MATCH PROMO Still no response? How sad. (Dynasty #2)

Black Shamrock

The Bad Lad

(Black Shamrock is seen sitting comfortably in a big chair that is in the living room of his house in Dublin.)

"You know something Flex I'm not a patient man, I don't like to wait and as I stated in my last video I need a night off but come on man SAY SOMETHING! Do something with your career and make a name for yourself even if it is being the one Elitist to have the shortest career in company history and a man that will never be able to talk again due to injuries sustained from a match that Starrstan put you in."

(He shakes his head.)

"I admire the Dynasty GM for giving people opportunities and testing their limits but I have to question his mindset when he decided to put you in the ring with me. Listen kid I'm going to hurt you, I'm going to rip you apart and on Friday night I'm going to make you scream and beg for mercy like a woman caught in a bear trap. Get the screams out now cause it's the last time you'll be able to get any kind of noise out other than small gasps of air, you'll be lucky enough to breath so do me a favor and don't even show up this week cause if you do I'll make you regret every single life choice you've made from the time you knew how to walk and talk to your most recent decision."

(Shamrock leans back and sighs.)

"Your not doing yourself any favors by listening to friends, family or even Starrstan cause if you would have done any favors at all you would've gotten out of this match but now your fate is sealed and the end is coming for you. The Celtic Reaper that is said to haunt this country of Ireland is coming, I can sense it Levi and he takes no bargains, He's coming to collect your soul and drag you straight to hell where you can spend the rest of eternity burning and being tortured by the souls of the Irish warriors who couldn't fulfill their obligation and I'm sure they'd love to take out their anger on you but since I have to keep this video short cause you refuse an answer to my remarks let me leave you with this."

"This Friday I'm going to enjoy the hell I put you through and then when the reaper comes those Irish warriors will have even more fun with you down there than I did when you made the mistake of stepping in the ring with the Bad Lad."

"See ya this Friday."


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