MATCH PROMO two birds, one pebble. [ Dynasty 1 ]

Xerxes Godfrey

The One and Only
Raccoon City
And here I thought I'd be pushed to my limits. I wanted a challenge, you know.

Really, I did.

Do you know how unamusing it is to crush ants? I must admit though, I know that it must be quite a daunting feat to go up against me. Not that I have any experience facing either of my opponents this week, except maybe….I feel Liana is a familiar face, but of course, as you all know, I am not the man I once was. Whom I faced, whom I beat, and who beat me, it’s all irrelevant now. I live in the present and my sights pierce deep into the future. What I do now, is for me and my followers only. I could care less if another roadkill has been placed ahead of me, another test, another trial by fire. Make it a one on one, make it a triple threat, hell, make it a handicap match. Nothing changes. When you compare the prowess of the competitors I am going to “cleanse” this Friday, the list boils down to two talented, yet incompetent, elitists who couldn’t possibly begin to understand what it means to share the ring with Xerxes Godfrey.

So tell me, what do I do? Do I let my followers down? Do I face them and tell them this will be an uphill battle? A prophet doesn’t lie to his people, a champion does not lie to his people. This match is simply going to drill it further into my respective opponent’s heads that facing me and walking out victorious, is merely a false construct they allude themselves with. One man already has his foot in the grave, and the other merely a damsel in distress. Easy pickings for Xerxes indeed.

Oh? But what is this? Interesting. Questioning my ability. Questioning my authority. It must be quite beautiful to live in total bliss while being absolutely ignorant of my reputation. Alas, I’ll let it pass. I get it, I haven’t had the time to fully introduce myself to my unlikely combatants this week. I can see why they’d mistaken me for the same weakling, the same deadbeat they claim to have walked into Grand Rampage, for rest assured, Xerxes Godfrey doesn’t remember ever walking into that godforsaken arena. I am above that, the only thing grand in here is me and me alone.

But you beg to differ don’t you, Nick?​

Heh, Nick Hart, you remind me a bit of myself when I was drenched in what I’d now call the aura of naiveness. I was like you once, believe it or not, pandering, begging and allowing myself and my destiny to be under the control of my “fans”. What a vile word, truly. Did you know that fans come from the word fanatic? Xerxes Godfrey’s destiny was not to be controlled by such lesser beings. So I shed that weakness, I crumpled it and tossed it away because it no longer mattered what my fans thought.

It was time to think for myself.

And so I thought, Nick, I thought long and I thought hard and I was reborn. I didn’t cater to my audience, I accepted them. I didn’t pander to them, I guided them. I separated the wheat from the chaff so to speak. And now? I have ardent devotees, followers if you will. They believe in me, and I believe in them. That is what relationships should be about, no? But you Nick, you wouldn’t get that kind of understanding. You claim to influence, but tell me, what’s the great benefit of influencing nothing but a herd of sheep to you bidding? And can you even be sure it is you influencing them and NOT the other way around? Seeing you beg your fans for the money, seeing you stoop to the level of dogs merely for a handout from a bunch of sweaty basement-dwellers who’d rather see you crash and burn than to actually see you grow, conquer and dominate….now THAT is what I call being deluded. So forgive me if I look at you and think you’re not worth my time, because it’s the truth, Nick Hart. You’re just a pathetically poor imitation, a failed caricature of the man I used to be. You truly are what I’d call a “vanilla” elitist. You may think you’re the center of attention, but the reality is that people are even talking about you and DeLion in this match because I, Xerxes Godfrey, am elevating you two. I’m the guy they need to match you two up with because it’s as clear as daylight that you two cannot move the needle when it comes to excitement in this company, no matter what your fans tell you Nick. No matter what you tell yourself.

I’m the marquee.

I’m where the money is.

I’m the reason this match is even happening. Do you really think Dynasty in 2022, the forefront and the premier show of EAW is going to sell out arenas with “Nick Hart vs Liana DeLion” on the card? Because if you do, I can see why you’d even propose that HAD you been in Grand Rampage you’d have won. There’s delusions, and then there’s being mentally challenged bumfuck, and guess what Nick, you’re the latter. So go one, keep fighting against the odds, champ. I’m sure in a couple of years you’ll crawl out of the black hole that is your dwindling, panhandling “career”, and while your at it, keep blaming management for your mishaps. Really, that’s all you can do in this company anyways, cry and moan, because such is the destiny of one named Nick Hart. You’re no Xerxes Godfrey, and it’s apparent why.

And as for you Liana. What more can I say? Officially speaking, Xerxes….never faced you. I don’t know who or what credentials allow you to even consider that you’re on the same plain of existence as me. I’m Xerxes, the progenitor of the modern era of professional wrestling. I’m the modern day demigod, a champion of the people. I’m…a somebody. Simple as that. I’m a man who can make the mundane into the best thing you’ve seen. I’m the man who can put limits on anyone in EAW with delusions of limitlessness. You? You’re a nobody Liana. And in the back of my mind, I have this vivid image of myself demolishing you, not once, but twice already. Strange huh? Maybe you faced me once, when I was merely a blunt blade, a novice, a man on the brink of death. Even thinking about the man I was makes me feel like I’m getting poisoned from within. Thankfully, that is truly left in the past. But Liana, now? Now you face the sharp blade, the master, the man reborn. I’m a phoenix Liana, and my radiance will burn away any opposition you can provide in this match. You will try, you’ll HAVE to, but no matter, the results, the finality of it, will always be constant. Xerxes Godfrey, victorious.

Put your trust in me, you two.

And accept it when I win.

Or don’t. Your whims don’t determine my destiny regardless.​

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