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“Before I move to your current offering Jon, and the several inconsistencies within, and believe me I will get to it. But firstly, I want to take a moment to go back, and speak about what was the scene setting opening lines of your first, recognizing that I probably didn’t elaborate on it enough. The first promo designed to set the stall out for the week. There are some, like me, that know that when it comes down to the final act, these videos are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Unless you are weak of mind, easily swayed by opinions, matches are never won on camera. They have their place as hype, no more no less… I’ll be coming back to that point later. They are a part of our job, no question. It’s giving an insight to our feelings, our desires, and there is little question that fans lap it up, even some Elitists get more than a little excitable. But, if you were using that opening gambit to let me, and everyone else know where your mindset was at, I think we can all agree that you did that. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it didn’t come across as intended, nor did it have the desired effect.

Allow me to elaborate further.

Just how far you’ve come in a year… I mean, I can’t deny that there has been an improvement. You’ve faced, and beaten a good standard of Elitist, but as you were in that bracket below the main event stars, you still, unquestionably, find yourself in the same place. Take this whole, you ‘managed to get past the first round’ that I’ve heard you mention several times during this King of Elite tournament already, I mean, bravo and all that. You ARE in the semi-finals, one step from King of Elite and a shot at the World Championship, but the way you spoke of Jake Ripley and indeed Ryan Wilson in your on-camera segments, is it really that big a deal? Seeing as it became obvious that you didn’t think much of the two of them. What was it you said to Ryan again? Is he serious… how can an Elitist be that bad? I can’t be bothered to look it up, but color me intrigued. Who was it you went out to in the first-round last year anyway? See Jon, getting further in a tournament isn’t a sign of progress on its own, it needs to be justifiable. It ‘could’ have been, if you’d not incessantly flapped your gums against Ryan Wilson, but you by you own words made that victory all seem like nothing, a pointless exercise. I mean, you say last year ate you up inside… man, I’m here to tell you now that you are well known for letting things get to you. So, what’s going to happen this year when you power your way into a semi-final, and Voltage and Dynasty are sat at ringside, and you fail.


If going out in the first round hurt, this Jon is going to smart like a bitch. So near and so far, you’re looking at the guy that could write a book. IF, he didn’t know that those chapters were what brought me him to the show.

You see Jon, what became ultimately clear in that opening gambit, was that you believe that you are the only one who has evolved in the past year, you are the only one who has made a difference to their career. You pour scorn on anyone who dares tell you that you have failed on countless occasions yet use that very same argument to example how you have ‘come on leaps and bounds’ and everyone else has remained stagnant. I nailed Showdown to the wall last year, beating someone who would go on to be a dominant Hardcore Champion in Charlie Marr. This year, I’ve done the same again, and could once more be in those finals. And yet, you call a controversial defeat to Andre Walker failure? Of course, you do, because I did indeed lose, there is no denying it. To him, and then consequentially TLA. Controversially. I then went on to lose Cash in the Vault, Controversially, you see the pattern, right? And yes Jon, it was a quite spectacularly shitty end to season fifteen, but I owned it. You don’t have to say it to me, you’ll find many examples of those exact words coming out my mouth. But past is past… you learn from it, but never dwell on it. And in singles competition this year, my record is almost spotless, barring the bullshit finish to the Elimination Chamber that I’m sure even you won’t try to justify. And that includes a marquee victory over you, that in your desperation to succeed, YOU requested. You can obviously see where I’m going with this right? Since that Cash in the Vault failure that allowed Jake Smith to become the Answers World Champion there is hardly anyone in this company that can compare with me. That’s not statistics from twelve months ago Jon. That’s here, in the here and now. You talk of how far you’ve come in twelve months… what the hell is taking you so long? Three months ago, even, I was nothing like the Elitist that I currently am. And if you don’t believe me, ask Alex Myers the differences he found just last week. I’ve never stopped working Jon, and I never will. And that isn’t a forced logic, it’s been in my DNA since I first walked into this place, the reason why I was scouted all those months ago. It didn’t take me nigh on a decade to figure out what I needed to do to succeed, it took me two years of hard work and determination to be REGULARLY in those main events that you aspire to. I love that you finally take pride in your work. I’m happy that you feel you are deserving of being in this position, because if I’m being honest Jon, as far as I’m concerned, at least with regards to this year, that’s as good as it’s going to get for you. But at least you’ll have that ‘growth’ to keep you warm at night.

You’ll need it.

