MATCH PROMO The Phantom Menace (Dynasty #1)

Cody Maverick

"Sin City Superstar"
Las Vegas, NV

“You always said the biggest problem in this universe is nobody helps each other.”

“Three weeks ago, BRAE and I had our arms raised up in unison as we reigned victorious over Xander Payne and Ryan Wilson. For most, beating a former world champion, and a former champion in this company – even if said former world champion bailed on the match would be seen as an accomplishment. Not only was it not an accomplishment for myself, but I’m still peeved that I wasn’t there to get the winning fall. BRAE got that shine, even though I got to beat Ryan Wilson two weeks prior. I found it funny that I was forced into a ‘can they co-exist’ situation with BRAE, when I actually came to him quite cordially and respectful! It was a bold and truthful proclamation. BRAE wants to be the next top New Breed when that position belongs to ME. And here we are, looking towards the Iron Survivor match for that New Breed Championship against some of the most promising names this brand has to offer. The champion Michael Machina, Mig De Decker, Rory Slate, myself, and you, BRAE. I have talked up and down about how determined I am to go from ‘nothing’ into ‘something’, and no longer do I have to yell at clouds to get what I want, I earned it and now all I have to do is finish the job. Easier said than done, but how I get there is in my Iron Survivor preview match with you, BRAE.”

“Alright, enough with the exposition dump. BRAE, this is what? Close to a full month in a making? We’ve competed a couple of times since our first encounter and barring when you stuck your nose in my business and cost me my shot at defeating Jake Smith and Bronson Daniels, we’ve been near flawless in everything we’ve done. While you’re packing up bums like Shitsi Tategami, I defeated a FORMER Interwire Champion and talk about how I won it all you want, but the fact of the matter is that I won. The fact of the matter is that off the heels of a victory over Hans Grayson at King Of Elite, I pinned Jay Jerry Johnson’s shoulders to the mat and the referee counted ONE. TWO. THREE. And this Friday, I intend on doing the same thing to you because when it comes to what awaits us, that New Breed Championship, you may think you’re the man for the job but I’m here to tell you now that you’re not that guy pal, trust me, you’re not that guy. I AM. I always have been, and sure I’ve had some bumps in the road to get here but I wouldn’t be the man that I am today without some imperfections. You pride yourself on that, don’t you, though? With your physicality, adrenaline pumping through your veins from the very moment you wake up to the very moment you beat yourself to near unconsciousness with every single match. You are the definition of aggression, and you’ve pushed not just your limits to new highs but even the limits of your opponents. You got here a little bit after me and not only have I watched you gradually showcase your dominance, but you’re almost a different person nowadays. You took on the same people I did, you beat the same people I did.. But you got farther than me. You got farther than me in the Extreme Enigma Memorial Battle Royal, you got farther than me in the King Of Elite, although we lost to the same man.. I am tired of being passed up, and when I saw you talking about your future and what awaited you – I had to step up and get to your face because you may be pretty damn good.. But on the topic of being the best, only one of us can TRULY be great, and I’ll do anything in my power to make sure that it’s you. Because while you’re outlasting people, I’m outsmarting them because at the end of the day it’s not about how many cuts and bruises you leave your opponent with, it’s about how many times you can leave that ring with your arms raised high and your name announced.”

“I’m not looking for trophy kills, because showing off is the fool’s idea of glory and I think you’re a fool if you truly believed anyone was shivering in their boots because you hit your finisher three times on a guy who hasn’t even strung together three wins in this company.”

“I am who I am, but who are you really, BRAE? Those people may love the brand of violence you bring to the ring, but what truly resides in that cold and callous heart of yours? You can’t always get what you want, and you know that. Bring the Red Death, but I’ll tell you now that you’ll have to leave me dead and cold if you think you can continuously hit it on me with no give-back. And bring the Morrigan if you must, the same move that earned us our tag victory – because just like the goddess your people believe in, I am the phantom that will not only haunt your title hopes.. But you will have to stick with the fact that when they talk about the future of this place, they talk about the Sin City Superstar, CODY MAVERICK! It is that burning passion and desire to be everything that I’ve claimed myself to be to bring myself here. They say fake it until you make it, but I’m not faking anything. I’m as real as it gets and when we talk real, it’s who will be here until the very end. It’s about who TRULY lives up to that fight they claim, and I know you’ve got fight, BRAE.. But one day, it’s going to give out on you. You’re going to push yourself to limits that not even you can comprehend, and you’re going to slow down. That ferrari engine is going to give out on you, that horse power is going to lessen, meanwhile I’ve paced myself for not a ten round fight, but a twenty round fight. I’ve called myself one of the most powerful strikers, perhaps the best boxer – but that force you bring is like none other. But just because you bring force doesn’t mean it can’t be contained. These are uncharted waters because for once you find yourself with a guy who refuses to quit much like you do. In my first championship match, I couldn’t fathom the fact that I was thrown in a triple threat instead of getting my full attention on the champion because I thought I DESERVED it, and hell, maybe I did. But in this Iron Survivor match, I have to take on four other people, so I need to be prepared this time. There’s no excuses, and that goes for this match too. Because if I want that win as much as I’m saying it? I need to take your ass down, because I’m very aware of your threat. And the things that you’ve done that I haven’t? It irks me, but if I beat you? Then it wipes all of that away.”

