MATCH PROMO The man who saved the New Breed.


New Breed Champion
in a galaxy far, far away
You're only a champion for the night you win. You only get to enjoy when you win it, and the day after. And then it's right back to work.

Pain For Pride was a war that will be written in stone, a story that will be told forever. A man walked into that match facing a roaring beast. A vicious dragon, one that was starving and killing the New Breed. One that kept the village from eating, and thriving. But the man used his will, his morals, his prayers. And he slayed that dragon, and he freed that village. He found that rage within, that he was missing all along, and he used it to kill the dragon. And when the man returned to said village, he looked at those starving villagers and he said;

The New Breed Of Legend is dead.

He killed him.

Was it overly cinematic? Or was it just two men fighting until their last breath was displayed? The best match of my life, I don't know if it'll ever be topped. I'll put Michael Machina over in saying this, he tried. He gave it his all, but there was one man who could do it. There was one man who could cut him free. Depending on how that draft goes, he may be hoisting one of EAW's many World Championships in the air in no time. But me? I am going to be the greatest New Breed Champion of all time. I have finally achieved the status that I had been looking for, that I had been waiting on, that I had been hoping for. Going back 9 months ago to my debut, sometimes I felt like I was on top of the world, with every ounce of optimism. And sometimes I felt like all hope was lost. But it was all for something, it was all for the New Breed Championship. I hold it in my hands, an honor higher than ever. I am the best New Breed alive on planet earth, I could hang my hat on that mountain, knowing that I have carved a legend in my career, one that can't be taken away, with what I accomplished at Pain For Pride. But that would be the lousy and unethical way. It felt amazing to become champion, but my job is far from done. There is no rest for me, I take this title draped around my waist, and I turn it into the greatest championship reign that it possibly can be under my potential. I welcome any New Breed that wants to step up, we're going to give the best quality and plausible matches that one can. These are going to be contested wars that come down to the last beat. Now that Michael Machina is gone, the rain has cleared, but don't act as if I remain on this island of cluelessness. The New Breed Championship is in safe hands, I am not scared of the responsibility, I am going to have a game changer. And I am going to continue to establish what the barrier is between the other championships in EAW and MY New Breed Championship. It feels so amazing to say, I knew for a fact the second I became champion would feel so rewarding, because it shouldn't be a shock. I knew from the start all I needed was that window. If things were to go my way. It took 3 red deaths, it took everything I had. But I knew that. I might have had the most psychical battle at Pain For Pride. So let this be a testament for me, let this be a showcase. I am going to dominate at the EAW Draft.

But I am not the only one who had a great night at Pain For Pride.

Let's look at the woman who has been champion and remained champion at Pain For Pride, in KASAI. You dug deep into your bag of tricks and pulled out a miraculous victory as Specialists Champion. You ended the reign of Bea Valentine and destroyed her spirit. But not only have you done that, but you have followed up nicely. Being able to say you walked into Pain For Pride and remained as a champion is a rare but amazing occurrence. Many champions were defeated that night, but not you. However – This is the time for you to get defeated. I know that you are an emotional competitor, so in a way this is all real to you. As much as it is for me! But I recognize how you probably felt last season in EAW. You look at the draft from last year, your name kind of just got called, and that was it! But this go around is a lot different, you're champion. You are going to be a high selection, you are going to take that title to whatever brand you're on, and you are going to flourish regardless of circumstances. But draft night is going to be a bittersweet one for you, it's going to be this remembrance of how far you have come. From being at the lowest of lows, to soon hanging at the highest level of being a champion. You are going to get drafted to one of these brands, and you are going to feel spectacular about it. All your hard work and efforts are going to be committed, but draft night is going to be funny. Your name gets called, you leave with the title, but something is still lacking. That is a defeat at my hands. I respect what you have accomplished for the most part – You have dug deep into your arsenal and pulled through when needed. You have been on fire since becoming champion, but now that fire meets a raging fire. A champion that was born and forged in the relics of Pain For Pride. One that will make sure his championship is seen at the highest and most undisputed level. I have a lot of shoes to fill, but winning in this match alone can help me a lot. At the end of the day, I proved I could defeat Michael, I proved that I could answer the call when my number was shouted upon. But I haven't shown that consistency, but it wasn't one good night. It was never just one good night, I have to get wins on major events like Draft Night. My first marquee win coming at Pain For Pride was poetic and symbolic, but it isn't going to be my only. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that MY New Breed Championship prevails over the Specialists Championship. And you can really only commit to what you want, you can believe what you would like – But you could phone it in for the rest of your run, KASAI. And no one would notice, and it would still be great for you. I am following up the longest reigning New Breed Champion ever. I have no other choice but to compete like my life depends on it. I can't afford a slip up, and this match is one of those matches where a man can fall on his face. I am going to take you to those deep waters, and truly grant you the challenge. I can commend you for what you have done, but upon that I can only condemn you for what happens next. But then again, it truly won't matter past that. I will move onto bigger and better things, you will as well. We may get drafted to the same show, maybe different who the hell knows. But I do know that I am going to show the worth of what this championship is. And I am not going to give any other champion an advantage or word over me. I am walking the path now as New Breed Champion, and I have no other choice but to fight. It's not that different from before, but more expectation is pinned on me. More belief is pressed against me, I cannot fail. Because I know what limited opportunity is. But I also can't start some sort of belief in others that it was “right place, right time.” It was nothing more than destiny. KASAI, how you elevate your reign will be different from mine. But I do have another focus to tread on — I have lost to the man every single time we have met..

