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For fucks sake, I'm going up against the mentally challenged personified. The epitome of all that is unworthy.. And honestly it's my fault. I went out on a limb, and I made the mistake of actually giving you confidence by giving you this match. What can I say other than I messed up? I thought this would be a challenge, I thought that you might be able to surprise me.. But fuck me! I WAS WRONG! And that's not something I can so easily say.. I was wr... I was wr.. I was WRONG?!! God you fucking suck, and how dare you do this to me. Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel accomplished? To make me go out on a limb, and say this bitch is better than Mary S Atlas, only to find out you're not better whatsoever?!! Like this shit sucks, it truly does, and the worst part of it is I'm to blame. And literally all you had to do was listen, and we wouldn't be having this atrocious conversation. All you had to do was prick up your ears, and give me a listen, but you couldn't do it. Maybe that's why you've been utterly useless your short career. Maybe it's because you try to talk on subjects you have literally no knowledge of whatsoever, and try to sound like an expert.. Couldn't be me. If there's anything Miku Sakai is, that is a humble Queen, that will only speak upon a subject when she is well versed on it. Now what did you say I did? I THREW a softball, and it came back a STRIKEOUT???? SO DUMB BITCH I STRUCK YOU OUT??!! FUCK ARE YOU SAYING? What we already been known? Yeah, that's right. I threw you a softball, and I struck you out. If you don't know the fucking analogy DONT USE IT! I threw you a softball, and you hit a home run? Is that what you were attempting to say? Before you even swung? Because you didn't answer it yet? Like fuck you're dumb, stop trying to speak sports, you don't know anything. And before you question this, I had a dumb bitch ex that was really into baseball, and he forced me to watch the shit, and that's why I have some measly understanding of the boring shit. But yeah..Fucking dumb. Anyway, the "softball" in question was you saying me saying this is the greatest Specialists Championship reign of all time? Is that what you're questioning? Oh.. You mean the reign that started like 2 weeks ago? Huh, no shit it's not the greatest of all time yet. Why don't you give it time to grow? I'm pretty sure I said, I'm going to make this title reign the greatest of al time, and I will be the greatest Specialists Champion ever. Not sure that I said I was the greatest of all time already. How you can whiff on something so simple, I don't know! But you do it was such arrogant confidence it angers me to no end. Why is it the stupidest people that are always the most confident in what they say? For the most part; I mean I'm confident with what I say, because I know what I'm capable. But when someone like you talks, and tries to make someone look foolish, when what they said is so easy to prove.. Then you just look as dumb as you look. Such as the fact that you claim that I talked about Mary more.. Which is extraordinarily untrue.. Like what the fuck are you even saying? Is this what we've already degenerated to? Just grasping for straws on your second time out here? Are you talking about how I mentioned both you and Mary, comparing you two because you're in a tag team? Like everyone has done with me and Hikari?? Whoa, it's almost like that's annoying to hear right? It's almost like you want to prove that you're one of the best of all time!! Crazy to think huh?? HUH?!! Anyway, the only time I actually talked about Mary, and JUST Mary was when I complained about when she interrupted me, and tried to steal camera time away from me. Then I said that she wasn't really worthy of having a title match against me.. That's it, those are the two times I talked about Mary, and just Mary. The rest was about you, or you with her because I used her to tear you down. I mean this isn't that hard to understand, but when you have nothing to really say, I guess that's the best you can do huh? Such time filler, it's like you don't even know what to say, and you're spending precious seconds to fill a void in your head.

