MATCH PROMO try again after you've gone to promo classes, Valerie [Voltage #005]

Bea Valentine

The Eternal
Specialists Champion
Lost In Technicolor

I can tell when someone is desperate because the desperation they wear on their head is heaviest. I'm not a secret to being desperate or envious in my life before. I was envious of people once, and that was before I won Gloria. When I won Gloria, everything went to a whirlwind, there was a safety net and balance created within my place that really allowed me to help myself, and come to terms with who I am. It's not a secret, but winning your first championship in EAW hits differently than anyone could even fathom. It's some sort of cleansing, it's a grinding realization that all your hard work can and has paid off. It opens up so many doors and possible opportunities for you, yet Valerie Hellstorm is never going to get there, or have that unfold for her. You know why that is the case? because she only continues to get worse and worse as we prolong through her EAW career. And with the belief of mental deterioration, I have continued to see her get dumber and dumber as the week has gone past. Let me be honest here, I was expecting Valerie Hellstorm to really push my buttons, but if you want my honest opinion, I really just wasn't feeling it yesterday to get up and make a monologue on the poor girl, she was dragging so much lame material into the ground, it's really hard to wanna say something. It goes more so like.. “no yeah, think again of your mistakes and try again next time.” Unfortunately my hand was forced, and Valerie Hellstorm continued to put together some trickery in an attempt to hang it all up on the wall. Unfortunately for her, that was merely a feeble attempt. And whilst she may hang high on her ego right now, I feel like it is now time to shrink her back down a peg, and really give her the gratification of how she is viewed in EAW. I don't know if there is some sort of process here, but Valerie Hellstorm always talks about how she is held back because of me. I stole rightful wins from her? And I just continue to scratch my head, because it makes no sense! She has said the words Territorial Invasion and had a panic attack over those same words, more than I even said them during the month of Territorial Invasion!!! It was good memories or whatever, but look what it's gotten you? You've been relegated to veins popping out of your foreheads whenever you speak of me, you make it blisteringly evident that I am in your head. You make it glaringly obvious that I am every piece in your brain. And you make it so evident that – you are one step behind me. So, from Elitist to Elitist, not opponent to opponent; I wish to give you an opportunity. When I was rising up to the ranks, people like Minerva, Rex McAllister, and so many more spoke out to me, in an attempt to give me guidance. You can truly tell who listened to what they were told, between myself and you, Valerie. Anyways. I want to give you advice yourself Valerie. Advice that you should follow, as an Elitist. You should really write home with me on this one.

The first one would be to finally get original. I watch your narrations in the worst way possible. I watch how you dissect and speak about your opponents. You speak with that one sentence, long pause, bull crap trying to make the major points stand out, thinking you're some sort of Michael Machina wannabe! And it just doesn't work. We can tell you ripped that one off per one. See folks? If there is a formula for success and intimidation, Valerie Hellstorm has ripped it off. I recommend you tapping deep into your potential and finding a personality that greatly suits you. One that isn't plastered by plagiarism and the dictation of others, you really do just give off.. “SIDEKICK”!! There is nothing about playing the Main Character here for Valerie Hellstorm. The second piece of advice I'd give you is to overall get better material if you wanna get inside my head, you've recycled the same trash since we first met at Pain For Pride, and you only continue to recycle those words again and again. You continue to bring up the same things 13 times over, and then 14 times more. That hits its pinnacle with the consistent whining and wish to settle the score. I really hope you realize Valerie, there is nothing substantial about evening any score here. If you beat me on Voltage what does it truly do for you? You get to brag a little bit, and what? 9 months down the road when you're getting beaten up by a brand new Elitist who just walked through the door, you're gonna mention how you beat me? Sounds about right when it comes to the testament of how redundant Valerie Hellstorm can be. But if you wanna talk redundant, it's continuing to deny there's not a gap between myself and her. Visibly in her head, she's gonna set up and think to herself “Yeah! It's not so bad!”, she's just got to do some dusting herself off, then she can be right back on the path. But be honest with yourselves here. Who is thinking Valerie Hellstorm is close to me in talent? I wish Valerie herself would get that hard slice of reality. I wish she would go out, walk around the facilities, and ask people from Voltage what they think. It's an insecure reality check, Valerie Hellstorm. But look at it of this caliber, next year whenever I'm eligible for Female Elitist Of The Year, you'll be another inadequate nominee for most improved.

