MATCH PROMO " this preconceived idea that effort means more than talent." - Territorial Invasion IV

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I don’t really understand the fascination that the world has for some people in this company. I’ve been forced to listen about the potential of those who have walked through the doors of this company for years. I walked out of this company after losing to Raven Roberts at Bloodsport, but I was mentally checked out after losing the Answers World Championship, but I still had to listen to it all. I had to listen to the world talk about the future of this entire business. The names that were supposedly going to carry this company into a brighter future than those who had come before them could help this company reach. I had to listen to people talk about the potential of Myles. I started to believe it. I thought that they could have been right. But, this week? This week has proven something that I’ve believed for a long time now. The world really has no true understanding about potential. They invest their stock into a name and they hope their investment pays off. They ignore the blatant flaws in the things that they say throughout the week and simply believe that there’s merit in the effort that they place into the week as they try their best to convey themselves as people that are far better than they really are. They put their entire week into this. They spend their entire week ensuring that their name sits in the spotlight, and the world buys into every piece of it. They believe in their potential. They believe in the effort. The world adores the fact that they spend the majority of their week speaking, and ignore the fact that their words hold little to no credit. The arguments are flawed. Their words hold no value. You give them the chance to really dig their teeth in and produce something that could set the entire world on fire and they still manage to fall flat. I’m not wrong about the things, simply because you say it’s wrong. I DON’T CARE ABOUT TITLES, THERON!!!!!! THAT MAKES YOU WRONG!!!!! IT’S DOESN’T MATTER THAT YOU PERFECTLY EXPLAINED THE FACT TO WHY THAT ALLOWS ME TO SIT UNDER THE THUMB OF DRAKE KING, WHILE FORCING MYSELF TO BELIEVE THAT IT’S ACTUALLY SOMETHING MORE!!!! DRAKE KING ADOPTED MY MENTALITY!!!! IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT, AGAIN, YOU PERFECTLY EXPLAINED WHY THAT HAS ALLOWED DRAKE KING TO MANIPULATE THE SYSTEM INTO A POSITION TO ALLOW HIM TO TAKE THE THINGS THAT HE WANTED!!!!! YOU’RE WRONG, BECAUSE I SAID YOU’RE WRONG!!!! I BELIEVE THAT YOU’RE WRONG AND THAT OBVIOUSLY MAKES YOU WRONG, THERON!!!! IT’S NOT MY FAULT THAT I CAN’T PUT TOGETHER ANYTHING FUCKING OF MERIT TO ACTUALLY PROVE IT!!!! I’LL JUST USE THE POINTS THAT YOU’RE MAKING, TAKE AWAY THE DECEPTION INVOLVED AND USE IT AS THE PROOF NEEDED TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE WRONG!!!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE, THERON!!!!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!! YOU DON’T KNOW US!!!! STOP TRYING TO PRETEND THAT YOU DO, EVEN THOUGH YOU’VE LITERALLY BEEN IN THE SAME POSITION THAT DRAKE KING WAS!!!! ADOPTING THE SAME IDEALS AS THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU IN ORDER TO TAKE THE THINGS THAT YOU WANTED, WHILE MAKING THOSE AROUND YOU THAT SOMETHING WAS CREATED FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYONE INVOLVED!!! IT’S DOESN’T MATTER THAT YOU MADE THEM FEEL LIKE THEY ACTUALLY MATTERED AND THAT THEY ACCOMPLISHED GOALS THAT MADE THEM BELIEVE THAT THEY WERE IMPORTANT, WHILE CONTINUING TO ENSURE THAT YOU STILL STOOD A LEVEL ABOVE THEM!!!

Fucking shoot me. Please, straight between the eyes and put me out of this fucking misery.

