MATCH PROMO True to Myself

Amir Yusuf

The Irreplaceable
Alright, here I am.

Fully motivated, completely determined, and ready to fight. Whoever, whenever, wherever, for whatever. At Grand Rampage, regardless of the result, I made the statement I promised to make. Don’t get me wrong, I may have not won Grand Rampage, but what I have done is not at all what can blindly get overlooked. I entered and made my the way to the match before most, and I was still there nearly till the end of the match. Limmy Monaghan did send me out of the match though, and nah, I’m not going to take that away from him, because I simply do not need to do that. Even though I do not at all like the guy, credit is where it’s due and I’m not going to bother to think much of it. Right now, Grand Rampage is behind me. It’s certainly not anymore the present nor the future - Grand Rampage is a part of the PAST now, and we can’t change past. Past is one of the things that are present in our lives and will always stay unchangeable even if we do not like it, and do you know what else is one of those things? It’s the fact that EAW has always been filled with delusional fuckers who spend their entire lives trying to elevate themselves to place that simply are certainly not theirs and raise their levels of delusion the more they feel just to eventually end up heartbroken and unsatisfied. You look at someone like fucking Johnny Andrews and you see someone that could have been a champion right now if he just didn’t go “Nah, I can’t handle it.” and just because of how fucking stupid he is, we’re supposed to sit there and watch two bottom-of-the-barrel Elitists like Solomon Stane and Kirk Redwood walk around getting referred to as the reigning EAW Unified Tag Team Champions, and not just that, but also clap for them and pretend that they deserve such an honor. You look at someone like Jon Kelton and you see a dude who’s so damn obsessed that he needs to consistently keep positively reacting to anything that has a bad meaning towards me because I name-drop him when people brag about my loss to him, as if he usually doesn’t do the exact fucking same thing. I mean, didn’t the man just lose his New Breed Championship to Alex Myers - a guy who’s always been spending his entire career chasing my level and failing, always ending up as nothing more than a shadow in the process, and clearly proving that his entire career has been nothing more than a process in learning that Amir Yusuf has always been two steps ahead of him until it eventually became a part of his character as a whole? Perhaps, I do respect the guy a little bit (all aside from his consistent stupid obsession) because after all, by winning the New Breed Championship at Battle of Egypt he did something to his career. You see, Kelton, the last time you you and I crossed paths you came out on top, and I congratulated and told you I was happy for you, but something seems to be still inside you towards me. Listen, little dude; as of right now, you aren’t the New Breed Champion, and I’m not either. So, if you have a problem with me, then show your ass up on Showdown, and let’s sort it out face to face. But, if you don’t wanna do it like that? Then keep my name out of your fucking mouth, and keep me out of your fucking mind. I think you said it best; name-dropping does not bring us anywhere. Anyways, that certainly is unfortunately not all. For example, look at someone like Ryan Wilson. Look at how at Grand Rampage, the guy addressed me - the man that out of everyone in the match handed him the biggest loss of his entire goddamn career - with “Hi Amir, Bye Amir.” just to proudly showcase his brainlessness to the entire EAW Universe. You can look at someone like Theron Nikolas, a man that certainly had it all together at some point and had a career - even after his return - that is supposed to end up as a Hall of Fame career for a reason until he lost to Kassidy Heart at Reasonable Doubt. No, not the loss itself is what hurt his career in the slightest because Kassidy Heart is a living legend and there is no shame in losing to her; it’s the aftermath. Theron Nikolas continued to drag his feet instead, and instead of doing anything with that loss or trying to rebound from it, he decided to turn into a depressed geek and have all of his promos basically titled with “Theron Nikolas Depressed Promo #25272” and keep it going that way. The guy is supposed to be an absolute legend - but he unfortunately is not doing anything to keep that stature his; to keep the realm around his name shining. Point is, more than 65% of the Elitists around here shouldn’t even be a part of Elite Answers Wrestling, and 95% of those who are gone shouldn’t ever come back because it would make it all worse. All I’m trying to say is that even at my worst - a chapter that is thankfully over now - I still was better than some. What has Grand Rampage shown? Grand Rampage has shown that Amir Yusuf STILL cares. Amir Yusuf STILL is 100% invested. In his career. In making his career turn into a rapid rise once again. In making the only visible continuous change in his state one certain thing which is growth. But about trying to always come off as the “Heart” of EAW? About always trying to let people know me as a guy of morals that sees the good in everyone and always holds respect for all? About focusing on the fans and on making people happy rather than focusing on my own fucking career instead?

