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Candice Blair

'The Face of Disney.' ✨
"so casually cruel in the name of being honest."
I like to think that things are looking up for #TeamEden.

While Road to Redemption wasn’t a great night for us, King of Elite is going to be another story as me and Sierra leave with both briefcases. Not only that, but Halsey Neel will defeat Hikari Kanno and walk away as the Hardcore Champion. If we can all get our acts together before bestie Eden returns, it will be great, honestly. It breaks my heart into a million, billion pieces that we failed her at Road to Redemption. Eden has done so many amazing things for us. She has blessed us with opportunities and we have nothing to show for her in return. It’s truly awful. I was expecting to have shown her that I was nothing more than the perfect candidate to be ‘The Face of Disney’ a lot sooner. I mean, a lot sooner.

But, #Team Eden plans to change all of that and it begins at King of Elite.

Sierra and I will walk away with a ‘unique opportunity’ briefcase.

Halsey will wipe the floor with Hikari.

And, Ronan, well, Ronan can be…there.

Before that, it seems like we got this little tag team thing to take care of. Now, Sierra and I seem to be the perfect combination. We’re almost like a dream team for the ages. We have no issue with co-existing, but the outlier in this little group is going to be Daryl Kinkade. Like, I understand entirely why he’s teaming with us. It’s all about some ‘preview’ of what everyone can expect during this ‘Scaffold of Opportunity’ match, minus the scaffold. Honestly, it’s going to be a mess. All of those men and women at ringside are only going to lead to chaos. Six Elitists in the ring and then, we gotta deal with homophobia and the serial killer on commentary? UGH! AS IF! Is this the best that bestie Captain Charisma can think of? As much as I love my golden, blond, old bestie, Captain Charisma, I’m struggling to figure out what his mindset is in booking a match like this. I swear, if Eden was around, this match wouldn’t have been produced. There would be no ‘Scaffold of Opportunity’ match at King of Elite.

Just like there would be NO Hardcore Championship and its barbaric rules.

Now, I’m supposed to put my trust in Daryl Kinkade. I’m supposed to trust him if I want to win this match. I mean, at least, he knows what winning is like. I mean, he did submit Trish Edwardson last week. I guess that’s somewhat impressive.

Now, with Trish, I’m aware that she’s from the United Kingdom. She is this young woman with a full future ahead of her. She seems to have it all figured out. She is going to come here, be a champion and go down as the best!

How is that working out for her?

I would assume that she would think that things could be better for her. After all, she’s a wonderful upstart talent with a ton of untapped potential. She arrived on the scene, not really getting how things work around her, but look at her now, she is getting in front of that camera, cutting promos, and getting herself inserted in ‘unique opportunity’ matches at King of Elite. Now, that’s an insane few weeks, but it’s going to get worse because she’s not facing any of those dudes like Sal Dorado or Justin Thorson. No, she’s facing Candice Blair. My last name is synonymous with EAW. My three other sisters have won championships in this company. They’ve had successful careers. Now, me? I haven’t won anything, but that’s where King of Elite comes into play. I already participated in one ‘unique opportunity’ match last year and I walked out with one of those briefcases. I’m looking for a repeat this year, but this time, I am looking to cash in on that opportunity and successfully use it to win my very first championship in EAW. That is still in the objectives for me. Along with making sure that Voltage is up to Eden’s vision, getting rid of the Hardcore Championship, and getting my outfit ready for King of Elite.

After all, I need time to look as good as I look.

Now, Trish, I admire your passion and dedication to professional wrestling. I’m sorry if there’s going to be no one that recognizes that for you, but I recognize that. I bet if you asked Sierra Everett on a good hair day, she would recognize that as well. Wrestling is in my DNA. I dedicated most of my life to professional wrestling. I love this sport. But, what you need to understand is that this business is cunning. It will take nice and innocent women like you and spit you up. I’ve been in that same position, Trish. I figured that I would be the wonderful Disney representative that I am and inform you that there are some evil people on this Voltage brand. There are people who are going to take advantage of your kindness and passion for wrestling. I mean, you can take a good look at your tag partners. Now, I don’t know much about Mercer McKay, but anyone with the ‘Seed of Evil’ as a nickname is obviously not going to have good intentions, and Korey Gaines? Apparently, he’s a “mood” and I don’t think that they’re good. When people say that, it’s never a good thing.

