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Usagi Senshi

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| Government / Wrestling Name |
Usagi Senshi

| Picbase |

| Current Nicknames |

Master Of Excellence (PRIMARY)
Transfer Student
Marvelous Misfortune

| Pronouns |
She / Her / Hers

| Height |
5'4" (162 cm)

| Weight |
115 lbs (52 kg)

| Hometown |
Fukuoka, Japan

| Current Residence (Billed From) |
Okinawa, Japan

| Age & Date Of Birth |
23 Years Old; October 13th, 1999


| Alignment |
Delusional Heel

| General Season 17 Character Bio |

"I'm sorry… the old Usagi can't make it to the phone right now."
The doubters told her to do something about it. The doubters told her to do something about the rough patches that she has experienced. She tried to get back on the right track, but she was driven back into insecurities by higher powers who wanted to see a side of Usagi Senshi that she tried to hide away for a long, long time. And well, they are finally getting it. After weeks and weeks of miscommunication between her and someone who she thought was her best friend, Usagi Senshi finally had enough. She had enough of trying to give people the benefit of the doubt; had enough of trying to trust only to be left burned and heartbroken when she was at her most vulnerable. She doesn't care what she has to do anymore. If she wants to win, she is going to do it by any means necessary. If she has to hurt in order to heal, she will hurt. If she has to sacrifice in order to succeed, she will sacrifice. It's time that she killed the old Usagi Senshi once and for all — the one that was a cancer to her career — a cancer to her heart. She will Rebuild. She will Reclaim. And she will do it by her own accord now.

| Motivations |
Rebuild. Reclaim. This is what Usagi Senshi has chosen to now live by. She knows the time that it will take to do what is necessary, but all she ever wants it to rebuild from the bottom, and all the way back to the top,, and then reclaim her reputation. She wants to become a champion. She wants to succeed in Elite Answers Wrestling. She is motivated to be the absolute best that this company has ever seen, and it doesn't matter when, it doesn't matter how, she is going to do exactly that.

| Tendency To Cheat |


| Theme Song |
'A Cruel Angel's Thesis' - Yoko Takahashi [x]

| Entrance |

| Special Entrance |

| Official EAW Debut |
November 21st, 2021.

| Official Wrestling Debut |

| Favourite Match Type |
Trip To Purgatory Match

| (Least) Favourite Match Type |

| Favourite Weapon |

Yellow Mist [x]

| In Ring Attires |
[x] [x] [x]

| Segment Attire(s) |

[x] [x] [x]


| Strengths & Weaknesses |
Confidence; Usagi is extremely confident in herself no matter what. She always believes that she has what it takes to win, and more times than not, that confidence is what brings her to a victory.
+ Agility; Usagi has always been extremely quick and agile in the ring mostly due to her size. She can outpace just about anyone who she is in the ring against and she uses it to her advantage.
+ Resiliency; Usagi has always been one to not stay down. She always picks herself back up no matter how much damage is done to her, and it takes an awful lot to keep her down for the count.

+ / - Trust Issues; More now than ever before, Usagi has extreme trust issues for anyone who she has to team up with or co-exist with. Sometimes this can be beneficial, seeing a betrayal coming from a mile way, but it can also cost her by trying to do things under her own power.

- Size; Usagi is of course smol, and very light. Because of this, it can easily be taken advantage of; as she can be picked up pretty easily and thrown around, which creates a disadvantage for her.
- Short Tempered; Usagi has a very short temper and can easily be pissed off and annoyed by the tiniest of things, which in turn can be used as mind games against her.
- Bipolar & Intermittent Explosive Disorder; Pretty self-explanatory, and on par with the short temper. Usagi suffers through some bad disorders that can cause really horrible mood swings, which can easily put her in a position to lose.

| Wrestling Style |
Striker / Technician

| Common Moves |
DDT Variations
Draping DDT
Elevated DDT
Inverted DDT
Jumping DDT
Regular DDT
Tornado DDT (Can be done through the ropes)

Hand Strikes
Backhand Chop
Closed Fist Punch
Elbow Strike
Elbow Smash
Forearm Smash
Forearm Strike
Running Forearm Strike
Running Uppercut
Spinning Back Chop
Spinning Back Elbow
Spinning Back Fist
Springboard Forearm Strike
Springboard Uppercut

