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The Absolute Truth
And all of this is genuinely starting to get incredibly boring and incredibly tiring to deal with.

Let me be as clear as possible with what I am about to say here, because the Absolute Truth here is Aria Lestrade herself and Aria Lestrade only, not the words I say, just the person herself, THAT is what I mean when I speak about that, because nobody in the whole world has been able to prove wrong who Aria Lestrade is as a person, and despite all of the futile attempts at my opponent to do so, they have just been completely shut down all by the use of my words and just a flick of my wrist, but hey, sometimes I am going to end up getting things wrong, my words are going to be wrong but who Aria Lestrade is as a person never will be proven wrong, and I am not going to apologize for my misunderstanding because my opponent has never apologized herself about more serious manners, and if for some dumbass reason you try and tell me that is not what I mean with my nickname, then I don’t know bitch, you weren’t the one who created the nickname in the first place after all.

Actually, let me not get away from this just yet, she is really trying to make up a gigantic fuss about all of this and try to act as if what I said was a lie but in actuality, it was just a misunderstanding, and just like I said in the video, there were other various things you said in that exact same video that didn’t sit right with me and that you didn’t talk about but you decide to focus on the only wrong thing that I said from everything and just tear into it like no tomorrow, but three quick things.

One, if even the multi time champion woman who is currently fighting for the Universal Women’s Championship in this Marquee Event misunderstood those words herself, then everyone is allowed to make mistakes.

Two, I love how you are trying to go at me for this one little mistake and suddenly claim it as solid evidence to tear everything that I said down when from all of the months, you have had, oh yeah, 99 things that you said wrong and I only had 1, so who’s the fuck up here again?

And three, hey, I am glad I got it wrong, I would like to say this is like a gift for you to latch yourself onto and say something different for once instead of repeating the same shit for the whole damn week, and for the incredibly tiring months that you have tried to bury my name on the ground. She tries to go at me for this one little mistake but throughout my whole previous video, where the whole main point of it was to pinpoint the absolute hypocrisy in your words and your actions, showing your flawed worldview on the fact that just because I ended up kneeing you accidentally three times, I did something that was considered an accident, I can’t admit my mistakes and be forgiven, but when you do so much worse shit about making my life hell in Japan, being a horrible leader and disrupting the balance of the group for no reason and then teaching and leading Ayu in a path that she didn’t need to go to in the first place, and you can only be the one who can admit her mistakes and be forgiven?

What do you think she ended up saying and responding about that? You all think she said absolutely nothing and tried to ignore it like I never even said the point in the first place?

Place your bets!

…Straight into my pocket, because of course she fucking did!

This isn’t about social cues, this isn’t about being a joke, this is just you being a horrible talker and being unknown to what the word logic means.

I genuinely can’t wrap my head around what I just ended up hearing from the mouth of this woman, and how incredibly dumb was the move that she ended up pulling off for this kind of thing, genuinely! It wasn’t even like a small point of sorts that she could easily get away with ignoring, it was a fairly big chunk of my video talking about that kind of thing and she just decided to act like it didn’t exist and continued to rehash the same stuff she has already told me for the one millionth time, and all for the simple fact that she isn’t able to answer that point at all, she knows damn well I ended up catching her red handed, I am at least woman enough to admit when I made a mistake but this woman straight up acts like she is a complete saint and that she isn’t the one who is trying to manipulate the conversation into her advantage, and for those rare people who even have one sliver of faith on Usagi Senshi left, and still believe that she is the victim in all of this, then I have shown various times already the tricks that this woman has been trying to pull against me and make me like everything that happened was all my fault, that I am the one who is the true villain of the whole story, seriously, just stop already, everyone won’t fall for whatever words you tell them or whatever bullshit spews out of your mouth, just accept it by this point that you don’t know how to beat me verbally, and be done with it.

Everyone is so tired of you continuing to play like you weren’t the one who fired the gun, Usagi Senshi.

I ruined some things, yeah, but all of this started with you and it will end with you on the ground trying to gasp for air.

The world hates you, I think that is fair enough to say that for one misunderstanding, not everyone is going to switch to your side, not that anybody wants to in the first place.

Because you want to know what is the biggest thing about everything that happened in Japan?

