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Adam goes to the corner turnbuckle, and without a moment’s hesitation leaps, hitting his target, his sparring partner, with a near perfect elbow drop. He rolls over and to his feet, about to deliver another hammer blow, but Dexter his coach calls for time, ending his partners punishment.

Dexter: That’ll do guys, good session.

Adam pauses for a moment, allowing his adrenaline to subside a little, before offering his hand to his opponent.

Adam: Cheers Karl, that was fun.

Karl: For you maybe… I’m not sure you’re paying me enough for this shit.

He grins, and the two shake hands, Dexter offering him some notes.

Dexter: Might need you again next week Karl, that ok?

Karl: Sure thing… tell this animal to go a little easier next time though huh?

Dexter: Not sure he has an ‘easier’ function, but I’ll bear it in mind.

Karl nods once to Dexter, and then to Adam, before heading to the showers. Adam then turns to Dexter

Adam: Did you mean what you said?

Dexter: What?

Adam: Good session

Dexter: Now come on Adam, you know me better than that. Obviously, I was talking about Karl.

Adam rolls his eyes

Adam: Obviously

Dexter: Kid, you can always do better. Remember that. Well, that and I’ll never be satisfied. What time you leaving?

Adam: What for Kuwait?

Dexter: No, for McDonalds, where did you think I meant?

Adam smirks

Adam: In a few hours, just enough time to film this last promo and then I’ll head to the airport

Dexter: Well good luck Kid, I’ve prepared you best I can. Up to you now.

Adam: Cheers Coach… sure you don’t want to hold the camera

Dexter: Do I look like a cameraman… do it yourself.

Dexter heads off into the office, as Adam presses record on the camera Dexter had set up to record Adam’s sessions. He often used them as training aids, putting out what Adam had done wrong most of the time. Adam sits on the edge of the ring apron, and he starts to speak.

“Do you know when you made your biggest mistake Jon? I do.”

He waits a few moments for the question to digest.

“It was when you started treating me the same as everyone else you have faced during those barren ten years you seem to want to speak about often. See, as we have both agreed on, some of the criticism aimed at you his been ridiculous, pathetic even. You’ve been questioned on your ability, your strengths, I’ve even heard you called a ‘bottler’. So, I understand Jon, I understand why you would come to this conclusion that I’m not any different. The thing is bro, I am. I’m not the same as the Ryan Wilson’s of this world. I don’t conduct myself in the same way as a Bronson Daniels. I like to think myself more intelligent than the Jonny Airhart’s of EAW, and I certainly don’t believe I’m God’s gift to women like a certain Johnny Andrews. That was your biggest problem, you hoped I’d come at you with the same rhetoric as these people always do. You prayed that my criticism will be using the same topic’s you’d dealt with for a decade. When I didn’t, you didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, your whole narrative, the same narrative you’d used for a decade was rendered obsolete. So, what did you do Jon? You reverted to type. You started seeing things and criticizing me for things that we were born from your own mind. Although I have NEVER discounted a single person in this company, not even Airhart, suddenly you had yourself believing that I was treating you like a walkover. Out of nowhere, you had an opinion of me that flew in the face of everything I’d done over the past eighteen months. You didn’t say it of course, that would have been a step too far, but without even realizing it, you had me pegged as the exact same type of asshole everyone else was. Oh, don’t get me wrong Jon, I heard you in your very last promo, I heard you try to twist it back around, you realizing that you’d messed up, but Jon it wasn’t enough, and it was too late. You gave me a look into the inner workings of your brain and made it clear what you thought of me. All because of apparent show of disdain towards you. Daring to mention Harper.

Thing is that one mistake you might get away with. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t, but then when you compound it with another crucial mistake, then you start to put yourself in a bind. I can’t deny the effort wasn’t admirable, I also can’t fault you in trying to get under my skin. But you see many have tried that, and many have failed. Many have gone down the same route you did, trying to make out that this Hardcore Champion was enough for me, and I wouldn’t want to retain it quite as much as you wanted to claim it. Your second critical mistake Jon was believing the words of people you truly shouldn’t listen to. Believing that becoming Pure, and then Hardcore Champion was enough for me. Believing that already I was looking past the title I currently hold, disrespecting the history that the Championship holds in this company. I won’t lie, I’ve made it clear that the Hardcore Championship gives me the experience to go forwards and do even bigger things. I know, categorically that if I can claim another prestigious championship, I will be ready to conduct myself in much the same way I have over the past few months. But this is where you failed to read the situation Jon, because I DON’T just want to a Hardcore Champion… and should the belt be changed back, I DON’T just want to be the Pure Champion either, by the way Jonny if your listening, that’s the PURE championship, not PRIDE your idiotic prick. No, I wanted to be known as one of the greatest Pure / Hardcore Champions of all time and redefine what it means to be the holder of a belt that is still seen by some as one of the lesser titles. I want my reign as Champion to be remembered as one of the finest. To the day Jon, I’ve been champion 177 days, that’s almost the better part of half a year. Three defenses, and you know what, that’s not enough. Still not clear enough for you. Jon, you’re right, I’m not as hungry as I was when I faced Limmy and Chris for the Pure Championship… it’s gone, way, wayyyy beyond that. You THOUGHT you had me pegged. You THOUGHT I’d gone as far as I wanted to go with this title. When Jon, truthfully, I’ve not even gotten started. Maxwell, DEDEDE, Amir… that’s some impressive defenses, but I want MORE Jon. So NEVER dispute my desire again. It’s something that far less of a man than yourself would do.