My third recommendation is to immediately go ahead and humble yourself. When you eat yourself up and speak on mental gymnastics, and all that stuff. That is just you ripping me off, so kill two birds with one stone and revert back to my first piece of advice. I have the mentality of an Elitist that I'm going to get knocked down, I'm gonna get knocked down hard. But I'm gonna get back up. I'll keep fighting when I get knocked down however. But you, Valerie? You faced a crossroads in your path, and you are ready to turn back in the face of adversity. Yet you pertain to looking at yourself in this light of – “Wow. I am so smart, collected and calculated. My intellect will be the reason I finally get a win against AJ Redding on this episode of Voltage!” I don't know what the whole toxic clout chasing clown is, but you're delusional honey. You are horrible at this. I am not chasing anything anymore. This is me with Gloria, and to reiterate in deaf ears, your first video fell upon me. I didn't really care. A lot of it was you blabbering, sounded like you had your tongue in your mouth, struggling to not swallow it. But erm, the ignorance of attesting out Gloria really shows me how jealous you are. Whilst you insult the name of Gloria, a name she gave to herself might I add. I could just imagine what you would say had Gloria been on the line in our match. It would go from how stupid and ignorant Gloria is, to how much you want her. How much you're going to save her and rescue her. I know the deep hypocrisy that roots inside the body of Valerie Hellstorm. I know that I'm on a meter, because she's going to continue to go right ahead and bargain me with bullox, believing she deserves a turn to say another word and get the last laugh. But how much has that worked out for her in the entirety of her EAW career? Oh right. You end up in Roberto De La Rosa's harem, assisting him by losing to whatever version of current and future Hall Of Famers that came together to beat all of you.

You're telling me to control my ego, and have embedded in my head all this stupidity that you're just crafting within your own brain, how am I getting my brain full of control and power? Darling, I am A CHAMPION. That does not give me the power to brainwash everyone that listens to me, no. It just represents authority. Because now I have the difference maker in everything that is a refractory towards Valerie Hellstorm. She doesn't believe I am better than her, when I have defeated her in Bloodsport. Okay so, I beat her at Territorial Invasion! But she's still biting in on that fact; proclaiming the fact that I didn't prove anything. And that it was all just a bunch of bologna. Okay, I became champion at House Of Glass, successfully defending Gloria in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, which is a point Valerie Hellstorm doesn't really even bring up, and she likes to ignore it. She knows there's not really an excuse she can make about it, and it denies every single thing she prides herself on. There is separation between myself and Valerie Hellstorm and this isn't just me being delusional and saying that. It's night and day, Valerie Hellstorm is if Bea Valentine was drawn from memory. And you know what's funny, she instructed me to commit suicide, which is ironic. Because quite honestly, I'm about 2 more videos from Valerie Hellstorm for my brain melting and her being framed for a murder. So hey, your own incompetence will lead to your wish! Maybe that's a good thing, for you, sister! But erm, you still didn't shut up. It's an endless cycle of rambling, or as the french like to call it "Yap." Continuous yap, that fails to dispute that even through all that whining, coping and blame shifting, you're still titleless. You still don't have Gloria. Your closest opportunity to gold was helping Roberto win at Road To Redemption. Yet Valerie Hellstorm has created this narrative that she is a smart individual, I really hope it's dumbed down to delusion. Because when we both went our separate ways, I got word that Valerie was kind of turning a new leaf. She started looking at things from an insightful perspective, but it seems to me, that hasn't been the case at all.

It seems as if she is the same person, with a slightly different font, that is literally the same font, it just has a different abbreviation to it, the fact of the matter is, Valerie Hellstorm believes that at every angle and corner, she has what it takes to put me in the dirt. It got so bitter and brutal, that her belief in its entirety is that she can put an edge over me. But that's the problem, darling you aren't getting me over the edge, because I stay at the edge, ALL THE TIME! Has "The Conspiracy" been forgotten or something? Blegh, anyways. It's increased in value. From the moment you were a Queen Bees wannabe member, it's been like this Valerie Hellstorm. I still remember on draft night when you got shut down as bad as you did. Your dreams were crushed, and you were humbled. But you never came back from that. We both had a draft night that was horrific. I didn't know where I was going, there was going to be a whole change up. But I waited, and I kept waiting. And I was still waiting, I thought my name was going to be called early... But I continued to sit there, with no confidence. Until my name was finally brought to Voltage. That was the difference from the get go, Valerie Hellstorm. That draft night was one of the worst experiences in my life. That entire run up was horrible. Being defeated by Delilah Rose of all people? In a ridiculous fatal fourway? It really can make your stomach churn. But since that day, I promised everyone that there wouldn't be a competitor or performer that worked as hard as I did. My dream was to be the hardest working in the room, and that's what I did. I accomplished that! I became champion. While Valerie Hellstorm ignores that story, she is under the belief that there are no adversities that I have faced. She thinks I am just a spoon fed baby, who got bottle fed her way to the top. My hand was never held, Valerie. I was facing your leader my first week on Voltage, and I beat him. I was facing Hall Of Famers, while you got to build and boost your confidence on Ayu Megumi and Korey Gaines!!! But, I told myself. It's going to only get better and better. The wins are gonna come, and that is with a matter of trusting my process and buying into what it was that I am selling. There's nothing wrong with mental belief. I believed in myself.. But that's just how it's going to be in 2024. If you are praising yourself, it's a case of stroking your own ego, and believing yourself to be the main character in the lives of other people. God forbid anyone have any self pride and reassurance, right Valerie? I am only bled to pray and worship the ground you walk upon. I have to start talking about your remarkable achievements now huh? There was uh, the time Valerie beat NICHOLISM! That was really cool right? Definitely changed the course and trajectory of her career you could imagine. Now Valerie can go and intently tighten your focus- and oh it's all over again. I'm not gonna stalk Valerie Hellstorm and relish over all her failures in the past. Realistically, I'm not an unstable lunatic like she is, wins and losses don't make everyone. But Valerie Hellstorm has represented the losses she takes so glaringly on her giant forehead, that I could walk up to the L, and flick it! Per shame. Valerie Hellstorm is a weird woman, it's hard for me to dictate that in any circumstances other than yeah. She is a weird lady, I don't think she provides or brings any quality with what she does. It's all her worrying about getting it out in quality. It's like - talk and speak at a decent pace, you freaking idiot! Do you even hear what it is you're exactly saying? pardon my french; but these were words quoted from Valerie Hellstorm. "that you easily that shit"???? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING DEAR. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SWIVEL. YOU'RE MAKING NO SENSE. And Valerie Hellstorm spoke on how when she finally becomes champion, it's going to be an honorable moment where her career comes to its pinnacle. And for that I say; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S GONNA TAKE AWHILE. And you can make the argument, it may take the rest of your life. I want you to really double down on this one, Val. There is going to be a day, a day when I am main eventing Pain For Pride. That is the goal. A day where I am holding something like the Universal Women's Championship. I know that day will come, eventually. That day will be the time when we can truly reflect back on it.

