MATCH PROMO U need to overdose on crack

Ashley Flores

Golden Hand
To quote Nicki Minaj, “So let me get this straight, wait, I'm the rookie? But my features and my shows ten times your pay?”

How can this be adapted to our match? Quite easily. I’m supposed to be the rookie, Harpie, you’re supposed to be the bad bitch with experience. But in the 2 months I’ve been wrestling I’ve had more eyes on me than you’ve ever had and will ever have, I’ve been having much better performances, and I already have much more money than you could ever dream of and our salary isn’t even comparable. :mjgrin: You act like you’re the shit, you act like you’re the greatest, BIGGEST elitist in this whole company but like… nobody takes you seriously. Nobody finds you interesting, and nobody gives you any credit. But it’s not like you deserve any credit. Harpie, you overrate yourself to the moon and you just… need to realize you fucking suck. Like, Harpie, you’re nothing more than a lame gamer girl turned to whatever an e-girl that Jakey Smith’s attracted to is. You went from generic to generic, literally. Like I just can’t get it. How is someone this bad?? You got outclassed by me every time, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, remember that. Because it’s fine to lose to someone amazing like me, what’s not fine though, is making up all these lies. All these baseless claims about how you’re better than me, how I suck, yet deep down you know I’m better than you, and I have been proving that time and time again Harpie, you oblivious, stupid bitch. There’s a reason I beat you two times, there’s a reason I was the one force that stopped you from winning, and that’s because I’M BETTER THAN YOU!!! I’ve been the one person holding you back EVERY SINGLE TIME. Our Dynasty 1v1 proved that, that tag match proved that, YOU, HARPIE, you will NEVER be on MY level. You will always remain below, because you’re simply not good enough. Some shit like that may cut against other people who aren’t good, but it won’t for me, because I’m simply just this much better, Harpie. It doesn’t take Einstein to know that, either. You will forever have the thought in your head that “Ugh, if only Ash wasn’t here, I would’ve still had my win streak over jobbers”. I’ve always been your nightmare, Harpie, if it wasn’t for me, you would’ve given us another bad Specialists Championship performance. If it wasn’t for me, you would still have a streak to brag about. It ain’t like it would’ve gotten you anywhere though, because Harpie, you’re the definition of mediocrity. Nah, not even mediocrity. You’re the definition of trash. Next time Xanny Payne cuts a promo he’s gonna look on the Thesaurus and when he wants to call somebody trash, he’ll call them Harpie Lee. Because your name is synonymous with trash. The only thing that keeps you relevant is referencing pop culture and using unfunny Twitter memes in your promos, because otherwise, you would’ve been just another Lucy Johnson.

All the losses which you mention, you got beaten decisively. You weren’t good enough. Me?

I was screwed. All the five losses I have suffered, they were all screwjobs. From cheating, to having a win stolen, to being held back by a group of jealous dicks. I never lost, practically. I never rightfully lost, and I currently should be undefeated. I currently should be Specialists Champion, but that couldn’t happen due to screwjobs. But it’s coming, I’m going to be Specialists Champion this season. Midsummer Massacre, Territorial Invasion, Reasonable Doubt, Road To Redemption, and it can go on and on, whenever it happens does not matter, because Bettie can screw me all she wants, one thing remains clear though - that title is mine. Her days as champion are numbered, and they’ve been numbered ever since I beat you. I should’ve won at Pain For Pride, but due to unfair officiating - I lost. And if the unfair officiating continues, then I’ll continue gunning for that title. I don’t give a shit how many attempts it takes, but I’ll do it. Bettie WILL NOT get away with that garbage, and Bettie will ALWAYS have to rely on cheap tricks to beat me because she’s just not good enough. She is a horrible champion and that championship hasn’t had a single good champion since the better version of you left. It’s time I change that, because I’ve been waiting. Two months was a very long time for someone of my caliber to finally get an opportunity, and the moment I was supposed to win, it was stolen from me. While you decisively lost every title shot you’ve got, your Litty Consequences match counts too because with our without Xanny he would’ve still won, I was screwed out of mine. I SHOULD be Specialists Champion. I SHOULD be an amazing champion currently, but bias, unfairness, corruption, it allowed Bettie’s cheap trick to pass. It’s sad, but she’ll realize that adding 30 days to her title reign won’t do her any favors because when I come back for that title I’ll beat the everliving shit out of her, and you, Harpie? You’re just exhibition. You’re a name for me to beat ahead of getting my rematch against Bettie. I will always beat you, plain and simple, I’m just this much better than you. Your only purpose in this company is doing crazy explosion moments where you kill yourself (which are easily forgotten) and making others, like me, look good. There’s a reason you’re never going to achieve anything, there’s a reason you winning a second title is nothing more than a dream that’s never coming true, and there’s a reason you still live in Sarah Price’s shadow, because frankly, ever since she left they’ve been looking so hard to find a replacement, and one of those people was you, and we both know how that turned out since you’re fucking garbage and can’t even get out of the shadow of somebody who left nearly a year ago.