But you still weren’t done with the foot in mouth moments. And Jon, I think I’m starting to see why it’s been ten years bro. I mean, someone with your ability, the skills you bring to the table, there had to be something else significantly wrong. And I figured it out, in what I think was your second promo of the week. When you tried to deflect the pressure that you had to be feeling coming into this match up, and turn the tables back on me, as if I was the one with everything to lose. Now of course, it goes without saying, after what I said before, losing the title would be a shitty scenario for me, and something I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure doesn’t happen. Yes, without a shadow of a doubt it would be disappointing, but you try to make it sound like it would be in some way career defining, when the fact of the matter is it would be a blip on what has been pretty much the perfect first eighteen months of my EAW career. And Jon, I’ve come back from countless ‘blips’ before, and I would again, without question. And that’s because Jon, I wouldn’t be defending a decade long ‘blip’. I wouldn’t be putting doubt, or should I say even more doubt in the minds of EAW Management. Turning it, or at least trying to turn it back on me was one of those moments when all I could do was laugh Jon. Because in trying something so… well, in comparison to a Hail Mary in football, you revealed something I wasn’t going to touch on, but seeing as everyone else saw it too, and seeing as you so eloquently tried to deny it, I feel like I had little choice. And that is the sheer desperation that had built up over ten years… desperation that MUST come out eventually. Are you on the verge of a mental breakdown, I dunno… but it wouldn’t come as any surprise to me, or anyone who has listened to you speak this week? I fear for you Jon, and what happens next if you cannot get this done. Thing is, I can’t allow myself to think like that. I can’t feel guilty for what must happen. I’ve gotta show you, and the EAW Universe that I am the Next Level. I will kick your dreams and desires into touch.”

Adam slips off he ring apron, making sure to stay in shot.

“One thing has become abundantly clear over this week Jon, and that’s that although you should have the depth of experience to find out, you simply do NOT know me. I explained IN FULL what I meant by you being prideful, so why that demanded a whole piece from you I’m not sure. But it’s not surprising, given that in truth, you’ve not really listened to a word I’ve said. Seeing you reach into your ‘Hypocrisy’ bag of tricks, it’s not what I expected of you Jon. I expected a lot better. Can you remember when you told me all the pressure was on me? You recall that yes? How come then now you are claiming that ‘I’ve never been in your position and had the weight of the world on my shoulders’? Is that not someone twisting the narrative to suit? If you have shown respect and admiration for me, and everything I have accomplished, then why am I facing claims of ‘looking past’ you as if you are nothing? How is that respecting who I am? Bro let me make this clear… you’ve not won a title for ten years and it sucks, I get that. It’s not the best run in EAW that you’ve had… and yet you are still lucky enough to hold an Elitist’s contract throughout. When you wanted to come back, EAW welcomed you with open arms. I get no winning stuff is a blow to the ego, but does it compared to wondering where your next meal was coming from? Oh yeah, you suffered burnout, and I’m sure there is a story there, but were you ever sleeping in shop doorways, getting pissed on by passersby? Maybe you have, I don’t know… maybe that’s a part of your life you hide from people, but I will never hide away from who I am and how I got there. So, even if you can speak on level ground, you didn’t, and that is disrespect. It’s not miscommunication bro, I know exactly what you’re saying, and I know why you did it. Because yes, the Hardcore title right now is everything to you… and that’s why it worries me what happens next if you fail. And that bro is genuine concern.”

Adam lowers his head for a moment, scuffing at the floor with toe of his trainers, before bringing his eyes back to the camera, shaking his head.

“But you know, none of this is because you’re an asshole like many I’ve faced. I knew when you said you weren’t feeling the pressures that wasn’t true, so seeing your admittance was of very little surprise. You’re a guy that quite simply gotten caught up in the moment and realized that he had to do something ‘out of the box’ and getting into my head was your best option. I can see from your back tracking that you’ve abandoned that philosophy, and yet still you claim I should take a moment to realize just how full of myself I am?”

Adam can only chuckle, and he has to pause for a moment, and although he stops laughing, the smirk still remains.

