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Jake Smith

The Process
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EAW World Champion
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Atherton, California
I will give you credit, Myles, you are the most accomplished man in this match. Given the right motivations, people look toward you as the biggest target that they have to overcome if they want to have the World Heavyweight Championship in their possession. Of course, other than the Champion, especially with this performance I look toward you as my next biggest challenge in this match. No offense to the others who are participating, but I think we can safely say that they don’t match what I have to offer inside of the ring, but you’re different. You’ve earned the right to argue that claim, and I’m not going to deny you of it either. I’m glad that you see that you are full of yourself, Myles, and that your words are just a means of hiding behind them to give yourself even more purpose. While saying that you’ve earned the right to be is one way to look at it, from where I’m standing, it looks like you’re using your past successes as a shield, a way to hide from the fact that you’re just as vulnerable as the rest of us. To boast everything about yourself is a way to completely exclude me from this match, to say that I can’t hold my own despite the last five years being proof of that. So the last thing I need is to hear you preach being basically invincible because the reality is that you’re not. Just like everyone else you’ve fallen flat on your face, especially in recent times, and that deserves to be said. From Pain For Pride to this point the only thing that all of those accomplishments have gotten you are two and an impending three failed opportunities at the World Heavyweight Championship. You lost to the previous holder, you lost to the current holder, and now all of a sudden you want redemption for that. With the way that you’re talking, you shouldn’t need redemption, and the fact that you need to make a big deal over being in the same trenches that many of us in this match have already been in is telling of how high you place yourself not just because you “earned it” but because of this impenetrable aura that you place around yourself that makes you exempt from any form of criticism. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that it’s not just about what you have done, but it’s also about what you’re going to be willing to do, how far you’re willing to go. If anyone wants to say that I don’t have what it takes to go the distance, especially in the face of tough competition, is to say that you don’t know me at all. My Answers World Championship reign is not a relic of the past, in fact, this is my first World Championship opportunity since losing it. I am still a World Championship level contender and I still have what it takes to wave the flag that so many others have before me. Meanwhile, the only thing you’ve shown Myles is that you’re everything but the person you boast yourself being, and that’s nothing to be ashamed about, but at least have the decency to admit that to yourself.

Since you want to talk about it, let’s mention how our first World Championship reigns have started and how eerily similar they are, to which I agree. We both cashed in the Cash in The Vault briefcase at the Extreme Elimination Chamber, but the difference between you and I is that I’ve never had to justify my win. I never had to take into consideration the downfall of New Eden as being part of my win, or that I was in a toxic relationship at the time. None of that I’ve needed to explain as to why I don’t look at it in a positive light, especially in comparison to you. In fact, I feel like the cards were stacked against me that night, and I walked into that Chamber knowing that Impact and Kassidy Heart weren’t going to let me cash in, to which I was proven right, but still, I did. I stood tall amongst the wreckage and became the best Answers World Champion that people have seen in a long time. You talk about your two World Championship wins as if they put you above me, and while that’s very surface level, piecing two and two together type shit, the truth is I’d rather have one untainted, undisputed victory that I can look back and be proud of than two wins that led to reigns shrouded in controversy that I have to look back at like a bitter old man like you. You say you’re not arrogant, yet you stand there claiming to be the most accomplished, the most great. You say you’re not arrogant, but you’re so caught up in your own narrative that you can’t see the reality, and it’s not that you’re solely the threat in this match, I am as well. I’m past the point of needing to prove myself to anyone and to have my career constantly questioned by you is something I felt should’ve been over with once that first World Championship was in my possession. But that gives me all the more reason to have to prove myself, to show that the job is far from over even if I think that it is. You can call my belief in becoming the next World Heavyweight Champion “laughably deniable”, but I call it confidence. Confidence that was born from dedication, perseverance, and a burning desire to be the best. And unlike you, I don’t need to hide behind big words or convoluted explanations. My actions speak for themselves, and what my actions will show is that I am the best and most deserving Elitist in this match. Then we’ll see who’s truly earned the title of being a World Champion.

If you think that I got into the Extreme Elimination Chamber simply because I was put into this position on the card and that I don’t need this as much as you do, then you’ve got it all wrong. This is less about needing and more about deserving, and I do believe that I deserve that title being around my waist more than anyone else in this match. That’s not to say that I don’t need this either, because I do, for reasons that I’ve already delved into multiple times before, but we gauge this match through two completely different scopes and ultimately this is how I look at it. You continue talking about happiness, and chasing this moment of perfection, but one thing you’ve got wrong is that happiness is fleeting. It’s a momentary feeling that comes and goes. While that might not be how you look at things, what I’m after is not just a moment of happiness, but also a lifetime of achievement. I don’t just want to be the World Heavyweight Champion or a two-time World Champion because it’s what I’m supposed to aim for, I want to say that I’m the World Heavyweight Champion simply because I’ve earned it, regardless of the position that I have been placed in. You say you thrive on competition, on proving that you’re the best. Well, so do I. But the difference between you and me, Myles, is that I don’t just thrive on these things, I live for them. Every day, every match, every moment in the ring is a chance for me to prove that I am the best. While many people need titles and accomplishments to validate that, while it is nice and all, I validate it with my actions, my victories, and my dedication to EAW. I’m not mad at you, Myles. I’m not mad that you’re trying to find yourself, that you’re searching for answers. What I’m mad about is that you think you can just waltz in here and claim something that others have worked their entire lives for. You think you can just demand the World Heavyweight Championship because you want it, because you think it will make you happy. But that’s not how it works, Myles. You have to earn it, and inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber it will be a whole different story and you know it. So go ahead, keep chasing your moments of happiness. Keep searching for your redemption. But know this, Myles. At Road to Redemption, I won’t be standing in your way. I’ll be standing above you, holding the World Heavyweight Championship high above my head. Because I am Jake Smith, and to paraphrase what you said, being Jake Smith is the single greatest achievement I have.
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