MATCH PROMO The Almost Champion Voltage 2

Madison Kaline

Mistress of Death
EAW Hall of Famer
New York
Oh my God Holly can you shut the fuck up, all you do it talk, and fucking talk without taking a god damn breath, when are you going to get it through your thick fucking skull, I don't care about you, LITERALLY there is not one thing I care about you, I don't care about your life, I don't care about your career, about your stupid little injury. Aww poor you missed out on three months of your precious little career, poor fucking baby. You are such a child it's not even funny, why EAW hires little annoying girls such as you is very questionable. You are not funny, you are not entertaining, and your personality is dry as fuck. You want to cry about missing THREE MONTHS? Bitch I missed out on THREE YEARS! Oh but I'm sorry I am not allowed to compare myself to the great Holly Arrow right? Three long years I had to sit back and watch from afar, yes it was all my fault but while I was picking up the pieces of my life, I ALLOWED Andrea Valentine and Kassidy Heart to act like big shots and run the women's division. Three years, in and out of rehab, three years NO WRESTLING at all, and I came back BETTER than my first run in EAW, and this bitch wants to cry about three months (Madison laughs) give me a god damn break. Let me tell you about what would have happened to you in those three months... Oh that's right absolutely nothing, you would have been doing the same thing you are doing right now, talking about what YOU ARE GOING to do, but not actually doing it. Blah, blah, blah that is all I hear coming from you, like I said nothing you have done impresses me, the people you have claimed to beat, the shows you claimed to have stolen the show. Cleopatra wasn't the only one who has no idea who you are, because quite frankly I never even heard of you until your little appearance at Battle of Egypt. But maybe it's just me right, maybe I'm fucked up and I live in my own little bubble where pissants like you and Mary, just cease to exist. I am really not quite sure why you expected more out of me? What else do you want, do you expect me to go online and research your entire life and career? not only do I not have the time to do that, I do not wish to do that because it would be the biggest waste of time. Did you really expect me to treat you any differently than I treat anyone else? Your not as big as you think you are, you are not as good as you think you are, and you are in for a rude awakening this week on Voltage little girl, and the more and more you speak, the more and more I want to put my fucking fist in your face. Seriously your voice is so irritating, it is like finger nails on a chalk board, you make me cringe every time you speak. I have gone up against some annoying bitches over the years, Andrea, Astraea, Mary but you, you by far are the most obnoxiously annoying of them all. So congratulations on that. First of all I really don't know who the fuck you think you are, but don't you ever act like your problems are greater than mine, oh wow I mispronounced a word, go ahead and make fun of it like the CHILD you are. I would expect nothing less than you to find that funny and try to poke fun at "how dumb" I am. Yeah my problems are a bigger deal because I AM THE BIGGER DEAL, I seriously don't even know what then hell your problems even are, the only thing I can gather from hearing you talk is something about Mary and you are mad that got a little injury that sidelined you for three months!? Big fucking deal, do you not understand I got screwed out of a Pain for Pride women's world title match? There's nothing you can say that will surpass that, that is the ultimate goal here in EAW, main even Pain for Pride. I'm not trying to compare anything between us because there is nothing to compare, I am better than you in every single way in life, and really there is nothing you can say to dispute that. I really don't understand why EAW made this match, why on earth would they do this to you? Who did you piss off backstage? I literally went from a war of words between myself, Sienna Jade, Kassidy Heart, Astraea Jordan and Sheridan Mueller, to fucking arguing with a little twot about who is more important to this company. Let me tell you something Holly, the three months you were gone, nobody even noticed, the fans didn't care at all, EAW management probably just shrugged it off because it wasn't like they were losing this big star! You see Holly, you could disappear tomorrow and nobody would even bat an eye. When I left EAW, EAW lived on yes, but I left a huge hole, merchandise sales went down, ratings went down, and this is all facts too go ahead and look it up. In the grand scheme of things, I matter more than you so you can go ahead and make your little jokes about me but at the end of the day I am established, I know exactly where I'm going, I will ALWAYS be in the title picture, I will ALWAYS be in a big match because that is just who I am, I am a fucking draw, you may think you are on your way to superstardom but that remains to be seen, and judging by your attitude I highly doubt you will ever amount to anything in EAW. I'm sorry that is just my honest opinion, I have been here a long time and I've seen a lot of people come and go, a lot of people with your same exact attitude like you are better than everybody. All it takes is for one ass kicking for the reality to set in, and make them question their whole talent. I am telling you Holly, after our match this week, that is what is going to happen to you, I am going to make you question whether or not you are truly as good as you think you are. You may not even bounce back from it, but hey who I am talking to, you are the girl who was ALMOST women's champion had it not been for that pesky little injury.