Everything? All of this? It all started because of you, because of your own actions, because you decided to let your horrible being take over you and make my life horrible and career since the start, if you didn’t hurt me mentally in Japan, if you didn’t force anybody else to try and get me to quit wrestling and tell me how much of a worthless human being I was, then all of this between us wouldn’t have happened in the first place, if you were just a better person, if you were just an absolute cunt ever since you were born, then NONE of this would have happened in the first place, everything started because of YOU. But you know damn well that is the case and you can’t ruin your whole argument like that with such a blow, no? So all you do for what I say is ignore the main point of what I am angry about, I don’t care that I was trash at first, I know that already, but these past few months you were a complete hypocrite about you being the hurt friend and me being the bad friend, but then when you decided to let out the secret, I proved that the roles were reversed now and that everything you have been saying the past few months were to save face, but you act like I said something completely different that from what I said just now about that and you continue to downplay what happened as if it doesn’t matter at all.

And you even for some reason try and go at me for preaching about me being against bullying when apparently I have acted the same way to people here, ehem, those only people have been Ronan Malosi and Lucas/Justin/Whatever Johnson, even Shane Gates, you know why those people deserve all of the insults and all the mockery? Because they don’t learn at all from their mistakes, they continue to be absolute egotistical assholes without any potential of getting better at all, they don’t want to get better, they are happy being in their incredibly flawed life and just because of that, everyone takes it as easy bait to go at them, all of them deserve to get trashed on… but me? I never deserved what you did to me one bit. Despite me continuing to fail, despite me continuing to smash my head against the floor, I continued getting up and I continued fighting and trying my best to get better with every match, I showed initiative and I showed I wanted to be a champion the right way, you go at me for saying empty promises but I never lied, I always said I would get my best everytime, and I wasn’t wrong, I gave my best but… my best wasn’t good enough back then. But now? The best that I have now is 100 times better than the best I showed years ago, that is why despite everything that you tried throwing at me to push me down, to make me quit, to make me feel like everything that I did did not matter at all, I continued getting up and I ended up surpassing you, I ended up earning the respect and the love of all the people because I bettered myself despite all of the obstacles in my way.

You tried to play everyone as if you were the one who got stabbed in the back in the first place.

But the knife that you got stabbed was the one you used on me when we first met.

It doesn’t matter how many years ago it was, it still haunts you, it still claws at you, because the mistake of doing all of that is going to come in heaps of karma, karma in the form of Aria Lestrade. Everything ends up mattering because despite all of this progress that you say you have done, you ended up going back to your old ways because you couldn’t see me be the one who was successful, you couldn’t respect the hard work that your own friend did to get there in the first place, all you could do is loathe at me being the one who was adored and loved despite you not even earning once the spot that I earned myself, I gave you my love, I gave you my support, I gave you everything I could and then you still threw it to the ground, you still acted like it didn’t matter at all when I have proven for months now that I have cared a lot, if I didn’t really care, then I wouldn’t have shed tears for you in the first place, you goddamn bitch, this ain’t a temper tantrum, this isn’t me being angry, this is just me being disappointed as hell in what I have saw and experienced, why are you the one calling me a crybaby when you broke down with every single loss that you took here and acted like the world was ending for you, you big fucking baby? And you still wonder why people don’t respect you in the first place? Please.

I have grown to be the person that I am mentally and physically all by myself, not because of you, at ALL.

I have helped so many people outside here and I have helped people who I care about, you haven’t helped ANYBODY.

You are the only one who hurt yourself and nobody else. And I hope you bleed out and stop bothering me when I beat you in our match.

