MATCH PROMO atleast you tried ( Clash of Kingdoms # 4 )


The Chosen One

Answer something for me, Adam…

How does it feel to be openly...unapologetically...wrong?

Adam, I have no doubt in my mind that you’re a smart man. I have no doubt in my mind that you possess some semblance of intellect and intelligence, but lately, you’ve been stirring doubt in me. Not in the sense that I can't beat you, more so in the sense that, you keep jumping and scrambling from conclusion to conclusion, completely missing the nail with the hammer. Maybe you are nervous about your upcoming title defense, or maybe you’re just not giving this match the proper attention it needs because you feel as if it’s a formality that you’re walking out of Kuwait City with the Hardcore Championship-- or maybe it’s much simpler than all of that, and you just haven’t listened to a word I say, and every response you’ve made has been a blatant shot in the dark against a man who has done nothing but is respectful and courteous to you. First, you accuse me of letting pride guide me, then you tell me that I’ve made the mistake of treating you like I would any other opponent. Once again...I’ve fallen victim to confusion and disarray, because I can’t once recall comparing you to anyone else, Adam. Are these outbursts just that of delusion, or are your insecurities slowly seeping out of that “stone-hard” facade you’ve built your entire personality on? Adam, I’ve gone on and on about how you’ve been a phenomenal champion. I mentioned how you ushered in a new generation. I practically boasted about how I’ve watched you do things, very few men could ever even dream of doing--- and the one takeaway you had from all of that was...that I’m treating you as I have my other opponents? How can that be? How could that even be remotely possible? What video have you been watching, Adam? Where is the disconnect between my words and your comprehension? Do you seriously think I took valuable time out of my day, to set up a camera, stare dead into it, with the only intent being that I ruffle your feathers? Why would I disregard everything that I’ve been saying for days, just to turn around and try to belittle you, Adam? Just to turn around and contradict me. Your problems don’t have a thing to do with me, instead, your problems are more obvious than you care to admit, you have a problem knowing that at Clash of Kingdoms there is a very good chance that you will walk into Kuwait City with the Hardcore Championship---but you won’t leave without it. You acknowledge my talent, the same way, I acknowledge yours. You are a competitor, Adam. You are a champion for a reason--- there’s absolutely no need for you to get ahead of yourself and act all insecure and inferior. That isn’t my style nor is that my motive, what good does it do me if I beat someone who I’ve already deemed inferior to me? Use your head.

You’re swinging blindly in the dark, searching for problems that aren’t there, taking any and everything personal. Trying to make something out of nothing, because you're scared. Forcing lies and agendas, when everything I've said regarding you has been nothing short of respectful and true. But I guess this is why you don't compliment your competition, but I'd hate to be remissed. I'll admit it clear as day, I admire what you’ve done in the ring, Adam. I admire what you’ve accomplished. I admire how much effort you put into the little things---- and do you know why that is?


And I know how fast and how easy it is to reach the top of the mountain and simply fall off. So when I give someone like you-- someone who’s suffered defeat, someone who was once considered an afterthought, someone who’s career could have gone either way--- when I give someone like you a compliment, Adam, just know that it’s true. Just as I’ve been a champion like you, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of success too...the less fortunate side, and that’s why I’m doing everything in my power to make sure I’m prepared for you at Clash of Kingdoms. What you deem prideful and disrespectful, I deem necessary and benign. I’ve taken nothing away from you as a champion, and elitist as most importantly as a person. I’ve been nothing but respectful and understanding, and you brushed that off. You know as well as I do, that if you lose to me, no one and I mean no one is going to look at you the same. And truthfully that’s no fault of your own, Adam. You acknowledge me in a way very few ever have. Instead of belittling me, you praised my talents. You praised my abilities, and you saw what’s always been present in me; a threat. But the way you’re flipping the script it seems as if you’ve finally--- actually taken notice of that. You speak of how long you’ve been champion. 177 days right? 177 days, you’ve been walking around with a championship around your waist. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been a champion, Adam? Do you have any idea, whatsoever? It’s been well over 4,015 days. But you say you’re still hungry, and you aren’t finished yet. How? How…? How are you going to claim you’re still hungry, then go on to say that you aren’t satisfied with beating Limmy and Chris, and Mr.DEDEDE, and Amir---- that list of names in itself is impressive. But it’s not enough. And truthfully don’t get me wrong, it’s impressive as hell --- but do not try to downplay how hard I’ve worked to get here. Do not try to downplay the struggle I’ve endured to even get this opportunity. It seems like in the grand scheme of everything you forget just how determined of a competitor I can be when I have my sights set on achieving something. If you’re hungry after waltzing around as champion for 177 days, then dammit, I guess I’m starving. I take absolutely nothing away from what you’ve managed to do since the day you won the PURE Championship. You did something no one expected you to do, and you’ve yet to disappoint since being crowned the inaugural Hardcore Champion. You’ve dominated the better part of six months, and no one and I mean no one doubts you. But as I aforementioned, I refuse to think or even contemplate the idea that theres a world or reality that exists where I don’t walk out of Kuwait City, Hardcore Champion. So I don’t really give a damn about you fulfilling your villain arc, and I’m definitely not trying to help you replicate some sort of Rocky fan-fiction. This is the real world, this isn’t a movie, and I don’t care for happy ever-after’s. You have something I want, Adam, and it’s unfortunate to say the least, but I’m going to be forced to take that from you. So yeah, I do understand the importance of this match, and I do understand how important that Championship is to you, but it’s of equal value if not me. So as I’ve said before, we find ourselves on a collision course headed straight for one another..and it begs the question; what happens when an irresistible force collides with an immovable object?

