MATCH PROMO Which matters more?

Andre Walker

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It’s the biggest match of Joso’s entire season. He’s kicking off the first Dynasty of #EAW15 with arguably the biggest opponent he’ll EVER face, no exaggeration on that, in the main event coming off a big spotlight at Pain For Pride.

And he’s nowhere to be found.

Joso, you’re looking at the opportunity that every other elitist on this brand is praying for week in and week out sat in front of you, all you had to do was- your job. Show up. Show up and get muddied by the better guy, take away some valuable lessons and flaunt that you had a side-headlock on the face of EAW. This match couldn’t be any simpler for you and it couldn't have been more tailor made for you, but you’re shitting the bed. You’re being framed as the future of EAW, but I’m not looking at the future right now. I’m not looking at anything right now. I’m not seeing the guy who won the New Era classic, nor anything remotely close to what I had hoped you would live up to. Harley Lewis lost to you and immediately got back on the horse at the draft show. He got right back into the game and kept the pedal to the medal. Yet the guy who won the match at Pain For Pride has vanished into a cloud of his own mystique. Telling, isn’t it?

Telling how the man who lost at Pain For Pride is taking away more than the one who came away with the biggest win of his life. You won the New Era classic, but he’s still keeping his weapons sharp. I recognize the process, Joso. I lost at my first Pain For Pride, I lost in a New Breed title match I was slated to win, I thought I should’ve won. The guy who did win, he let it get to him. He let his win cloud his thoughts and blind his yearn to accomplish more than his first minor milemark in EAW. My loss drove me to come back for him as soon as possible and I took his title away, then I went on to have the greatest reign of all time with it. One win doesn’t make you, Joso. One win means less when after it we see that your competition is actively working harder than you. Your moment of Pain For Pride is going to age like milk if you continue on doing what you’re doing this week, this week where all you had to do was show up. You just had to show up and deliver to people what they expected. A cute effort against a titanic force so that we can still buy into Joso’s veil of confidence and this in-your-face style you’ve adopted. I’d say I hate to see this happen, but it’s just natural that the one-time wonders weed out from the guys who are actually here for the long haul. This is the process. See, everyone gets so caught up in Pain For Pride moments, but those last for minutes. Minutes, maybe days, that’s all. After it’s said and done, you’re forced to come down to earth and get right back into constant competition and unforgiving schedules. A restless and ever-hungry yearn to be better than the elitists around you because if you slow down for even a second, that Pain For Pride sweetness becomes nothing. Moments are memorable, but continued success speaks volumes. You have to ask yourself which is more important? Which to you matters more?

Do you want to flame out, or do you want to last?

Every shred of work you put into winning at Pain For Pride is slowly dissipating with every moment you choose to revel in your success, instead of chasing more of it. It couldn’t have been framed any more prototypically. You’re just after recognition, slivers of it. You had the world’s eyes on you once and are ready to call it a day on EAW, I have the world on its knees and I’m only getting better. That’s why I don’t sit back and rest, it’s why I’m getting the second-word edgewise against a guy who I probably would have beaten with the flu. I’m at the top, you’re nowhere to me. You’re nowhere and I’m still working harder than you. I’m not just better, I’m doing more. I’m everything that you evidently could’ve been, but might never be because you can’t get over yourself. And if in 6 months, the guys and girls of your class are streaking past you, you’re going to know that the shit I’m saying right now is true. You’re going to know that your success could’ve been tenfold what it is right now, but you stood in your own way and didn’t want to risk losing what you won at Pain For Pride, so you end up losing it slowly, painfully, and irreversibly. You’re going to let your own fear of failure derail your career because you chose to cherish your success right now. And in that sense, Joso, you’re nothing. Nobody worth respecting, nobody worth caring about, nobody to give more the time of day to than I already have. Just nothing. Not a standout elitist and not a guy who will ever come close to what I am. You think you deserve more respect or more acclaim because you won at Pain For Pride? I’ll save it for the elitists who are still working hard. Who are using the stages they get every week to make the moments count, the ones who are thinking about their week-to-week progress as opposed to just how grand their FPV matches are or their Pain For Pride matches are. The ones who care about the biggest results more than the work they do in the shadows are the ones who don’t last. It’s becoming increasingly clear that you exist amongst the elitists who feel as if what matters most is the bright lights and big moments, not seeming to understand that those don’t happen with harder work being put and unrecognized under it. The foundation of all you’re going to accomplish here won’t be truly appreciated until you make it worth it by getting beyond just a New Era classic. Make your win mean something, Joso. Make it more than something that looks like a massive ball of potential wasted because he couldn’t handle the pressure he told us he was built for. Right now you’re cracking under it. You’re breaking and you’re doing it in the face of the one guy you should be working to get another crack at. It’s fucking embarrassing. New Era Classic winner, no New Era Classic winner, it’s embarrassing.

I’ll leave this here instead of trying to convey more just how utterly piss-poor and stupid this performance has been thus far on your end.

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