I don’t give a fuck.

No, not anymore. I had been smiling in the face of everyone despite how fucking hurt I was, and that gave me nothing but increase the amount of pain I was through. I used to always pretend to be happy, while the state “happy” was the furthest from mine for months. I didn’t upgraded just for the sake of changing; a change HAD to be made. A change NEEDED to be made. I truly did not want it, but I NEEDED it. In order to take a step forward, in order to get out of what I had been stuck inside, in order to break out of the prison I was in, I needed get something different in the goddamn mix. Right now, do I have to give a single care in the world about what people think of it? Of fucking course not. Do I have to listen to what people say and pretend that that was not what had been keeping me down for months? NO. If there’s anything I got to learn over the past months, it’s that to survive in an industry that is as tough as the Pro Wrestling Industry, let alone Elite Answers Wrestling, you have to be self-centered. The first thing you have to care about is yourself, and everything else comes after. Thanks to what I allowed myself to become; to what I allowed to take place, all I have been getting over the past months was pops and cheers, but not success. Some people still sadly do not get it so please allow me to simply put it like that: YOUR hard-work is what gives you success and not PEOPLE’S support. It’s as simple as that, it truly is. One day, the only thing inside my mind and my heart was what is never going to help me and get me up when I need to. And thankfully, this isn’t the case anymore. I’m focused; I’m determined; I’m dedicated. At this point, I don’t need to overthink anything anymore. Right now, I can actually say I’m ready for what’s next, my Cash in the Vault qualifying match. And what makes me excited for this, is that my opponent is not just someone I hold tons of respect for even after how I lost my respect for most, but also a friend of mine…

…Adam Lucas.

I think it’s no secret both of us have wanted this to take place once again for quite a while now, Adam. Since the last time we met in a ring, you have been showing nothing but improvements. You have been keeping yourself in the state of rising to the very top of Elite Answers Wrestling. What you don’t get, is that our cases are not similar in the slightest. No, those circumstances are not similar. You know nothing about what I have been through, and I put no blame on you for it. You don’t know how hurt I have been, you don’t know what has been happening behind the scenes, and you don’t know how much of a waster I have miserably allowed myself to become - but there is nothing wrong with it. I’m changed right now, and I’m not just saying it 100% truthfully, but also 100% proudly. We all face slumps, downfalls, and all of those things along those lines - but trust me when I say this; mine was one of the most heaviest among all. You’re right, though, one of my main problems is that everything from me has been quite expected as of late, but what I managed to learn is that in order to survive, in addition to the other lessons I thankfully got the chance to learn, I have to stay unpredictable. Adam, you may have lost your Answers World Championship match against TLA, but that was because of a referee mistake. You may have lost that tag match along with TLA to Theron Nikolas and Limmy Monaghan, but it was because of an argument, and nonetheless, Limmy pinned TLA and not you to win. You may have lost to Impact at Dia Del Diablo, but that was because Lexi had to get her annoying ass involved. You may have lost to Minerva at Shock Value, but that was still after you took the former Universal Women’s Champion to her limits on an FPV, and had a match a lot looked at as the craziest/best of the whole night with her. You may have lost to Andre Walker in the King of Elite tournament finals at King of Elite, but you still made it to the finals of the King of Elite tournament after all, and not much get the chance to do that. What I did to myself allowed a lot to clear everything I have done since my arrival, and look at me as if I’m someone who’s below all. You can take how I have been put in comparisons with someone like Abel Atami as an example, and you will understand everything I’m trying to say. All those factors had to make an effect, a huge one. And then…and then. And then? That effect came across as the death of the old Amir Yusuf; the death of the man you faced at Midsummer Massacre, and if there is anything he left after disappearing, it’s the man you’re looking at right now. If you say that I’m trying to be someone I shouldn’t be, then what can be said about yourself? You say you haven’t changed and haven’t turned into a guy that instead of doing anything, follows his frustrations, as if it’s not you that attacked TLA, Limmy Monaghan, and Theron Nikolas after losing that tag title match. As if it’s not you that rolled up Ryan Wilson in order to beat him while both you and I know that you would smash that guy with ease. Hell, you did twice before that match. As if it’s not you that stressed your anger on Lexi backstage showing your anger to the world for the first time since Adam Lucas became an Elitist. As if it’s not you that did what you did after losing that Answers World Championship match at Grand Rampage. I’m not doing what you said that you don’t expect me to do in following what everybody is saying like you “changing;” what I’m saying is that if you consider what I’m in right now as me trying to be a whole different man, then you definitely should consider your actions as of late as a CHANGE as well. This is not about anything unimportant; I’m not playing with the cards. This is about something I unfortunately allowed a lot to forget, including myself:

