MATCH PROMO The Catalyst Of Change ( Dynasty vs. Sally ) #001

Rory Slate

Better than your favorite and the best.

SLATE: I’m going to take this time to really talk about how things went at House of Glass because I seemed to just gloss over it all. I’ve never been the type to handle loss well because who likes to lose? Nobody does, some view it as a chance to improve and others see it as yourself being below others. Now when I lost that match and when I specifically got pinned, I didn’t really mind it all. We all went through a difficult and challenging match, there could only be one winner and I will admit this, I didn’t expect Bea Valentine to walk out as the winner of that one. Why? Because I have ALSO faced somebody with a big name and I’ve come up short. When I lost that, at first, I thought it was plain cold bias but I told myself that I lost fair and square. Bea proved that. She went against all odds and she managed to win that championship. I was the final hurdle that was blocking her way and she managed to pass me. She BEAT the most dominant champion at that stage and not only did that make me doubt my skill, it revealed another side of me, a small pinch of jealousy was added to the mixture. That same little part of me thought that I didn’t have what it took to be here anymore and for a while, that little part of me was right. I fell off, I slacked, I stopped doing videos and I stopped trying. I lost what I had and I lost myself. I want to get back what I had and the only way that I can possibly do that is by being as hungry and as competitive as I possibly can to climb the ranks. Who wouldn’t? This is the professional wrestling game, after all. People would do anything just to get on the front cover of a magazine, they’d do anything to have their name in the limelight and they’d do anything to say that they have held gold in their hands. Success here can be achieved by anyone, but it’s only a matter of how it’s achieved, some people could go for the same route and others? Not so much. I’ve been trying to put my agenda out for a while, whether that was challenging Ms. Extreme or asking for a challenge for Territorial Invasion but I think the biggest challenge that I have faced is trying to get over this ONE loss. I don’t know but it did something to me, maybe if I had put just a tiny bit more of effort into it then I would’ve actually gotten somewhere. Maybe if I didn’t win that one opportunity match then I would be at a better spot. It doesn’t matter though, it’s the past and now I have got to focus on the present and the future. The future surprisingly holds Sally in it, weird, I know but I’m not judging.

Let’s kick things off with the obvious. You’re not the first “crazy” bitch that I’ve faced and you certainly wouldn’t be the first one that I’ve put down.

You say I’m not a challenge, would’ve meant a hell of a lot more if you didn’t have so many matches against people who have a better spot on the future endeavour list than on any damn roster here. I’ve heard about you Sally, I’ve seen the things that you’ve been able to do, you talk big game for somebody who has done little. Like I said, I’ve heard about you but I haven’t seen any of your matches or your promos on TV, so I’m just speaking on what I can take from this video alone. Sally, you do understand that if I had the choice to face anyone else, it wouldn’t be you, right? Facing you was not on my bingo card, never was and it most likely never would have been but here we are. You got your little crowbar that you call Mike and you say that you’ve also got a Mike that you can play, yes, because the Mike that I play with is also called Mic, short for microphone. You put it to your mouth and you speak to it, good stuff. Let’s get this whole LILITH thing out of the way, she sounds like a robot and I’ve seen her style copy and pasted before, over and over, kind of like your crazy girl thing, Sally. Yeah, I can verbally assault people, it’s my pleasure but it isn’t exactly my thing. I can do other shit too, I can actually wrestle. The reason why I say the things that I say is because USUALLY when I speak, I back it up. I speak when I know that I can win. You’ve been high on facing me, I know that because fact that you’ve mentioned my name already quite a bit when I have barely muttered yours, not sure whether because you’re following the hate on Rory club or whether it’s because you’re a fan but if I’m being honest here, I couldn’t care less. Beating Mia is a thing that I’ve already done which you have acknowledged, you see yourself as a real threat and it’s nice. Glad to see that you have so much confidence just oozing out of you, you can say that you’ll beat me down and you can try to crack me down and bash my head in…whatever, I’ve already bled my own blood in a EAW ring, against Ms. Extreme, this is nothing new but this is also a normal match which means no matter how many times you want to do that shit to me, it can’t even occur. Have you ever taken the time to look upon your little “career downfall”, facing off against Kassidy is a great achievement, I’m jealous that you got there before me but you got consider this, feeling bad for yourself is not something you should be doing, everyone looks good in their own eyes but when you step in the ring with superstars, you start to realise that you suck and Sally, you both suck and swallow, sweetheart.

