MATCH PROMO "The alliance of TLA and Cameron Ella Ava cannot lose and we won't lose. 💯" -- Clash of Kingdoms II

Cameron Ella Ava

The Goddess.
EAW Hall of Famer
Oh god, that was dreadful.

Have we reached this part of the discussion, where my ‘lovely’ opponents are pulling out some dumb argument from their asses because they have nothing to say to me? When everything tends to fall apart, just go for the typical verbal diarrhea — which won’t be the first nor the last time that anyone says to me this season — and think that it’s some new revelation that’s being made in front of the world to see. Isn’t that right? The moment that Cameron Ella Ava has two motherfuckers in the corner, they look for the easiest way out. They criticize my baby boy; they talk about me being a horrible mother and using my own kid for sympathy; they talk about how I should just leave and how I don’t have a reason for being part of this company anymore. That I should just go home and be a mother to my son and leave the ‘younger’ talent to take all of the opportunities for themselves — regardless, if they end up shitting the bed or not, because at least, the board of directors can say: “at least, we gave them a shot. It didn’t work —like eight out of the ten times we attempt this same bullshit — but, at least we gave them a shot!” Yes, we are going to give that bitch Veena Adams a taste of the limelight that she would never get without Cameron Ella Ava, but it’s up to her and what effort she feels like putting out that is going to be a detrimental factor on what we can expect from her in Kuwait. I mean, it’s not like Veena Adams has been a prominent position before. It’s not like she was ever put in a position to succeed and shit the bed because she felt like being an Adams was more than enough. She felt like by believing that she was untouchable in the ring, she would be untouchable in the ring. She thought the ‘gawdly’ like abilities of her uncle Ryan and great-uncle Fred would end up rubbing off on her. Instead, the entitlement and garbage attitude are the only things that rubbed off on Veena Adams and we’re not really shocked about that at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not many things change about Veena Adams other than the brand that she’s trying to take over. Still, we have to suffer through the same tragic agenda as she prays that it will actually be successful, but I guess, she doesn’t pray hard enough since it is never successful nor does it leave much of an impression on whatever brand that steps foot on. What makes her think that things are going to be different now? Because she constantly says how “things change around here?” Because she has Charlie Marr doing his piss poor impression on trying to look intimidating as fuck, but in reality, he only wants to fuck Veena and that’s the reason that he continues to tag along with her. Meanwhile, you have Veena, who is in desperate need of something to control and live through her because she’s fucking awful at wrestling and no amount of nepotism from being an Adams is going to be enough to make her good. 😀 It doesn’t’t matter how many hours she spends at the gym. It doesn’t matter if she puts the cliche ‘blood, sweat and tears’ into everything that she does in the ring, but it doesn’t mean shit when you’re standing in the ring with Cameron Ella Ava. It doesn’t mean shit, knowing that TLA and I are the better competitors than what those two cunts have gassed up themselves of being.

Now, it seems like we’re going to be getting the dumb statement of how I’ve lost my ‘spark.’ “Oh, Cameron Ella Ava doesn’t have what it takes to wrestle in this company!” The horror! 😱😱😱 “Cameron Ella Ava isn’t passionate about all of this anymore!” The slander! 😱😱😱 This statement is completely fucking dumb. It’s just another page of “I don’t know what to say to my opponent, who happens to be a veteran in this company, but I feel like I need to say something” book. It’s kind of idiotic how people conclude with that particular narrative. It the same narrative that gets pushed onto every veteran that makes their return. Jamie’s got it. DEDEDE’s got it. Impact’s got it. That’s not always the truth, though, you never know which side of them are going to get. As we get older, it becomes difficult to keep our attention in the business. It becomes difficult to figure out what you want to accomplish before unlacing your boots and calling it a day. When looking at this match, there is something intriguing about it to me. I’ve never competed in Kuwait before. I’ve never competed in a match like this before and with that added stipulation, it just makes things a bit more interesting, but at least, I can say that no one else gets to beat the shit out of Veena Adams than me. Still with those particular veterans that I mentioned, they’ve either headlined Pain for Pride or were in a significant match. With me, you may think that it’s strange that I take pride in a victory over REX MCALLISTER, the same man, who headlined Pain for Pride three years in a row, but no one is going to be looking at the result of the match with an asterisk, but they are going to clearly see that Cameron Ella Ava defeated Rex McAllister at Pain for Pride. Just like no one is going to be paying attention to the asterisk on my victory over Ahren Fournier. Unless, anyone actually bothers to look up this match on the EAW Network, they’re not going to give a fuck about Ahren being dominated for a majority of the match. Maybe, he realized that all of the shit he’s said for years finally took a toll on him and there was no way out, but through those EAW doors; however, only the wrestling dweeb will be able to point that out years from now. For everyone else, they are going to see that Cameron Ella Ava was in a completely different zone at Midsummer Massacre. Just like she was in a completely different zone at Pain for Pride. Hell, you can even look at my matches against New Eden on Voltage and that one-on-one on Voltage. All of those matches, I’ve proven that I can hang with men and women five to ten years younger than me. I've proven that I have not shown down after my tragic accident and healthy pregnancy. In fact, I feel better than ever. Charlie and Veena can try to figure out what’s ‘missing’ about me, but there’s nothing missing from maybe. Perhaps, a little gold, wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not going to be complaining at the moment. 👀 I’ve been enjoying the ride. I’ve been enjoying with doing shit at my own pace rather than catering to everyone else and that’s what really matters to me at the moment — my career and doing things for myself (and then, my family, but you all should get the idea).

