MATCH PROMO sometimes you have to grow up and mature! [Voltage #002]

Bea Valentine

The Eternal
Specialists Champion
Lost In Technicolor

So allow me to just go ahead and start by saying again, yes. 2024 hasn't been one to entirely desire so far. I have been snubbed many feats so far. And that is a trajectory I don't want to find myself on anymore. A lot of it can be dwindled down to my own complacency. And that next question is always asked, what is next? There will be a day. A day where Gloria is being rubbed all over on by someone disgusting, their greasy hands holding my baby… ugh.. I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT. But on the contrary, all that people are going to continue to say towards me, when the time comes is.. Bea! It's your time! It's your time to take that next step! But hmm, it's kinda hard to focus on that next step. When you could make the argument, I should already be taking it! I am a cinematic woman. Everything I do, I believe, should have its own little neat loose end. But yet in 2024, all the loose ends are untied, and I don't know where to start mon dieu! As we have our own artic chill hitting nationwide, truthfully I am rather, as the french would say “chilly.” But. As long as I have Gloria, and a nice expensive fur coat, my cold dead heart is always being kept warm. Now I must say - I hope that Disney World gets shut down due in part to the weather, that place is a giant monopoly of pollution and Walt Disney was a horrible man! That was my usual Disney rant, as per 💅 So with that being said, allow me to talk about myself more! mmmmmm… okay, let's start with the last few weeks. I went upon myself to accomplish a dueling task.. I had to watch the last few weeks of my failures. And you know, everything was going so well in my match against Charles. Like, it was going expeditious, up until the point well…. 😞! You know, I may enlist in buying myself a tiny little teacup poodle, to keep in my purse. Maybe I can take a page out of the book of Princess Candice. Imagine if I defeated Cameron Ella Ava, and I did that because of a tiny poodle running across the ring! There may be potential there, HMMMMMMMM! CORNELIUS! Call the pet store and see if they have any miniature teacup poodles to sell!

Cornelius: Of course Madame Bea!

I think I will name my miniature teacup poodle barnaby, or something of that nature, but this is a purchase for another day. Allow me to focus on the day ahead and oh, it's Wednesday. The birds are chirping, and Cameron Ella Ava made her combatant to my prior monologues. I know what kind of woman Cameron Ella Ava is, not only is she one that you want to get the jump on first, and make sure you can kick her just a little bit, while she is down. You also want to beat Cameron Ella Ava, before the words Cameron Ella Ava can even be muttered. Listen, I have faced Michael Scott Connor before… and even him, wasn't so much a mouth exercise to say, like when I'm saying Cameron-Ella-Ava! Mon dieu! But anyways, let me just go ahead and call her Cameron. Okay Cameron, touche! I guess, you made a fair point about how Princess Candice is living out her dream, but that makes you sound just extremely weird in retaliation! Why do you find it so beautiful that an adult, A GROWN WOMAN! IS LIVING OUT HER FANTASIES THAT SHE SHOULD HAVE LEFT BEHIND! Look, there's a level of mental maturity here, and there's a reason Princess Candice doesn't have Gloria, there's a reason Gloria doesn't have mickey ears, and isn't named Daisy or something. I matured fast, Cameron. I am a very, very mature woman. When do you ever see me being immature, besides in context where I find it to be loose ends? Yes precisely! I just can't view Candice as any more than a pathetic Disney adult! If you want me to talk about Nostalgia. Let me bring up a perfect time for me. It was the summer of 1932. I wasn't even born yet, cinema was at an all time high, we were experimenting with technicolor and new ways to revolutionize the industry, that is my idea of Nostalgia. Taking a long whiff of a cigarette on a stick, talking in riddles and rhymes while noir detective music cues in the background; the American dream. That is the nostalgia I wanted. Not the feeling of seeing the magic kingdom, surrounded by the body odor and coughing children, who haven't washed their hands. I always make sure, when I greet fans, they have lysol and gloves first. Don't want to get any of the sticky ick, now would we?