I’m nothing to you, quite frankly, let’s hope things stay that way. I’m not going to waste my time and bother with the whole free agency jokes because I’m guessing that you get that a lot and you’ve proven yourself to be beyond that, so I’ve heard. I’m proud of you for that, but when you go ahead to flaunt your win against those like LILITH, it just throws all of that effort out of the window. A loss to me isn’t quite the same as a loss to you. If I lose to you, I’m still going to head into that Specialists Chamber match as fresh and as ready as I can be, you just tend to over-dramatize things because you think I’m the same bitch as Santoro. I’ll take the loss and move on, I’ll most likely hit ten times harder when it comes to that chamber match. If you lose to me, however, it would probably be followed by you bitching and moaning and whining and bitching and whingeing and bitching and also probably you leaning into the more crazed act. Fingers crossed that you do lose though, it will make that same act more believable than looking like a draft of a character from a shitty children’s school theatre production. You think what you’re doing and who you are is original? I’ve seen and read the same shit all over again, you think I’m afraid of getting my hands dirty? Done it before and I’ll do it again, most people who stand around in the EAW locker room are here for blood. Even if you do try and crack my head open, I’ll probably just get right back up and beat the living shit out of you. I’ve seen the same rib of your character, won’t be surprised if I’ve seen it here already, what you’re playing here is a game of luck, recycling the same game and crossing your fingers hoping that nothing goes wrong and you’ve managed to last this long but I can assure you that good things don’t last forever and you’ll be removed, kicked, thrown out of here like the rest of your circus friends.

You’re right, I did change. I still skateboard from time to time, I’m just not open about it. I’d still rather be that childish go lucky skater than put on my mother’s makeup and act like Pennywise. I appear to be some type of skater girl who has gone rogue and well done, you want extra points for observation? That’s what most people thought about me when I first arrived, you aren’t special and it’s funny to me because as soon as I began to prove myself, they began to think of me otherwise. My gimmick isn’t being somebody who else walks around saying whatever they want, my gimmick is simply me being me and speaking the truth, the truth hurts. What you see is what you get, I’m not backing down from a fight against you, never thought of that and I never would’ve done that to myself because then I’d look like an idiot in contrast to the real one. You’re a hardcore specialist and I used to be one myself, I actually faced a TRUE hardcore specialist here, like I’ve mentioned before Camille. Sure, I didn’t leave that match as the victor, you can go ahead and make fun of that aspect all you want but at least I got to step in the ring against not one but two people who mean something in EAW history, I could say more but they all floated out of my head. I grew away from the weapons, I wanted to become my own thing because most women here say that they specialize in hardcore matches, why? Either because it goes well with their “unhinged” corny gimmick or they’re too afraid of a fair fight. Over my break away from all the extreme fights, I’ve come to learn the truth. Sure, the visual of you bleeding, standing victorious with a weapon in your hand is an amazing experience but at the end of the night, you used weapons, you didn’t do the damage yourself. It can make you look like somebody to look out for but without the weapons, what exactly does that make you? It doesn’t make you into a threatening figure, it makes you look like a pussy. You think I fear you when it comes to all this hardcore shit? That was my past, you hit Korey Gaines with a sledgehammer hard? Awww, good for you, I beat him one on one, no weapons but fists and moves because I didn’t need all of that and I didn’t have to use them. Sure, if things were part of No DQ rules, then I wouldn’t blame you for getting your hands on a weapon, it’s the smartest strategy of them all, injuring your opponent can also keep them on watch but the thing is, if you talk about how HARDCORE you are during a normal match?