“Something’s missing about her?” — how about acknowledge that I look the best that I’ve ever had? How about realize the work that it took to get back into the squared circle? How about realize how much of an amazing woman I am? I can go from being a wrestler to a wife to a mother and make it seem like so effortlessly. Meanwhile, Veena Adams is still struggling from going from an authority figure to a wrestler and Charlie Marr can’t seem to transition from being a glorified edge-lord to slimy weasel. Just like both of them will never be able to transition from being friends for the benefits to friends with benefits. How about realize that Cameron Ella Ava and TLA are going to kick your asses at Clash of Kingdoms? Yeah, I think that this is something that will be nice to realize, but you really can’t make dumbasses like those two use their brains. I think that TLA was right on the money with establishing that their last video was a whole bunch of mierda that no one has time to watch, but I decided to take one for the team because I believe in giving everything a chance. I believe in giving anything and anyone the benefit of the doubt, but normally, they end up disappointing me. Much like their efforts are trying to get one over on the competition. I mean, Charlie Marr REALLY thought that he did something by pointing out on the former beef that TLA and I had, but unlike him and Veena, people can grow and people can grow out of their hatred and not be bitter fucks. People can learn not to hold a grudge. People can learn not to live in the past, but I sense that it’s difficult for an Adams to do that. 🙄 Or in the fact of Veena Adams, just pass on the hatred that began with one of the Avas and use it as a starting point for the hatred for all of the other members of my family. I mean, Veena isn’t such a complex person. Sbe doesn’t need a logical explanation to hurt. That must be why Charlie and her get along so much. Both of them don’t require much thinking about the type of people they can’t stand. 1.) Are they a woman? 2.) Do they pose a threat to my dominance? 3.) Can I not put a leash on them? Normally, the first question is enough, but when it comes to someone like TLA, he applies to number two and three. He posted a threat to Charlie’s dominance on Showdown and have you tried putting a leash on this man without his consent? What makes you think that he was going to turn around and let Charlie and Veena push him around? What makes those two dumbasses believe that we were going to be intimidated? I hope that at this point, they’ve come to the realization that there’s no getting intimidating us, but when that fails, just go with the personal shots, right? That seems to be typical Charlie and Veena behavior. It’s the way that they’ve always operated, but I’ve known that they were going to pull this shit. I knew that there was going to come after my son’s looks, but where in the world does he look like Hasbulla? Oh darn, here's Cameron using her baby for sympathy! Like I ever need anyone to feel bad for me? I’m the last person in this company who would expect for anyone to give her pity. I’m not the one constantly looking for sympathy, but it seems like that’s what Veena was aiming for when she decided to piss me off and reignite another Ava-Adams rivalry to put in our already complicated story.

I think that both families would LOVE to put all of these rivalries and hatred to the past, knowing that reigniting all of this shit is going to find its spot as the top story and possibly healing a couple of FPVs, which would annoy the hell out of everyone. I for one, would not want to waste another moment dealing with Veena Adams and Charlie Marr. At Clash of Kingdoms, I hope to be through with this story as I move onto something else that is worthy of my time. The only benefit of this match is another scenario with Cameron Ella Ava making history and nothing else. This is another achievement for a hard worker in TLA, who has been through all the shit that this company can put him through (plus two firings). But, to say that my amigo is only in the Hall of Fame for longevity. It’s the same bullshit that bitches have tried to told me like Cameron isn’t the blueprint for every female who arrives in the company. They talk about wanting to be the ‘next Cameron Ella Ava.’ They talk about wanting to ‘do what Cameron did.’ For someone to make an impact, people should know who you are and what you’ve done to separate yourself from the pack. Honestly, no one is going to remember Veena Adams other than her last name. No one is going to give a fuck about Charlie Marr and his ‘accomplishments’ that TLA shits on. At least, he didn’t need to be handed a World Championship reign like Charlie did. Oh no, at least, TLA was good enough to earn his big title win. I mean, what else did he accomplish after no longer having Veena by his side? That’s right, nothing. Instead, he got himself being destroyed by Malcolm Jones at Pain for Pride and went through a downward spiral for a majority of his season on Dynasty. He went from being one of the ‘hottest’ talents on Voltage to being completely fucking nothing on Dynasty, but it’s supposed to be different now that he’s on Showdown? It’s supposed to be different now that he has Veena by his side? No, he’s going to be met with the same result and that’s going to be met with failure once again. For two people that completely gas themselves up in being these amazing talents, they can’t seem to back it up to save their fucking lives. Instead, both of them end up looking like complete fucking clowns. I mean, they already did when decided that they wanted to start beef with me and TLA, but, at least, I get to kick Veena Adams’ ass once again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t have to worry about Charlie Marr as TLA will have more than his hands full with dealing with him. Unfortunate scenarios, but I’m looking to settle all of this shit in Kuwait. I will have TLA’s back. He’ll have mine. We can go through our share of battles with each other, but we respect each other for everything that we’ve done. We cannot let our past make us bitter and like always, we will rise above the negativity that Veena and Charlie have possessed since day one.

And maybe, just maybe, you realize that you can’t pick a fight with two Hall of Fame talents like us and expect to win. The alliance of TLA and Cameron Ella Ava cannot lose and we won’t lose. 💯


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