MATCH PROMO Wicked Witch of the West (Showdown II)

Ronan Malosi

None More Hated
The scene opens with Ronan walking down a hallway with his arm around an unimpressed EAW article writer who’s carrying a notepad

Malosi: Yeah, man, when you’re looking for the best of the best here on Showdown. I’m your guy! I mean, I’m a huge star. I mean, I was one of Cage’s final matches here in EAW. And I almost beat that old bag of bones. I faced Jack Rip- why aren’t you writing this stuff down?

The writer looks over at Kyra Phillips who’s talking to a stagehand in the hallway area

Malosi: Oh, I’m seeing what this is. You wanna talk to Kyra Phillips to get a quote about me, right? Hang on a sec. Kyra!

Ronan walks over to Kyra and shoos away the person she’s talking to

Malosi: Hey, this is Dave. He’s with the media for EAW and he wants to ask you a couple questions about EAW’s favorite son, yours truly.

Dave: Yes, do you know where I can interview The Realm by any chance?

Ronan stares at Dave, completely bewildered.

Kyra: Well, yes, actually. Their locker room is actual-

Malosi: Just wait on a damn minute! Why the hell are you tryna to interview The Realm when you got a bonafide star, a locker room leader right here?

Dave: For starters, because you are...annoying.

Kyra Phillips cracks up at this but tries to stifle her laughter once Ronan shoots her a mean glance

Malosi: You think that’s funny, huh? It’s not. You wanna know about The Realm, Dave, if that is your real name? Well, here’s all you need to know about The Realm. A) They're geeks. B) probably never had prom dates in high school. C) one of their members is sitting at home, washing their tights. And D) at Road to Redemption, they’re one Death-Ro away from the end of their careers. Now write that down and get out of my sight.

Dave and Kyra both head off and Ronan turns his attention to the camera with a look of disgust on his face after that act of disrespect

Malosi: What can I say? Another case of disrespect to the Hot Take King. Disrespect that traces to my peers and to the EAW fans. But more importantly, this is disrespect that isn’t gonna last for much longer. Especially when I defeat Harper “Dorkenstein” Lee and you people finally start to see Ronan Malosi for who he is and that is a King who is ON TOP OF THE WORLD! You are FINALLY gonna give me the respect I deserve. But going back to Harper, me and her have been trading some jabs ever since the inception of our match this week. And while me and Harper Lee can both say that we’re gonna beat the other come Showdown. Only one of us is actually gonna follow through on their promises. And can you guess who that person is? It’s me, Ronan Malosi. Because Harper Lee may be a “champion” but she isn’t an unbeatable champion. Because I’ve seen Harper Lee take losses from the likes of Andre Walker, Jake Smith, and SOSA Henderson. Ya know? My fellow main eventers. So I see no reason as to why Ronan Malosi can’t be added to that list. Because let’s be honest, when it comes to Andre Walker, we all know I’m better than him. And all I’d need is five minutes in the ring with him to prove it. I mean, the guy wouldn’t know a smart decision if it hit him in the face, go check our social media exchange to prove it. When it comes to Jake Smith, once again, I’m better than him. Just check how this season went only a few months in to prove it. Because the guy started off on Showdown, now he’s been moved over to Dynasty. Sounds to me like someone just wasn’t good enough to stay aboard the “A” show that is Showdown. And when it comes to SOSA Henderson, I don’t mean to brag but I’d whoop that sorry excuse for a celebrity’s ass any damn day of the week BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I ROLL!!! And speaking of rolling, I was certainly on a roll when it came to Showdown last week. And me and Ryan certainly impressed, but one person who doesn’t seem to be impressed is Harper Lee. And look, I can kinda understand, Woogie and Strawberry Steve aren’t exactly high on the totem pole. But what I don’t understand is this idea that Ryan Wilson used his general manager power to make things easy for us on Showdown like Harper seems to think. Because that’s not the case at all. In fact, me and Ryan scoured the entire Showdown roster to find out who would be suitable opponents for our tag team debut. And at first, we wanted it to be someone the caliber of Maidens of Malpractice. But...I don’t think Bethany Blue should be anywhere near a ring, let alone competing after the tumble she took at Reasonable Doubt alongside Kassidy Heart. But we didn’t stop there, we scoured the roster once again to find opponents the caliber of Justin Windgate and Jamie O’Hara. But unfortunately, talents of their caliber were needed elsewhere in the show. :mjgrin: Darn. It’s a shame, it really is. So we had to settle on Strawberry Steve and The Woogieman, of course. And like the two great, and honorable men we are. We gave them opportunity, opportunity to prove themselves but unfortunately they didn’t capitalize on said opportunity. So Harper, next time you wanna spread LIES, or PROPAGANDA like that about me or my tag team partner out into the world, don’t forget to get your facts straightened out.

