MATCH PROMO You Have A Fivehead, Shut Up, [#RoryRedemptionTour]. ( Dynasty vs. Morrow ) #001

Rory Slate

Better than your favorite and the best.

SLATE: I’m not particularly in the greatest of moods but whilst I sit here and fold my arms and “cross my legs”, I guess the only thing that I can do is speak about this lowlife, the only way I know how. But before we get to that, I wanna redirect the attention here to both Michael and Bea. I want to show you guys the appreciation that I hold for Machina and how I’m proud of him for accomplishing the goals that he was set out to achieve. As for Valentine, I hate to say it but you deserve it and you did well in that match, pretty fucked up what you did to me when I was just about to win but forget it, you’re Bea Valentine anyway. So I said it once and I’ll say it again, this is one of those matches where you feel as if it’s a complete waste of time…it’s probably a test for me, a test to see whether I still got the motivation to be here after such a huge loss quite “early” into my EAW career and as you can tell by this response, I’m still willing to stay here. I’m still willing to fight with what I got and I’m still willing to hold that microphone in my hand and speak into it but it’s almost as if I don’t care anymore and it’s something that I should’ve done a long time ago. I think that it’s not particularly difficult to see what they’re doing here, they see the potential, they see the talent and they put me up against somebody who doesn’t have a future here, somebody who doesn’t have what it takes to be a true Elitist through their dedication and hard work. Someone who is placed in the ring just to highlight the qualities of somebody more valuable than them, that’s exactly what you are, Hayley. You were put on this Earth in order to tug on the coattails of others but you were also made in order to fulfil your prophecy, your prophecy as a failure. Somebody who has nowhere else to go in life and somebody who WILL not go anywhere in life.

You wanna talk about losses, sweetheart, alright then…let’s talk about yours.

You’ve lost to Jordan Narzikis. Nope, never heard of him around these streets but I could bet ya a couple of bucks that I would’ve beaten him if given the opportunity. Brianna Hill? Jesus Christ, you must really suck. Not only did I beat Hill once on a weekly show, I did it again at a FPV. I’m on a roll, let’s continue, not ONLY did I do that but you come from the Voltage brand…correct? Which means that they specifically brought your ass over from that brand, I don’t know, maybe because they didn’t have anything for you and Dynasty wanted to see a show, so I’ll make you a more enhanced version of what you already are; and that’s a joke. They brought you over here just so they can see me put you on a leash and take you for a walk, they put you on this show so I can make you my personal bitch for however long I want, I’ll be generous and I’ll say about six minutes. You don’t have the right to dig deep into anything, look at you and then look at me, look at your accomplishments and then look at mine, you’ve gotten defeated by people that I’ve manhandled in my sleep. You wish that you could step in the ring with half the people that I have but that’s the thing, you won’t and you can’t…why? ONE: 0 talent. TWO: You literally sound like you’re reading your promo to us through a damn script that was written by a kindergartener. THREE: After I walk you down, you’re going to lose motivation to carry and you’re probably going to get tossed around by the people that run this place. I wanna go back to the point that I had referenced last time, why do people keep mentioning the fact that I’m only relevant because I’m getting my brains “bAngED out By ThE new BREEd CHaMpIoN”, it just makes no fuckin’ sense. First of all, let’s cut the bullshit, you don’t need to remind both me and the people that watch this shitty company that I’m dating Michael Machina. Not sure if you’re a dumbass…or a fan…or both but, I made it very clear that I was dating the dude over on my social stream. Also, I’m not sure if you know this but I’ve heard it a shit ton of times, almost at the point that it doesn’t faze me anymore because at this point, if he IS making me relevant, at least I’m actually being talked about and I’m not irrelevant, can’t say the same for you.

Your ass got beaten so bad in your first couple of weeks that you had to change themes in order to reinvent yourself or connect with the fans in some way, I don’t know but it clearly didn’t work out.

