MATCH PROMO Less is More (Voltage #3)

Charlie Marr

Disturb The Peace
Hardcore Champion
EAW Hall of Famer
Ah, the classic. I am not the kind of person who did exactly what I just did, I was just imitating you. Likely story, Aria. You are not above insulting someone's physical appearance, as we have just seen. I don’t give a fuck if people use my tactics against me, it’s water off a ducks back. I have been called every name under the sun since I have been in EAW, you telling me I am bald with a grey beard doesn’t particularly affect me. Nice try though, next time you might actually manage to insult me. Who am I kidding, there will never be a next time. After this match, there is not a chance in hell that we are having another match. I refuse to fulfil a second make-a-wish for the same person. I am a very generous guy but that is where I draw the line. No longer can I pretend that you’re real competition for me, it is tiring. We all know this match is a forgone conclusion, we are so close to it that I am past attempting to pretend it will actually be a contest. You are not even close to my level and you never will be, this will be a fucking walk in the park. Of course I insult my opponents' appearances, why wouldn’t I? If an opponent quite clearly has something wrong or humorous about their appearance, I will make fun of it. For a start, I enjoy it. My insults make me laugh and I enjoy making fun of others, it helps get me through the day. Not only that but it also gets into the head of my opponents and infuriates them. I can see just how bothered you are by my insults, you cannot handle being called ugly and having your physical appearance criticised. It’s funny to see what an insecure little bitch you are. You’re a typical woman, you cannot achieve the beauty standards set out for you by society and you cannot handle that. Every single day it bothers you that your stomach isn’t flat enough, your lips aren’t big enough, your hips are too wide. Every single day your physical appearance is criticised by somebody. It could be somewhere on social media or even in person. The fact I then bring this up hurts you so badly because you are a weak minded bitch who cannot handle the scrutiny that we as famous people are under. We have millions of eyes on us, well tens of people in your case. Criticism is going to come and you need to learn how to deal with it. It has to be water off a duck's back for you. For me, it really doesn’t impact me. You can say whatever the fuck you like to me, I couldn’t care less. I only value your opinion if I deem it worthy. There are very few people that I think are worthy of giving me their opinion. There are millions who will try and give me their opinion, I don’t listen to a single one. If you can’t handle it now, do you really think you could handle being the EAW Hardcore Champion? Do you realise how much pressure this is? I am repeatedly criticised for every single thing I do no matter what it is. I could run into a burning building, carry out two people and I would still be chastised for something. That’s just how the game is, Aria. You need to understand that and learn that before it’s too late. You are going to be criticised by everyone, it’s just something that comes with being a professional wrestler. Adapt to it or get the fuck out.

My life is very stressful because I am incredibly important, something you will never be. The finer things I enjoy in life are as a result of my hard work and the stress I face. Just because I enjoy the finer things doesn’t mean I can’t get stressed. I never asked for pity or complained about it, you are simply making up a fake argument to criticise me for as usual. It’s classic Aria as I’ve learned this week. You claim that I am saying something that I am not saying and then argue that point. You’re arguing with yourself, Aria. I suppose when you don’t have anything genuine to lambaste me for you have to just make shit up, I get it. You’re right, I know very little about you in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know much about you because you are irrelevant and I don’t need to know everything about you. The fact you think people should know anything about you just displays the size of your ego. You are a fucking loser who has never achieved nothing in this company, why would anyone care about you? You simply latched on to a popular tag team, you wouldn’t even still be in EAW if it wasn’t for your ability to ride their coattails. You’re pathetic and the fact you’re claiming you have sacrificed a lot is laughable. Please, elaborate on that statement for at least a moment. Don’t tell me what you’ve sacrificed to get to EAW, I don’t give a fuck. What you did before you entered EAW is irrelevant the moment you sign that contract. Tell me just how you are going to sacrifice yourself to become the very best in EAW. You simply do not have that dog in you. The thing that makes Charlie Marr one of the best to ever do it is my willingness to do whatever it takes. I may not be as talented in the ring as many elitists. I can’t wrestle circles around you like Drake King can, I can’t fly about the ring like Chris Elite can. I will simply outwork you and fight so much fucking harder than you. Winning is everything to me and I will do whatever it takes to win. I have by far the best mentality in EAW and there is no argument about that. I have displayed incredible resilience and bounced back in ways that nobody ever has before. I am the ultimate fucking winner and you will see exactly that on Voltage. I will scrap and claw for every advantage I can get, no matter how minuscule they may seem. You simply don’t have the heart that I do, Aria. You don’t have it within you to take it to the limit like I do. You are not and will never be Charlie Marr.

Thousands of people are cheering for you? Don’t make me fucking laugh. Every single Aria match thus far serves as a piss break match, the arena empties out the moment your theme song hits. This will be your first ever match in which you actually wrestle in front of a serious audience and it is solely because you are facing Charlie Marr. You will get a hell of a lot of support this week and that is not down to you at all, it is because of me. Anyone that I face gets a hell of a lot of support because all of the EAW fan base wants to see me lose. I am the elitist that everyone loves to hate. That means for this week only you will be getting a hell of a lot of support. You will be getting lovely messages on social media, you will be getting cheered in the arena and you will have lots of people watching you at home. This is your five minutes of fame, don’t get used to it. You are in a main event solely because of Charlie Marr, understand that. Once this match is over and you have been decimated by me, you will be back to wrestling jobbers to open the show. That’s only if you’re lucky though, you’ll probably spend most of your weeks just accompanying the Ice Aces to the ring for their tag team matches. If you’re trying to redeem your horrible run in Japan then you failed. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about your run in Japan but there’s surely no way it was worse than your run in EAW. How do you perform worse than you are now? That seems almost impossible. I have to tip my hat to you, Aria, you are truly the very best at being fucking shit.

You’re really overdoing it this week, Aria. It is exactly what I have come to expect when I face rookies though. You rookies always try far too hard in the build up to a match and it comes across as forced. Your promos really don’t seem organic and natural, you’re forcing it. It’s almost as if you’re desperately trying to say as many words as possible to appear like you’re saying a lot of valid points. I think you’re just hoping that everyone sees your promo is 20 minutes long and doesn’t watch it, just assuming it must be good if you said so much. In reality, you’re saying absolutely nothing of any sort of substance. It’s remarkable how you can say so much without really saying anything. You’re getting giddy because you know this is the biggest match of your life. You’re far too excitable just because you’re facing EAW Hall of Famer Charlie Marr for the hardcore championship. Less is more and you really need to understand that. I’ve got a suggestion for you, Aria. Instead of firing out 30 different arguments that have zero substance behind them, come up with 5 and really work on them. Find one issue you have with me and develop that issue rather than just chucking shit at a wall and hoping it sticks. Your arguments are incredibly hard to follow because you’re constantly adding new information and they don’t follow any sort of structure at all, they just don’t flow in the way they should. Instead of disregarding this suggestion like you probably will, take it on board. Drop the ego for a moment and use this as a learning experience, it is constructive criticism that will help you going forward. Respect that I have been there and done it, I know what I am fucking speaking about. I have seen so many Arias before and I know that you are heading towards failure. Your current style is unsustainable, you will burn yourself out and lose your passion for the thing that means the most to you. I was once even like you. Believe it or not, Charlie Marr was once an eager rookie that was so excited to do everything in EAW. I learned the hard way that overdoing it will only lead to disappointment. When you don’t get the results you want, you will feel angry because you worked so hard to achieve absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, I have put in a lot less effort and I will achieve the results I desire. It’s quality over quantity, Aria. Work smarter, not harder.

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