Leg Strikes
Diving Knees
Diving Shotgun Dropkick
Grounded Corkscrew Kick (From top rope)
Hanging Soccer Kick
Knee Drop
Missile Dropkick
Pele Kick
Pump Handle Knee Strike
Roundhouse Kick
Running Dropkick
Shotgun Dropkick
Spinning Back Heel Kick
Standing Double Footstomp
Step-Up Enzuigiri

Submission Variations
Anaconda Vice
Ankle Lock (Grounded)
Arm Bar (Whilst kicking at opponent)
Boston Crab
Cross Arm Bar (Whilst kicking at opponent)
Crossface Chickenwing
Dragon Sleeper Hold
Figure Four Leg Lock (Can be done around ringpost)
Guillotine Choke Hold
Heel Hook
Indian Death Lock
Knee Bar
Octopus Lock
Single Legged Boston Crab
Sleeper Hold
Triangle Choke Hold
Wrist Lock (Whilst striking opponent)

Suplex Variations
Belly-to-Belly Suplex
Cut Throat Suplex
Dragon Suplex
Fisherman's Suplex
Snapdragon Suplex
Tiger Suplex
Vertical Suplex

Discus Clothesline
Joint Manipulation
Repeated Heatbutts
Running Lariat
Russian Leg-Sweep
Suicide Dive
Sit-Out Powerbomb
Springboard Clothesline
Top-Rope Brainbuster

| Combination Moves |
Powerbomb followed by a Standing Double Foot Stomp followed by a Grounded Corkscrew Kick
The Elite Combo || Forearm Smash, European Uppercut, Spinning Backfist and a Roundhouse Kick combination

| Signature Moves |
(High-Angle Throwing German Suplex)
- Critical Darling
(Samoan Driver)
- Lost In The Fire
(Powerbomb Double Knee Backbreaker)
- Mood Swings
(Cartwheel Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
- Got Ya.
(Electric Chair Position spun 360° around and down into a Spinning Wheelbarrow Victory Roll)
[In case you write Usagi to win a Match by rollup, just use this.]

| Finishing Moves |
- Fatality
(Running Bicycle Knee Strike)
- Time Deficiency
(Corner Springboard Roundhouse Kick)
- Cryptic Blitz
(Vertical Suplex Piledriver)

| Ultra Finishing Move |
Bloody Massacre
(Spinning Heel Kick)
[Should result in an automatic TKO win for Usagi Senshi; little to no exceptions.]


| Championships |

| Accolades |

| Awards |
Rising Star of the Week (×2)
Match of the Week (×4)
#344, #360, #363
Beef of the Week (×4)
#300, #306, #335, #363
2022 EAW Awards

Tag Team of the Year (nom - w/Ice Aces)


- After so long of being a push over to Elitists in this company, Usagi has finally stopped taking the bullshit from people around here. She doesn't care about who she associates with herself, as far as she sees it; she can have friends in this business, but she will always be for herself.

- Usagi heavily cares about her looks as much as she does with her in-ring skills, now. She is basically a Japanese Mean Girl with a bad attitude. She loves to pride herself on looking pretty while kicking the ass of anyone who gets into her way.

- Despite the bad blood that Usagi now has with her best friend, she still cares and loves ARIA. She just feels that ARIA has cost her too much to give her the time out of her day for support anymore. She doesn't want to be held back, and if it means leaving the people she cares for and love most behind her? That is what she will do.

- Usagi has a tattoo under her left eye; which is a star wrapped in barbed wire, representing herself as a "Starboy," while being deep into her feelings after everything that she has gone through within the last year.

- Usagi has a very bad history of concussions, as well as an extremely deep laceration wound in the very back of her neck; one that has never healed, and never will the most that Usagi puts herself through hell and back in order to fight.

- Usagi has had a really bad history with alcohol and drugs, being a very heavy drinker as well as a smoker. She had since tried her very hardest to push herself into being free within sobriety (as mentioned here), but has since struggled with staying away from it.

- Usagi can become a very desperate woman in matches where she feels like she is on the near edge of losing. Because of this, on some (but very rare) occasions, Usagi will pull out yellow mist to use on her opponents. This mist is said to paralyze opponents, which gives Usagi a huge advantage.

- Usagi is BISEXUAL, and she is in a current relationship with her life long partner in crime, the love of her life; Ayu Megumi. Ayu is the Joygirl to her Starboy, and they still care about each other to this day.​
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Usagi Senshi

i'm in love with a starboy
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Usagi Senshi

i'm in love with a starboy
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Usagi Senshi

i'm in love with a starboy
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