MATCH PROMO Voltage #003 - The Future.


Thinking about revolutionizing the Earth.
The Reserved.
The camera fades in to see Ruler at his office desk. He takes a sip out of his coffee cup and he ties his hair up into a ponytail as he begins to speak.

Ay, that’s adorable, Wildcard. Very cute of you to so desperately cut a promo right after a bloody match of yours, just so you could get the satisfaction of getting a dead point across. Yeah. Makes sense that you would time things like that as such, and then go on to say literally second later that I was the one wasting all of my time away, by heading off into other areas of my city to get my points across. Hmm, yeah that don’t add up, chief. Wanna say it louder for the people in the back, so that they can also hear just how pathetically retarded your hypocritical, dumbass double standards are? Listen up next time, and maybe educate yourself a bit as well, because it clearly wasn’t a waste of my time if i triggered you enough to the point where you’re now relying on the numbers of your income to try and say something. You see, I didn’t really waste my time at all by going to a local Boston retirement home and care centre, as I just did what I said I would do. I kept my word and bought you a whole ass room for when your ass is defeated by yours truly, and I gave some views around the place WHILST disproving every goddamn word that came out of your mouth... Is that NOT what I said I would do? You know I’m correct, because that is exactly what I stated. It’s called consistency, and you seem to be lacking GALLONS of that substance. I would certainly be the clueless one here in this scenario if I wasn’t able to so easily rip apart each and every one of your statements like a fine sheet of paper.. Yet I have been doing all of that since you first decided to speak and say such garbage, and I will continue to do so for the better of the future of EAW. I don’t care if you happen to have the undying urge to go across this entire world and experience how bad and shitty this place is from all angles and sides, but what I do care about is how poorly you structured everything in your literal beginning opening lines. You rely so heavily upon assumptions and guesses, that it’s honestly hard for me to believe that you speak anything about the truth at all. I don’t solely rely on EAW either. I just don’t NEED to bring that fucking shit up because it is just so irrelevant to this case. Last time I checked, this wasn’t a contest to see who can fight in the most places outside of EAW. But shit, even if it were, then trust me when I say that it would be heard from me almost immediately.. But it just doesn’t need to be...

I might have joined EAW and made it my top priority above everything else in this world right now, but I still tend to show up in most of the companies that are in the achievements part of my bio. So whether I bring such things up and devalue my promos, like yourself, by putting my mind ELSEWHERE, or whether I keep to what matters the most and simply be as effective as I possibly can with my words, JUST considering EAW, as I have been doing, you end up in a lose-lose position. But you just HAVE to bring up working in other promotions across the map so damn quickly, and also so damn confidently as if it’s going to insult the opposing person that you are facing.. Just to so easily be proved wrong in the long run anyways. It’s so stupid. I don’t sit down all day and fiddle with my thumbs within the walls of my Reserved. I don’t wait for fucking days to weeks on end for EAW to inform me about segment time, promo slots, or matches. Nah nah nah. You got it all wrong. I mean.. Buddy, I’m literally a champion in another promotion right now. But do I need to say that?? No. Of course not, and I’m not going to after this point as it’s unnecessary. This isn’t a match within the other companies, and this match isn’t going to lead to any one of us getting a paycheck for another establishment. This is a New Breed Championship Number One Contenders Match in Elite Answers Wrestling, where all that you do and say in this one place is the only thing that matters. Even if it’s fun, even if it’s awarding, and even if it helps your wallet, you’re a fucking idiot for even making nonfactors factors in your promo. Money isn’t going to help you in a physical battle against me.

