MATCH PROMO "Thank you, next.." - DYNASTY #03

Darcy May Morgan

The Leading Lady 🦋

The scene opens at the “Wellington Wrestling School” in the late afternoon, as the camera pans to a front view of a brand new wrestling ring in the centre of the gym. The wrestling ring is completely different from what it was before, the ropes were skinny and the ring mat was clean and tidy, as if it had hardly been touched. Inside the ring was Darcy May Morgan and her trainer, Richard “Rich” Wellington. Rich is seen sporting his signature silver locks, along with a pair of short jogging bottoms and a tank top. Darcy on the other hand was wearing her long blonde hair up in a ponytail, and wearing a Nike training gear combo of pink and white. Rich irish whips her into the corner of the ring, as Darcy then counters it with an elbow to the face. Darcy then runs up to Rich, as he catches her into a sidewalk slam position, which is then countered by Darcy into a head scissors takedown. Rich slams down onto the mat, and then the two of them stand up at the exact same time. He high fives her, and then grabs two towels from the side of the ring, tossing one to Darcy. They both sit down, Rich on his knees as Darcy curls her legs together.

RICHARD “RICH” WELLINGTON: “You know, you are a quick learner. For someone who has only been training for a few days, you have come leaps and bounds already. But let's call it a night, we have been training for hours.”

Darcy’s head jolts up as she looks Rich in the eyes. She has a shocked look on her face as if she wasn’t expecting Rich to end the session so soon.

“I thought you were going to show me the kimura lock, just like Kassidy Heart performs it?”

Rich giggles and gets up to her feet as he extends his hand out to bring Darcy up onto her feet.

RICHARD “RICH” WELLINGTON: “I said you are good, but you are not that good. It’s all a process Darcy, you will get there. Now, it's time to call it a night.”

Darcy sighs and takes hold of Rich’s hand as he pulls her up to her feet. From the distance, the sound of a door slamming can be heard as Rich instantly jolts his head into the direction that the sound came from. You can’t see who is walking through the door due to the poor lighting in the gym, but the slight outline of a man walking down can be seen. Rich leans his arms on the top rope as he looks out into the distance.

RICHARD “RICH” WELLINGTON: “Sorry dude, we are closed. Last session has just finished.”

???: “It’s only me Rich, I was only looking for my girlfriend. But I guess I found her.”

The figure of a man changes quickly as the person walks forward, and shows himself as Oliver Hayden himself, Darcy’s boyfriend. If you have been following the story, Oliver and Darcy recently talked about how Darcy shouldn’t start training to be a wrestler, which makes this scene incredibly awkward. Darcy looks out at Oliver, quite shocked to see that he had been the one looking for her for a change. She refrains from making eye contact with him, as Oli throws his gym bag down to the side of him, and Rich changes from looking at Oli to then looking back at Darcy.

RICHARD “RICH” WELLINGTON: “I’ll give you guys a minute.”

Rich takes himself out of the ring and jumps down in front of Oli. He moves away into the distance, tapping Oli’s shoulder as he walks away. Darcy moves herself from the middle of the ring, and perches herself down onto the apron. She continues to refrain from making eye contact with him.

OLIVER HAYDEN: “I was getting worried, and then I thought maybe you had come here to look for me. But I wasn’t expecting to see you training. What’s going on Diddles?”

“Nothing is going on Oli. I told you I wanted to train to be a wrestler, so I went out and did it. Besides, it's not like you are around all the time anyways. You are always either at the gym, out with your friends or wrestling yourself.”

OLIVER HAYDEN: “That’s not the point Dars, you did it behind my back. We both agreed…”

Darcy could feel that ball of anger growing in her chest again, as the word “agreed” had triggered this. She jolts up off the apron and walks up to Oliver in front of her.

“No Oli, YOU agreed. I didn’t agree to anything. I don’t have to explain myself. You wanted one thing for me, to be beside you like some trophy in your matches, and I agreed to take the lead and do something for myself for a change. And you know what.. its actually been nice to have something which isn’t drinking, or buying clothes or spending money that releases my creative side. I am sick and tired of having to explain myself for wanting something for me.”

