MATCH PROMO The Bad Guy - Voltage 2

Hikari Kanno

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You’re so coote.

Look at you.

Stomping your feet, face all scrawled up, going red and all that.

See, I never let the hate, the anger, the frustration I have for people and the systems in place against Queens like Miku and I reach the point where I’m blind. My disdain for others in this company, in this world, for systems and all, are packaged neatly. I never lose sight of my ambitions, I never lose sight of what’s in front of me. I never allow emotion to dictate how I approach things, how I view things and what I believe. It only serves to derail and distract someone from their ambitions. How couldn’t it? You’re willingly placing someone in front of your greatest desires for reasons that are hardly worth the sacrifices required to see you benefit at all. You’re willingly allowing ideals that don’t serve your ambitions any good to exist at the forefront of your mind. They’re a distraction. I’ll say it again: King of Elite will be a guaranteed loss for you for the fact that you’re placing worthless, idealistic and purely momentary goals in the way. You’re not going to beat me on Voltage, you’re not going to get any sort of ‘revenge’ for Trashecca, you’re not going to stomp on my head or fulfil any of the grandiose threats you’ve already made. So what’s going to happen, hmmmmm? Are they just going to suddenly vanish? Is all this pent up rage, frustration, all these emotions just going to suddenly disintegrate when you fail to beat me? That’s the problem you don’t seem to recognise, Mary. Investing so much into this match, investing so much into an uphill battle that nobody outside of you and your landfill buried friend think is winnable when you have a life changing opportunity soon after is only going to lead to bitter regret in the days and weeks and even months soon after. You’re only going to be more motivated. You’re only going to reassure yourself that NEXT time you’re going to get the job done. You’re only going to repeat these same threats of violence and destruction that cannot nor will ever see the light of day; the only difference is everyone else won’t give you the time of day to entertain it because Voltage will show you cannot live up to the desire of ‘revenge’. Choosing to be consumed by revenge isn’t how someone actually manages to get revenge.

Want revenge? Be better. Want revenge? Get better. And beat me.

And not just beat me this week.

Beat me at King of Elite.

Because if you want satisfying ‘revenge’, then take something away from me. If you want to prove your multitude of points - the same of which I’ve heard countless times already in my short career - then do it at King of Elite as well. Take away opportunities. Take away something that matters to me. Because I could slip up against you, I could turn around a fraction too late and have my head caved in by some weapon grasped in your hands. I could be knocked out in a moment by the rules of this environment and I would have no choice but to pat you on the shoulder, say ‘good job, Mary!’ and that would be the end of it. I would still ignore you at King of Elite. I would still carry on the exact same way as I am now. Nothing would change, nothing would be altered, nothing would be any different. That’s life as someone so consumed by themselves. That’s life as someone who doesn’t feel a fucking thing towards anyone else. I’ll say it again, you, Trashecca and this entire fucking ordeal is so far beneath me that it made me physically sick just waking up this morning and realising that I have this match. Even King of Elite is beneath me, all the rest of our opponents are beneath me. And the moment I can take a fucking briefcase for myself I can wave goodbye to the lot of you. Revenge, Mary, isn’t something that can just end like this. If you want to fucking prove to me that your words, your promises, your threats, your idealistic outcome to this match actually mean something, are something that I shouldn’t just dismiss as generic talk for the sake of filling out a ‘promo’ then keep this same energy regardless of outcome on Voltage and stop me at King of Elite. Because if it suddenly fades away in the mere possibility that you beat me, if it suddenly evaporates and becomes impossible to detect outside of mere gloating, then you are a terrible friend who never did this for her sake, for her interest, as a reaction to what we did to her; it was for you and your sake. The disingenuous, Mary, are always exposed for their falsehoods. The disingenuous are always revealed for their inability to maintain the act long enough. Your revenge shouldn’t be ending here. It shouldn’t be ending just because you got some kind of closure for being too incompetent from saving your friend two weeks ago. Why would it end? Miku is still going to be in the Queen of Elite finals, Hikari Kanno is still going to dominate the Unique Opportunity match at your expense and poor Trashecca is still going to be sitting at home injured. IDOL-GUN are going to once again be where we belong, on top of this entire fucking company, while the fortunes of the two of you won’t be any better than they would have been with or without us in your lives. Can you honestly say that your ‘revenge’ would be satisfied in that case? Can you honestly say that your ‘revenge’ would be fulfilled if I still go on to take and take and take away from you? But hey, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just think a little too differently, I’m a little too grounded, I’m a little too hesitant to be so momentary in life to get caught up in mere single matches.

But I think it’s more that I’m just continuing to prove the distance between us, Mary.

Between myself and everyone else there is.