And no. You’ve been far less deserving of getting any more match time than I have gotten in recent days. But I was granted better spots, and you just weren’t. It’s that simple. On most of the days where I didn’t get a match, I was given an interview to do, or I was asked to project my thoughts upon a certain matter. And I did those things very well. But you wouldn’t bother checking that information, or even just searching these simple things up for a quick confirmation.. Because apparently you got better things to do, right? Bruh. I don’t think that flying some planes and driving to some different areas around the place is that much of a hassle to your schedule. It’s not that much better of a thing to do at all. Doesn’t even take THAT much time away from you in the long run at all. As professional wrestlers, we are built to work around those things; Around travel. Every one of us on the EAW roster has to either drive, or has to fly out, to our needed destination(s). That’s how we get home, and how we get to the arenas, as that is how it’s always been. You’re just failing to make up an excuse by bringing those things up, which is honestly incredible that you would even think of trying to pull something like that. You don’t even attempt to cover up the fact that you are so uneducated upon my previous works, and you’re just going off of your gut feeling alone, which is never always right. It’s because you’re too caught up with yourself. You’re too busy cranking your own knob and waving the extra money that you nearly killed yourself to even get, for you to even realize how troubled you are and how moronic you sound. You DO want to show that you deserve this positioning you’re in right now, right? You’ve been all-in on proving to me, and to everyone else here, that YOU are the next challenger to Alex Myers, and yet.. You don’t even care much at all to even properly research the opponent you’re facing now to MAYBE get that title opportunity itself that you want. How fucking lazy do you gotta be to sink to the barest of minimums? You can fight one match, or you can fight a thousand, but when part of your job is the task of activity promoting your match with your opponent by researching them, and calling them out for their bullshit, and you CANNOT even do that correctly, then it just goes to everyone out there how actually UNDESERVING you are of this spot. You got lucky, Ms. Card. I don’t have any bad or cancerous weakness about me, that has just somehow magically made its way to you. It’s just that you’ve been blind to it all of your career, up until now it seems.

You aren’t the first to disagree with my moniker of The Ancient Prodigy, and you aren’t going to be the last either. You also won’t be the first or last person to say that you are better than me, simply because you think that I’m not special and because you believe that your work greatly exceeds beyond that of my own. And today, your word of the day is imbecile. It means a stupid person. Because goddamn, you just keep on it with these types of things. I’m far from desperate. I’m not the one here that had to bring money into the equation to seem like a bigger deal than what I actually was, and nor was I the one that had to bring in some irrelevant ass match that I just had to maybe get a threat across. Wildcard, you are faaiiilllingg in all aspects. I stand before you fear-free as the one edging you on to give me your absolute best. Is this your best? Is that really as good as you get? “Still better than you’ll ever be.” Is that what you are going to say, and then proceed to not prove? I mean ya done it already. I’m in fact much more special than you really think, and I’ve stated how already by going through my match history, EAW statistics, and some fun facts about my career thus far that you DID NOT even bother looking for yourself. You’ve yet to even bring anything up at all into that topic, as you solely rely on your outside ventures because when talking about you in EAW you are nothing compared to what you really think you are. The facts right here prove it. Your work does not speak for itself. You can’t even speak for yourself with words.

Plus the fact that you’ve been going on and on about the singular skit I’ve done, acting like it’s been my main focus for every single one of my opponents in EAW so far, is just so fucking hilarious to me. It really is. I’ve done one skit-related promo my entire career here thus far, and that was against you literally this week, yet to you it’s the end of the world. I knew that you would get offended and triggered from it so easily, so it’s why I did it then. You were an eaasyyy target, especially with the background, and especially with the old age. Of course ima bring that shit up. You think I’m stupid? It worked perfectly for the promo, and in fact, it was very well received by the masses, so it paid off. Why do you think that I chose to enact a skit promo at such a specific time? It wasn’t for no reason, Wildcard. I’m more on the grind than you are when I can whip something up like that, and have it be a success on the first try. Pretty impressive for a guy that’s a “clown” right? And it’s not like I would have cared if the promo went unnoticed, or if it was given some backlash by chance, because even still my points would have been cleeaarrr as day. It would have made sense despite that, and it just makes even more when people tend to agree. Hell, that fuckin old ass lady from the care centre even said that you needed to go to that place with her, and she was arthritic and insane. You just make it too easy to win, man. The world is laughing at YOU and with ME. I outweigh you in this match. I already have the greater momentum, and I am not close to even stopping. You’ve been giving me the same old contrived blather that I have been hearing since I got here as well. It’s no different. I haven’t stood out to you because you don’t stand out yourself. Do I need to repeat?? Gimmicky, cliche, seen before. Nothing new is going to come up, and nothing will change that. You’re a clean copy and paste like I said. If it’s so difficult for you to get those few simple words right into your small ass head, then I’ll fucking beat it into you and hand you your second ever loss if thats any different. I’d beat the fucking shit out of you. I’d be glad to. Maybe that’s the “something different” you’re searching for? Because verbally, I think every possible nook and cranny of you has been covered in the span of basically a single promo, and this is by many, many, many people, because they see the same honest thing;. You’re generic as fuck. And if you want to hear something different, make yourself different. CONTROL YOUR NARRATIVE, WILDCARD. Make yourself mean something, and not just be useless in name value, consistency, and like I’ve been saying now, character. You have its control, act like it.