OLIVER HAYDEN: “And you think wrestling is that? For you? I know what you are like Darcy. One thing gets into your head, you get obsessed with it and then you give up when it gets tough. I know you better than you know yourself, and this is exactly what is going to happen. This isn’t a game here Dars, you are making decisions based on other people's dreams. Wrestling has always been mine, and now you are trying to make something that you have been interested in for 5 minutes... your dream. What makes you think you can seriously make it in an industry like this? Your Dad isn’t going to be able to buy you into this one like he has done your entire life.”

Darcy May walks past Oliver, trying her best to not lose her sh*t with him. As she walks past, Oliver grabs hold of her arm and drags her back. Her head turns around as they are both in each other’s faces now. She pulls her arm away as Oli turns around to position himself in front of her.

OLIVER HAYDEN: “Why are you walking away? Is this conversation getting tough for you? You have just proved my point with you Dars, as soon as things get too much for you, you walk away and give up. Wrestling isn’t your calling, it’s mine. And you are trying to take it away from me just because you watched two sl*gs on a FPV wrestling in a 4/10 match. Why are you doing this? Are you trying to keep an eye on me or something?”

“You know what Oli, f*ck you. I am not taking anything away from you, that’s why I did it without you realising because I know you would get all freaked out about your girlfriend wanting to be apart of something new. I am so bored of having to prove myself to everyone that I am not just a failure, and that I can actually achieve something on my own. I watched that match and felt more alive than I ever have, and getting in that ring the last couple of days has helped me in ways I didn’t think could ever have helped me. And I am not going to stand here in front of you, and plead to my boyfriend to let me do something that I want to do, and something that I want to make into a career. So you either deal with it, or go. I am done with taking a back seat for everyone, and standing out of the spotlight so everyone else can have their 5 minutes of fame. It’s my time for a change.”

Darcy walks away into the distance as she leaves Oli standing on his own. She stops and turns her head back to Oli one last time before leaving.

“And just for your information.. babe… I gave up checking up on you a long time ago. How was the gym? Because I don’t think you have changed your gym bag for about three weeks.”

Drama huh? Well, it’s safe to say it isn’t one of the highlights of my life to show everyone. But there’s a reason in my madness to share this story. As much as I hate to admit it, Oliver was right when he said I gave up when the times got tough. My Mum put me into gymnastics for two years when I was 13, and I fell off the balancing beam and twisted my ankle. After that day, it just wasn’t worth continuing because I didn’t want to train all over again and start from the bottom. I always wanted to be at the top from a young age, as if my little body was just dying to prove something to the world already. The truth is, everyone is quick to call me the rich girl who is getting involved in wrestling because of some secret agenda, like to become an actress or for the fame. Maybe even to get on Home and Away like Kassidy Heart? (lol no). But there was no secret agenda with wrestling, it was just something I really enjoyed and something that I was good at and I didn't do it keep everyone else happy. Wrestling was something where I could express myself in different ways, and not have to apologise for it. I didn’t have to explain my love for it, it showed through my hard work, late nights at the gym and hours of creating a character and brand for myself. I wasn’t going to give up wrestling like I did with everything else. It just made sense to me, but not to the people around me. Wrestling didn’t find me, I found wrestling.

But, anyways, it looks like someone decided to join the party. Bravo Kass, that was quite a speech there. It looks like I ruffled your feathers a little bit, seeing as you went on and on for about 23242131 million pages. But the one thing I didn’t want was this to turn nasty, but I guess you really haven’t given me much choice.