Hans Grayson. This one really is poetry in motion.

I faced Hans Grayson in my 2nd match in EAW. It was when he was New Breed Champion about to embark in a war a week afterwards, one where he would face both Michael Machina and Drake Armstrong. I was still new to EAW, and I remember the words I said quite clearly. I was very braggadocious and pretentious in my approach, thinking that I had maxed out with a win over Taylor Vanity. But I was defeated by Hans Grayson. He went on a week later to lose the New Breed Championship to Michael Machina. But let it not be mistaken, Hans is one of the best roaming the business. He is now a winner of 2 championships at back to back Pain For Prides. He has beaten me twice, but that is why it's poetic. The first time he beat me, I was new to EAW. He was a champion with more knowledge and experience, and he overruled me. The second time, I was exiting the worst defeat of my career at Operation Doomsday. Everytime he and I have faced each other, he has been the victorious one. The New Breed Championship has been present in some beat of the story..

Now I finally beat him in that ring.

I have been vocal about how those losses to him set me, because it has been a humbling feat both times. I remained seeing them as a vicious weak point for me. Having been cleanly swept by Hans Grayson in all of our matches together really does suck. I don't know what happens during the draft, he goes to one show. I go to the other, and I have to wait a year to get that win back if I lose this triple threat. But damn, for selfish reasons and for mandatory reasons, I want to win so badly. I want to get what I feel I need, in a win over Hans Grayson. But also to push the establishment that the New Breed Championship is king of all. I am doing this for BRAE's own selfish reasoning, but it is whispering into my ear, and giving me a tentative purpose. I am going to dig into whatever bag of tricks I need to secure the consistency and trust of the New Breed Championship. I am not going out here, and I am not celebrating. I lifted it high in victory over the body of Michael Machina, I was pleased to hear the nice words of those who spoke out to me that are present in my life. But I am now the hunted, I am now carrying a legacy that spans from Hall Of Famers - to All Time Greats - to Greatest Of All Time. This is now my story, and I did something Hans Grayson never once could

I defeated Michael Machina.

You beat him, I defeated him.

I pinned his shoulders to the mat for the three, and my offense kept him on that ground. It wasn't a miracle and a streak of luck, I prevailed with God given intent. Now this triple threat, I am marching in a motivated man. A man who has been fighting for the sheer enjoyment of it, but now, I have gold around my waist, that I use towards my strive. We all have gold, but I am going to keep pushing further. I am not gonna keep pushing until I collapse from exhaustion. This is going to be the most intense championship run in EAW history. There will be wars about the run that I am going to have, and it all starts with this statement on Draft Night.

I don't give a damn where I go.

As long as there are people who want me dead.

Because I am here to fight.

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