MATCH PROMO That's It! I'm Beating the Hell Out of You (Voltage 2)

Donovan Duke

The Storm
Normally when I get to the final day of all this promoting fun, I am a little on the tired side with all the preparation and recording that I have done to establish myself on exactly what my plan is going into the match at hand… but I have already done. It took me one… count it ONE… little promo to explain what exactly I am going to do to him in this match. I haven’t had a relaxing week like this in a long time. I got to ease up on my own preparation to help Mia prepare for her match with Jack Ripley. Why? Because before I spoke, my opponent didn’t say a damn word. Hell, even a while after I spoke I didn’t hear a peep out of Luis De La Rosa. I probably could have spoken a little bit more to further emphasize my cause, but to be frank, I really don’t have to. Maybe I was a little too gentlemanly towards Luis with my extreme leniency this week. Old habits die hard, I’m afraid. But I sure as hell learned my lesson with being a gentleman in the spirit of competition. Maybe it was a bad case of overoptimism where I was hoping that Luis would show up and actually put up some of a fight against me to make this battle just a little more interesting for me. Low and behold, by the cards of fate, I finally got what I wanted… well kinda.

Well well well. Look at who’s here. Look who finally decided to pull his head out of his ass and discover that it's time to finally come to work. Look at you, Luis. Waltzing around here like you own the place like the world is on your time. I’m honestly a little surprised that you finally decided to show your face and finally get a horse in the race. Good for you! Remember earlier how I said I wanted you to put up a fight and make this interesting for me. I only got one of the two items. You put up a fight, but you sure as hell didn’t make this battle interesting for me. Since you are Roberto’s little brother and part of what’s left of the La Familia group, you would give me something worthwhile. What you gave to me was… kind of a letdown if I am going to be honest. Last week, you spoke so highly of yourself so I was expecting you to back up your talk… but I didn’t get it. The only thing you really showed me was that you were much more interested in impressing Persephone than showing how serious you are going into your first Grand Rampage match. I know you gave a reason, a very sarcastic reason at that, as to why it took you so damn long to come up with a rebuttal to me but just save it. I don’t care right now. You’ve already ruined it and nothing you say is going to change your lack of effort this week.

Look, do you really think that this little attitude of yours impresses me in the slightest? Because it doesn’t! You don’t get it. I have been here for long enough to see people like you come and go. I have seen many people who are so cocky that they truly believe they are Gawd’s Gift to Wrestling. They think that reaching the top of this business is going to be so easy that the moment that they have to come to the realization that they have to work a little bit to reach the top of the mountain, they take their ball and go home. So this is shit you’re trying to pull is just a little bit tired. So for the love of gawd, can you just fucking SHOOOOOOOOSH? Do you even have a fucking idea about what you were talking about in your promo? Does it make sense in that head of yours because it doesn’t make sense in mine. Congrats! You got some victories. Good for you, but Luis, I am a different type of competition for you. It will be one of the toughest matches you have had thus far and after hearing you talk, I really don’t think you’re ready for me. Especially when you are trying to be cute by calling me boring. Get real! I am not here to please you or give you advice. You’re too stubborn to take advice in the first place and you would only dream to have a mentor like me. To make things clear, I didn’t HURT your loved ones. I beat them in matches. Harming has been what La Familia has been doing the last few months and harm is what I am going to do to you when that bell rings. I told you I was going to knock that cocky little attitude out of you and I plan to make good on my promise.

My head is seriously pounding after listening to your promo and I am not sure if it’s because I have a pounding migraine or if my brain is about to explode with your unfathomable ignorance. At first I thought you were trying to be funny and then it quickly hit me that you were being serious. On what fucking planet do I need Luis De La Rosa to make me star? Think about it. Our match tomorrow is given credibility because of me. You’re just lucky enough to be able to get some warmth off of my spotlight to give your name a little more status. I have already made history. Twice if you count sweeping the Adams Family. Since I’m pretty confident about tomorrow night, I’ll go ahead and thank you now, Luis. Thank you. Thank you for being such a dumbass and giving me the victory on a silver platter. You’re not as good of a businessman as you make yourself out to me. If you were, you would have known that I have achieved success in my EAW career by bankrupting “smart little businessmen” like you. I am not going to let a little shit like ruin my plans for Grand Rampage. Did you not like my “deadpan” promo last time? Let me see if I can make things a little clearer this time. I AM KICKING YOUR ASS!

Normally, I wouldn’t get so heated when a pissant little of a brat says something stupid. But after hearing Luis’ interview last week and his actions contradicting his statements, it doesn’t sit well with me. In a few weeks, this guy has a chance to win a match to get a Pain for Pride main event match and he thinks that it’s going to be so easy for him, so he doesn’t put in the work against me. Like I’m of a lower priority to him and that pisses me off. I have been scratching and clawing for years just for one chance at a Pain for Pride main event and he thinks he can make jokes because I’m not supposedly having fun with the crowd and the sort. I know how to keep the crowd’s attention on me. It isn’t just my wrestling that keeps the fans wanting more from me. Don’t get me started about love, Luis. I don’t have or want Persephone because I have a feisty and fiery beauty in my lovely Mia Santoro. That’s why every time me and Mia appear together, #DoMia immediately starts to trend. More than what I can say about anything you’ve done. I am taking this match seriously because I want as many victories as I can before Grand Rampage and you have your head up your ass. The word of the day is “momentum” and I want as much momentum as I can get. Tomorrow night? I am going to get more momentum from you, you son of a bitch.

So let me go ahead and make this as clear for you as I possibly can. I don’t care how confident you THINK you are about winning this match. You need to come to the realization that you are NOT going to win. Your best day in the ring is miles away from my worst day. It isn’t me saying this because I am a cocky bastard like you. I can say that because I am legitimately that damn good in the ring. I am one of the most technically gifted wrestlers that EAW has to offer and you don’t have a fucking clue what’s about to come your way. This entire week, you have wasted my time and you have wasted my patience in the hopes that you would live up to the hype that you and Persephone put upon yourself for me to come and realize that maybe I am facing a man who is just wanting to play wrestler. Now, Luis, you got on my last nerve with your big mouth. For that, I was gonna give you a lesson in what I do in the ring that makes me a threat every time I compete, but I changed my mind. You don’t deserve a lesson from me. That would be too good for you. Your card of fate has taken a different path. For you? Oh, Luis. I don’t need to put on a wrestling clinic to defeat you. You came in ignorant and unprepared so you are going to pay the price tomorrow night. There’s only one way to do that and that is to beat the living hell out of you. Congrats, Luis. You done fucked up.


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