When you are actually talking, it sounds like I am speaking to a 12 year old kid. “Dumb dumb"... are you actually for real? Get a grip of yourself hun. You really think the words dumb dumb are going to bother me? We are not in a playground Kass, I didn’t steal your favourite toy away from you, or knock over your play set. You say how cruel this business is, but you are calling me a “dumb dumb”? Yes, maybe it’s a good thing you aren’t a locker room leader, because that advice was about as good as your argument. And well, that wasn’t that great at all. You call me names like a “noob” and a “slag” lol. Wow Kass, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? For someone who has been in this business for as long as you have, you really can't come up with anything remotely harsh to say. Yet, you painted a picture of me not being able to come up with something creative! You really knocked the ball out of the park there. Well done. Maybe go back to playing games on your PC, and wearing your headset while you scream out “OH NO I DIED AGAIN”, because that’s what a pathetic little keyboard warrior like you does. Noob.

You say that I am at the bottom of the barrel of your busy schedule, but then hammer on with an academic essay about your character, your story and how I have a lot to learn. You can’t even keep track of anything you are saying Kass. Maybe you hit your head too many times in your career and have lost your sense of character and identity, because to me, you seem a lot more bothered than you are making out. You say you are going to put your personal life to the side, but then go on to talk about your past and how you haven’t run from it. Then say that it isn’t about quantity but post FIVE promotional videos of yourself at once. Wow you really showed me sweetie.

Let's get to the truth here.

You are so up your own arse that you clearly can’t even come up with a good enough response to me about what I said. You make up sh*t that doesn’t even matter, just so you can form some sort of argument between us to make you seem superior. You make out as if I am trying so hard to prove myself, but isn’t that what everyone else does in this business? Even when you started, I knew you did the exact same. As you said yourself, you weren’t exactly a hard hitter in REVOLT, but you came back with everything you had because that’s what anyone in this business does to be successful. You didn’t have much choice, wrestling is what you wanted to do. So looks like you were a tryhard as well at one point.

Each and every week I have upped my game on Dynasty, even after a few pit stops on the Empire road, but that’s what you have to do to be “someone” in this business. You trying to give me an English lesson on quality and quantity, and saying I am hitting you hard is exactly what I f*cking want. I want you to know that I am coming at you full force, and I didn’t sit back and wait for my turn to speak like you did. But yet, you seem to do that every f*cking time with everyone on this roster, just so you don’t crumble under pressure when the spotlight hits you. You did the same with Serena Bennett.. you waited week after week to even have something to say so you can have a “quality speech” because you are not innovative enough talk off the top of your head. But the thing with me Kass, I don’t f*cking care. I don’t give two sh*ts about what you have to say about this, because who the fuck are you to judge. You are not my mentor, you are not my teacher... and you are most definately not a role model anymore. You posted a whole segment about your life and how hard it is, yet everyone else has their own problems as well.. not just you. Nothing at all was relevant for the fact that you are coming into a wrestling ring on Friday and facing me. It was just all about the dramatic life of Kassidy Heart. You say that isn’t attention seeking? Then why post sh*t hoping that someone is going to feel sorry for you. You’re delusional.

Coming hard at you proves I am not scared of the “great” Kassidy Heart. Providing the universe with my story was to make a point that I didn’t care if I used to respect you, I had been through tough stuff to get me here today. But I am not here to create sympathy on the basis of trying to get respect from my peers. That doesn’t matter to me. Maybe if you had enough balls, you could relate instead of sitting back, looking at your phone and holding your breath. Get your “lady dick” out next time and take charge.

And you call me unoriginal but yet you are the one with sponsorships with Fashion Nova and Bellami Hair? If I am unoriginal Kass, then I guess you just joined the group as well. Maybe we can make a Whatsapp group?! To me, that doesn’t seem original at all. It screams wrestler trying to make herself famous at the expense of other people / brands, which I guess is a normal case for you, considering your history. You call me a discount bin version of you, a Kassidy-Lite, and then criticize my story and character as being some asshole’s arm candy. Your fucking whole career around here has been based with men by your side or someone else. Jaded Hearts, Jaded Wolfe Hearts... what’s next Kass? Who is the next person you are going to hook into your pathetic story? You criticise my story yet say that we have been through similar things. What does that make you then Kass? You used to manage Ahren on Voltage and think you can call me someone’s arm candy? I guess that just makes you as unoriginal as me then. Very creative.