“We all know who had the more impressive week, I’ve already said it. But just like I halted Jay Jerry Johnson’s momentum post-King Of Elite, you could very well do the same to me, but I feel the improvement growing and the confidence beaming. Every week is my best, and that includes this Friday, BRAE. I have been battle tested to take you on because it seems like I’m going in reverse. I’ve taken on some of the most revered names in this company already, and I know what it takes to eventually have my name up there in discussions with them. You love that fight, so I’m going to bring the fight to you! I’m going to swarm you, and I’m going to wear you out. You love to hurt and you love to endure pain, but what goes on in that head is another story. All you see is red, and it wouldn’t be the first time that it’s taken advantage of! I’m putting you on a free game here. I’m giving you the out on your biggest disadvantage because you think just like how you move in that ring, a stubborn bull. This is a free wake up call, because lord knows that you’ll need it after your head gets spiked into that canvas. I’ve given you your flowers so far, and usually I would remain a bit more dignified and respectful but I’m still not over that kendo stick shot to the head. Brush over it as you may, but if I had an opportunity to do the same to you? I wouldn’t just chalk it up to one, but maybe a couple more for your trouble. Because I’m not one to hold grudges, but I DON’T like being embarrassed. I don’t like missing out on big opportunities out of my control! I believe that it’s time I control the controllable, and I can no longer control that loss, but I can control my perception after it by playing your stupid low-temper ass like a puppet, bringing you right in for the coup de grâce. That kill shot is not one I will savor in the moment, but one that I can look back on with great joy because it sets me up for substantial momentum going into Operation: Doomsday. And in many ways, this IS a prelude to doomsday for you, BRAE! Besides the loss to Joso, you’ve picked back up. You’ve redeemed your loss to Mig De Decker, which I still haven’t been afforded the opportunity to do so, you beat some pretty inconsequential people in singles action, and well.. That’s about it!”

“Call this hypocritical all you want, but I’ve already taken down two champions in singles action. Do I believe that one day, BRAE will be one? Of course I do, but I only say that because it’ll only make myself look even better when I beat him this Friday. But let me not count my chickens before they hatch because I know that sour taste of defeat, when the only words coming out of my mouth were victory. But so does BRAE! BRAE has experienced similar struggles as I have, but we’re on similar footing here. We are both fighting tooth and nail for respect, scratching and clawing for recognition.. But I’m so locked in on becoming champion that I need to get this man out of way before we even get to the PPV. I’m so locked in on being the best that I SINGLED OUT BRAE, just to prove a point.. I wasn’t on his radar until now, but this entire time I’ve had my eye locked on the kind of competitor that he’s transformed into – and the kind of competitor that I need to tear down before he gets in my way. Because as The Headliner, you’ve gotta create a spotlight for yourself so your name is emblazoned throughout this brand. So far, I have made out with two Dynasty main events and the more I ascend up the ranks? The more main events I find myself in, and the more main events I WIN. BRAE cost me that, and it hasn’t been forgiven. Because when we encounter a new audience in Mauritania, I hate to break it to you but..”

“There will be no Imperial Symphony started that night, because I am going to break BRAE down.. And while he tries to fight his hardest out, when his veins bulge out and his face turns red.. He’s going to have to endure a different kind of symphony – a Bittersweet Symphony..”

“Because it’s not just going to be bittersweet to take down such a challenging Elitist this early in our runs, but I rest easy knowing that one of Russia’s coldest soldiers couldn’t outmight me. Those eyes may be red, but red will be dripping in between them if you want to take it there. BRAE may think that he is unkillable, but it wouldn’t be the first time I walked into no man’s land and left in tact.”

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but your words will never hurt me. I am stepping up to the plate because I have no reason to wait. The golden ticket is right there in front of me and instead of giving up on the gold rush, I am going to hit that jackpot. It starts with you, and it ends at Operation: Doomsday. I know this won’t be the last time I see you as a thorn in my side – but for my first message to you, for our first match together.. I have something I want you to remember me by. Come Friday, BRAE?”

“Ty mertv.”

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