MATCH PROMO You’re not the shit, you’re just shit - 2

Robyn Valentine

Ryan stop picking and choosing you dumbass.

The video starts as Robyn is sunbathing on a busy beach, the tide comes up and splashes her up onto her knee. She lets out a screech and runs up further onto the beach. She then claps her hands as a well dressed man walks up to her and wraps a towel around her. Robyn would then walk over to an unpopulated area before taking off her glasses and smiling as she looked at the camera.

That was very cute Ryan OMG! There’s an actual woman in your life, I should’ve known I’m so sorry bestie! I didn’t mean to offend you, you’ve proven me wrong! That’s such #GOALS, but tell me Ryan besides having one woman that’s not afraid of you and running down the street to avoid you. What did you accomplish in your last video? Because all it seems to me is you started talking about a load of #BULLSHIT! Ryan got pressed because I asked why he was commenting on my career so of course he tried to ramble on about something to be honest I tried not to sleep through besties. Ryan hun, are you a little upset that you don’t have enough accolades? Are you upset that someone can just walk right in, someone as glamorous as me 🤤 has just completely broke your whole motive down. Ryan I tried to ask you to give me one reasonable amount of well like reasons on why you were gonna win bestie? Yet all you did was say you were gonna win again! Smh, fucking asshole? Like what makes you any better than me? For some bozo who can’t even win more than like ten matches a season or something like that, I’m not afraid. 🤪😜 No wonder every women is afraid of Ryan Wilson, he’s full of his looks also! Jesus Christ talked to me about delusion!!! 🥸 Dude, Ryan you spent a whole minute talking about your looks and your crimson mane or whatever weird ass shit you said while fetishizing yourself, creep. If you spent nearly as much time looking at yourself in the mirror and use it in some speech classes maybe you wouldn’t sound like such a #DORK 😭.

Ryan, when did anyone ask if you were crying over your loss at Grand Rampage ? 🦭 You seriously have the charisma of a blobfish dude. Ok so I’m going to say it really slow for you Ryan so maybe you can understand me and what I’m saying… ok so listen, very carefully. I DONT GIVE A SHIT IF YOU DIDNT CRY ABOUT IT BUT YOU STILL TALKED ALL THAT SHIT AND DID NOTHING IN IT!!!! Did you get that? May I say it louder for you? My loss to Wildcard and your loss at The Grand Rampage are completely different. See Wildcard put me in a death match. Doooo you wanna be in a deathmatch with her? I didn’t even know what the hell a death match was until my daddy googled it for me. So how about you stop acting like you’re the one who’s got something to show in this match. You’ve had all of your chances Ryan, nobody fears you and I definitely don’t 😭. You’re a fucking loser who jerks off in his house all day before getting dressed for work and trying to act tough. Yet everytime you act tough and say you’re “motivated” you fail every time dude. Can you at least try to get real with yourself? You’re not good 😭 that’s fine! Being someone to lose to someone like me isn’t a bad thing! It just means you’re a total loser who isn’t clever, good at there job, attractive or anything really but whatever bestie that’s #OK!!! Oh but wait besties this is a crucial thing to mention he’s going to face Donovan Duke! The National Elite Champion that’s soooo like big even Ryan called me out #OUCH! He called me out for saying that he started the engagement with Duke! Well tell me something you retardo #LAME!

Now didn’t I like totally one hundred percent say that Duke wanted you as an opponent because you were easy?

Oh wait I did!!!

You’re easy to wrestle

Easy to talk against

And easy to look better against

You’re a fucking bozo dude regardless of you admitting you leaving today after five years wouldn’t leave an impact on anything related to Elite Answers Wrestling. Five years of countless false lead promises and five years of countless bullshit and just straight up!? Fucking nothing. I’m tired of hearing about you, watching you and listening to you. Why do you keep acting like the big buck amongst the dollar bills? YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER. You have nothing for your name and to be honest bragging about being in a title program isn’t something to brag about, because we all know you’re going to fumble the bag once more and yet again, Ryan hun you’re gonna have nothing. But you’re motivated right? Oooo shaking in my boots still! Call me unoriginal or whatever #GETBETTERINSULTS you’re just uck. So let me know bestie when you’re fine being super delusional, #PEACE! Peace is what you should’ve said instead of continuing on to just be flamed by some quote on quote daddy’s girl. Not like I’ve been here doing my thing on my own or whatever. Like wanna talk about the people you have around you, wanna talk about your valet? Oh but it’s all about my upbringing, like shut the fuck up im already tired of hearing about these poor #BITCHES! You’re all going on about having rough upbringings like it makes you tough lmao! No bozos it makes you seem stupid, sorry that your parents didn’t care why is that my fault!? Ryan respectfully, please never open your crusted up mouth again, brush your teeth and toss a mint in that bitch. You smell, and I’m not dreading being in the ring with you because I’m afraid of a loss, believe it bestie I'm winning. It’s because you probably smell like a fucking dump you weirdo. Anyways go back to what I was doing before I had to listen to the dog shit you call a PROMO LMFAOOOO! #BYEBYE!

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