But, it gets worse. I didn’t think that it could, but it does. You stand there defiant. There’s nothing that I’m going to say that’s going to force you to admit anything different. I’m still going to get the same response. I’m still going to have to listen to the same fucking dribble in different words. Do you know why Drake King didn’t try to counteract the things that I said? Because he fucking couldn’t without without leaving himself open to me continuing to prove myself right. He’s the one person that could prove me wrong, Myles and prove that I’m leading myself down a road that leads to nothing of value. I would be absolutely fucked for the rest of the week. I’d have nothing to say. I’d have no ground to stand on. I’d be forced to stand in front of the world and give New Eden the credit that I’m never going to need to give it. Not even if the three of you do succeed this week, because I’ll still know HIS intentions. I’ll still know the moves that HE’S making. I’ll still know that it’s all a charade. It’ll still be something that’s together for his benefit, while the people that sit under his thumb force themselves to believe that it’s actually different. Do you know the worst part about it all? Minerva still actually cares about her career. She still holds the dream of standing at the top of this entire industry. But, that isn’t going to happen standing with New Eden. She’ll continue to do the same thing that she did leading into that triple threat match on Dynasty. She’ll try to convince the world that sitting where she is now is actually worth it. The National Elite Championship is enough. There’s merit is taking pride is something that’s far less than where you want to one day stand. It’s quite the hill to die on, but I can’t stop those from making the same mistakes that people before you have. But, I’m sure the same can be made about myself. I know that there are people before me that have made the same arguments. I’ll admit it. The day that New Eden comes to an end and I’m actually proven wrong; something that’s more than simply being told that I’m wrong by a sideshow - I’ll stand in front of the world and admit that, for one of the very, very few times in my career, I was wrong. But, don’t be surprised when I’m not. I wrote the fucking book on the moves being made. You find that the purpose that you’ve been fighting for was simply to create a world which lessens the chance that the man standing beside you is forced to suffer the same failure that he has in the past.

The world gasps. Drake King shows his true motives. Myles and Minerva can’t believe it. Who would have thought it? There’s nobody who could possibly believe it - except, you know… the rest of us watching.

Okay, SOSA. You got me. I’m wrong. I’m wrong about you stumbling on the EAW World Championship when Rex McAllister proved his true worth to the business. I mean, how could I not? You beat THE Ahren Fournier! That’s ...really something to cling on to. I could never imagine being able to beat someone that fell as hard as Xavier Williams did after losing the EAW World Championship :mjlol:. You escaped with that very championship inside the Elimination Chamber. Congratulations. You’re talking to the guy that had the single most dominant victory inside that very chamber as the retaining champion, but ayo - continue to try to use that as something that’s going to, in some way or form, elevate you. Your own captain figuratively shit on the very man you lost to at Operation: Doomsday and I’m meant to look at you in the same fashion that you see yourself? Your own captain openly spoke about dog walking the same man that cut you down a month ago. What does that say about YOU, SOSA. What does that say about what your own captain - who will still try to prop you up on a pedestal that you obviously don’t stand on - really thinks about you? But, he picked you to be on his team! That has to mean something, right? But, there’s a reason why there are people that sit comfortably at the top of this company and there are those that are only able to float. Chris Elite was a World Champion too. But, what has he REALLY done since? He’s the same man that you beat at Pain for Pride. But, he’s a man that literally holds a contract that gives him the power to put himself in any match that he wishes, and he STILL hasn’t achieved anything of merit since losing the World Heavyweight Championship years ago. Is it talent that brings you to this dance, SOSA? I don’t want the answer that we both know is coming. The typical SOSA Henderson answer. I want the real answer. I want something that isn’t contrived behind rose tinted glasses where you believe you’re looking down at names that have long surpassed you. But, that’s the problem with clinging to straws against those who we both know you’re never going to be better than. Impact isn’t going to walk over the people that I’ve beaten, while absolutely contradicting himself by trying to elevate someone who that same person stomped. That’s what people fail to see. They’re so focused on Showdown being unable to work together. I’ve explained it. Lethal Consequences has explained it. Impact has explained it. We’re three men that are better than the people that we’re going to compete against. We’re not people that are going to be united. We are people that are going to be fighting for our own successes. But, what puts us ahead is that we’re better than you. We’re better than the Visual Prophet. We’re better than Andre Walker. We’re better than New Eden.

You can continue to elevate yourself. Visual Prophet and Andre Walker and continue to do what they do. New Eden can continue to spend their entire week talking, because of this preconceived idea that effort means more than talent. It doesn’t matter. It isn’t going to change the result of this week. There hasn’t never been a Showdown team put together that has been victorious in this kind of main event at Territorial Invasion. But, I’m a man of firsts My first 24/7 Battle Royal. My first King of Elite tournament. My first Pain for Pride. My first Answers World Championship match. All of them ended in the same fashion.

I stood tall and people like you. You fell to your knees before your God Emperor.

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