Just a thought.

If there is something that people need to know, I’m no one’s victim.

Especially yours, Mercer.

Do you think that you can have two intimidating guys in the background and it’s supposed to send shivers down my spine? Do you think that by having stakes and blades with you, we’re supposed to be fearing for our life? Oh please, Camille used to chase me around the house with a kitchen knife as children, I’m not fearing for my life at the moment. I’ve faced more terrifying things than that video I just saw from you.

I understand the temptation that this ‘Scaffold of Opportunity’ is going to provide for us. Only two winners in this match up and everyone is going to be doing what it takes to make sure that one of those briefcases is theirs. You had gone through the King of Elite tournament. You did something that I was not able to do and that make it out of the first round. I mean, good for you. You thought that this tournament was going to be the last opportunity you would get? Well, don’t you love it when Captain Charisma has something underneath his sleeve? It gives hardworking newcomers like yourself a pat on the back for your efforts. I mean, Captain Charisma could have just given Sierra and me the briefcases, but I guess, he wants us to earn them. Isn’t he great? Now, you look at me as someone who is standing in the way of your “destiny.” It seems like everyone has a mission. Everyone has some prophecy or destiny that they’re trying to unlock and honestly, it gets quite tiring. We all got something that we’re trying to accomplish, Mercer. You are not special because you decided to label it a “destiny.” To me, you’re like every other man and woman who wants to win that briefcase and hope that it leads them to a dream come true. You are just like me – not as pretty – who would love nothing more than use it as something to skyrocket your career. I understand it, you think that you’ve been putting in the work, but so has everyone else.

You just need to “trust the process” a little longer, Mercer. Much like this match, one of those briefcases is mine at King of Elite.

Now, Korey Gaines is a name that I wasn’t expecting to show up in 2023, but here we are.

And, it seems like he may have developed some Twitter fingers, but I hope that he really listens to what I have to say because it’s going to be for the betterment of himself and society.


Like, I am obsessed with social media myself, but I don’t use it as a platform to create any petty beefs. I don’t use it to engage with annoying co-workers. Like seriously, what makes you think that I’d hang out with anyone outside of work? Okay, maybe, Eden Sinclair, but she won’t answer my calls or texts. She has been radio silent and I have been taking the initiative to be the new Eden during her absence and make sure that everything is going smoothly. Now, I want this entire tag team matches to go as smoothly as possible and I can’t do that with a freaking wildcard like yourself.

So, Korey, I need you to see that it’s important that you won’t be your risk-taking self on Voltage. Now, I clearly understand that you want to contribute and want to make every match as memorable as possible. You want to let everyone know that you wanna win that ‘Scaffold of Opportunity’ match, but if you have to aim for someone, aim for the homophobe and serial killer doing commentary. Other than that, I hope not to interact with you at all because I will have no other choice, but wipe the floor and embarrass you on Voltage. You had just shown up a few weeks ago and I would hate to stagger a good career with the potential of being something great. You were always a hardworking gentleman during your last run. You went there, competed your heart out, and honestly, that’s admirable. That’s something that gets the crowd behind you, but it’s been a while since you’ve been around Voltage. You need to count your blessings that you haven’t really crossed paths with someone who is more than willing to eat you alive. You are going to meet someone around the locker room and they are going to really tear you down. They are really going to look for ways to get under your skin and get that “mood” that you said you were to be this awful, awful thing.

You should pray that I’m not going to be the woman to get the job done because I would have a blast doing that. I’m not a difficult person to get along with. Despite us being opponents, I think that you should be smart and realize who you want to anger. I’m not the woman that you should be angering. I’m not the woman who you want to be on the bad side of, Korey.

Just a warning.
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