Along with that, you tell me that I am not talented enough so I should join a tag team. Is that what you realized when you formed the Jaded Hearts and competed for the EAW Empire Tag Team Championships? Idiot.

You then go on by saying you don’t have the time to talk about the stuff with Ryan but then talk about how people are saying different things about the situation, and mixing up the story. Do you really not care what people think Kass? Because to me you seem to keep bringing it up in every promotional video that you post. You think people care? You are constantly getting yourself into situations where you need saving from, taking no responsibility for your own actions. You f*cked up, but yet its all his fault that you are in this mess? Look in the mirror. All your mistakes are passed over to the other person and you come up with another f*cking excuse as to why you are in another mess. You don’t want to talk about it Kass? That’s because you know deep down that you f*cked up and you cant blame this all on the man again. Why fucking expose it out into the world for everyone to see if you don’t want to go into it? Because to me, you are just itching to talk about it just like you were itching to tell me about quality and quantity. You turn around and say that I almost became Gaines “rape bait”, but then share your story with everyone about everything that you have been through, taking jabs at women.. like me and you, who have had to stand up to men and have been on the receiving end of f*cking shit that they have caused. I haven’t been through sh*t like being “rape bait” but I still wouldn’t bring it up at a cheap jab like you before a wrestling match when I’ve been so open with my own story. Pathetic.

Hold on a minute, lets actually talk about the “rape bait” comment, didn’t you go to Qatar to support us women in getting on the show in 2020? Wow, EAW really made the right decision to let you take the lead with that one, seeing as you have so much positive stuff to say to women and the struggles that happen on a daily basis. And yet you are sitting there, behind your keyboard, like the little disgusting troll you are, making comments like that and twisting the story like you said I did. What a poor excuse of a woman you really are. We really are lucky in this time of a women’s revolution that you are the champion right now aren't we? Guess that proves you just aren’t qualified for the job at all, and that when you are relied on, you can't perform. You even said yourself that you don’t give a shit about women’s empowerment, so let's hope your sponsors and the Qatar government passed by that comment ay Kass? Maybe I will troll them on social media, seeing as you believe I am so talented at that. And you say that this company means the world to you? Obviously not if you can’t seem to shut your mouth to save the company. Again, your ego getting in the way. Same old story.

And while we are on the subject, you constantly calling Sienna “bestie boo” is about as sick and nauseating as Korey Gaines asking me out on a date. So maybe check your own social’s Kass, or just fucking get a room with Sienna and get it out of your f*cking system. Maybe she can bend you over and “do you” like she’s done your whole career. What a dumb dumb.

Did you not think a rookie like me would come at you like this? I am not backing down to a piece of sh*t like you. Your bark is bigger than your bite.

Anyways, let's take a brief pause in this show and write some poems, seeing as you clearly love stalking my social stream, hoping to find something juicy to talk about. So, I decided to do the same as you seeing as I am so unoriginal.

Roses are red,
Kassidy and Darcy are going to clash,
Maybe you would have come up with something better,
If you’re head wasn’t so far up Sienna Jade’s ass.

Ooooooo I have another one!

Heart likes to ramble
But Kassidy’s argument is going south,
She likes to play the victim all the time,
Yet she seems to have Ryan’s d*ck in her mouth

And another one for luck!

We all knew she would do it
Bring up the social stream chat with Korey,
But yet Kass has made so many mistakes with men,
Just another attention seeking story.



Aussie ….

Oi oi oi!!!

dArCy WeNt HaRd. :whew:

Grow up sl*t.

Maybe leave the poems to me babe? Because methinks it's time to go back to some home truths.....

Yes, you are right, you are going to still be the champion after our match on Friday. I never said you weren’t, unless something has changed? But I wouldn’t ask you seeing as you “have no input in scheduling around here” even though you are married to a world champion now. Didn’t really go to plan did it Mrs Adams? Getting your leg over an EAW champion still has you in the same position as you were before the EAW Draft. Round of applause for you.