Becky, I already talked about why I called you out for this match. If you don't listen to what I say in the first place, why even say anything at all? It isn't much of a conversation if it doesn't go anywhere, am I right stupid bitch? Yeah, I'm right, as usual. As I said, the other option was Mary, as she made me extremely uncomfortable undressing me with her eyes. I don't know if she's ready for such a monumental match, so why would I waste my time? I said I want you in this match, because you're her partner and it was the easiest thing to do. Now I most likely have planted seeds of doubt in her head, the dissension will commence, and that stupid name you have for a tag team will cease to exist. My evil plan is already taking shape, and there is nothing that you can do about it! Oh, and yeah I don't give a fuck if you like this match or not, no skin off my pussy you know? You can claim anything, I don't really care. Beth Blue literally created a team of people around the ring with lethal weapons, and she still couldn't beat me. So yeah, I'm not real worried about someone that is claiming to enjoy a match, when she can't even enjoy getting a win in this company. And for someone that claims to have had soooo many championships before here, you'd think you'd be able to show that type of talent in some capacity at some point. So now you've painted yourself into a corner as this is your favorite match. If you can't beat Miku Sakai, in YOUR match, then what are you even doing here? You said the main objective was to get some gold around here, and here's your chance; in your favorite match; seems like a recipe for success for you. So if you lose; then what? You would prove that you pretty much have no future whatsoever, and have wasted everyone's time. And I just want to point out that even in your shitty scenarios; people still think of you as lower-tier. In your wildest dreams, the papers refer to you as "a lower-tier talent Rebecca Blackwell".. Not "Young upstart gets upset victory to capture Specialists Championship!". No, in your own mind your are painted as the lower-tier wrestler; and yes I know that's what I said to you, but you reiterating it back to me shows that you actually believe what I'm saying. So I guess it's good that we're on the same page. I guess it's good that you know where you lie in this company, way down below me. Though you've been here almost essentially the same amount of time that I have; here you are being so much worse. The more you talk the more confident that I am that this isn't going to go well for you. Bringing up the fact you took ownership of the fact that you were a complete dumpster fire at COK doesn't really make the impact that you think it does. I mean it was blatant that you were clearly outmatched by everyone in that match. You were over your head in a fucking elimination match, like what? It was just Dynasty, Dynasty has like 1 good female wrestler on the team. We proved that when our team won the fucking thing. Thanks for taking ownership of being terrible, but we didn't really need you to do that; we all have two working eyes. I said from the beginning to Hikari, you and Mary shouldn't be on the team; but she assured me that it didn't matter who was with us, we'd win because of IDOL-GUN, and wouldn't you know it? We were both right. You two sucked, and we still won ! Go IDOL-GUN GO! Now that doesn't sound like someone that is going to take me off the throne does it? That doesn't sound like someone that is capable of taking out potentially one of the best Specialists Champions of all time does it? So instead, let me transition you to your next employment, when I beat the shit out of you so bad that you might have to retire.

I genuinely don't know what you want me to say anymore. You've gone to the well.. No pun intended.. so many times on this "you didn't know who I am shit" like I get it. It loses it's sting the more you say it; and honestly I've said what I wanted to say, and I guess you just want it to keep going forever. Like you think that this is... What? What was the point of it honestly I don't understand? Because to me it magnifies the issues that you've had. You've had a terrible career, and all I hear from you is that you don't know who the Specialists Champion is. Someone that you faced off against, someone that you've teamed with, someone that has been champion in the company before, someone that is champion right now.. If you don't know who Miku Sakai is, you're just fucking terrible at your job. Like that's just what it is; and you can keep going with this stupid shit all you want, but it digs your career grave deeper and deeper. You suck. You're bad. You have no business being in this company with your lack of work ethic, with your lack of knowledge, with your lack of talent. And now it goes back to "Well why did you challenge me that?!!" and again, because the