It's a case of paying mindful attention, Valerie Hellstorm was placed into matches with people of her skillset, that she could get the hot head against. Ones that she could eat straight from the hand that fed her. Whilst I, EAW and Voltage always saw something more special in me. I was placed on a pedestal of higher honor, if I was going to get those victories, I had to earn them. You can cry about Milli Banks and her record, but you don't dispute the honor the record already has on EAW. It bestows a high prestige, and it's one you probably haven't even taken the time to look at. But that is the life of Valerie Hellstorm, always impatient. Always quick to get the product out, no matter how terrible it is. Always the perennial sidekick. Do we remember the time she called herself "The Matriarch"? I remember that. But it was funny to see how immediately that evaporated, and she turned into a follower. That's what Valerie Hellstorm is always going to be, a follower, a side character who tries to get credited for the main role, but even when they don't want to pay the main cast, they don't look your way, Val. Let's look at another thing here, do you wanna know the last time I lost a match cleanly, Valerie? we are coming up on what now? The 4th month since that date? When I lose nowadays, it's mostly because of some unforeseen circumstances. Albert Hitchman, Princess Candice bringing the whole zoo to the ring. But when you lose on your own and have no excuse, that clock resets every other week. "The Valerie Hellstorm Roller Coaster", is what I call it. Up, down, up down, and you regret getting on it in the first place. Because whilst you expected vengeful thrill seeking, all you were met with, was a horrid ripoff Bea Valentine coaster, that is taking you to your demise! And it's also ironic that the woman who hopped into Hans Grayson's business the second he became New Breed Champion is saying all of this about me being a "clout addicted clown". God, I hate even speaking those words. I vote that we cut Valerie's tongue out of her mouth so she can't say any of this crap anymore! It's just a consistent pattern of blabbering and waffling through sentences. Her brain doesn't operate the same as others, and I mean that in the harshest way possible. You're as smart as Gloria is the color purple, you're as smart as my hair is brunette! And it's not brunette at all, AT ALLL!!!

Let that just be a testament to the idiocy of Valerie Hellstorm. And yes, this is me garnering a reaction from her with the words I say. Because that is exactly what I want – a reaction. Truth be told, whenever I face Valerie if you want the honest to God truth, I know that there's not a point in kicking in that extra gear, because everything I tell her, she is just gonna tumble around, it goes in one ear, out the other ear, then, it's all lost in translation. This is a humbling message for one Valerie Hellstorm, because I really do hope it falls on ears that she can hear it. You need to hear this Valerie. You used your match with the Jaded Hearts as a point for your growth, yet they still beat the bricks off you. That same event, I went through multiple other women to retain Gloria. Even with my immediate success, and in your words, again pardon my french. “You still a piece of shit to me”... I hope that I am! I hope that I am the biggest burden, and the one looming cause that makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. Now properly before our match, I am expecting a response from Valerie Hellstorm that has the same establishment that I had. The same quantity, but all the quality will be thrown out the window. She'll put together some blabbermouth sentences, but she won't use it as recognition for her failures. She won't dispute any claims with factual evidence, she will only continue to deny the gap between us. So with that being said? Revenge is fool's gold, right? Yes. Revenge is fool's gold. I have been a victim of this, and have assisted my failures every single time. This is a stupid tree to bark up Valerie Hellstorm. I may be obnoxious, you're an idiot. I may be all of those words you stammered to create a point out of, but it still doesn't compensate that on my worst day, you don't come near me Valerie. Half my work is double your effort, so do me just a great little thing, and try again next time Valerie? I'm sure I’ll see again, and again, I'll hear the same exact words. Find yourself a personality when you're on that self search, find yourself an identity. And most of all, start blaming yourself for your problems.

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