The Woogieman

The Woogieman

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Basic Information

Wrestling Name: The Woogieman.

Picture Base: The Rock.

Current Nicknames: Woogie, TGH and more.

Height: 6'5.

Weight: 260 Pounds.

My Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida.

My Theme Song: If Ya Smell By Adam Massare.

Character Information: The Confident One and with Lot of Swags into The Building.

Disposition/Alignment: Antihero and Tweener

Gimmick/Motivation: I'm Very Arrogant and Cocky Competitor. I'm also loudmouth for Insulting my Opponents But, Somehow The Audience are still Cheering for Me in Both Ways. They always Listening what I was going to say inside the ring or at The Backstage. Nobody Still Me what to do. I'd do or whatever i want. I do My own way. Becoming The Greatest All time always my Motivation.

Tendency to Cheat: I'd use it as Payback for Stolen something What is mine. Or even Involved The Match for some reason to take a Opportunity away from me.

In- Ring Information:

Wrestling Debut: 2011.

Favorite Match: I quit Match, Last Man Standing Match and Ladder Match.

In- Ring- Achievements: Numerous of Championships. Money in the bank more than once.

Common Moves:

Belly to Belly Suplex

Float- over- DDT.

Jumping Clotheline

German Suplex

Samoan Drop.

Fisherman Suplex.

Flowing Snap DDT with Kip Up.

Running Swinging Neckbreaker

Running Thrust Lariat

Mr Perfect Suplex Pin.



Angle slam.

Falling Inverted DDT

Signature Moves:

The Sharpshooter.

The Spear.
The Tombstone

Finishing Moves:

The Spinebuster with The People Elbow.

The Bottom.

Lifting DDT/Brain Buster.
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