What truly bothers and baffles me though now is that you are now trying to make the excuse that throughout all of your losses, throughout all of your matches you were just… holding back? What? HUH?! I am sorry, are all of you truly hearing what this woman is trying to say? So you are telling me, that through all of our matches, that through all of the pain and suffering that we went through as a whole group, you made it all worse for yourself and for everyone else by… holding back? Did you seriously not think twice about how mind numbing that lie is in the first place? It feels like you aren’t even trying anymore when this is possibly one of the most important matches of your entire career here, and you are genuinely saying one of the most stupid things that has ever been said in this whole company, you just held back and made yourself look worse for me, when I have never asked of you to do that in the first place, when I never wanted you to do that in either way shape or form, when literally my mentality to every match was wanting the other person standing right across me from giving it their all, and somehow, someway, you truly believe you are going to convince people that you were just holding back. You are just ass! You are horrible at what you do! Let us be for real with ourselves now, you just don’t stand up to my level nor you will ever be able to surpass it, you always relied on your natural talent in Japan but now when it wasn’t able to save your ass here, and you actually had to work hard for the wins that you needed to get here, you choked, you flopped, you became worse and worse with every match until the point you have to cheat wins out from rookies and washed up veterans. You could have done the things you said you did but that whole stint when you went all by yourself after King of Elite you completely flopped and you failed with all of the title opportunities you got there but sure, you would have won my title, right Usagi?

You didn’t do my promos. You didn’t do my matches. You didn’t do what Aria Lestrade did. I would have still fought and succeeded all by myself.

And hey, here is another contradiction, so even when you now started to feel jealous of me, started to feel like I didn’t deserve the spotlight at all and that you wanted to be the one holding that championship, then why the fuck did you still keep “hOlDiNg bACk” as you just said to me now?

That is what the Absolute Truth is. She completely corners you and exposes you until you can’t go on anymore.

Alex Myers is a former New Breed Champion. And someone who is respected and adored by all of their peers, losses or not, unlike you so hey, I am pretty sure they are doing a lot more better than you, no?

You fumbled every opportunity because of yourself, because you let your jealousy blind you, and you focused too much on hating Aria Lestrade rather than focus on your career.

Me and my team were able to win on the Last Stand but I have some curse on me, don’t I? And by the way, if this doesn’t enforce the fact of you being a crybaby when you lose, literally ALL of Devolution have already moved on from that loss and they just keep going and fighting while you are still hung up about it and whining about some technicality, as if everyone is supposed to understand what the fuck you mean by that.

I am by this point glad that I was able to knee you in your face all of those times, you were able to show your true colors once more and now I am going to make sure that all of the colors that are shown are just different shades of pure red.

But you are right, Usagi, you are indeed good at gaslighting, gaslighting yourself that is, gaslighting yourself to think that everything bad that has happened to you has been my hand and mine only, and trying to put the blame of everything off you and trying to put it on me, but not good enough to try and convince me that I am this horrible person that you say I am, and obviously not good enough to try and convince the whole world that I am the horrible person that you say I am. And hey, you know what? I hoped you were able to become a better person, I always believed that everyone could redeem themselves and be able to put all of their past behind, be able to start anew and show that whatever they did before didn’t define who they were today, that is what my uncle always taught me since I was very little and I continued to see through all of my job working in the detective agency, but you, Usagi Senshi? You ended up showing me that sometimes, there is always an exception to everything. Guess you will never be able to change anymore, huh? And you want to put the frustrations, all of the anger, all of the pain of you failing to finally change on me because you didn’t want to keep blaming yourself any longer, that is what the whole thing is, because after years of me going through pain myself, and after trial and error, and so many mistakes, I was finally able to feel happy with what I had, I felt like my life was complete after everything, but you couldn’t stand me being happy, you couldn’t stand me being the one in the spotlight, but instead of trying to find another spotlight to stand in, and working to turn that light back on, you decided to try and steal, and usurp mine from down under me but you couldn’t before, and you won’t do it now.

Bronson Daniels and everyone else was right in telling you what they said to you in the first place, it was bad when they said that first, it was bad before all of this happened between us, but now after what you did to me and to your own career, you just ended up proving them right once more despite all of your attempts to do the opposite. Maybe you will be able to make your career better, maybe you will finally be able to get out of the spot that everyone put you in but when compared to me? Compared to ARIA? Nobody is wrong with saying that you are a career failure.

Also, I love how desperate you are at continuing to tell me how much control you have over me when you still end up saying that you have gone soft because of me apparently and that you still have a view of the world that I put on you in the first place. Come on, Usagi-chan. I was almost going to break your nose if you didn't dodge that knee. And now I am going to break the little bit of hope that you have left of ever being a somebody around here.

