"The Mastodon" Mercer McKay

The Seed of Evil
The Black Cabin
*The scene opens with Mercer sitting on his front porch at The Black Cabin.*

Daryl, you've got it all wrong, I don't doubt you, and surely it's not because I'm big. Sure, I use my size to my advantage, who wouldn't? But it is so awful that someone other than yourself show a display of confidence? I don't think I can beat you because I'm a big motherfucker, I think I can beat you because I'm a BAD motherfucker. I believe in myself, and I am destined for greatness, and you are to be a part of that tale of greatness by getting thrown around that ring by me. I believe you have respect for the ring as well, you have passion and aim to master your craft, it's just that the thing is Daryl, the clocks been ticking for quite awhile and the trains preparing to stop, it's my time now and you're just gonna have to sit and watch while the ticks of time pass you by. You see me as one dimensional when my work here so far has proven to be so much more than that, you see me as some big oaf that just says spooky things with no intent and relies soley on my strength, which couldn't be farther than the truth. I really don't mind you thinking that though because it just goes to show that I do indeed hold an advantage over you. Now, we all know admitting that someone may indeed have you bested really isn't your forte, but after this match, and after King of Elite, you're going to know deep, deep down in your soul, that I was indeed the better man, not once, but twice. Hell, I might even have to drag you out on stage, on Voltage, and make you say it out loud for the world to hear.

*Looking off at the property Mercer continues on.*

You really are no different than any of the opponents I've had thus far and I've already scrapped with the best this brand has to offer. You sit here and make the same damn assumptions and saying the same trite things. You ask "what will you do when your opponent won't stay down?" well, I'll keep swinging and send them out unconscious like I did to Samael. Or how about this one "do you have any idea how to lay a beat down on someone you just can't catch?" did you see my match with TLA? Daryl, I have fought and beat the biggest meanest rookie other than myself on Voltage in Axel Graves, the fastest cleanest rookie in Justin Thorson, and the greatest technician on Voltage in Lucas Johnson. I then went on to hold my own against one of the greatest luchadores to ever live in TLA, AND knocked out Samael, a man bigger than myself. I get it, I'm new here, not everyone knows my name yet, not everyone watches my matches, but boy, you should start, because thinking I'm not ready for you is a mistake that you can't take back. Don't get me wrong everyone thinks that they are some kind of arm-chair psychologist these days, but we can all tell from a mile away that ego and ignorance are your greatest foes and right now they are winning that fight. You may see this as some sort of David and Goliath situation, most men do when they face me, it's natural to see it that way, but this is no fairy tale and we are mortal men.

*Beginning to chuckle at the notion of Candice fighting him in a scaffold match, he continues.*

"Now, I don’t know much about Mercer McKay, but anyone with the ‘Seed of Evil’ as a nickname is obviously not going to have good intentions,".....
You're god damn right. Candice, Candice what are we to do about you? Little miss face of Disney taking on The Mastodon, a man with a long history of deathmatch wrestling and violence on his hands, it is a bit comical. Let me ask you something Blair, how can you compete in the Scaffold of Opportunity match while simultaneously try to destroy the history and get rid of the Hardcore Championship? Is that not a bit hypocritical? You don't think blood will be shed in that match? You don't think one of us might get a little bloodthirsty and start swinging weapons around? That's not very "Face of Disney" of you Candice. I think that maybe you're just a cliché, just like all those other rich girls who whine and cry about things that they themselves partake in. If you stayed true to your beliefs, you'd simply give up your spot in such a violent match and detest it the same way you do the Hardcore Championship. Yet you have the guts to question my beliefs? I don't just believe winning this to be my destiny, I know it, but another thing I know just by this one small "interaction" with you is that you're a fake, a phony, a liar, and a hypocrite.

*Looking dead into the camera Mercer says.*

Korey, Trish, I still don't know either of you that well, but Korey you're obviously getting under their skin with that big dumbass mouth of yours so just keep running it. Trish, this is in your blood. You want a good partner and I'll be that, but you fuck around and you will indeed find out. If either of you step in the way of my destiny just be prepared to atone. As for Sierra, you've been damn quiet, and I don't blame you, I'd shut up when I speak if I were you as well. The rest of you in the Scaffold of Opportunity I have but one message, Notatum es.

*The scene ends.*

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