"The Queen of Shadows" Caroline


The Queen of Shadows
New Breed Champion



🥀 Government Name: Caroline June Weatherby
🕸️ Date of Birth: December 25th, 2002 (19 years old)
🕷️ Wrestling Name: Caroline
🥀 Picture Base: Julia Hart
🕸️ Current Nicknames: "The Queen of Shadows" (primary), “The Black Widow", "The Wilted Rose"
🕷️ Height: 5’3”
🥀 Weight: 109 lbs.
🕸️ Hometown: Paducah, Kentucky
🕷️ Residing: Newark, New Jersey


🥀 Disposition/Alignment: Tweener
🕸️ Gimmick: No longer the happy-go-lucky cheerleader that began her journey in EAW almost a year ago, Caroline is a changed woman. One too many people pushed her limits, tested her drive, and destroyed her sunny disposition. She now sees the wrestling business for what it truly is; a cutthroat world full of egotistical and narcissistic people who will step on anyone to get ahead. She now understands that in order to get ahead, you have to go eye for an eye.
🕷️ Theme Music: 'Complete Collapse' by Sleeping with Sirens
🥀 Special Entrance: Coming soon!

🕸️ Motivations: Caroline's motivations are simple. She wants to be the best possible competitor she can be and she's not going to let anyone stand in her way.
🕷️ Tendency to Cheat: If her opponent constantly takes liberties during the match with cheap shots, she will go eye for an eye.


🥀 Wrestling Debut: 2022
🕸️ Favorite Match Types: It's whatever.
🕷️ Least Favorite Match Types: Ruler's Rules or whatever the fuck that match was that changed everything.
🥀 Favorite Weapon: Barbed wire wrapped spirit stick, but if Caroline is in a situation that calls for a weapon, she’s not opposed to grabbing whatever is handy.
🕸️ Strengths: Caroline’s athleticism, flexibility, and fearlessness are definitely her best attributes. She’s also incredibly smart and is the type of person who learns from her mistakes and becomes better each and every time she’s inside the ring.
🕷️ Weaknesses: Caroline’s only experience comes from the knowledge she gained at the EAW Performance Center. She never trained on the indies and has virtually no experience when it comes to intergender matches and hardcore wrestling matches. It’s not unrealistic to believe she would be nervous when it comes to experiencing something in wrestling for the first time.

Common Moves:

🥀 Springboard variations; uppercut, moonsault, leg drop, flipping leg drop, ect; Carolina loves to use the ropes to her advantage so don’t be afraid to be creative and innovative with this
🕸️ Corner clotheslines and chest chops combination done in rapid succession
🕷️ Asai moonsault done outside the ring
🥀 Standing Spanish Fly; most common variation of the Spanish Fly, but she will do it from the top rope as well, or even to the outside if the situation presents itself
🕸️ Hurricanrana variations: handstanding, top rope, off the apron to the ground, ect.
🕷️ Standing somersault leg drop
🥀 Running cannonball senton to an opponent in the corner
🕸️ Northern Lights Suplex, sometimes rolled through and connected with a double foot stomp
🕷️ ‘In the Shadow Garden’ (round-off, back handspring, back tuck combination followed up by a spinning back fist to an opponent trapped in the corner)
🥀 ‘Little Monster’ (roll up into a jumping splash, followed up by a pin)
🕸️ ‘Wicked’ (backflip DDT)

Signature Moves:

🕷️ 'Vintage Caroline' [x] (split leg-drop into a pin)
🥀 'No Escape' (suicide dive through the ropes connected into a DDT)
🕸️ 'Cold Hearted' (rope-hung Boston Crab aka Tarantula)
🕷️ 'Web of Lies' (Gory Special)
🥀 'Widow Splash' (450 Splash; also if Caroline is in a tag match, she will absolutely use this to break-up a pin because she’s extra)

🕸️ ‘Dark Hallows’ (Shooting Star Knee-Drop; can be done standing, springboard style, top rope, ect; Carolina will land in the middle of her opponents chest, driving the wind out of them)
🕷️ ‘Southern Gothic’ [x] (Moonsault Powerslam; can be used as a surprise finisher as well)

Finishing Moves:

🥀 'A Song of Ice and Fire' [x] (Headlock Driver aka Brain Hemorrhage; Atticus Cogar’s Finisher)
🕸️ ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ [x] (Phoenix Dragonrana)
🕷️ 'Crown of Midnight' [x] (Bridging Inverted Indian Deathlock; due to Caroline’s flexibility, she can bend backwards and grab her opponents head, wrenching their neck back and putting them in unimaginable pain)
🥀 UF. 'Wilted Roses' (Pumphandle release exploder suplex dumping the opponent on their face, usually on top of an object such as a chair, table, anything wrapped in barbed wired, spikes, ect.)

Awards & Accomplishments:

🕸️ EAW New Breed Champion (won 02.04.2023 at King of Elite; -- defenses)
🕷️ Coming Soon!
🥀 Coming Soon!


🕸️ Caroline is the only child born to Elaine and Jimmy Weatherby. Both are teachers and Jimmy coaches high school football.
🕷️ A few years ago when Caroline was a junior in high school, her competitive cheerleading team attended the National Cheerleading Championships down in Orlando, Florida. In the crowd, watching his granddaughter compete, was former EAW talent scout, Jeremy Sikes (we say former, because he was busted as part of wrestling’s #MeToo movement and fired, but that’s another story for another day). His pervy eyes were drawn to Caroline and he made sure to seek her out and talk to her about EAW. Her parents quickly sheltered her from Sikes, but he was able to hand Caroline a business card. She didn’t know what EAW was, but she made sure to YouTube it ASAP!
🥀 After being inspired by the Beating Hearts of Voltage, Caroline just knew she wanted to pursue a wrestling career. However, her parents forbid her from chasing that dream and they insisted she go to college. She earned a full scholarship to the University of Kentucky for cheerleading, but she only lasted one semester. Caroline dropped out, contacted EAW (only to find out Jeremy had been fired), and begged them for a tryout. Surprisingly, Jeremy had turned over all the information he had on her and EAW was aware of who she was and had footage of her cheerleading. They invited her to the Performance Center and the rest is history!
🕸️ At the moment, she is not on the best terms with her parents, but she remains positive they eventually come around.
🕷️ More Coming Soon!


"The Black Rose"
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Sweet Caroline….. bump bump bump…. Good times never seem so good…….
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Hello, welcome to EAW! You will be sorted onto Friday Night Dynasty! The deadline for each show is the night before at 11:59 PM EST. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact @Jake Smith. If you haven't joined the Discord yet, feel free to do so! Have fun and good luck!
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