The World Health Organization. Oh I'm going there. Even something as simple and as transparent as they are, an international alliance of medical professionals who want the absolute best for people's health. I can tell you first-hand. They are rotten to the core. It doesn't matter the intention or the language. Any confederation of humans you can fathom is riddled with an utter infestation of corruption. A person can be pure. PEOPLE, by definitive nature, are not.

This is the reason why you should only have faith in organizations you can INFLUENCE. Why do you think I ever took the vaccine in the first place? For the sake of public health? Give me a fucking break. It's because I am a donor. It's because they make me money. It's because I understand, for a fact, what is going inside me. The majority of people 'resisting' and railing against inoculation have never been in a position of inside-influence a day in their lives. Everything is a conspiracy to them because they've never been in on the inside of an actual conspiracy. So to them, everything is 'microchipped' and 'DARPA funded' and 'made in a lab' and 'omgluggada666indaingredients' and all of this other bullshit. These people - even some professional athletes - seem to always find the devil in the details, and yet they can never follow the actual money. Which is why money often doesn't seem to follow them, the way it does me. For the seemingly millions of people who've asked incessantly if I took the vax, of course I did. I took the shot, honestly, if for nothing else for the hell of it. What is there for me to be afraid of. I stood in front of the whole world and I openly challenged COVID-19 do you remember that? I was standing right here, where I am now, a year ago. I CHALLENGED COVID to infect this body. To do its worst. To fill these lungs. To congest this chest with its Spiky-protein poison. And what did it do. Not a damn thing. Because I am way too sexy to be killed from COVID. So what in the fuck would I look like being killed from a vaccine. Perhaps, if I never won at anything in my life, I'd be a scared little anti-vax bitch too. I'd think they were trying to cull me off of the earth too. Why shouldn't they? Whoever 'they' are. What do you bring to the table to offer this planet to begin with? How does your existence make being alive any better for the rest of us? Don't answer that. It's obvious. "MaRk Of ThE BeAsT !" So what if it is. I am a beast already. To you I may as well be the Satan himself.

Even if the vaccines and the boosters were all designed to kill you. It still wouldn't stop me. Even if they were designed to change your DNA through your RNA - newsflash. We do not share the same DNA. We don't have the same genes we don't rock the same jeans my amiris are custom. You and I are not even the same species. If the vax was designed to slaughter us all I would survive and thrive whilst the rest of you would suffer and perish. Consider it a win-win in my case. No matter the direction and the ways in which the world turns, the turnabout is forever in my favor. I can trust Moderna because I made a killing in Moderna. I can trust the Dominican government enough to build a world class estate there because I am in close quarters with the Dominican government. Most of you, in some form or facet, cannot trust your leaders and should not trust your leaders until you are in league with your leaders. Otherwise, they will simply act outside of your own personal interest. Including me. It is binary. Ones and Zeros.
The inside, or the other side. Two tricks to the day trade. Bag holders vs the scalpers. You're either in the club, or hating from outside of it.

In a way, New Eden understands what the average Elitist does not. All organizations on earth are literally your oppressor unless you have direct influence. You must be the one perpetuating the corruption, or you will suffer from the ongoing corruption. Posit yourselves to direct the sands of destiny at your own behest, or be swallowed by the desert storm. Myles would so love for all of you to believe that if he were to obtain hegemonic authority over this company he and his cohorts would rule in the interest of fairness. When the simple fact is there is nothing fair, or just, or even serious, about the current world. Absolutely every aspect of life as you know it is a joke. Even your murder in cold blood can be easily turned into a punchline. KNOW THIS: There are two types of people. (1) Those doing the laughing (2) Those being laughed at. Do you understand? I am not number 2. New Eden derives the same tactical rhetoric from every aspiring authoritarian in the world today. Your captors perpetuate "justice" and "civility" in a society designed to enslave you - the same way New Eden aspires to enslave this company. The same way they aspire to babysit every championship in the same way Jeff Bezos babysits billions of dollars. "For the good of his employees." In the same way Myles' home country babysits the sovereignty of their own citizens. "For their health and safety." So many of you are miserable inside and your misery is by the design of other human beings. You can feel, within your core, that something isn't right. Because it isn't. You are living in the Hunger Games. I am reporting live from the capitol. I can report: your oppressors are openly mocking you right in front of your face and you are sucking it up like a dutiful servant. And in some cases, you are even further perpetuating their tyranny. You saw the Met Gala didn't you? All of the rich people that you cape for and you fawn over. Did anybody there seem afraid of COVID? Afraid to be outside? Afraid to breathe each other's air, the way that you are? Of course not. Because they understand the risks. And they are reaping all of the rewards, for being where they are, and for you being exactly where you are. I am the one who sells you the masks. Literally. And you are the ones who are required to wear them. I am the one attending the galas and celebrity brunches and the Saudi royal dinners. Kissing Mohammed bin Salman in the mouth because we're brothers and we love each other. And you are the ones commenting under the pictures. Kissing my ass. Like a good worm. Do you understand?

