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I sometimes feel like stupidity is the greatest motivator there is.

I often wonder what funny farm Mary Atlas escaped from. Actually, watching her recent promos forced me to walk down memory lane. I remember when I first joined EAW. I was a fresh-faced rookie who didn’t know what to expect. One of my first matches in EAW was against Mary and man, is she an ear full. She told me every day that I was worthless and that my tall stature didn’t scare her. I could even recall her calling me a “big-assed moron” who was going to fade away as soon as the sun went down. Fast forward many months later and - Hi Mary, how are you doing? It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you. What have you been up to? Oh, don’t have much to add? I’m sure you’ve done a lot of stuff during our time apart! I mean, you have a cool new friend to scissor with, on your down time and you even have a super cool tag name to go with it. Other than that, what marvelous things have you achieved? What amazing accomplishments have you put under your belt? Oh… not many I see. Well, since you don’t have much to add to the conversation other than the bullshit you’ve already spewed for months - let me tell you how things have been going for me. I suffered my second loss in my career, which, considering how long I’ve been here and how many matches I’ve been a part of - not bad. I was recently in a world championship match and I was THIS close to coming out as the winner. I was a hair away from cementing myself in the EAW history books but alas - it didn’t work out that way. You may be wondering how I’m holding myself up after such a loss, but as I’ve said before I’m honestly doing quite well considering the circumstances. I have many spirit guides who are constantly guiding me throughout my journey. My ancestors who walked the earth before me, have always watched my back. They put me through many challenges and place obstacles in my way to fully prepare me for my moment of transition. The transition from regular Elitist to EAW legend. One day I’ll get there - too bad the same can’t be said about you. Speaking to you feels like I’ve traveled back in time. Nothing about you has changed. No character development. No epiphany has struck you to change you for the greater good. Nothing. Just the same old Mary who doesn’t even have a clue as to where the fuck she’s at right now. Just the same old Mary who seems to be abusing her doctor prescribed Xanax on the daily. These are the folks that EAW management wants me to get excited to face? A la madre…

I could’ve sworn I’ve faced the likes of Holly Arrow before, but there’s nothing that stands out about her so it’s easy for her to get lost within the sauce. Could we have faced each other in the Pain for Pride 24/7 Battle Royal perhaps? Not sure, not that it matters anyway. Just by listening to her disgusting tirade, I know that she’s a lost cause. I mean, who in their right mind would openly state that they consider themselves as the bottom steps of a ladder? Is this some type of reverse psychology bullshit to get your opponents to feel sorry for you? I can tell you this, Holly, it’s great to acknowledge your status within your team, but don’t try to mask your insecurities with “ohhh, it’s so fun to kick people off while at the bottom!” huh? If you’re the bottom step everyone uses to wipe shit off their shoes, then you’re there for a reason, pendeja. Maybe it’s because you continue to call yourself a rookie when you’ve already been here for more than a year, haven’t you? Cut the shit. Are you going to be like the Lucas Johnson’s of the world and continue to say that “this year will finally be my year!” for the 20th year in a row? Get a grip of reality, Holly. Really, take a good listen to the stupid shit that is coming out of your mouth and ask yourself, “Is this factual?” Kind of when you insinuate that if I’m going to lose at Clash of Champions it’s going to be by your doing. In what world would a puny, demented, mentally decayed human like yourself out-wrestle an absolute God in the flesh like me? I’d own you in any one-on-one matchup, bitch. That’s not a prediction or a hypothesis, it’s a motherfucking fact. I’ve done it time and time again when any poor excuse for a human tries to get on their tippy-toes to go face-to-face with me. I’ve proven that I can hang with the best, and you... my dear, are not one of them. You can try to act like you’re this Marvel superhero that’s going to end the day with their chin up high, despite going through such hell for your people - but the reality of that is that you’re going to lose. No superhero happy ending. No fairytale storytelling. I’m going to Harry-Osborn-in-Spider-man-3 your ass the moment I get my hands around your thick neck.

Honestly, I don’t know why people are getting all butt-hurt because I didn’t post a video promo every day this week. Can someone tell me what benefits that would’ve given me or this match? So far, in these last 24 hours I’ve been thrown the same fucking bullshit I would’ve heard if I started talking the moment this match was announced. Miku Sakai is a perfect example of someone’s promo’s I could’ve gone through life without watching. If there was a picture under the word “predictable” in the dictionary, this bitch would be front and center. Of course, you would use my loss against Ms. Extreme to make me look bad. But didn’t your partner go through the same fucking thing? How are you going to shit on me for losing if your cancerous, worthless tumor of a partner went through the same thing I did, you fucking idiot? Actually, pause - we didn’t go through the same thing. I had a 50/50 chance of coming out the winner whereas the other whore had.5% chance at best. Everyone knew she was going to lose - but that wasn’t the same for my case. While you can laugh at me all you want, I still put out a stellar performance at Territorial Invasion. Geez, were you practicing your promo while looking at your partner, because a lot of this comes from a dark, rooted, familiar place. Oh wow! Let me take a step back - Ladies and gentlemen we have a CHAMPION in this match!!! Whoa, let me put on my best suit and comb my hair because we have ROYALTY in the building. Hey Miku, guess what? You can take your Specialist Championship and shove it up your Asian cooch, bitch. You think I should be intimidated because some little whore-bitch beat another whore-bitch? All you fucking CUNTS are insignificant to me. I mean that with all my heart, I KNOW for a damn FACCCTTT that I’m better than you two IDOL-GUN bitches combined. You don’t believe me? Then invite me over to Voltage one of these days and I can show you what I’m all about. I can tell you this, little Miku - I will never, in any given day, give a single FUCK about what you have to say about me. I’m glad I got you fucked up, it’s nice to know that you’re so thin-skinned that you would let this “cunt’s” words get to you. You can continue to say that Voltage is the superior brand, but honestly - I don’t care. Wooo go Voltage! Wooo go Dynasty! Wooo fuck Voltage! Wooo FUCK Dynasty! You can all die in a treacherous fire for all I care. I’m in it for ME and MY people. MY people are the only ones who will always have my back. None of you would save me from drowning down the river. None of you have my loyalty and I’m only here because I was forced to. That’s not just towards Hatsune Miku, or whatever your fucking name is - that’s towards all of you. I may be on your team, but I will never align myself with any of you.

I’ll see all you perras soon.

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