Now. I know that you were talking about how at Road To Redemption, I managed to accomplish something that you didn't. You said go ahead, throw it up in your face, but dear. I don't really think that is necessary, because while it may be the case, I came out victorious and remained champion. You could easily flip the script just as well and say; Bea Valentine was not in there with the likes of Drake King, Rex McAllister and so many, many more! I won't deny my own greatness, because it's remarkable I managed to come out of that match victorious. But Jigaloo Sally is no Drake King. If Cameron had been in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match I was in, she would have kicked butt! But regardless of that dear, I guess you aren't wrong though. But erm, yeah. I do feel like as Gloria's rightful mother, some things should rotate around me. Not the sun, never the sun. But I feel like in a conventional way, things DO roll around me, just.. in a bad way. I think that so many women rotate around me, but not the good kind. It's like a tramp rotation in an alleyway! I'm like; a successful pimp, in wild terms! And all these women that I get rich off of, try to riot against me! It isn't easy being Bea Valentine, but it's significantly harder being Cameron. And YOU KNOW CAM, I still don't know what you're talking about with Candice being your little sister, because evidently proven? She is your twin. I don't even know what a 'Consuela'is! Sounds like an urban legend, and YES. You aren't convincing me, a perfectly normal and mentally sane woman, otherwise. I know that Candice is your twin sœur, the dynamic is just like that one dumb Disney film, FROZEN! Candice has blonde hair, because she has magical ice powers! And for that I say; WE BURN THE WITCH! But no, seriously. I don't know why you lie to me dear, I know for a bloody fact that Candice is your twin sœur, and if you wanna lie, lie to someone with half my brain! Because before Hollywood got mad at gender bending, they were going to cast me as Albert Einstein! But again – Hollywood is a cruel place, and socially, I got almost burnt at the trial for it! But regardless dear; it goes as so. I am not an idiot, and I believe what I see. And while again, you are another woman in EAW who gives me all the questions, I can't help but think that thankfully, in some sort of comforting way, I sit eye to eye in the way Cameron goes about her words.

She speaks with the voice of a woman who has been through all this, she speaks at the level of a woman who is once looking up. Because even in her deepest desires, with everything she has accomplished, being a champion, legend and a mother. Cameron Ella Ava, is still not entirely satisfied with what she is, she still figures out who she wants to be. Every single day. And you know though dear? There's really nothing wrong with that. I respect a great, who still looks ahead. I will give you advice, because I feel as if you need it. There's still many out there rooting for you Cam! Without my expense, I hope great and expeditious things happen for you in 2024. I hope that you go on, and prove yourself as the best twin sister between you and Candice. I hope that much like me at Road To Redemption, you appear on multiple posters. And when you look back at all the great years in cinema. You look at all the greats, erm.. Bea Valentine! She became champion in 2023, and that was a pivotal great year for her. I think that 2024 can be that year for Cameron! One that submits all the doubters as nothing more than as proposed, doubters. And redefines the means of being Cameron Ella Ava! But erm, just not at my expense dear. I think you'll find what you're looking for soon, maybe next week. But time is just an essence that goes around. And darling, I got the bigger picture painted here. And I'll have you know Cameron. My priorities, you got them all wrong, dear. I think you tried to tread over that section so fast, when comparing me to Brianna Hill. That you said something about "wings." Am I growing wings dear? Or am I going to be eating some? Buffalo sauce wings leave me on the toilet for a long time, so I'd probably rather fly than have unbelievable stomach cramps. My priorities are set on being the best version of myself that I can be – FOR GLORIA. I don't know if I have to get a megaphone, and then scream it in your ear. But all of this is me rushing with my own selfless nature. I want to be the best mother of baby Gloria that I possibly can. But at the same time, the self given satisfaction of beating someone on the caliber of Cameron just writes it home even more. So dear, let me loosen up my words for you, and sell it in a box, like this! You wanna set yourself up for the best 2024 possible, but NOT at my expense. Let me prove to you just who I am on Voltage, chérie. I am not content with how things have gone. And when you're on the outside looking in, you just start to believe “okay.. maybe I don't know the full story.” I am going to give you the full story and then some. Cameron, I want you to bring your best work, when stepping into the ring with me. I am expecting that – you just want to defeat mwah. But I? I am not selfish like that. I want to make my baby proud. Isn't that right Gloria?

Gloria: …….

See? 😊

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