Who the fuck Amir Yusuf is.

Adam, who the hell told you that I’m being a dick? Who the hell told you that I’m trying to be one? Is realizing mistakes considered as being a dick nowadays, or are you my friend giving things the wrong title and consideration? What you don’t seem to believe or even understand is that I DO believe in my new attitude. I do believe that THEN, I was wrong. I do believe that now, I successfully managed to remove the cover of it all and understand where my mistakes were. It’s not about me ‘believing’ to be The Heart of EAW or not, Adam; this is about me being invested in that in the slightest…or not. The latter is the case, though. I DON’T CARE. Focusing on my career; on myself; on succeeding is not at a trial to always be an asshole - and trust me, right now especially, is the first time I truly feel True to Myself. That, Adam, is totally not at all about what “suits” at all; that is about what is the best for me, and for my career. If you think that self-changing, upgraded, and all those things are dependent on what “suits,” then unlike you claim, you know nothing about how I’m feeling right now, bro, and I seriously do not blame you for it. Nobody does. I don’t care about a similarity between our cases, and I don’t care if you see my case the wrong way - all I care about is qualifying to Cash in the Vault. This matters to me, and it’s something I care about. I never once believed my success was guaranteed, I trust the process. I never once cared about the hype. I was FALLING. And the more time kept going further, the deeper it went. I don’t think there is something wrong with my goal being getting out of the slump, because when that happens, then I saved my career. I admit that this makes me 100% different from the man I was THEN, but it had to happen. He NEEDED to disappear for good. I still care, but about my career the most. Once again, there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t think I believe in my abilities, and you say I take it for granted - just for the sake of making our cases different while nobody ever cared about turning it to a comparison. You don’t understand it, what I want is NOT to get on top of the world before I’m even ready for it; all I want is to get back on the level of success I used to be on back before it all started. You’re right though, I do appreciate everything you had to say, but as a friend, I have to let you know that what you concluded from your observations were false.

Adam, the result of this match is something neither you nor myself can determine, but what we both are sure of, is that both of us will get into this ring, beat the holy shit out of each other, and keep fighting until one of us is declared as the winner. Is it going to be you? No idea. Is it going to be me? Same answer. But, what I want you to realize at this point is, this is not personal, so please don’t make it seem so.

Adam, I’m certain that you know what you are to me and what you mean to me - but I’m more certain that you sure as hell know what winning Cash in the Vault would be for me as well.

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