MATCH PROMO Thin Skinned

Jay Jerry Johnson

The Artist
Bridgeport, Connecticut
First thing I want to say?

Same question that has been wandering around my mind for a while any I opened this camera up. What should be my initial message? Am I on the road to glory, or have my numerous defeats eroded my thoughts and expressions bit by bit? What should be my opening statement? It's like being asked in an economics class when you see this color, what are the first products that come to mind representing those colors. Not comprehension but more like feeling overwhelmed. Answers and implications overflow my thoughts as I sit here, curious if there's a crucial detail I might have overlooked. People might find it funny that all this happened solely because of a loss I took to Michael Machina, but it's been happening since the beginning of this year. When I thought my mind was settled, it wasn’t. When I didn’t think my mind was settled, it was. My mind probably doesn't work like a human; it's cognitive overload. Hmm, this is interesting. Am I really washed? That’s what happened last night when I threw myself onto my sofa and looked up at my ceiling, imagining myself sitting in the front row of the crowd with a bucket of buttery popcorn, watching those old matches play out. I watched myself processing through 2024 and how I’ve been doing so far. Now, I don’t even know if the Grand Rampage could be at my level at this point, even though I acquiesce to no matter what my confidence’s rallying motto is. For some reason, I find this sport getting a little more monotonous sometimes. Entirely? No, just a small part of me that wants to throw my career away sometimes. My peers hearing this would be utterly appalled by how someone dedicated to a never-say-die attitude dares to utter such sentiments. It's not the first time I've contemplated this; I've been mulling it over since the middle of my time in EAW. Maybe EAW wasn’t for me til the next day I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel like that then I went back to sleep… woke up in the morning again, I thought that I wanted to dedicate my life to EAW. It’s probably just me and my sleep deprivation, but that's typical for someone who has been upholding a diligent work ethic throughout their whole life. I took a seat to look back on my thoughts and everything I've been through with Michael Machina, Bronson Danielson, Hans Grayson, Joso, Drake Armstrong, Cody Maverick - every single one of my opponents I've got along so far. I found out there have been so many changes going back and forth that, at this point, I might not be able to find my true identity. I probably didn’t get enough sleep. My approach has been veering off course. My focus isn’t even stable. Discombobulation should be a word for it. There have just been a lot of shifts in me lately but I'm going to work on it to maintain because wouldn't it be detrimental for someone, particularly myself, to have that as my chronic affliction?

AIRI Evergarden, that’s your name, right? I have heard of you before, so that might tell me that you are quite famous since the inception of your career. I gave your history a scrutinizing inspection, but that doesn’t easily summarize my pretext to not care. I do care, but it's just not enough for me to invest deeply in someone who chooses to live a socially detached life. I don’t know what’s wrong or what’s up with you, but it’s better to keep it up until you find solace in your career. When I see how you've been treating yourself, I can tell these losses have a profound effect on you. It’s pathetic to succumb to the belief that desperation equals victory. A lot of foes of mine from the past share the same desperation as yourself... but you'd be surprised to know the fate that befell most of those who think like you. All deemed to fail when they fail to recognize the core of their mistake. What I'm driving at is that being desperate isn't inherently negative. Being desperate is a type of fuel that makes you more ambitious and hungrier as a competitor, but what’s bad is that while the concentration mainly for your anger, your concentration dies out on your solution pathway. My problem with you is the same problem I have had with everyone who shoots from the hip. A dangerous thing about yourself is a little knowledge. Act of pretending, this 'trying too hard' rigid demeanor you're stuck in, the elitist rut you can't seem to shake - your limited understanding has been glaringly obvious lately from what I (or anyone who's discussed this with you) have seen. AIRI Evergarden, to me, is another match with Komatsu Ogawa to me. Not that you both are Japanese that let me down, but you both are notorious for sucking so well. No disrespect, but quoting Scott Diamond’s recent words “It is what it is”. It's the ongoing frustration I've faced dealing with people like yourself who resist change and remain oblivious to everything else. People of your kind always place me in a position where my sole purpose is to win so I can move on. Consider it disrespectful if you like, but had you conducted yourself more admirably, disrespect wouldn't even be in question.

A lot of people have been disagreeing with what I’m trying to say lately about a lot of things, but I’m confident but it universally agrees with me that you are going through a rough patch. I’m not going to zero in on you, and you can’t feel slighted by the criticisms directed your way.

Your desire is nothing short of a fool's errand.

Your ambition is futile.

You've done this to yourself.

You don’t keep it up.

You don’t have any passion left.

You don’t really care.

You act on a whim.

You do whatever you please.

You hope everything you throw at the wall sticks.

You keep sullying your hands.

All that matters, at what cost?

Please understand that I’m not here to help you or uplift your career. This unsalvageable wreckage of your wrestling career isn’t my responsibility; this match is. If you wish to steer me in the right direction for yours, feel free, but I do not guarantee you will do anything to gain my trust or respect that I should believe you are any good compared to myself or anyone else. I don’t know, nor do I care about any ideas you want to present to me. I'm not interested in your grievances or excuses. I don’t care why you're pissed off about losses or what you think about me. Whether you're angry about losses or harbor resentment towards me, it doesn't matter. All you need to know is that I'll be the next one adding to your losing streak. The Infinity? Irony drips from the fact everything about you is finite. Your last name? Truly an affront to associate such a name with a prodigal daughter of your caliber.Your entire career has always been about wasting your own potential by repeating the same mistakes. You try your best to reshape your gimmick and your personality, have some good seconds of fame, then fade back into obscurity. You have a lot of talent and a promising aura, AIRI, but it’s all your fault that you let it all go to waste in such a short time. AIRI Evergarden has always been about being timid. Your story has never been inspiring to anyone looking up or down at you. I've been able to reinvent myself and put money back in doubters' mouths for their own good every time they thought I was done for. I found tough moments to be tools for rebuilding my foundation. I hate wasting my breath on people like you because the more I speak, the less (or even worse, none at all) you heed the advice of those trying to steer you away from your misguided actions. I'm telling you about being a malicious person and ridiculing others. When people do it, they're supposed to relish who they are because that’s their nature. You probably don’t even have a modicum of self-awareness regarding your own character, given the extent to which you alter yourself and your oscillation between failure and success as well as your constant fluctuations, have become so frequent and unpredictable that there’s no way to identify it at all. You always force yourself to do something you despise, hoping for a favorable outcome and conforming to the crowd. I've trodden that path before; it only leads to inevitable failure. Don’t even entertain the thought of defeating me. Don’t even think of talking me down will be a way. Don't assume that your persona will have any effect on me when you step into my ring. Don't speculate or form any dumbass hypotheses about the outcome of this match. Don’t think stepping into my ring guarantees your moment of glory. That moment died a long time ago; the next moment you'll see is your last, one before we lay you to rest and bid farewell to your eternal peace. You allowed yourself to be so privileged in many companies you have gone through, but when you arrived in EAW, there never been a single thing about privilege. All about hard work and dedication is what defines a soldier who is honored even in death. You're not one of those comrades whose life will be celebrated after they're gone; you'll simply be forgotten afterward.

Just as it always goes.
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