alternative was Mary.. That's it. I really hope that you finally get this shit through your dense fucking skull, but sadly I don't think you will. Sadly I think that we'll be having this conversation again, and again, until I finally get to plant you on your head. Like I'm not hurt by what you said, you're so insignificant to this company, that it doesn't really matter. And I know that it might be coming across as a lie, because it did seem that I was challenging you based on the fact you said you didn't know who I am. And at the time, yeah; i was taken back, and it pissed me off. But after taking some time to think about it; it's not about me, it's about you. You don't know who I am, because you're clueless. You're shit at your job, and reasons like this is why you'll be gone from the company by this time next year. You listed off everything I've done, you've said how impressive it is; but you being in your own shitty world where you are the main character, losing again, and again you didn't have the thought in your mind to actually scout people that weren't you. So maybe I am taking the easy way out; because you pissed me off. Maybe I should start with a bigger challenge than you, but I will say the saving grace to all of this; you're not even worthy of a FPV. I need my numbers to go up, simple as that. You know, because you said it already; that I haven't defended my title yet, and I need to. So what better way than to get an easy win over someone that doesn't even belong in the company? This has nothing to do with you being championship worthy, because you're not. This has everything to do with not obliging with what Mary wants, you pissing me off in the moment, and me just wanting to boost my numbers. There's nothing more to it, so don't feel like you're some special cunt that. I've asked you to name why you are deserving of this title opportunity; and the best thing you could come up with is.. Work ethic.. Well shit bitch, every single motherfucker in this company has "work ethic". Everyone wrestles every week, and .. Isn't that what you told me? Didn't you tell me that I wasn't the hardest working just because I work back to back shows because you do it too? So what makes yours so unique? The fact that you won? No that can't be it. Is it because it was for two titles? No, that can't be it either. So I guess it's just a narrative you're trying to spin in your favor, because you couldn't bring anything tangible to the table huh? Shit, that sucks; guess I was right all along.

But why.. Why would Miku stoop so low as to put someone in a title match that she deems an embarrassment to not only wrestling, but this company. Well it's simple.. To weed you out. You're only seeing this from one angle; an angle in which you come out of this match as the champion. Ok.. So what if you don't? You don't see that happening do you Rebecca? You think that you can go from not knowing that someone exists, to beating for them their title, when they have proven to already be much much better than you? I just don't see it that way; and I'm sure no one else does either. You thought that when I challenged you that, there had to be a positive reason for it. You thought that this was me rewarding you for proving that you belong. But now, that the truth has come out about why you have this title match; you can't just take my word for it. I'm telling you what happened, right from my own mouth, and you can't take the answer. You don't want to believe it, you want to live in this bubble and still continue to think that you're special; but it's just simply not true. I'm not going sugar coat shit, I'm weeding you out. I'm a hero when you think about it. Taking out all the useless people, clearing up money for people that actually deserve it. I'm pretty much a locker room leader at this point, and everyone should be looking up to me. It wasn't easy climbing up the ranks to become such a pillar of success. To be looked up to by the entire locker room; but I did it. Now I find it is my duty to take people like you; and show them the door. When a clear challenge for my title shows up, I'll take it. But I'm not in a hurry either; I'm going to have this title for a long time; so why not start it off with something a little fun? A little Miku showcase against the inferior Rebecca Blackwell. The girl that is decided to move to MY home country, and try to claim it as hers.. Ms. Gaijin Goddess.. What the fuck is that shit? You don't see see us coming to America and claiming to be Foreign Goddesses, because that shit is weird. Using our language to push whatever this shit is.. It's strange. How long have you been in Japan? A year? And now you live here.. Sooo.. This is cultural appropriation; and I am going to beat your ass. I'm tired of having to explain shit to you that you don't understand. I'm tired of this shit, and this is only our second time talking.