Here's the thing Kass, and I am going to give you a little bit of advice here (you know, seeing as my Mum is psychologist.) Your ego is probably why you get yourself into so many shit situations. Maybe tone it down, come back to reality, and realize your story, your name and your career is about as similar as everyone elses in the f*cking world. You're nothing special. I agree with you, maybe I did come into this company all guns blazing and with a chip on my shoulder. Maybe I did have an attitude. But not even you can say that I haven’t given it my all to stand out from the whole roster. I didn’t want to be just another newbie. That's why I came in and targeted every possible person I could. You know what they say... go big or go home.

Everyone believes that they don’t get the opportunities they want and everyone puts their all into their matches and are meant to be in that ring. Otherwise, why the f*ck are they wasting their time here? Are they just collecting a paycheck like you are? Everyone has been on a journey. But instead of rambling about it, they just do it. That advice was for free babe, you know, seeing as you are going through a tough time at the moment. Plus under 12's go free anyways, so don’t say I don’t do anything for you.

Also, if everything stops being about me in our match on Friday, then surely everything stops being about you as well? Just two girls in the ring together looking to break the other one. Because if that is the case, finally.... we don’t have to hear any more sob stories from you over and over again. Fair play to you, you have a lot on your plate and you still seem to be focused on our match. But you claim that everyone wants to hear what you have to say... but do they really? It’s the same old thing with you Kass, you are like a broken record. You act like a damsel in distress too much, and claim you know it all in this business but always seem to end up in another problem. You make mistake after mistake, and claim you are some sort of veteran and judge other people on the mistakes they made. Is it one rule for you, and another for everyone else? Because to me, you treat EAW like it's your f*cking reality show.

“Keeping up with Kass” :trash: Maybe you can talk to FOX about putting that show on the network now Empire has gone?

Do you think people really care anymore? Do you think people will tune in to see what other f*ck ups you seem to make? I doubt it, because it all gets really old really quick. You say you don’t want to be a locker room leader, and all I can say is thank f*ck for that, because I definitely don’t want to learn any tricks from you any time soon when it comes to how you portray your personal life outside your wrestling life. But yet, you didn’t want to talk about that.. did you?

At Pain for Pride, you did take advantage of the moment by cashing in your Iconic Cup on Serena Bennett after she ended your bestie, Sienna Jade. But what I would have wanted to know is, if you cashed in that Iconic Cup and had a full, fair match with Serena Bennett on another night... would you have won? I doubt it. Look, I don’t know Serena, however I know she is known for running her mouth around here, and you seem to have kept yourself quiet the last couple of weeks. Why? I think I know why. Because you knew that you got that title because of luck.

And that is what I have come to realise about you Kassidy, your whole career is based on that. You got lucky by riding Sienna Jade’s coat tails and staying in her shadow, just long enough so you could get some screen time. Then you latched yourself onto any man you possibly could, hoping that one would stay with you long enough to amplify you career. Yet they always got rid of you like you were the runt of the litter.

What surprises me is that I remember that I respected you and I thought you were the biggest badass I had ever seen. You were someone who didn’t need anyone else to succeed. But that isn’t true is it? You needed Ahren, you needed Sienna Jade and now you need Ryan. But you know when you see a painting from afar and it looks beautiful, but when you come up close to it... it just doesn’t look the same? That’s how I feel about you Kass. I had my beer goggles on with you like most of the people in your life. And that was my silly mistake. You just aren’t this perfect little picture when you get up close and personal. It’s all a show and I don't think anyone has any respect for you anymore, Queen.