The result I fear… is a new Hardcore Champion.

And I don’t have to be “better” than you to get the job done. Just look at how you carry yourself now. You let fear and doubt get the best of you, Adam, and it’s evident in how you’re speaking. I’ve never once claimed to be better than you. I’ve never once given off any indication of bitterness, in fact, it’s been much of the opposite. I’ve done nothing but sing your praises, but of course that sentiment was lost on you, because at this very moment in time, the only thing that’s registering in your mind is that you spent the better part of six months, building yourself up, and you feel as if everything you worked for will be taken from you. But that’s not the case. That’s not even what I want to happen. I mean of course I want to leave Kuwait City with the Hardcore Championship, but I still want people to acknowledge the type of champion you’ve been Adam. I want people to speak of your praises, even in defeat, because if anyone has earned that’s been you. But the goal hasn’t changed. The mission hasn’t changed. Walking out of Clash of Kingdoms with the Hardcore Championship isn’t just want--- it’s a need. It’s a necessity. And I can understand if me saying that makes you feel away, but I’m done caring about your opinion and your assessment of me, Adam. I’m done listening to and caring for others' assessment of me. You’ve shown me that I’m a fool for deciding to see the good in people. You preach about how you’re different then you turn around and contradict yourself like every other elitist who’s stepped foot into EAW. You aren’t different. You’re delusional, just like all of them, but at least they acknowledge and understand their just stand there as if you’re above all the trivial nature that makes an elitist who they are. You act as if you’re high and mighty, but you’re not. If this week and last have taught me anything about Adam Lucas the elitist it is that when the pressure begins to become too much, you fold. You flip flop on your words and your actions--- and that's just further fueling the fire that was started beneath me.

Adam Lucas: “ But most importantly Jon, the primary reason I firmly believe I won’t fail? These depths you are willing to go to, I’ve been there and laughed about the experience afterwards. You’ll go further than you have in the last ten years to achieve the dream? It won’t be far enough. Jon, I’m about to shatter your dream… I sincerely hope at the same time I don’t destroy what sprit you have left.

It’s this way of thinking that’s going to cost you a championship at Clash of Kingdoms. I’m not saying anything that I haven’t already said before. The reason this strikes different is that now people are becoming more and more aware of what I’ve already known about you. Despite everything you’ve shown yourself to be Adam, I still respect you as an elitist and as a champion. But everything you said was false. You aren’t willing to push yourself, your body, to the limit in order to achieve victory. But even more importantly, you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, and that my sad. Do you think you’re going to shatter my dreams-- my spirit? As if I haven’t suffered gut-wrenching, heart-clenching defeats before. You overestimate yourself, Adam. You seem to think you’re that guy, and you’re not. Because if you were THAT GUY-- everything that happened at Territorial Invasion would have never gone how it did. Your arms simply aren’t long enough to box with me. And you aren’t accomplished enough to even begin to think that you can pull that type of rank on me. Ten years this, ten years that-- truly it doesn’t matter the amount of time, all that matters is that it’s going to happen. You’re going to lose your Hardcore Championship to me, and then it’s right back to the drawing board. I’ve been in this position before. I’ve faced tougher. I’ve beaten tougher. But, I get you’re motivated. I get you’re fired up. You’re trying to send a message to any would-be challengers, but you don’t even have to worry about that after Clash of Kingdoms. I’m going to take your title, and I’m going to rebuild my legacy… in that order. And there isn’t a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it. So with that being said and to whom it may concern, for the last time in the foreseeable future; behold Adam Lucas, Showdown elitist, World Renown contradictor, and soon to be former Hardcore Champion.

Thank You.


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