MATCH PROMO "Uhhhh....?" - Pain For Pride XV Promo IX

Jay Jerry Johnson

Charismatic Artist

Who should I start off first? Let's start with the dumbest one, Jon Kelton, Maybe? The Chosen One? The Delusional One, you mean? The man named Jay Jerry Johnson sounds like a world champion material and you're totally wrong for that, Kelton. Let me ask you then, had matches against many legends in this company and your whole accolade is New Breed Champion makes you the one that deserved the most? It's cool and all you have matches with old folks but what's that really make you? Don't tell that's what you gain your experience because that isn't what gets into your craft, that's just a part of your life that worth nothing to show off. I don't even bring my match against Drake King to talk about it because I know that isn't worth bragging about. I remember exactly what happened between Drake and me and I decided not to talk about it. Nothing you tell me to devalue from me as a world champion material. I'm the perfect one for this match and no matter how good you are, you're not good enough to lower my chance down from winning this match. 2-0, Pretty cool I guess but I would be careless because you're not going to do anything about it when you're in this match. I said this so many times but I'll say it for these people again, I am SUPPOSED to win this match because my fate has already decided the result. Jon thinks all those wins against me will make him the winner of this match or feels like he's better than any of us. His chance of winning this match isn't better than mine and that's the point. My point isn't about physical terms, He can win against me anytime he feels like it. It's not going to be this time because Jon is not going to feel the same way like everytime he had a chance to go against me, he's going to go back to basics and die. Just like how much I want him to die right now. How many times do you want me to tell you that your chance isn't it for this match? It's all about me because this is my showcase, Pain For Pride is the place where I'm the one who raises the pride from my pain. You're not a pain, you're not a pride, you're just dust in the wind that blows me totally nothing. If there any need for you to prove me wrong, the third time's a charm, buddy. I know you have enough proof to say that you're better than me, then prove it again I dare you, Jon. I'm going to keep coming back no matter what. No matter how many times you will embarrass me, one thing you will never be able to do against me is put me down for good. That's one thing you will never change against me how many times we have a chance to come across each other. I'm the immortal one, I will always come back to haunt you until you give it up to me. Just like in this match, another day for me to show that you have nothing to end me.

I have a question, Adam. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you think at this point, I care about your respect after more after all those things you said to me? You know exactly how much this means to you, as you know how much this means to you. It worked the same so don't try to separate yourself to become the oddest one in this match. Don't ever get your idea of the best one in this match because after you proved repeatedly, you have shown that "Inevitable" and another two words you told me are absolutely false information. What do you mean by "No one"? I'm standing right here and trying to tell you the truth about this match, you are just the one that wants to argue with me and keep things longer. Do you think I worry about distractions, Adam? I probably do because if you want to talk about it, you're one of them. Maybe tell me more clearly why I would have to be a fraud like Ronan Malosi? I guess that's something you want me to be undeniable with. I don't have to be like Ronan as I never want to be like Ronan. Speaking of "Trying to be like", maybe stop trying to put yourself above all of us because if you hit yourself with a reality check, I want you to realize that you're not above anybody and you never will. This isn't the competition about whose reputation is higher than who and I'm really sure I already said that. You don't have to be famous to win this match, you just have to be competent and ensure that briefcase will be yours. I don't understand why you get everything I said but keep talking and try to win the fight you can't win. I'm not concerned about reputation, just like I don't care about your fame or how famous you are in EAW. I'm here and the only thing I truly care about is winning this match. Me talking about winning this match isn't about making a miracle, It's about giving these people the reality that is perfect for EAW's landscape. If that isn't enough, I will win this match to save EAW's New Generation from being irrevelant. How about that? Is that look big enough for you? If you don't like me doing this for myself, I'll do it for both sides then. I'll save myself then save this company. I'm very close to becoming the world champion and I have no time to be bothered by someone that tries to get in my lane. You're not going to be a stone that flat my tire, you will be just some insects that I will ride my wheel over to death. This is who I am: the future world champion, the man with a lot of potentials to win this match, and the man who sacrificed his entire life to earn his moment in the grandest stage in EAW history. Again, No one wants this battle to be about who is more famous than who. This has nothing to do with your reputation, It's about resolution. Nothing about my statement is ridiculous or funny, so don't try to suit me with comedy; I'm not here for that.

I don't miss you, Jake, just like I don't wish you to speak anymore. The more you say, the more brain cells these people are losing. Since you want to start your message towards me like that, I have a better question, what's your girlfriend have anything to do with me? If you want to say "I have bitches and you don't!" then don't, I never care about love. I don't need that when I'm happy living my life without that factor. Tell me, Jake, What's your point of bringing that up when you KNOW it has NOTHING to do with me? I'm not trying to stop you from talking about it but I just want to say that's a weird intro you have against me. It's weird that you started talking about your relationship before you pointed out winning this match. You had a great start off this week and it began to fall off as you started to go out of work. Instead, you tell me that you HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. Congrats, Jake, I'm so happy for you but that means absolutely nothing to this match. It's meaningless like your statement about "You want to fuck me more than winning this match".... If this is Jake Smith that I'm going to face at Sin City, I would be really disappointed and take no pressure against him. What's your point? Why would I want to fuck you just? Just because you made yourself a retard and I want to talk about a retard like you? If you want to talk about "Fucking" that much, Be my guest and go get a room with your whore, you fucking piece of shit. It's quite creepy that you brought that case against me for nothing. I never have an idea of fucking with you, and I never do. I know it's pride month and all, it's all cool, I support LGBT but I'm not here to fuck you. I'm here to win the match. I'm here to win the biggest match of my career. I'm here to win the Cash In The Vault Briefcase. I really have to ask you, how many times have you wanted to doubt me about this? How often will you say that I'm not better than you? In the past or now, I can give you that. Ok cool, Jake Smith is better than me but his chance of winning? Get the fuck out of here. Do you think these are weekly shows or Fight Grid? I don't think so, Jake. I think this is the biggest match of my EAW career and I'm here to win my biggest moment. You ultimately started off with a strong promo this week, and you made yourself a loser by saying some sus shits. After that, Guess say whatever you want about me, Jake because you showed enough that you're nothing but a fucking weirdo to me. I'm out here and act like your opponent, you came back to me with "You want to fuck me ig". What a classless act, Jake. For that, don't blame me for insulting you... You poked me to clown you, you stupid motherfucker.


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