And let's get one thing straight right now… your predictable and cowardly approach to me about my history so far in EAW, is exactly what I would expect from someone like you coming into this match. You don’t think I can string two words together? I haven’t needed too, because I proved enough in the ring. Maybe have a chat with Damon Diesel, Ronan, Miho Li and Fatal Destiny? Because if you didn’t watch Dynasty this week, me and Remi dropped that f*cking bitch, Celes Dumont, on her head in front of the whole world. What happens if that happens to you in this match Kass? You little skull won’t be able to take it. But apparently from your “quality” promotional videos, you are some sort of Ironwoman, and even with a concussion you think you have the ability to get up and continue until you die. Bore off. Maybe you need Dr Bethany Blue to give you some advice on that and set you straight because you seem to think you are immortal.

I will tell you the exact same as I told the rest of them, my match history means f*ck all going into this match. You said yourself, that when we get into the ring, it's more about being about me or you. But what else have you got to say that is of any substance Kass? I am new here, but I am fighting my way through the ranks to get where I want to be, and where I wanted to be was in a match against Kassidy Heart. And if you think for a second that I am going to let this slip through my fingers because you have a couple of pathetic jokes to tell about me being a rookie or a victim, then you have another thing coming. It’s a god awful attempt at trying to bully me into intimidation. You have no idea of what I can accomplish, and I get that. My match history here isn’t a full A4 book like yours. But doesn’t that worry you Kass? That you don’t know what to expect? Are you worried that you are going to have to eat your own words after Dynasty this week? You have no idea of what I can do when the pressure hits me. You have no idea how much I have prepared for an opportunity like this. You have no idea how big the target is on your back, yet you turn around and say… OMG Darcy is going in hard. Of course I am going to go in hard you dumb b*tch, this is the game. If you don’t go in hard, you lose and go to the bottom of the food chain. If you don’t go in hard, you last two seconds here and get moved to the former talents section and get forgotten. If you don’t go in hard Kass, you end up just another face in the crowd. I am not that person. Say what you want about me, but it is clear from your pathetic attempt at trying to make me “shake in my boots” has no relevance or actual meaning because you can’t compare anything from my time here to this match.

However, I have a whole year of Kassidy Heart golden moments that I can go through and learn from. I know what makes you tick, and what to do in order to get you down and out. Hell, if worse comes to worse, I can even text Serena Bennett and ask her after what she did to you on the last episode of Empire. I have a whole f*cking collection of resources at my finger tips, and all you have is 6 f*cking matches that I have happened to be in since my debut. And do you know why I am using all these resources? Because I want to beat you. I will do anything to get the win and to sument my name into my history books, and get up the hierarchy in this business. That is what it is all about, and you clearly suffer from the same Delusional Disorder that you pinned on me if you think it isn’t about that in this business. Like you said, its cutthroat, and I am willing to pull out all the stops, all the tricks, all the games in order to make sure I walk out with the win. I want to prove you wrong, and I want to prove that I am not here for just a good time and to show great sportsmanship. If that makes me a hater, so be it. Sometimes in order to get to where you want to be, you have to suck it up and realise that. But I guess that is another thing you fail to do on every occasion, because you think your own sh*t doesn't stink and that you don’t have to do any work in order to prepare for a match. Get real Kass, you and me both know that your poor attempt of highlighting me as a rookie and just like “everyone else” is a repeated, uncreative and boring argument that you can’t even back up, seeing as you have never seen how good I can be when I need to be.

So keep jabbing on about me not having the accolades that you do, because it really doesn’t matter. Keep going on about how your move set is better than mine because it really doesn’t matter. All that matters Kass is us getting into the ring while everyone else in the world is watching. And from my time here at EAW, I have proven that it doesn’t matter if you are a queen, a monster, a psychopath or a killer… I am still going into the match looking to end you in order to better my career. That’s the game Queen of Hearts and I am going in for a royal flush (that’s cards by the way sweetie if you are unaware.)

That is, of course, if you actually turn up this week. What other story can you make up for your absence? Maybe ask Ryan for some help?