Ronan forms a scowl on his face as he begins to bring up this topic

Malosi: And when it comes to facts. Harper Lee wants to bring up my history with women. And I’ll give her credit, she’s not wrong, I haven’t exactly had the greatest history in the ring with female competitors. But I think we’re glossing over the important facts here, and that’s none of those losses are my fault! Because if you look at my match with The Jaded Hearts, you’d understand that I was practically in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Because while I was supposed to be focusing on the threat of Kassidy Heart and Sienna Jade, but when you’re lugging around 187 pounds of deadweight, that makes it pretty hard to do so. And when we’re on the topic of 2-on-1 handicap matches, we go to Maidens of Malpractice. Aka the reasons why I’m not Showdown general manager, those two ganged up on me to beat me at Territorial Invasion when I was the only man left for my team. After everybody else CRUMPLED under the pressure. I don’t care who you are, a 2-on-1 with a team the caliber of Maidens of Malpractice is practically impossible. I could pit Harper Lee in the same position and she’d lose as well. And when it comes to any losses I have over any other women. Harper, understand one thing. They only got those wins either out of pure luck or because I underestimated them. Believe me, Harper, I’m not underestimating you. And contrary to your belief, I’m not trying to spark this fear in you like you think I am. I just want you to understand what could happen in our match with me injuring you. Because Harper, I don’t need you to be afraid of me in our match. I don’t need you to be afraid when I’m ragdolling you across the ring, I don’t need you to be afraid of me when I’m planting you face-first into the pavement with a Death-Ro. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had opponents who went out of their way to claim they’re not afraid of me before just like you. And look what happened to em, didn’t affect the finish one bit because my hand was still raised at the end of the day. But back to Harper, you wanna bring up my history about cheating in matches. And I’m not gonna act like I haven’t cheated in matches, because I’ll do what I have to do because I am not afraid to cross any lines. But Harper, how dare you? How dare you imply that I’m going to have to cheat to beat you? I don’t need to cheat to beat Harper Lee, Harper Lee needs to cheat to beat me. I mean, I’ve taken finishers from the best of the best and continued on in the match. Hell, I got driven down on beer bottles, got the shards smashed in my mouth and continued to fight. Trust me, I won’t need any help to beat you. Ryan Wilson is at ringside for support and support purposes only just as you can claim Sierra Blandford is too.

Malosi: Now usually I don’t like bringing up competitors from the lesser brands like Voltage. But it seems I’m going to because Harper Lee wants to claim that I ignored Wicked Games. No, I watched Wicked Games and I saw you defeat Parental Advisory. The thing is: I DONT CARE THAT YOU DEFEATED PARENTAL ADVISORY! Because look around Harper, look around Sierra! You two are only champions of a division that is inhabited by mediocre competitors. You two aren’t elevating the tag team division, you’re only bringing it farther and farther down. The best thing to ever happen to this tag team division is Chained Fury becoming a part of it. Because we’re actually bringing a bit of class to this tag team division. And if you know my partner, a bit of hardcore as well. Believe me when I say, me and Ryan Wilson are an entirely different monster from Parental Advisory. Because we’re not clowns like the rest of the folks try to be in this division. We’re not one-note friends who are gonna turn on each other when the going gets a little tough. Because Harper can beat me in our match on Showdown but we’re gonna keep coming at them. They can beat us at Road to Redemption but we’re going to keep on coming at them. We’re not going to stop until we get those tag team titles around our waists. And who is gonna stop us? Certainly not any other team in this damn division. And I know your goal isn’t to break up Chained Fury, but it might as well should be. Because we are going to be thorns in your side for the rest of your careers. It’s crazy how the most short lived team is the most formidable.

Malosi: You claim that The Realm will go down as the next great duo, as the next great unit?! LIES! The Realm will never be great, nothing about The Realm is great. You’ll just be people who did that one thing at that one time. And if you wanna be known for something, you can be known for helping launch the career of Ronan Malosi and Ryan Wilson even more into the stratosphere. Ya know? Two people who aren’t going to turn out to be complete busts in their future. And you know, it may be embarrassing to lose to us at Road to Redemption. It may be embarrassing to lose to me this week on Showdown. But remember one thing, Harper, there’s no shame in losing to the soon to be best tag team in the world. Just like there’s gonna be no shame when Sierra Bradford ultimately loses to Consuela Rose Ava in a champion vs champion. Ya know? One similar to the match that you lost to SOSA Henderson. And all you guys are gonna do is de-elevate this tag team division even more. You wanna know why people look at the tag team division as an easy route to gold. Because maybe their champions aren’t as as good as the others. Just a thought.

Ronan walks off after delivering this line
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