Understand one thing Holly, I am by no means comparing the two of us, because there is nothing to compare, you are some green as fuck nobody and I'm the bitch who runs this place, the woman who single handily put Empire on her back and made it the must see show of the week. Oh I'm sure there are dozens of girls who claim to have revolutionized women's wrestling but I can assure you NONE of them can back it up. But I can because my legacy speaks for itself. Now I could explain how I changed the women's wrestling game but really I'm tired of explaining it to people, maybe you can go back and checkout one of my past promos where I explained it in depth. People have accused me of being repetitive, but I am only repetitive because you fuckers make me be repetitive. But anyway I digress from the task at hand, you are literally the dumbest person I have ever met Holly, never in my life would I have ever thought that someone who has done so little in their career would ever come at somebody like me, and think that we are on the same level. It's laughable that you would even think someone like you is capable of defeating someone like me, and if you want to call me unoriginal and predictable for saying that, that's fine really there is no other angle for me to take other than to take you lightly, and it's not because I am a conceited Hall of Famer either, it's because of the reality of the situation. Here we got a two time EAW Women's Champion, former Empress of Elite Winner, 2018 Women's Match of the Year winner, then on the other side we got Holly Arrow, that's it! No accomplishments and your biggest career moment is getting injured (Madison laughs) You are extremely pathetic my god. So you actually want me to take you serious? Make me take you serious, instead of acting like a god damn child, with your corny insults and weak grasp on reality. You claim that I come off bitter, and I can admit I am extremely bitter, and why wouldn't I be? My luck has been god damn awful, I was dealt a shit hand in life, but I worked my fucking ass off to get to where I am today and still nobody gives me the proper respect that I deserve. I dedicated my life to EAW, only for people to make crude comments about me. Last week was the apex of it all, I was called a slut, old and washed up and a backstage politicer, my Hall of Fame credibility gets shit on left and right week after fucking week and you don't expect me to not be bitter? Of course I'm bitter, I constantly get screwed out of title matches, I am a victim of circumstances stupid shit is always happening to me and I'm SICK AND TIRED, of all the bullshit whether it's Cleopatra distracting me at Reckless Wiring, or Amber Keys screwed me out of winning that ladder match, I am putting a stop to it once and for all and I'm turning a new page, and making a new chapter in my career, and this chapter will be called looking out for myself and not accepting failure anymore. It all starts with you Holly, I refuse to fucking lose to you, I should be on the road to Pain for Pride, getting ready for my big match against Andrea Valentine for the EAW Universal Women's World Championship, but instead I'm in a pointless ass match against "Holly Arrow" and playing then my dick is bigger than you game, with you. What the fuck even is this of course my dick is bigger than yours. The fact I even have to explain it, is a god damn insult. Really you have no idea what you are getting yourself into Holly. I make people bleed, I make little girls like you suffer, and that is just for pure amusement. I can't wait to see the look on your face when you finally realize that beating me won't be an easy task, that all the hype about me is true. So go ahead and analyze my every word, go find some mistake I said and act like that matters, you are just deflecting. You won't be able to beat me, you just aren't that good enough sorry, but go ahead and tell me more of your worthless stories about how you beat Ms. Extreme. What a boring ass bitch you are.

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