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Throughout the entirety of my EAW career, there has been one precedence that has been ever present, unchanging, and unwavering. A staple. It’s a simple notion that seems to be lost amongst this newer generation of elitists. And while some seem to grasp it, others seem to be completely unaware of the simple fact:

Not all elitists are made equal.

Jamie, I’m sure you’re head over heels just knowing that you not only get to show up on the A-show this week but you get to have your debut match on Showdown against your truly. That in itself is something to be proud of. But whilst I’m understanding of your excitement, it seems you’ve allowed yourself to be led astray. In your mind, you feel that just because you beat Ruler, you have a chance against me. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. The idea that Ruler is some hurdle or obstacle set in your way for you to overcome is telling enough of the skill gap between you and I. Ruler is the same man that promised to bring change and reverence to the New Breed Division, and what did he do? Nothing. Four months wasted spewing the same sentiments over and over, only to have the very foundation he promised to build, blow up right in his face. That isn’t someone you should be proud of beating. That match should have been seen as a formality to you. But the fact that it wasn’t is what I want to center the precipice of this video on. I am miles ahead of Ruler, and in turn that means I am miles ahead of you. I don’t just say that to say it. I’m not trying to sound cool or intimidating, what I aim to do is make sure you understand the sheer gravity and magnitude of what our match Saturday means for you. I’m not going out there to be your friend. There will be no singing around the campfire singing kumbaya. There will be no reprieve. I won’t show you any mercy. And it’s not because I don’t like you, Jamie. Truth be told, I barely even know you. I say this for one reason and one reason alone; when it comes to securing victory, I don’t give a damn who you are. I don’t care what you represent. I don’t care how happy and positive you are. Come Saturday, I aim to use you to send a message to Jack Ripley and Veena Adams. That is the one and only purpose you serve to me. But I’m not blind to reality. I’m able to understand that from your side of things, you want to come out and have a great match and prove that you belong. You want to show the entire world that you’re more than what you’ve shown yourself to be, and honestly, I respect that. I respect you for trying to prove yourself. I admire your courage. I admire your persistence. But it’s a fool's errand. Nothing is going to come from our match Saturday, but pain and strife. And it’ll be at your expense. This idea you have that everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows, I need you to allow yourself to let go of that fantasy. You aren’t going to walk into my show and make a name for yourself at my expense. That just simply is not happening.

For the past year, I feel as if I have worked harder than anyone else. I’ve worked night and day to improve. I’ve moved mountains when it comes to changing my perception of things. I’ve brought myself to the brink of success time and time again, only failing to capture it by mere fingertips. I’ve been one of the best elitists on Showdown this entire season. I’ve been in some of the biggest matches on Showdown this season, and the only thing I’ve yet to do, is win a championship, to put the final bow on what will go down as one of the most impressive seasons, I’ve had thus far. But at Pain For Pride that changes. I know my focus should be solely on your, Jamie, but knowing that Jack Ripley is going to be ringside, I need BOTH of you to hear this. I’ve told this story thousands of times, and It should be etched into the memories of every elitist who’s crossed paths with me. But for those who need a refresher; I want it to be known that I have worked for everything I’ve ever received in EAW. I’ve been at the bottom of this totem pole, and on rare occasions I’ve found myself hovering at the top. I’ve been in marquee matches. I’ve won marquee matches, and in the same breath, I can come out and say that I’ve lost marquee matches as well. I’m not going to stand around and lie to myself and say that the success that I’ve found thus far has come easy—because it hasn’t. It’s for this reason that I understand the motivation you possess, Jamie. I understand you want to find success for yourself. But so do I. With Jack Ripley sitting ringside, I intend to use you to send a message. I want there to be no confusion as to just how serious I am about wanting to win the National Elite championship at Pain For Pride. I am going to do everything in my power to run through you, Jamie. I’m not going to be merciful. I’m not going to be kind. I’m not going to be respectful. It’s as I’ve said before I’m not looking to be your friend. You’re just another head on the chopping block. And the saddest part of it all is, you don’t even realize how outclassed and outmatched you are. You’re fighting an uphill battle and you don’t even realize it yet. Sure you know my story. You know my accomplishments and my accolades, but you’ve never been in the ring with an elitist of my caliber. You’ve never truly been tested and pushed to your limits. You’ve never had your back against the wall— until now. And that is what makes all of the difference because as I aforementioned, I’m fully aware of just how important this match is to you. But even then it’s going to be nothing short of a massacre. You can remain blissfully ignorant if you choose to but that doesn’t erase the truth that everyone else around you sees; you just aren't good enough to get the job done. And you shouldn’t expect yourself to be. You said that you wanted to come out and have a good match to prove that your victory over Ruler wasn’t a fluke. With that kind of thinking you’ll never make it far in this profession. The idea that you need to prove yourself to anyone is a futile one. You know the work you put in. You know the struggles you’ve gone through. To stand around trying to get validation from people who couldn’t care less if you succeed or fail in your endeavors is nasty work, Jamie. Not only is it a waste of resources but it’s a waste of time and effort as a whole. You said it yourself you’re fresh off of a losing streak. You’ve lost to more people in the past few months than I have in the past calendar year, and that statement alone should paint a very vivid picture for you. You and I are operating on two very different levels. Not that it wasn’t already obvious. But just in case it wasn’t, there you go.

I’m sure in some facet or another, you’ll receive everything you’re looking for, Jamie. Maybe one day you will be recognized as one of the best up-and-coming elitists in the company. Maybe one day you’ll receive everything you’ve ever wanted. Maybe. I’m not rooting against you. I’ve mentioned before that I have no issue with you, and nothing that I’ve said thus far has been personal. Nothing that I’m planning to do Saturday is personal. But I can understand if things are taken that way. You may one day be the future of this company. You may be a future World Champion and Hall of Famer if you stay the course, but now, in this moment right now, to me, you are nothing more than a stepping stone, and obstacle set up for me to either hurdle over or run through. And as unfortunate as that sounds, it’s the truth. A bitter pill to swallow but a pill you’ll swallow nonetheless. I hope the future is kind to you because I most certainly won’t be. So you can stop with the failed attempts at flattery, you can stop trying to appease to Londyn, and you can stop trying to present yourself as a likable entity; because let’s face it— you’re not. What you are is an overzealous sycophant desperately trying to find their niche in a company that would very well chew her up and spit her out, the first chance they got. And I think what makes that notion all the more hilarious is that at the end of the day, you yourself know this is true, Jamie. Rather than trying to be friends with everyone and trying to come off as nice and positive, why not focus that energy and effort on trying to better yourself in the ring so you don’t find yourself on the tail end of another losing streak? Maybe then you’d have something else to flaunt other than a pointless victory over an elitist that wouldn’t even be able to tie my boots. But hey to each their own.

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