“Jon, the thing you can’t seem to grasp is, even as Hardcore CHAMPION, I still understand my position in this company. Even as the holder of a title belt currently, I’ve said time and time again that there are those not in possession of a championship that are and SHOULD be higher up the EAW ladder than where I currently find myself. I could EASILY name ten, maybe even fifteen people that I would openly admit to their status being higher, and yet I’m full of myself, because I have shown and PROVEN that everything you have said this week has been bullshit, and dared to say that you shouldn’t have gone about your work this way? Yes, I’m confident, I’m confident I can face and beat anyone in this company Jon, but I also know that along the way I’ll falter. And maybe Clash of Kingdoms will be one of those times… we’ll soon find out. But as I said before Jon, you’ve treated me like everyone else and only now are you finding my approach to this match refreshing. Way too late. And ultimately, that will be your undoing. That and the fact that for all your insistence, you are simply not ready for what you are about to face.

So, Jon, I love the fact that you realize the importance of this match, I appreciate you telling me what I have done for this championship, and the esteem it is now held in. I’ll even thank you for believing that a victory would bring you the accolades and compliments you have worked so hard to attain. And Jon, if it wasn’t my title reign you were threatening, yours is a story I could truly get behind. EAW’s Rocky Balboa. Rocky’s story was era defining, and I can how much it would mean for you to do the same.


I’m not an Apollo Creed character, caught up in my self-importance, and I’m not Ivan Drago either, with all the power, all the brawn but with very little intelligence.

I don’t just know HOW to beat you Jon, I have countless ways to do it. Whichever way you come at me; I’ll have the answer. And that’s not cockiness or arrogance… that is preparation. An acceptance of what needs to be done. Still, even in your final words, you’re still doubting me. Do I know what needs to be done? Am I willing to do it? These are questions you should have had the answers for before this build even began. The fact you didn’t, says far more than I ever could. The fact you didn’t… shows just how far you still have to go.

So Jon, let me make one thing abundantly clear, not at any point have you been ‘getting the best of me’. Not for one second, have I not been in total control. In fact, in responding the way you have, it’s as if you are no more than a puppet on string. You’re not better, you’re bitter. You’re not hungrier, you’ve just been starved, and left weaken. You don’t think I’m like you… fine. You can’t comprehend a defeat… you do you. After Clash of Kingdoms, when I have shaken your hand, and wished you well, you’re going to have to go back to that locker room empty handed. You’re going to deal with your own statements of how ‘you won’t be able to live with yourself if you lose’. THAT is why you are prideful Jon; your PRIDE won’t accept what has come to be inevitable. Your PRIDE has led you to make some outlandish comments that YOU are going to have to deal with when this event is over. And pride comes before a fall, that’s the way the saying goes Jon. And mark my words, you’ve shown you will not be able to deal with the fall. In fact, it will be I who must deal with being the one who pushed you over the edge, because by your own narrative Jon, that is what I now must do. And that’s a shame bro, truly it is.”

Adam leans against the ring post, crossing his feet at the ankle and then crossing his arms.

“Jon, you are going to get that 100% you asked for at the beginning of the week, truly, another thing you should have been aware of already. You are going to get a fully focused Adam Lucas, who cares about only one thing… defending the Hardcore Championship. And if I’ve learned anything this week bro, it’s that everything you have said this week serves only to make me even more confident that Clash of Kingdoms is going to go my way. And that’s not me ‘lording’ it over you Jon, that’s just me telling it how I see it, same as you have, only I have championship experience behind my words with which to back it up, and you my friend have none. Masking that with reaching narrative hasn’t changed a damn thing. You want it more? Well, then I guess you’ll need to prove it. Can you prove it? Maybe, that’s for us to find out. But when you step into the ring, those butterflies in your stomach out of control. When you look out over those fans and find it difficult to pick out your banners in the sea of Next Level posters. When you hear that eruption of noise when I make my entrance… that will be when you realize what it is like to be in my position. Whereby I’m not just letting myself down by losing, but those amazing fans as well. And I refuse to let the EAW Universe down, not now, not ever, and THAT Jon is why you will falter in Kuwait City. Not because you’re an asshole, and not because you don’t deserve it, and not because you’re not at the same level as I am…”

He tilts his head to one side, and slightly back.

“It’s because even now, ten years later you don’t understand that which holds you

He smirks, his grin infectious

“It’s because of who I am, and what I stand for. Being no better than those that pay good money to watch us perform.”

He winks at the camera

“But most importantly Jon, the primary reason I firmly believe I won’t fail? These depths you are willing to go to, I’ve been there and laughed about the experience afterwards. You’ll go further than you have in the last ten years to achieve the dream? It won’t be far enough. Jon, I’m about to shatter your dream… I sincerely hope at the same time I don’t destroy what sprit you have left.”

He signs and shrugs his shoulders.

“My final two words to you Jon?”

He looks right down the camera lens, his eyes narrowed and he holds that gaze for a couple of seconds before finally speaking.

“I’m sorry.”

He reaches forwards, turning off the camera, the scene abruptly cutting to black.​

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