MATCH PROMO The game of seven errors - (Voltage #1)


A Delicious Danger

When I was a child I loved the "Game of Seven Errors", it's very simple. There are two ALMOST identical pictures and you have to see the slightest differences, the mistakes, mark them. At the end of the seven mistakes, you've found them all and seen that the images really aren't the same as they seem. A profound example of this is that I continue to be elevated in this business, I crawl along the walls at night, with my eyes fixed on the smallest opportunities, laughing and sighing heavily over the living carcasses that stagger here and there, they feel my hot breath on their skins, and they can really see that as much as we have several factors in common, we are not exact. When I lick my lips in pleasure, I pierce the tip of my tongue with my sharp canines, do you really think any other elitist does that? ... Recently I had my match for the Universal Women's Championship, against the good ol' Kassy. Apparently, being a rookie and unpredictable didn't save me from getting beaten by her, which was clearly out of desperation, as she had to bite me to win, yeah, it seems that everyone wants a piece of me, even the big names, so much so that Minerva didn't even hold back to give me a chance. I'm in the same "New Breeds" box as a lot of others here, but that's not why we're alike.

Note that to this day, Mia Santoro hasn't gotten over the fact that I won the Wicked Games, she hasn't gotten over the fact that I came out as the winner and I ALREADY WORE MY SPOT! She keeps saying it was luck, that I didn't deserve it, that she deserved it and not me, that I just had a blessed moment. BITCH, WHAT WORLD ARE YOU IN? NEVER ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH WOULD THIS RESULT BE DIFFERENT. Lucky or not, I WON, I proved that lucky or not, I AM BETTER THAN YOU. I faced Kassidy Heart tooth and nail, I managed to make several pinfalls, break pinfalls, which you would NEVER be able to do, swallow that! And that's why you're in the position you are now, Mia. Just because you've found a cute guy to do some MONEYSHOTS on you from time to time backstage means you've got something over me or better than me. Hell girl, do you wonder why I haven't done anything about my crush until today? All this, Mia, is something you're going to have to swallow, accept and deal with! I don't deny it, Mia, I too would like to have a partner by my side to console me about all my mediocrity and lack of success, to give me a cuddle and sink his face into my breasts to make me feel better, eventually call me on a date BUT I DON'T NEED THAT!!!! And if I wanted to find a guy like you, to lift my spirits, because I'm incapable of doing it on my own, I COULD! JUST LIKE I MANAGED THE WICKED GAMES AND TO BE PART OF ONE OF THE MANY MAIN EVENTS IN THE VOLTAGE THAT ARE IN STORE FOR MY CAREER. And what do you do? You deliver a lousy soap opera to those who watch it or work with you, honey, the empty brain women in wrestling fad is over, you can quit this gimmick. And honestly? I could do everything you're doing, only better. As Wicked Games, so you love to mention everyday, maked clear.

I won the Wicked Games, I won the Clusterfuck Match, I won the spot for the Universal Women's Championship... And this time will be no different, you dumbass motherFFFFFUCKERRRRR! I'm going to win this
Specialists Championship qualifier, unfortunately it's not against you, Mia, who won't take my name out of your mouth like it's a limp dick, it's against someone I've already met, LILITH. And it's through her that I'm going to CONTINUE what I'm doing. I, with the supposed luck you claim, have come further than you with all this "talent" of yours. Doesn't that make you feel SO SMALL AND NOT IMPORTANT? I shouldn't even be talking to you, bitch. But it just goes to prove that the more I say things will happen, they really do. Bethany Blue stood up to me, said all that shit about me, made me really think hard about where I was going with my career, now she's having a bunch of seizures. Sally this, Sally that, SALLY IS! What I said about it being an individual experience for everyone still stands, and it's WONDERFUL how nothing has hit back yet. And that's that.

Be as conformist as LILITH is, Mia, don't you see? After she lost to me, she didn't touch my name anymore to moan about it. What did she do? She swallowed what happened to her, she knows she lost to me, and this time it won't be any different, LILITH will once again meet the CHAOS CLIPPER, who will go down her throat, pull out her tongue and make her mute AGAIN, learning that she should never have stopped being just a lousy, stupid mute girl who likes a basic gore video and thinks she's different because of it. She's not even special, posting bikini pictures on social media as just another piece of meat converted into wet dreams. I couldn't care LESS for an opponent than one I've had something with in the past, one I actually know how to speak, move and the like. In the end, when all the stalking is complete, the lights in the arena will go out like a power blackout and when they come back on I'll no longer be a victorious body over a fainting loser, I'll go in, I'll WIN, and I'll come out. Your inability is making you do everything I did in the past, which is to lose to people who aren't worthy of even a little attention. AIRI? Cody and the other girl who I don't even remember the name? ... Sally? ... All these names have beaten you, they proved their skills, they proved they're bigger, better, stronger, beaten this mediocre style of yours that is just a RIP-OFF of anything else merely better that you do. As far as being the spooky girl, bitch, that's my job. It always has been. But now, the job of being just a stupidy poopty spooky gal IS YOURS, because I'm no longer spooky and scary... I'M TERRIFYING. I'M THE WOMAN WHO YOU CAN ONLY BEAT IF YOU APPEAL TO FEW BITES ON MY SKIN BECAUSE JUST A SUBMISSION WILL NOT STOP ME HHEHAHAHEHAHAHA... OOOOHHHH... Hell I LOVED THAT, Kassidy really pulled my biggest kinky up! As expected from a legend Hall of Famer.

