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Kirk Redwood

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(A cloud of smoke cuts through a black screen. As the cloud dissipate, they reveal Kirk Redwood sitting a table. One card is nestled in between his fingers while a face up King of Spades sits on the table.)

“Will they marvel at the miracles I did perform and to the heights I did inspire…Or will they tear out the pages of the book to light a fire?”

For the last year or so, I felt like I only had one card in my hand. One play that Kirk Redwood could make over and over again: getting back up. Match after match, night after night, I’d just keep on moving forward in spite of it all. And for awhile there, I wasn’t sure if it would net me anything in this business. What I DID know is that I could call myself a man. I could look my daughter in the eyes without feeling like I was letting her down. Hell…I could look myself in the mirror knowing that I was moving forward in my life. Last week though, everything changed for me. When I saw what was on the line, it was like the sky opened up and the sun shone right fucking down on me. I saw my future and I reached for it.

Damien Kutcher and Mattias Burke simply were not as ready as I was. So I reached past them. I won the match and EARNED my shot at the National Elite Championship. The Unkillable dragged himself up from hell and finally stands before a chance at redemption…but it’s never simple is it? Veena is a two time champion. Nobody could deny that she’s on a whole other level. And before I even get to face her, I have to fight the man who has beaten me more than once in Jon Kelton. Deep in the back of mind, a tiny part of me is frustrated. Hell, maybe even scared. But another part of me is used to dragging my nuts over the fire. A part of me is EXCITED to push myself past all the limits I thought I had. Because this is the time to do it. This is the time to show the world that Kirk Redwood is more than just the summation of a bad history. Kirk Redwood is a man reborn.

Veena, I’ll have all the time in the world to talk about you after this week, but for now: I’m not taking the bait. You want to mock me, belittle me, fine. If I had let other people’s opinions drag me down, I’d wouldn’t be facing you. My whole career has been spent being spit down on by those who deem themselves better than me. Some of them have earned that right, some of them just took it. Either way, it’s on them. Jon Kelton is one of those who have earned it. When I faced him, I wasn’t ready physically, mentally, or spiritually. Hell, I thought I could just hardline my way through the match. It didn’t work. Instead, I ended up getting swatted down. But that Kirk Redwood isn’t the same Kirk Redwood you’re facing this week Jon. I know I’ve said that a million times before my ass got beat, but this time I can see everything coming together.

When I went up against Viz, I showed MYSELF what I can do when I get motivated. And I followed that up with two wins in a row. Say what you want about Mattias, Kutcher, and even Golde: they threw it all against the wall, but it wasn’t enough to bring me down. It wasn’t enough to bring down a man who’s fighting for his family. That’s what it’s all about. That title, even this match, is a testament to how far I’m willing to push myself to make my daughter proud. Even that’s an understatement…I’m pushing myself to save her future. There’s no malice behind anything I’ve been doing, that’s why I’m able to do it. That being said Jon, I don’t need respect from anybody in that locker room, but if I earn it…then I earn it. With you Jon though, I don’t necessarily expect respect. When I beat you though, I want you to acknowledge that I’m not the same man you fought before.

Because I’m holding my cards now.

(Redwood tosses the cards behind him. As they flutter in the air before hitting the floor, Redwood takes another hit from his cigarette.)

All the shit that went on last week and is going on this week…it’s out of mind right now. Stane is facing Veena, I’m facing you, it’s almost enough to get a man mixed up. Almost. But Jon, I know that facing you is like facing Viz; it’s a big fucking deal. Maybe in the past I downplayed that, but that’s over now. I respect what you’ve done and what you will do. But on the long list of things in your future and past, the present is a whole different reality. I’m going in that ring with winning on my mind. Beating you, even coming close, that’s growth. To myself and the locker room, it’ll show that I’m Unkillable. Life, wrestlers, all have tried to beat me into the ground. Even the man in the mirror has tried to destroy my life. Yet, I always find a way to continue on.

Not even a month ago, I had nothing. Not a single person in this company thought that Kirk Redwood was going to be where he is right now. Most people probably think I’m diving face first into an ass-kicking, but that’s bullshit. I know I can beat Jon Kelton, I know I can beat Veena, and I know I can be the National Elite Champion. It’s hard to look past the fact that both of us have big matches coming up. Like I said though, it’s on my mind as much as it needs to be. I don’t know if I can say the same about you though. Both of us have to take a big step and yours is a much shorter step than mine. Chef Viz is a helluva champion, but when you took down Scott Diamond you should have leveled out any public opinion. You COULD win the world title…but you won’t beat me.

I don’t know how to describe it, but last week I was looking through a crystal ball. I saw myself becoming the contender and I made it reality. Now I see me beating you and I KNOW that I can make that a reality. It doesn’t matter that you’re at the world championship level, it doesn’t matter that I’m still trying to prove myself, because I’m willing to endure anything. And I know you don’t believe that, I know you’ll fight that, but it’s the truth as far as I can tell it. I have every reason in the world to want to win this match. Momentum, continuing my short streak, sending a message, all of which are great things to want. But you, it’d be a bad look for you. It may even fuck with you a little bit if I managed to pull one over on you. If I pin you, you end up looking like you took a step down.

Given that you beat Diamond, I know this isn’t going to any easier than the last time. Hell, it’s going to be one of the hardest matches of my career up to this point. But there’s not a chance in hell I’m letting Jon get in between me and my opportunity. No moves he has that will keep me from getting up again. Because unlike last time, I see the end in sight. I have hope for the first time. I’m not just moving forward aimlessly and hoping to score a win. On the other side of Kelton is the chance to hold a title above my head and show my daughter that I’m more than just an alcoholic who walked out. That is, above EVERYTHING else, the goal. Like I said on Showdown: I’m not going to cheat my way to the top. Taking eyes, kicking nuts, that’s all a cowards way to wrestle. When I beat you Jon, I’m going to beat you the same way I plan to Veena, the same way I got into this contenders match, I’m going to punch you in the mouth. Because no matter how hard you wrestle, every match can end when you get caught with a .50 Cal Punch.

It’s not even the biggest move in my arsenal, but nobody’s kicked out of it. When it hits, you could count to a thousand. And that’s what I’m going to do Jon. Whether or not I’m better than you, whether or not I’m ready to be champion, I’m going to hit knock you down and out. Then I’m going to knock Veena out, then every contender that comes my way. I’m not a young guy. My body’s breaking down, my time is running out, but that means that I’ve got to get to the top before I go. At the very least, I have to strive for it. As long as I can see my goal, I’m going to reach it kid. If you want to try and stop me, go ahead. Give me everything you got. It won’t be enough. It’ll never be enough.

But hey, you’re welcome to play your cards any way you want.

(Redwood takes another puff of his cigarette, staring intensely at the camera. He breathes out the smoke as the camera fades to black with the smoke covering the screen.)

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