But you’re “The Future” right? Someone who can carry a whole division on her shoulders right?

Get out. You could barely carry Siri against Parental Advisory and Chained Fury, being able to carry yourself as Specialists Champion?? Yikes. I get it, be confident, that’s fine, we’re all delusional in some way, but lord, know your damn limits. Because you’re literally not even above the New Breed division. You’re not good, and you will never be. And any amount of success you may have seen? As little as it would be, just because we’re on the same brand, that’s not happening anymore, because every opportunity you were going to get, that’s going to me. This match? It’ll just make us 3-0. It’ll just make me more dominant than the Pain For Pride performance made me look, and whether I took the pin or I didn’t, I don’t give a shit, because I had that match won. And I WILL win that title sooner or later. You’re a broke bitch, I’m a millionaire, and if you’re broke and clowning a millionaire, the joke is on you. Because I’m the one winning and eating thousand dollar steak on the daily meanwhile you can barely afford eggs. I’ve always been the better between us in every way. I’m healthy, I don’t look like I’ve been addicted to crack for the past 15 years, and I run circles around you in that ring. Everywhere you will go, Harpie, I’ll be there. You see me everywhere you look, you can’t hide or run. Unless you manage to work out a trade, then I’m afraid you won’t succeed this season just because I’m here. Well, not like you were ever getting too successful, this is Harpie Lee we’re talking about. :mjlol: You will never be money, Harpie, you will never be successful, you will never be a good wrestler, you will never get a big win, you will NEVER MAKE IT IN THIS COMPANY… OR IN LIFE FOR THAT MATTER, BECAUSE YOU’RE A LOW LIFE. YOU’RE SOMEONE WHO HAS NO USE TO SOCIETY SO WE MIGHT AS WELL GET RID OF YOU. You will retire knowing that the reason you could never advance in your career was a bitch named Ashley Flores. And I’m very glad that will forever remain embedded into your brain, I’m glad you’re always gonna think about me, and I’m glad I’m going to be the reason you will never succeed. Because you suck. You’re unwatchable, annoying, and purely… garbage. And that’s your nature, a spot monkey who cannot actually wrestle and uses that to hide her lack of skills. A little midget that thinks she’s tough. Good luck recovering from yet another loss against someone with 2 months of experience, good luck trying to even get another title shot, because you SERIOUSLY NEED IT. You need ALL THE LUCK in the world to find yourself in a title match, nonetheless actually winning a title. But hypothetically speaking, let’s say you win another title this season, hell, you may even retire with a pretty successful career, but if there’s one thing you will never do, one thing that you will regret looking back - it’s that you will NEVER beat me.

Truth hurts. Reality hits you right in the face, just like it did a month ago. Sucks to suck though, but I don’t care.

But hey, seeing as you look exactly like a crack addict, you might as well take more than what keeps you alive.

You heard me right. OVERDOSE ON FUCKING CRACK.

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