The difference between you and a lot of others is that they show that they belong in some capacity. Sure everyone loses, but eventually they get their wins. Eventually they show the reason why they were signed here in the beginning. I'll admit, I've had some bad losses, but I bounced back, and I'm a 2 time champion in EAW. You on the other hand have been here for months, and haven't bounced back once. Unless you consider beating The Woogieman as this epic performance to be revered. Like you take everything I say overboard, or out of context and once again you embarrass yourself every time. You say you're growing, but how? How have you grown since you debuted? You were singles, did nothing. You started a tag team, did nothing. Now you're doing both singles, and tag team, and we'll see how you do; but if you do nothing yet again, what are we even talking about? How have you grown? You make the same mistakes all the time. Metaphorically speaking, you're a rookie? How is that a metaphor? You're literally a rookie dumb fuck; and the crazy thing about this is I am too, so what's your point? Not all rookies are built the same clearly. I have gone and won two titles, and you're struggling to even get noticed. But keep leaning back on the excuse that you're just a rookie, while I shed that outer layer, and people forget that I am. I present myself as much more than just a rookie, and I don't need to remind people that I am. Do you know why that is? It is because the word rookie is used as a crutch. It is used to protect yourself from the abuse of everyone because people don't expect anything from a rookie. But as you look at me you can see that it doesn't matter; if you have the talent, you have the talent. As you've said, you're very accomplished elsewhere, which makes me believe that where you were before was very Micky Mouse! Very pathetic that you would bring up past accomplishments of the minor leagues as if we would care about it. We don't care... We truly don't. All that matters is that you would accomplish something here, and you have yet to do that. You say that I'm not special yet here I am accomplishing more than most rookies ever before. That sounds special to me, doesn't it. And by the way, wouldn't holding the SPECIALists Championship make me special by default? If you get it, you get it, and if you don't... Well, then you're Rebecca Blackwell. It doesn't matter what your wishes, your desires, or promises were.. All that matters is concrete evidence, and concrete success.. I have that, everyone should know what I'm capable of at this point, but not you. So telling me how I should feel about you means nothing to me. You don't get to dictate how I perceive you. You don't get to tell me how I should look at you. You have nothing to back you up, no support, nothing. So I get to judge using the eye test, and you don't pass that.

You want to complain about how I'm not "taking you compliments" but your compliments are bullshit. They're backhanded compliments riddled with insults. I'm not fucking dumb, I can hear what you say. I did a good job, "a lucky job done", but a "jobe" not sure what that means, done nonetheless.. That's what you said; and I should be grateful that you took the time out to say that I did a "lucky job". Ok, but it wasn't luck, and you're a fucking dumb bitch. Fuck you want me to say to that? You didn't watch the match, that's fine, but don't try to make it seem like I don't understand how compliments work. I fully understand compliments, I get them all the time from the simps.. But you? You give me credit, then try to discredit me all at the same time. That's not how compliments work you understand that right? So, I will confront you on your stupidity. How as it lucky? She had her Nurses with illegal substances in their shots. She got to examine all the simps, and do whatever she wanted to them. She named her stipulation, I was shot up with shit, she was shot up with steroids, and Hikari was nowhere to be seen. Sounds to me that I battled every single odds that you could possibly battle against, and came out the other side. Motherfuckers like you can't just say that I was fucking phenomenal and move on. You can't just say this match is going to be the hardest of my life, and it would a dream come true to win. No, you have to sprinkle it with hate, because you want to get your shots in. Why? Because I tell the truth to you. That's what you have to understand Rebecca, I'm not insulting you, I'm telling you the truth. Now the truth is a harsh reality that makes it seem like I'm insulting you because you can't accept who you truly are. Sorry that you don't like the hard cruel realities of your career, but me saying or not, doesn't make it any less true. Sigh you can't even insult properly.. How would I be waste of spunk of my Dad's cum rag when I was fucking born you dumb cunt? What is this your first time insulting someone? You failed. The cum was shot up my Mom's pussy, and the egg was fertilized.. HERE I AM! If your'e going to try and use big girl words to insult, maybe do it properly. For fucks sake. "All she can talk about is my past losses, not making any sort of impact, or impressing anyone".. Like what? Do you not understand that's literally everything? What is the positives that you want me to talk about? You lose a lot, your promos suck, and no one even knew you existed before I handed you this match.. These are facts, what do you want me to say that is positive? Lies? Oh that's it isn't it, you want me to lie.. HMMMMMM NO! I won't STOOP down to your level and fabricate shit. I'm the real deal, I don't sugar coat shit to make matches seem more interesting, because I don't need to. My matches are already the most interesting thing in the company because I'm wrestling in them. You haven't had any opportunity because you haven't EARNED any. You want shit to be handed to you it seems. You just want everyone to notice that you won a title or two in the minors, and now we're supposed to just hand you shit. Win a number 1 contenders match, go get your chances; you didn't do shit to earn this one. And yet I hear no thank you's coming from you. You didn't look for me, you stood in the ring like a big dumb bitch, and did nothing. So what the fuck do you expect to happen when you don't attempt to earn anything? And yet....