You call me the Mei Sasaki clone, makes no sense, she can stick to her OnlyFans and her streaming life. I feel like you’re just saying shit hoping that it will catch on, which usually happens when I face people and they have nothing else to say. You also talk about my tits which is the same thing that Delilah did, not sure she caught the signs last time but I do NOT want to date her. You looking at my “area” here, makes me feel as if they’re eye catching, are they distracting? Can’t tell if you want to try and kiss me or whether you want to wrestle but then again, despite you saying that comment and having a ridiculous smirk on your face: I can tell that you were proud of that one but just like I thought, it wasn’t a great bar and the crowd went mild!

Generic, egotistical, blah…blah…blah. It’s all the same, try giving me something that I haven’t already heard before, something that’s more my speed because these little “oh…you’re just like every other heel in this business”, debunked that ages ago, there was a time when people knew me as the woman who’d insult the living shit out of her opponents. Here you are referencing a bit of it, how I throw insults around, in fact people thought that I could only use insults and I debunked that one too. If I’m so generic then believe me, I would have been out the door a long time ago but that’s why I am still here. I’m not generic. You just haven’t gotten to know me yet but this is the perfect time to. You say I’m another version of this and that, seems to me that the only person who has been springing out insults at this point…is you and it makes you look completely stupid. Glad you’re used to that by now. You might not see it now but you’re still the same yes woman, you’re still eating orders, you might seem defiant but I don’t know what song that you listened to that gave you that sort of confidence. You even stole my flow, did the whole thing where I say the nerdy things that people said in their promos. Not sure why you’d call me all those things but then do one of those things but I’m not going to judge you because you’re not the first fake bitch that I’ve knocked around in the squared circle before.

You talk about Delilah Rose which is funny because I see you both in the same spot in a couple of months from now: unemployed.

I’m not stuck on that whole Fight Grid match, when she brings it up, I do…simple. Seems like you’re backing her up here because you two probably both message each other about my tits, due to the fact that you just LOVE talking about them. This match is your biggest because it’s not about you finding yourself but it’s the fact that you’re in the ring with somebody who is better than you in every aspect of this game, you’re going to want this win but you’re not going to be able to catch it because you’re too weak. You call me a loser…oh wow, I’m so offended. Look at you, standing in front of your camera, you’re built like a wet French fry and you wrestle like a blind dog, you like a complete asshat and you say my promos are boring? You think your promos are any better than mine, you think you’re better than moi? Jesus H. Christ, this is another level of delusion and you just got here, not only that but you’ve gotten tossed around, again and again. You act as if you’ve known me half my life but you probably didn’t even know who I was before this all, just that normal Chicago kid with a skateboard looking to make money for the family. “I’D ratHEr BE MYSeLf… ThEN livE a LIe. THEN LIVe.. LIKe roRY SLAtE” 🤖, shut the fuck up, don’t even know whether you was reading your script too fast but I think you meant ‘than live like Rory Slate’ instead of ‘then live like’, again…not going to judge you because I don’t feel like. You want to hear the insults, I’ll look at your social stream.


If you're 555, then I'm 666.

You’re so corny, “GENERIC, EGOTISTICAL” 🤪, says the one who’s wearing her mother’s makeup and taking a photo whilst adding some Slipknot lyrics and what not, in order to seem edgy. Nobody cares. Fuck you and your ten thousand followers that are probably bots, the reason why I hate Manhattan is because it just spawns dipshits like you out of nowhere. Should we keep going? I’m getting kinda bored.

"For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself
For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there

I lost myself, I lost myself" - Thom Yorke

Weird, don’t know whether to stay focused on that huge ass nose that you’ve got there or that fivehead. You clearly must have a lot of things on your mind, have you considered adding the headbutt to your repertoire, maybe that way you’d finally win your match.

Alright, it’s getting childish but I hope you’re tingling with excitement, I did the exact same thing that you did throughout your whole promo, said insults that didn’t really matter, except mine would probably get through your skin. I’m not going to dump a whole ton of work on you because I know that you’re not ready for it and you’re going to start shitting the bed like the pussy that you are. But hey, if you’re hearing this, I guess that signifies to me that you’ve watched the full thing. Congrats. Nothing else I want to say, I guess now I play the waiting game and I’ll verbally annihilate you again.



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