I want you to know that this Friday, everything I have ever fought for, everything I have ever fought against, is going to be taken out on you. All the pain and all the set backs. From being told I shouldn’t be in this business to then busting my arse to be in this match with you today. I am giving you everything I have got. I have fuck all to lose and you have everything to lose. Your reputation, your image as a champion, your self-confidence. But the thing is Kassidy, I don’t think you are in a position to give me everything you have got yourself. You haven’t been in a match since Pain for Pride, and that match was a match that pushed you to your absolute limits. You rabbited on about how hard that match was, and I have not once attacked you and that match. Congratulations to you, well done for finally actually doing something for yourself for a change. You pushed yourself to get revenge on Ahren, and you succeeded. Big pat on the back for you. Not like you haven’t f*cking mentioned it over and over again.

The Leading Lady is what got me to the point I am right now. I fought through everything to get where I am, and yet you have the cheek to say that I don’t want to learn and grow. Why do you think I came here Kass? Do you think I came here to listen to your crap jabs at me all day? No way. I came here to reinvent myself, to learn and to grow. My mind is completely open unlike your stupid idiotic ego that always seems to get you in trouble. You told me that I changed it up this week, but I am not willing to reinvent myself. Yeah what a contradiction there! I’ve not said I haven’t wanted to grow. Look at my story, look at what I exposed this week. It proves that I wanted to learn and adapt myself to get me away from a life I didn’t want to lead anymore. The leading lady is always going to be a part of me, and I know I have made mistakes. But each and every week, I get better and better. I’ve made sacrifices this week to improve myself and my mind going into this match. And you are right, I have had to up my game against you this week. Take that as how you want it, but I know you are going to be like “omg she is such a fangirl”. But that’s what you have to do. You have to prove that you are not going to sit back and let other people take opportunities from you. I know you understand that. And you taking me “lightly”, just the way you didn’t want to be taken, just proves that you don’t have your head in the game as much as I thought. You don’t know me, you have never got in the ring with me. And taking me lightly, and telling p*ss poor jokes about me is going to be another mistake that you have made Kass. Maybe you can post another promotional video about that next week and wine and complain about it like you do all the time. But remember… QUALITY over QUANTITY. I learnt that from you boo but felt like I needed to give you another little reminder.

That’s why I know in my heart that this whole “perfect fairy tale” cr*p that you keep giving the fans... the whole “I deserved this for so long!” and the “Queen of Ultra Violent” gimmick is soon going to end. Sure, you got your world title Kass, but I don’t think you are good enough to keep it or even be 100% after Pain for Pride to even defend it. You said yourself you have your history with injuries. But this Friday, I am going to prove that in your first match as champion that you winning that title was all just based down to being in the right place at the right time.

You couldn’t win it on your own. You needed Sienna Jade to bust up Serena in order to do it. And trust me sweetheart, you aren’t going to get lucky with this one when the spotlight turns on and that bell rings. Your best friend isn’t going to be here to bust me up before the match so you can swoop in and take the victory. Then once I am done with you, Serena Bennett can stop barking like a yorkshire terrier, beat you at Operation Doomsday, and then you will be exposed to the world as Kassidy Heart – “the tragic story of an attention seeker that finally got what was coming to her”. Maybe that can be the name of your autobiography? Woah wait.. Spoiler alert!!!! That story doesn’t end on a positive note Kass, it comes to an abrupt end. Then you will be the hottest talent on the injured list because you just didn’t know when to stop listening to your ego. Shame. Good luck getting sponsors for that one, especially with your potty mouth.

Maybe after I beat you... you can lace up my boots for me, seeing as you seem so obsessed with saying it over and over again to everyone. Is that something you used to do for Sienna Jade before she walked away with her tail between her legs? Ironic seeing as you always were her little b*tch.

Oh and just a heads up, I did end up learning the “kimura lock” and I f*cking killed it. Maybe I will call it “No Tears Left to Cry”. Actually no... on second thought... only unoriginal, trashy, immature, pathetic little girls like you would name their finishing move after an Ariana Grande song.

Put on your training bra, pull your hair up with your favourite Mickey Mouse scrunchie, and get ready for a fight Kassi-Poo. You’re on your own this time.

Thank you, next. :yikes:


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