By the way, spooky girl? That's what these people always have to say about me, tsc tsc tsc... Don't you think there's something really curious about me? None of my information is true, exposed on the internet. Why would I go to such lengths for it if it was just a piece of paper? That's what I said about you the last time we faced each other, I said that you're just a fraud who's a character, just like an actress, and I realized that even more SO! And now me? Why would I go that far if it wasn't true? Ah LILITH, you're just a BITCH! You're going to be slaughtered by me once again, but as bad luck would have it, you've got me in a horrible mood for the failure against Kassidy and I'm going to do the same thing to you that I did to that colored girl who REMEMBERED what I looked like. This time I'm going to open your mouth on the steel stairs and give you a CURB STOMP on the head in the King Style! THE REST WILL JUST BE A TRAGEDY OPERA. Your words will never be worthy of proving anything because they are mere bedtime stories, camp stories for a church camp, you are a fraud who appeals to people to buy tickets because someone in this world must find your fake Jenna Ortega face attractive. But now I understand what it's like to have people come just to see YOU, only now I don't care about this imbecility, I just want you to see what you will become, A NOTHING. I don't care about the audience, I don't care about tickets, I don't care about posters, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S ON BEA'S BONE. And it won't be you, some stupid creature who will make me take a few steps back and say "wow chill", it won't be Kasai with his promises of a nurse technician, NOR EVEN MILLI, WHO ALREADY HAD THE TITLE. For you to be considered something I should fear, you should first have considered standing in the ring.

I beat you once, what's stopping me from beating you again since nothing has changed about your small mindset, nothing has changed since your pathetic outlook on the situation around you, nothing has changed. I WASN'T EVEN AFRAID OF THE CANNIBAL WOMAN ON THE ROSTER, AM I GOING TO BE AFRAID OF A GIRL WHO WATCHES SNUFF MOVIES AND SHARES FAKE GORE ON DISCORD SERVERS? FUCK OFF BITCH! You want to be the best by making the efforts of a person who started at wrestling school yesterday, THIS IS EAW, ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING, as you said a while ago, there's only the ELITE here! And that's why this isn't the place for you, I'm not going to be your teacher once again, teaching you how to take a few light bumps, which I gave you and were necessary to make that MINUSCLE body of yours succumb as if it were being electrocuted. This time I'm going to annihilate any future or current opportunity you have to have a moment of glory and fulfill your life goals before you simply die. You're not a demon, you're not the devil, because I know them very well and they're not CHOMICAL AMEBAS like you are. I gave them my soul and they gave me what I am today, the pale skin, the deep healed cuts on my thighs like phrases, this is all the fruit of surrender! A surrender that I would never make a creature as small as you. I AM A SPECIALIST, the area? In pain, in blood, in agony, in torture, in resistence. Things that YOU promised me you'd deliver too, but you've only given me DISGUST AND DESPISE! That's why I say you shouldn't expect anything from anyone, because they're miserable failures, but I always deliver what I say, one day or another, my word becomes truth.

LILITH, you're a fucking pile of SCHEISSE, before you look for competition, BE at least decent competition for someone here, because at the rate you're going, you're not even worthy of a pay-per-view kick-off. You may have faced your demons and dark times in your life before, but you can bet that none of those moments prepared you for what I'm going to do to you, this time, it's going to be A THOUSAND TIMES WORSE, I'm not going to spare you a second, I'm not going to let you catch your breath, I'm going to massacre all your hopes that yes, you do have, no matter how much you have this depressing view of everything around you. Your desires are traces that you still have humanity inside you, something that a creature from the darkness and a lover of existing agony would NEVER have, that's why I don't have hopes, I have things to do. I am the creature without humanity, defeating you and becoming champion is not a hope, it is a goal, it is something I WILL DO because it is MY DUTY. My job as the elite here. A red clown nose is on its way to make up your face, when I break it by hitting it on the turnbuckle repeatedly, and a very red lipstick too, when I pull out your teeth and make up my jewelry. I wasn't able to remove Kassidy Heart's teeth, so that she would become an unrecognizable body without dental arches, but you... I guarantee that this will be completed. I WANT. MY. THEET. EARRINGS. NOW!

As you said yourself last week against Airi, in other words, very fresh words from you: "My goals are simple. I want to be the best by all means, and the moment I decide to retire from this profession and hang it up, that will be the case. This is not a prediction, it's not an opinion, it's not a spoiler, it's an undeniable fact. And if for one second you are fooled by my current metrics, then that ignorance falls on you and you alone." What I said, Lilith, is again a spoiler. But it's not so much of a spoiler if even the trailers tell you the outcome, is it? Our match is like watching Dragon Ball. This time the name of the episode isn't "Freeza dies", but "LILITH dies". How could that be any less obvious? The game of seven wrongs, when I was a kid, was my favorite game, similar images in some respects. When you look closely, you notice the elements that make them differ, and that's how you know which is the picture with the mistakes and which is the correct one. We have points in common, but it's through me that people see your mistakes, of which there are obviously more than seven. Move your pathetic ass from posting mediocrity on social media and fucking DO SOMETHING to get out of this shit you're in. Say what you want about me, LILITH, you just can't say that I've gotten worse, because the results are there, and soon you'll have another one so that this argument is even less validated.

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