That shit doesn’t matter unless your real intentions are seeking through.

By real intentions, I mean, you cheating to get the win because you’re worthless as it is, already.

Nobody has got true dirt on me, the only thing that they can say about me is how I’m dating Michael and how he’s champ and I’m not. It doesn’t quite piss me off, why? Because I’m proud of him and because I’m getting used to it being in the conversation of the people, CONSTANTLY. The same people who act as if I began dating him AFTER he had won the championship, I’m not here to talk about Machina, neither is this a therapy session so you don’t have to tell me about the things that LILITH said to you, I literally do not care. You’re right about my dreams, I have plenty. I’ll give you two of them.

I have a dream, that on Friday Night, I’ll be able to shut you the fuck up by knocking your teeth down your throat.

I have a dream, that after your inevitable loss at Road To Redemption, you get released or potentially dropped into catering.

I knew as soon as you started going back to what LILITH had said to you, that this was all a bad idea. You’re the type of person who sticks with a person’s insult no matter how silly it is, it drives you to the point of insanity, when it comes to me…some are stupid and others are really good but I mostly just push that shit off and send one back at them. I’m going to keep it real with you, you beat somebody who couldn’t even wrestle a kindergartener, somebody who would just get thrashed and beaten upon. That still kind of makes you a NOBODY after you faced a NOBODY but I guess that ONE match with Kassidy has evened things out. You “breaked” her teeth, mine would not be broken. People didn’t “read” the show, no we just don’t watch whenever you show up, are you getting the logic here? You have nothing to lose, I’ve heard the same shit over and over, that’s what YOU think. You think that you have nothing to lose but everybody truly thinks that in their own mind, it’s like how you’re the main character of your own story because it is YOUR own story.

I stand a chance, hell, I have more of a chance of winning this thing than you do.

You surround yourself with people who will cheer you on no matter what you do, no matter what you say. I didn’t start off like that, no, no, no. As soon as I stepped foot in this company, I was hated on, spoken down upon. Has anything changed? Not at all, people still continue to have my name in their mouths even when I’m not doing anything. But you want to know what changed? I gained the respect from others, I don’t even need it but it means quite a lot to me. Your achievements mean nothing to me, you can take a flying fuck at a rolling donut for all I care.

If you’re nothing, then how come you keep beating opponents? Didn’t know if you caught this already, but that’s how the game works, you post your videos…you get insulted, you win or lose and then you move on. YOU BEAT LILITH but you’re embracing your inner Delilah Rose, never letting shit down even when you beat somebody who was talking trash but still wasn’t at their best. This is a whole warning about what’s going to happen at RTR, not only am I going to make you look like an idiot and eat your words but I’m also going to make you my bottom feeder, my bitch. I drag you along with a chain, like I’ve already mentioned; everybody is the main character of their own story. At Road To Redemption, my story will be put on display, I’ll be the protagonist whilst the rest of you are just backup characters, like it should be. Then it would just be me and Bea.

You can continue to mention all the things that you’ll do to me, the same thing that people have heard already. I don’t believe you and I won’t believe you, not sure whether you heard but the Specialists Championship never had your name on it, it was always owned to me ever since Valentine put her dirty grubby hands on it. I took my chances for granted and right now, I feel as if I CAN beat you but at the same time, I also feel as if I’ve made a mistake. I'll follow up. Whatever your little fantasies are, they’re not going to cut on me and you’re not going to lay them on me. I’ll hit you ten times harder than you’d hit me, I will knock you down and I’ll spit in your face and you’ll like it. Your destiny has already been fulfilled and your fate has been sealed. I think the side that doesn’t have the name “Sally” involved, has a pretty good chance of winning this whole thing.

I want your “fans” to look back upon this moment as a career downfall, one that I handed to you, I’ll make sure that you are never the same and I’ll make you suffer. But don’t worry, I will personally make sure that you make it to RTR just so I can shit on your career and wipe my ass with the remains.

I am the catalyst of change, whereas you’re just shitty little Sally from shitty little Death Valley.



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