If it weren't me in this position, it would be somebody else. Perhaps, if it weren't me, It would even be New Eden. It just wouldn't be as inspiring. There is a thin line between commanding respect and instructing respect. And if you had the keys to the kingdom Myles I'm telling you now you wouldn't be able to command a fucking thing. With you in charge it just wouldn't be as wavy, and everybody knows that. I am the benevolent billionaire walking talking jewel mine who wins the end-of-the-year awards and wins over the hearts of millions. They hate me and yet they surround me in hoards, begging me to sign their children's foreheads. The light in Gawds eyes gleam far enough to brighten your entire day. My spirit radiates like my diamond AP in the Kabul sunshine. Ryan Mubarak Hussein Adams the third supreme commander of the Islamic Gawdistan caliphate commands your obedience, as my will is tantamount to the will of ALLAH. I am a poet to some, regular modern day Sheikhspeare. My spoken words enchanted, memorized in a refrain and repeatedly chanted. Mashallah. I don't give a fuck about your intentions. My affirmations are of far more importance. I don't care if you despise this company. Love this company. Live for this company. The truth of the matter is you work for this company. Out of subordination to me. Your existence - as it stands - is at a net benefit to me. Even as a bowling pin a single spear away from being stricken down. And EAW, as dystopic and corrupt as it gets in every conceivable metric, exists as a realm of opportunity for the worthy. Even you. You find value at the opportunity in defeating me because you understand, deep inside, that value is a quantitative rudiment. Accruable wealth and accolades facilitate meaning in this otherwise barren hellscape that we consider a world. You admitted it. Winning matters. Being a winner matters. Now say it with me. Repeat after dada. Accomplishments....matter! Beating DDD means more than beating anybody else in your career because I am more successful and more influential than anybody you have ever competed against in your career. Re-imagine this match you dumb fucking orphan and just imagine you weren't competing against The Gawd. Imagine it was just some 40 year old stringy haired carbon copy of me with a meatprint that could block the sun. A nameless, gloryless version of me who's never held a title a single day in his career. Strip me of everything I've ever achieved here and put me in the ring with you and ask your own self: Would it mean the same?

I think you know the answer.

It's pathetic how indignant you become over assertions of ideological infidelity between you and your comrades. Just because everybody thinks that you're a fucking moron for believing in your stablemates doesn't make you any less of a fucking moron for believing in them. It just means everybody's telling you what is painfully apparent about you - that you still struggle to comprehend. If you hadn't noticed every Elitist has a narrative about them that they are confronted with at an everlasting constant. Every Elitist has the same thing told to them, about them, in the same promos, by the same opponents, every week in a different form. Including me. Every week it's the same things being said about the same people. "Andre is a diet Mr. DEDEDE" , "Adam Lucas didn't really win at Pain for Pride", "Veena Adams wouldn't be here if her last name wasn't Adams". And let's be honest, it's all true. The borderline colloquial understandings repeated by the many are often universally truthful. I was acknowledged by basically everybody as one of the greatest from my early days as a competitor. Turns out the eye test is the harbinger to every self-fulfilling prophecy. It's no wonder why for 11 years and counting I've been asked the same question. "Why are you still here?" The difference between the repetitive narratives about me and the repetitive narratives about the rest of you are the narratives about me are in my glory, and the ones about you are to your detriment. For 11 years I've been told that I've accomplished all I need to in this industry. And maybe it's true. Perhaps there is nothing I can possibly do that will elevate me to an echelon that is higher than where I already dwell. But that is where you and I diverge. In the midst of my criticisms I am still acknowledged as the greatest. Including by you. In the midst of your critiques you are seen as a petulant impotent malcontent marching out of cadence with your own squadron. The supposed soldier who can't even soldier up the self awareness or the honesty to look around him and adequately assess how out of touch your ideals are. You are as out of alignment as Mercury in Gatorade. Or whatever zodiac bullshit Minerva uses as an excuse to sleep around. It's no wonder why you couldn't get the job in Stadium Stampede. I won War Games in legion with my Liquid Swords compadre and some second string gutterslut. And I won, in a convincing fashion, against more fearsome competition than what you had. And unlike you, my pinnacles in my EAW career have not been in the company of others. I have not needed a Xander Payne or a New Eden to project my own ideologies upon in order to feel secure about my own existence. The way you always have. I simply exist - and all else falls into place before me.

I am the eternal alignment maintaining equilibrium in all things. The instiller of interstellar balance. The nucleus to every subatomic component holding your world together. The very seam binding the fabric of this reality. The crux to every belief system, that which separates religious conviction from fleeting supposition. I am why anything matters at all in Elite Answers Wrestling. An attack on the ways of my matrix, as it were, is a weapon you three have ultimately formed against me. And no weapon formed against your Mahatma can ever prosper. An example, ultimately, must be made. Hence: Clash of Kingdoms. The title is appropriate. It is truly the convergence of wills if you ever saw it. Understand this: I needed to rule this world in the same way you need air in your lungs to breathe. Look at these hands. Bigger than Kawhi's. Imagine them around your throat. Driving your breath out of your body. How would that feel. That's how I felt, every day, when I wasn't # 1. I refuse to be subjugated. I refuse to be enslaved. Defiance, more than anything, has underlined my existence. You cannot maintain authority over me. I will conspire against and inevitably conquer any conceivable being that is not in league with my agenda. Mortal or immortal. I will resist any force should it be formed in opposition towards me. A concept, such as New Eden, is inherently an incursion against me. It is a demand of obeisance from I to the whims of the inferior, in their repudiation of all that I've built. Their dream world cannot exist in the same realm as my world. Their Eden cannot exist in tandem with my Valhalla. Our ideologies cannot coexist. The clash of two kingdoms. Yours, versus mine. One's castle rock cannot continue to be built without removing a brick from the opposing castle walls. They cannot co-exist. We cannot co-exist. One must physically force the other out of existence. As it stands Myles, your Eden, your paradise can only be built atop the ruins of my kingdom. That is the way that I have decided it is always going to be. But as I stand, over you, blade unsheathed, you will understand.

Your paradise can only exist

in the shadow of my sword.


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