We still can’t seem to accept that I exist on a higher plane of existence than the rest of you. I don’t know exactly what I’ve got to do to prove it. I don’t know how many times I need to beat opponents like you into the canvas. I don’t know how many times I’ve got to belittle my opponents and berate them so harshly, bury them beneath a mountain of my stunning words, to the point where their usual motivation becomes hesitancy, to prove that I’m just a cut above. Mary, you’re wasting your time, wasting your breath, wasting precious oxygen, wasting the few brain cells that keep you functioning, focused on something that is undeniably a reality. People like you always do this. Your kind - the bottomfeeders of this company - still zero in on trying to disprove something you have no reasonable ability to disprove. You attempt to influence perception, in a life - in an existence - where influencing anything, let alone perception, is a rarity. Some things in this world are set and can’t be changed. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The rich only get richer, the poor only get poorer. It takes the same amount of time for us to circle the sun. And Hikari Kanno can’t be pulled down from her great heights by people less than her. So why try? Why convince yourself of this pathetic delusion that you can drag me down from my high rungs on the verge of reaching the apex to your measly level of competition? It’s not going to happen, no matter how much you try to will it into existence. It’s not going to happen, no matter how much you convince yourself that you’ve done just that. The sooner you learn to recognise the battles worth fighting, the sooner you might stop having to be reliant on other people to keep yourself relevant in this company. Everyone LOVES to talk themselves up and talk up the very idea of challenging someone like me to the point where they can manipulate and dictate outcomes. I admire that to a degree although when you watch the uninspired dickheads of this company repeat themselves despite….well…nonexistent evidence of being capable of it at all, it becomes an ordeal to handle. You’re on the path to becoming no different. Someone who will NEVER reach a point in their careers where they can say they’ve lived up to the promises they made more than failed to deliver them. And it’s dumb ideals like this. Idiotic dreams of thinking that you are capable of bringing me down that only makes everyone else you face point and laugh. I get the desire though. As much as we love to cover up our feelings and our true thoughts and desires towards others, the façade eventually crumbles to reveal the truth. Everyone I have ever faced has had the desire to bring me down. Everyone that I have ever faced has had the intention of trying to put me in a certain place. Whether they were nobodies, whether they were the likes of you and Ryan Wilson, or whether they were reigning, previous or future World Champions they all had that same intention.

Therefore, perhaps I have some responsibility when it comes to how people always have those grand dreams of defeating me. I’ve convinced the masses in a short time that I’m worth defeating, that I’m worth humbling and only those who are right in their convictions, only those who are right in their words, reach such a status.

But responsible for this? For the reasons you hold so dear to your heart? The fuel that burns your fire to take me down?

Is none of mine.

Saying I’m responsible for this is ridiculous. You and your friend fucking BULLIED Miku. What? Did she say something that hurt your fee-fees 🥺? Did she say something that made you feel sad 🥺? You harassed her and then fucking ASSAULTED here all because she handled her business in a way that you didn’t like and you want to say that I’M responsible for this? Please. You shouldn’t be spending your time cutting these dirt promos or even having this match, you should be apologising to your partner, asking for her forgiveness for pushing her down a path that led to her unfortunate injuries. YOU are at fault here. YOU are the one to blame. YOU are responsible for all of this - her injury and what’s coming to you, hun - because YOU couldn’t handle your fucking shit against Miku. YOU couldn’t act like a fuckin adult and move on from taking that big ole L against her. She kicked your ass and an immature dumb cunt like yourself couldn’t cope with it. See how we got here? See how this all tracks back to you just not being able to move on? It’s a big ass company, Mary. It’s a big ass world where you don’t have to deal with someone if you don’t want to. You can avoid them like the plague on your own brand, let alone moving to Dynasty or Showdown! In fact, why couldn’t you have done that so nobody on Voltage would have to be subjected to this dribble? Sigh. This victim complex is starting to get extremely tiring. It’s incredibly immature to stand there and act like two weeks ago was the lone reason for us reaching this point. It’s pathetic to think that you’re entitled to pander to the masses as some poor victim who is having to combat the incredible force of IDOL-GUN with the heartfelt plea of doing it for your friend who fell victim. NEWS FLASH, SHE GOT EVERYTHING SHE FUCKIN DESERVED. And if you don’t have it in you to come to terms with the reality that you, more than anyone else, are at fault for the situations you find yourself in then enjoy spending the rest of your days being the fodder dished up to new Champions to stat pad their reign nice and early because the best it’s ever going to get for you are the two brief moments where people remember that you exist. You can’t always be the victim, Mary. You can’t always be poor, sweet, innocent Mary S. Atlas who found herself being bullied by the mean and vicious bad guy. That story inevitably dries up and everyone begins to realise what I’m saying right now: we’re actually the good guys. I’M actually the good guy in this story. I came back MONTHS ahead of schedule. I came back when doctors were like “OMGAWD NOOO HIKARI U CAN’T DO THAT” with their NPC like face streaming with tears. I came back, unknown if my knee was about to explode again and reset the counter back to nine months. I DID IT ALL IN THE NICK OF TIME SAVING MY BEST FRIEND FROM THE CLUTCHES OF TWO CUNTS WHO WANTED TO INJURE HER! How am I the bad person here? How am I supposed to be the one these people boo? I did nothing but see my best friend get jumped by two cowards, who HAD to use their numbers advantage to bring down a fucking GOAT like her and so I did what any incredible, loyal BFF would do. I put HER health before MY health and made sure that SHE wasn’t going to be injured by two sad, pathetic lowlifes.

Cope better, Mary.

Stop passing the blame for your own shortcomings and Trashecca’s injury onto everyone else. Stop thinking that just because you say good things, because you think you’re a kind-hearted person who says and does the right thing, that you are beyond being responsible for situations like this. That it’s impossible to label you responsible, label you as the person who did wrong here. As the bad guy in any situation. You don’t get a free pass through this world just because you choose to denote yourself as one thing or another, nor because you walk up and down that aisle greeting fans. I’ll give you a nice bit of history: one of the biggest cunts this company has ever seen, someone who did some truly awful shit still called himself a hero and managed to convince the crowd he was one.

The difference between you and him is that he never hung around whimpering like a fucking victim.

Enjoy your attempt at seizing ‘revenge’, Mary “The Bad Guy” S. Atlas.

I hope I never see your face again.


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