All I ever wanted was to make you smile but you cried because everything else just wasn't good enough for you. Everything that I tried to do to make you smile and feel better despite all of the pain that you were feeling at those moments of vulnerability and genuine weakness, but you decided to treat them as if it was me trying to keep you that way and not see you be happy. So what happens then when you end up losing? What happens when I end up being proven right? Being proven right on the fact that you can't stand up to me? That even with this change, you still aren't able to be better than Aria Lestrade? Shit, that is a spectacle I would like to see with both of my eyes.

I never broke a single promise we made, Usagi Senshi. I fought for the Ice Aces every single time and I always wished for all of you to be in the same conversation as me, with me side by side, but the only one who broke the promise was you, because despite the support, the training, the love that I gave towards you, the belief that I put on you to succeed, you were NEVER able to catch up with me and prove that you were indeed fit to be in the same conversation as me. It was your ball in the court to prove to everyone that you were fit enough to be in the same realm as me and you missed, you fell down the mountain because you didn't know how to climb in the first place.

And all you can do is nitpick at my speeches. You know when everyone gets up on a stage and they only have a few minutes to talk but they have so many people to talk about and thank, I decided to do one of those and thank everyone who helped me along the way, especially the two of you, and if that wasn't good enough for you then you could have just gone up to me and said it. And I think it is truly such a parasitic mindset that you think it is good to say that the other people in my speech like my family and the love of my life are unimportant and haven't done shit for me.

But I am villainizing you, no?

This is a walk in the park for me, I am barely breaking a sweat.

You are the one playing my own brutal game here and you are completely failing and making yourself look like an absolute fool. Mock me for failing and my losses, but I am not the one who has been called the career failure between the both of us.

Such a career failure that when you say you are going to dominate me everyone laughs instantly.

I am an “absolute lie” that you haven’t been able to prove wrong, how laughable.

Oh, I have very much made all of these points stick, stuck them all right in your forehead that you can’t even see for yourself, how hilarious.

And all you can do is pull a Kelton of you saying that the things I did, you did, and everyone looks on wondering if you should be put in a mental asylum in the first place, how tragic.

When I make threats, I go through with them. When you do them, you look like a kid threatening to shout in the store because you couldn’t get your favorite toy.

I don’t even need to lift a finger to get inside of your head, you are doing all of the job for me!

You said one thing and it only made things even worse for you than you could ever imagine, for the Sacred Detective would have tried to foolishly fix everything, and the Absolute Truth wants to make sure it is completely broken beyond repair.

I won’t feel anything at all when I beat you in this match, Usagi Senshi. I was in that same mentality you were in before when I still wanted to fix everything and get you back, but now? I will feel no happiness, no sadness, no anger or any more dissapointment, it is going to be a completely empty void because that is how much I could care about you now, completely nothing. Why am I the one crying when for the past few months you have been the one whining about wanting better opportunities and being the person to get out of my shadow but failing in the literal first step? You are completely pathetic and nobody should even pay attention to you in the first place. You want so much to be the one in power, you want to feel so much like you are in the right but you are never going to get that kind of feeling, you are never going to feel like you can hold the world in your hands and be the world beater that you say you are. Usagi Senshi is no more than a whining, insecure, little bitch of a wrestler who never was able to live up to the promises and pressure put on her. My heart ached when you left me and allied with Devolution because I still cared, but even when I was still that Aria, you still couldn’t win and overcome me, and now? You have no chance at all when you are facing something completely different that you won’t be able to destroy. I am going to push you further down the hole where you reside. I am going to push you deeper in my shadow until all you can see is absolute darkness. You don’t deserve heaven, so I will give you hell.

You are right in saying that I never knew you, in fact, the things I do know? I would like to forget all of them.

You are just a complete stranger to me now that I won’t be afraid of getting rid of.

I am going to continue telling my truth because that angers you, that makes you frustrated, that makes you beyond livid, you just want to be so right, you want to finally feel like every decision that you have done to get to here wasn’t a complete waste of time once more and finally feel like you didn’t throw away all of your progress for nothing.

Because now? Despite everything that I have shown for you and all of the care that I put for you and this friendship? I am going to give you a little bit of satisfaction on telling you, that for this match?

I am going to use you as a tool to end everything and then use you as a jump pad to get back on the top of the mountain where I deserve to be.