Because, if you truly believe that I’m not listening to you Jon, then I come to those ‘inconsistencies’ that I spoke of earlier, and I refer you to every other time that I have every faced you. There is a difference between not ‘listening’, and not ‘believing’, and unfortunately that’s where I find myself when it comes to you Jon, because every time we have gone up against each other, you have attempted an entirely different tact, a different character trait. You’ve come at me all respectful, you’ve wanted the EAW’s approval, you’ve acted like the bad ass, and tried the ‘cheap shot’ route, and now it’s all about the World Championship apparently. Don’t get me wrong fella, change is good, evolution even better. But when this change always seems to come when you come up against me, it’s difficult for me to think of this as nothing more than a chameleon changing his skin. Someone changing for changes sake, to try and blend into his environment. And I openly admit that may not be the case. THIS may well be the definitive version of Jon Kelton that you have searched for, for so long. But you honestly can’t be that ignorant as to suggest that I don’t have a natural right to be more than a little cynical that this isn’t just more of the same, simply because you are TELLING me. I get where you are coming from Jon, I want that World Championship too. It’s a cracking cause to get behind, and I hope that one day you achieve it, because it would be one heck of a story if you did. But yes Jon, I DO still believe that you need that validation, and you seek the World Championship to give you that something you haven’t had in all your years as a competitor. I could be wrong, I know full well I could be wrong, but in essence what you are saying is no better than Alex Myers when he KNEW he would win. I had a differing opinion and guess what. I was right. I’m not saying to want my validation Jon, I don’t think I’ve ever said that… that came from your mouth. But I have seen nothing to suggest that the industries validation doesn’t still mean the world to you but your word. And as I have exampled Jon, you ‘word’ changes with the wind. You want to start anew Jon, that’s an honorable quest it truly is… the problem my friend is that I have heard it all before.

Much like I have heard people claim to be invincible.

No Jon, it’s not your job to convince ME that you can do something that you haven’t ever done before. It’s your job to convince the EAW fanbase that you can, and whether you are concerned about their opinion or not, it’s doesn’t take away from the fact that ‘convincing’ people is exactly what you are supposed to do. Look at it this way, you versus Ryan Wilson, I doubt anyone gave a shit… he is what he is, and much like you, I don’t believe that leopard has changed either. That said Jon, that’s the reason we have weeks like this prior to events, to give these people our thoughts. To convince the EAW Universe to dig into their pockets and use their hard-earned cash to buy a ticket. You don’t do that, we ALL lose, it’s as simple as that. You may well disagree, it would be hypocritical of me to say that’s not your prerogative, but overconfidence in myself… come on Jon, you’re better than that. You claim to know me, and then come out with an allegation like that, when I’ve never once guaranteed a victory over ANYONE, and especially not you. Wasn’t it you who was going around telling the world that you were one of the best, when you hadn’t done anything of merit to prove such. Wasn’t it you who on one of our altercations came out and guaranteed victory? You’re not doing it now, your mindset seems focused… and I’m stoked for you, I really am. Much as I would be stoked if you had indeed cast away these insecurities. So, you are going to go out there and ‘make’ it happen… that’s what the people want to hear. But it’s only words until you tell them why. And yes, I’d love to know how it’s going to come to pass, where it never has before. But I don’t need you to convince me Jon… in fact, other than this match, I think I’ve always had more belief in you than you have yourself. And you know what Jon, if it was entirely about ‘gravitas’ and ‘importance’ then we would both have made good on all those other opportunities that we both speak off. This is basically a ‘playoff’ match that gets to into King of Elite, even the King of Elite title isn’t as important as the World Championship opportunity it presents. We faced each other for the Hardcore Championship Jon, one of the most historic Championships on offer. And I am the one who needs his head examined, who hasn’t ever beat you when the stakes have been this high? I was defending a championship Jon. You were aiming to become a Champion. This is a match that COULD have massive repercussions yes, but it is also one that I’m sorry, doesn’t even compare. It could really matter Jon in time, should one of us win King of Elite and then the World Championship, but now it’s a crossroads. I’ve beaten you with high stakes Jon, much higher stakes than this even. And it’s my belief, not a ‘right’, that I am about to do it again.

Jon, if you would, I would like you understand one thing. Calling you out as not being one of the top stars in this company isn’t meant as a diss, or a means to pull you down. It’s just the reality of our current situation, our ‘status’ if you will in the company at the present day. I’m not talking about your abilities here… but the ‘best wrestler in the world’ isn’t necessarily the top star. It’s what they have done whilst they are here and it doesn’t work in the way you perceive. Let’s look at specifically Showdown and its roster. And I’m not talking hearsay or maybes here… I’m speaking in truth. Jake Smith, Ms. Extreme, Harper Lee, Donovan Duke, Xander Payne, Kassidy Heart, Impact… seven examples of individuals rated more highly than you. And I’d argue Alex is another. You can call it the same song and dance if you wish… I mean, it is you that instigated it by claiming to be one of the best. But the fact is you could face ANY of those individuals and you victory would be regarded as a shock. Now, I know you defeated Jack and Ryan, and I kept them off that list on purpose because their star doesn’t shine as brightly as it once did. How many of those Elitists, the true ‘better’ Elitists on our brand do you have a victory over this season in the past calendar year? I’ve got five out of seven, what do you have. And yet, I don’t consider myself that level, not yet. Winning King of Elite, becoming World Champion, it’s all about changing that narrative. Without it, as I’ve already said to you, it’s only words. And not matter how much you backtrack Jon, those are the ‘top’ stars in this company that you believe you are one of. No, you didn’t say you were better than them, how could you, that would have been even more ridiculous, but you have claimed several times that you deserve to breath that ‘rarified’ air.