It isn’t anyone's fault but yourself that you are hearing these same things. I’m very different from the rest, you’re just the same old hardcore bitch that comes around the place from time to time, rinse and repeat. When you start to realize that, time and time again, the same issues are being brought up to your attention by completely different people, then you should immediately know that something is wrong with yourself, and follow up by doing something greater. Yet you don’t. Just change something. Fix something that is the issue; And that something is yourself half of the time. The other half is with the way you talk. If management didn’t care about any of their Elitists history with each other, then this company would have been dead and buried from illogical booking years ago. Just look at New Eden right now. Since their splitting up, EAW has managed to keep them in such close quarters together, in rivalry form, because it just happens to make sense and it draws people in. You think that the EAW Universe would rather see Myles defend his EAW World Championship against someone like Limmy, or Impact, who have been completely irrelevant to Myles’s case as of late, when Drake and Minerva are right there? Nah buddy, that’s why when Drake and Minerva fought to a draw, they were both granted the match instead of someone else. EAW cares too much about history to let such things slip away from their fingers, which is why I had brought that statement up in the first place about me and Alex having history. That’s another reason why I’m in this match at all too. People might not know the history I have with Alex Myers, but I don't care, because when I win, they will. I will give you a fucking story to see and I will give you something to talk about. That’s why I need to win, and that’s why I am pushing myself to do so no matter the cost. I have to. You don’t have any other reason to do what I’m doing, other than you thinking that you “deserve it”, which I have proven false already. This, in simple terms, basically isn’t your time, and it won’t be for a while. Maybe years, maybe never. Maybe you’ll just be forgotten like most of the rest. But only time will tell. It’s not me being salty. Nah man. If I were salty then I’d be yelling at you, and not making any sense at all with what I say. But time and time again I make my promos flow incredibly well. Time and time again, each thing that I say correlates to the last. I can literally name five other people that are greater than you who are currently in this New Breed Division; Me, The literal champion Alex Myers, Joso, Lewis, Ice Aces, ect. Bro that’s more than five too, and I could still go on. And that’s just in this division. You aren’t that high up on the rankings at all, and that’s not me saying that I am high up either, it’s just me saying that you are lesser than so many others. I don’t need to call you any worse either, because you obviously get the point already. That’s why you would say that in the first place. You just choose to fake the actual effect that what I’m saying has on you, so you can feel better about yourself and about the situation.