Because all you can do now is go at my friends, go at my lover, go at the people who support me and tell me that what I told them were nothing but lies and doesn’t that reek desperation? Desperation to try and get under my skin because you know damn well you can’t get me anywhere else?

You see me as your villain! That is why I call myself the villain to the villains, because you see me as the bad guy in your own story despite you wanting to take up the mantle of the villain yourself, of course I will act and be this villain you want me to be, why? Because I can be whatever the fuck I want to be! Why just put myself inside of a box I can’t get out when I can be so much more? Of course I will be selfish to you, of course I will be ego driven towards you, steal from Bea Valentine and tell me I have Main Character Syndrome, all of those things you want to spew at me, because I will be everything that you hate and all of you will be able to feel is absolute despair when the thing you most hate ends up beating you.

I am seen as a hero and the Sacred Detective by the world.

And you see me as the person you so badly want to be, but can’t.

I always cherished you and wanted you to be beside me, but let’s be honest, I didn’t put you below me, nor did the world despite everyone telling you that you were, you put yourself below me all by your own hand.

And I think everything is said in your own failures.

Because I don’t think anything else more incriminating can be said about who is the true villain here that you blaming Ayu for all of the losses in all of your tag team matches. Because finally you have an excuse to put your frustration about that on the woman you once loved, no? Because when she is finally gone, you can say whatever the hell you want and blame her on everything when, in a tag team, the blame falls on ALL of the people, all of those losses were your fault as well, but no, it is all poor Ayu’s fault who can’t even defend herself when she isn’t here in the first place! And you still want to try and call me as the bad person here, Usagi Senshi? And don’t even try to turn and twist this whole argument onto me, because no matter how you desperately you try to type away in google videos about Aria Lestrade and your history is all about obsessing over me, I never once said a bad thing about Ayu Megumi and who she is as a person. While you? You killed any last good will you have when treating her as inferior to you when she is right above you in any way possible and right next to me.

And yeah, cool, I know, losses to Holly, Minerva, Myles and Methuselah were against powerful and respected people here… but I think that doesn’t matter at all when literally in your first video you tried to go at me for losing to Adam Lucas, even though I was very close to getting him and he himself admitted I was close, but hey, what else can you expect from the woman who has admitted already she is a hypocrite? By the way, I was referring to you getting bitched verbally.

I love this last one, you fucking dumbass, you didn’t even TRY to go back to your match to refresh your memory, literally on the last stretch Lexi hit her finisher on YOU, and was about to pin YOU, but then Jamie Cross interfered, hit her finisher on her and then took the win, she didn’t steal anything from you, how the fuck could she steal a pin from you when you were going to be the one who was going to be pinned? BY ALEXIS CHAMBERS OF ALL PEOPLE, THE WOMAN WHO YOU ALREADY BEAT TWICE. And truly, the cherry on top of everything is you forgetting that Lexi cheated me to beat me the first time.


The only thing sad here is you trying to stand up to me in any way possible and continuing to fail so badly you even forget about how you lost your own match.

If me showing various times proof of me always being there for you and never backing away, and you continuing to ignore the part of me getting you therapy and anger management doesn’t say everything by this point, then might as well just give up.

Oh, and by the way, Harper beat you in a number one contender but are you going to say she cheated you as well?

For fuck’s sake, this is by the third time you talk about Pandora and praise all over her, it is starting to get on dickrider territory by this point, I am thankful for her too but it seems like you just want to whore yourself to her as well with how much you want to bring her up, she is taken already, weirdo.

I don’t need my teammates for what I am about to do to you, this battle is mine and mine alone to take.

You are still afraid that people are going to compare you to me some more, they are going to treat you like second fiddle, that you were just riding my coattails whenever we were together, and I could care LESS about any of that.

I have told you so many times until I got blue in the face that I always cared for you, that I always loved you, that I always saw you as my best friend, that our friendship was more important than whatever anyone could say or whatever our opponents would throw at us.

But you couldn’t get past your own ego.

And now you are all alone in your misery.

Because now when you suffer another heart shattering loss that is going to make you doubt once more about your world and who you are as a wrestler, I won’t be there for you anymore to hug you and make you feel better.

You will only feel the cold embrace of your sins that made you do this.​

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