Have you not?

If you are leaving no room for miscommunication Jon, you’re not doing a good job my friend. You’re not just making mistakes here, in the moment. The crucial thing is you are making the same mistakes you have made a million times before when you have tried to justify your existence at the top of this imaginary tree you perceive you live on. Here’s some direct and precise words for you Jon, it’s a sentence I’ve said countless times. You’re good, but you are NOT as good as you think you are. And it’s not even overconfidence, it’s more a delusion. Capable of winning big matches? Yes, certainly. Capable of winning the ‘biggest’ matches, whether you like it or care, the jury’s still out. Yes, we are in the semi-finals Jon, but if you think that equates to your level, I’m sorry bro but that’s ridiculous. If you’d faced Kassidy Heart in round one, would it have been another early exit? Likely. If you’d faced Impact in round one, would it have been the same result. Probably. That’s my point Jon, getting to these semi-finals, it’s something to put on your resume and be proud for sure. You still think this means nothing to me… I’m not even going to try and change your mind on that score. Winning King of Elite in a tournament format doesn’t prove you are the best, it could just as easily mean you got lucky. After all, if Kennedy had gotten her way, I could have been out in round one this year as well. Would that have changed my standing in this company. Not a chance… in fact it would have only served to make me even more determined to become Answers World Champion by seasons end. You’re good… yes. But claiming to be ‘one’ of the best… but not even in the top 25%... that’s not my opinion, that’s Math. Those undeniable seven representing 28% of the roster. Your play on words doesn’t change that. Or maybe, ALL of Showdown is the best? At least that would make your baseless claim that little bit more believable.

See Jon, and being as levelheaded as I can muster here, let’s play devil’s advocate for a second, and say that everything I believe about you is wrong, and you are indeed fiercely determined to become the King of Elite 2023, so that you can claim the World Championship and that’s the basis of everything. What bearing will it have at the conclusion of our match? Does it make you the better wrestler? Does it mean that you have found the answer to the equation that you have been missing for the last two years. I know where you are going with this Jon, Alex went to the same place. THEY claimed my attention to detail was missing, and then I took THEM apart. Opinions are just that, opinions. I could be the worst promo in the world, and still have that attention to detail and focus WHEN IT MATTERS. You’re assuming that they go hand in hand, and yet Drake King is one of the most illiterate, brainless ‘characters’ on this or any other roster… but he is without question one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. RING intelligence surpasses a few words on a screen, especially when a comment like ‘reign over your loyal subjects’ was meant as entertainment for those masses and nothing more. Tell me Jon, did I look ‘woe is me’ when I took Kennedy’s two hitmen and tore them apart… costing one of them his job? Bleeding heart… oh my days. Keep on reaching sunshine, you reach for those stars. Me, I’ll just keep on winning, in the way I have been doing ALL season. Honestly, I find myself intrigued… knowing that when I win, you’ll have to come up with yet another ‘attitude’… when there really can’t be that many demeanors that you haven’t tried to force the fit. I won’t ignore the past Jon, because it’s that past that defines who you are, just as you didn’t ignore my past when you brought up my failings.

Oh, and yes, before I forget. How could I leave you without commenting on your closing ‘zinger’… an attack on my use of pronouns, something I found myself apologizing to Alex for only last week. It’s not a lack of focus Jon, or ignorance, I’m not some bigot or something if that is what you are trying to imply, you do know who my wife is right, a part of the very same community. It’s got nothing to do with how much attention I’m paying. It’s nothing more than a slip of the tongue, something that I’m sure many others have made in the past and will do again. I know full well what Alex identifies as and understand the importance of getting it right, and I’ll continue to try and do better. But is me getting it wrong any worse than you trying to use it to your own advantage? Which is EXACTLY what you attempted to do, regardless of how you package it up. ‘Look at Adam Lucas, making a mistake like that means he could never be King of Elite’, bravo Jon, you have finally scraped the bottom of the barrel. You’ve reached the dregs of desperation… hardly the act of a World Champion contender, was it? It wasn’t relevant, not in the slightest. But now you’ve made it relevant, enjoy the can of worms you’ve opened with it."
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