And like I said, I made one AMAZING skit and you dick ride it as an excuse. Lemme ask you something. Why aren’t you saying anything new? Why aren’t you involving the more relevant topics and things into your work? Net worth is irrelevant. I shouldn’t have to say this one thing so constantly to you, but the amount of times that you repeat the same shit, as if you didn’t just say it moments ago, forces me to do so. It’s insane. I don’t wish to talk about these things, but I do so that you don’t get the satisfaction of feeling like you shut me up upon a certain topic and that you’re right. Because lemme tell ya, you ain’t gonna shut me up at all, and you have no ONCE been right about anything relevant here. If I were a gag, then like I said, I would not have been trusted this much by EAW to be put in the positions that I have been in for Season 15. Season 16, 17, 18, and so on is just going to get greater. I haven’t stated that I should be given everything that I wanted either, or deserving of it in fact, because if that were the case then I’d be outta this company, and outta any job within the tristate area. It’s just my EAW career so far has led me to this, and it’s gonna lead me to greater soon enough. That’s legitimately all. You outta pocket, man. This is ridiculous at this point. And yeah, I have been shitting on your gimmick that you like to call a personality this entire time, and for good reason as well. You’ve waved money and outside ventures so frequently in peoples faces within only two promos, that it’s honestly hard to believe that this isn’t a gimmick. Unless you are actually this retarded of a person, which is an insult to humanity as a whole. And if you can go this deep into one promo that I made, about skits, and about such stupid ass shit like my past accomplishments that don’t even matter right now, then you obviously see a personality. Saying that I “have none” is the definition of a default reply to being said that your personality is dogshit. Just take it and get better. Literally this was one of your weakest “points.”

You can surely be a force. You can surely be a fighter. We all are in one aspect or another. That’s why we have made it to EAW in the first place. I said that I had no idea about who the fuck you were, in reference to when I saw that we were booked against each other. Not that deep. I did research too after that, and I did it way better than you might I add. I didn’t butcher any of your past, and nor did I butcher anything currently about you. You are a professional wrestler- Exclude me. Professional fiGhTeR that is past her golden days. You’re itching to the end of your overall career, which you will most likely end in EAW. And that’s whether or not you do anything of importance at all. I didn’t jump any gun at all. I talked about what was given to me and what matter, and as you said more and more stupid shit, I also talked about that. I haven’t looked past you, I’ve been staring right at you, and in some cases I’ve even been staring right through you because of the fact that there’s a better and more deserving opponent on the other side once I win. And naw, I don’t underestimate anyone. I will never sink to those levels. The one time I did was against Diamond Dixon and I have since learned. I’m expecting a great fight from you, but it’s just that you don’t talk well at all. You hit zeroes across the board when it comes to promoing. I can understand what you’re trying to say sometimes, but I don’t completely understand. This is because 99% of the time it’s all false. No one smart enough is going to spend their time trying to understand the false things in life. Maybe it is 100% in fact, and not just 99, but sometimes, occasionally in some small sentences, you have used partial syllogism. So I mean, you got those few sentences going for you. And what I said about how either of us would be as a champion was just a hypothetical used as reasoning to help you understand more clearly why I am going to MAKE myself win. Why I need to, and why I will. But apparently a surplus amount of evidence is just too much for you to handle. Yikes. You missed the point right ahead of you despite saying that I’m missing the points of your own statements. That don’t add up… Again. But I mean I don’t expect anything else otherwise. You even said that you won’t even try to out-talk me anymore. See. You know that you fucked up along the lines, and you know you’re not winning this verbal argument. You lost long ago. Now you’re just starting to lose hope, and soon enough, support.

In the ring it will be no different. I will pry away everything from you. I will force you to quit, and I will walk out the number one contender. There isn’t any changing that fact. I have faced Alex before, and you would not survive them at all. It’s hilarious that you tend to see yourself as equal to them as a champion. Oh and looky there. Ya talk about how foolish it is of me to even address what it would be like to face off against Alex Myers, and how either one of us could be as champion, and yet you go on a pointless rant yourself about the matter. Truly peak hypocrisy. Truly, truly a tragedy to hear you speak.

When I win that belt, I will be the greatest champion the New Breed division has seen. So yes, that’s exactly what I would do; Going after greater success, and not stopping at temporary satisfaction. I know what my worth is, but you clearly do not. So I will teach you my worth over time, and I will help you learn. I will put you to an easy rest, and I will stand tall as you are bloodied, and the only hardcore thing about you will be a mangled, disfigured look.

Connection terminates.
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