And yet you mention that you DID have an opportunity, and you fucked it up. As a matter of fact here you are complaining about the opportunity you did have. So why are you complaining, saying you never got any chances, when that's not even true? You were placed in a tag team turmoil tournament against two fo the biggest stars on the roster.. If you beat them do you know what that could've done for you? But no, instead by your words, you were fucked in the ass, and failed. So congrats, you get to complain more about shit you definitely had a say in, while you complain about not having chances. But by the sound of it, you are getting chances, you're just not capitalizing on them because you suck. And you know you suck too, which is why it confuses me as to why you're saying you don't get chances. So is it you don't get chances because you're not being noticed or given fair opportunities? Or are you given opportunities and you fail every single time? You're giving mixed messages here. Because the sentence "To the point where it's not even officially recognized on my Seasonal Record or my All Time Record because of how poor I was." doesn't really scream championship caliber no? Then the excuses come with.. Lisa Wren and Kensi costing you matches, like come on! Don't blame anyone for how bad you are; it's not like you would win any of those matches anyway, and you know that. Just like how you know you're definitely not an "international star" with a clothing line twitch, and youtube.. None of this is true. Maybe you made an account for these things, but no one even knows they exist.. Stop. You're not a star, you're not famous, and none of these things exist.. Shut the fuck up. What my country wasn't enough? Now you want to take my business ventures? Fucking kidding me? So save your sob story about sexual assault.. Fucking why? Really had to shotgun that shit right into a conversation huh? Had nothing to do with anything, just wanted that sympathy huh? Sorry that you're a pussy with shitty genes? Only fucking losers get addicted to drugs, you fucking loser. I get high all the time, you don't see me being .. You. Honestly I wish you did fucking die, because then we wouldn't have to suffer through this bullshit. Why the Doctors decided to waste valuable time reviving your selfish ass, I don't know. Couldn't we have put more time into people that actually wanted to be alive? No, we had to waste time on you. Fuck off. Your story sucks, and I don't care about it. You were relocated by who? What job would employ a suicidal junky that fucking died? Yeah that's real reliable right there! No, it's not. So please tell me how you were "relocated" and given a choice of either Japan or Mexico.. And don't tell me it was wrestling because wrestling doesn't "relocate" people. But again way to shotgun in some subtle racism toward Mexicans, really big of you. I'm sure you just didn't want to be around their top quality drugs, and shit; because you're a pussy and can't handle that shit. But yes, a teenager, was relocated to Tokyo, fresh out of rehab, alone.. For fucks sake, shut the fuck up with this stupid shit. None of that makes any fucking sense, and you don't go into detail about anything. This isn't real, and you need to stop talking forever. I don't give a fuck about your story.. Mostly because it doesn't make sense, but also because you're all over the fucking place with it. You were dead, you were addicted, you were relocated, you moved to America without a job, you're a model, you're on onyfans, apparently you have YouTube now.. Like what? Make it make sense, because it doesn't.

And at this point, I'm pretty sure you don't even have a vagina.. Suck your pussy lips? Fucking why? why wouldn't you want me to focus on the clit.. The fuck are the lips going to do? Get you wet? Like ok, pretty sure you're not going to cum from sucking pussy lips.. You need sex education too? Fucking virgin.. Go away.. You're bothering me.


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