MATCH PROMO Me vs. Myself - Reasonable Doubt #1

PJ Hendrx

So the season is coming closer and closer to an end and I still haven’t achieved anything thus far. Legitimately nothing. I don’t care about no fucking breakout performance no more because that type shit don’t fucking matter when you’re trying to win matches, and as far as I’m concerned none of that has happened. So far it’s been such a strange season for me, even though I’ve made improvements this whole time I haven’t achieved anything. But nonetheless, I guess we’re just a few days away aren’t we? And it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for me. You see, after losing the King of Elite tournament the last event that I was in I was desperate for another opportunity because I knew I could win the big one, and finally not disappoint myself on that stage, after countless and countless failures. And right now, I am still looking for that moment. Which is exactly why I’m here. Blind Faith is a really great opportunity for me to get what I want, and that is a World Championship match. That’s what this ENTIRE SEASON has been building up to. All I’ve wanted to do this whole season.. is win the Answers World Championship. That was a huge priority ever since I joined the Showdown brand, THAT championship is something I have been eyeing down. Yet time and time again I can’t seem to get my match. I can’t seem to get the big one, and when I get an opportunity to, I lose. The Elimination Chamber match was the closest shot I ever had at winning the Answers World Championship, and I failed to do so. I came so fuckin close, but I lost, and it stung me. But whatever, I’ll move forward, because by that moment, I saw it as a sign of improvement. I mean after all, the year prior I was the 2nd person getting eliminated, and now I was the last, so it was a great improvement. And because of that I vowed to never let something like that happen again and not disappoint. King of Elite, another massive opportunity at a chance to become, well, the KING. But of course you all know how that worked out. Cos I don’t got no damn crown on my head. And now here comes another opportunity to have a World Championship shot, and it makes me think, well man.. I can’t be doing this for the rest of my career and I feel like I’m ready for the big leagues.. but things just keep on falling apart. But that’s why I want to make this the LAST time I have to continuously fight for these things over and over and finally capitalize on my abilities and sooner rather than later, become a champion in EAW. And that moment really starts here, at Reasonable Doubt, and Blind Faith couldn’t have come at a better moment. Like I need y’all to think about it, I know I’ve already talked about how great of an opportunity this is, but I want to just say it again. Really make you think about it.

Now take it for consideration the fact that all of these things have happened to me throughout the course of this season and even adding onto that, if you’re listening to me speak and you don’t know about this, earlier during the season I had lost to Jon Kelton as clean as a sheet and couldn’t win his championship. So that creates 3 moments that I could’ve made it big, all wasted. Kelton, Chamber, King of elite. And now I’m just standing here as a person who has lost basically all of his opportunities this season, and when it seems like those chances may be gone from now on during this season, here comes Blind Faith. And to be honest, it’s quite exciting and it’s absolutely great for my career. But of course, in order to succeed in Blind Faith, I need a good tag team partner. Because well.. it’s a tag team match. And that’s where things become tricky. That brings me to you Terry. Now, I have no doubt in my mind that you and I can become an amazing tag team, go out there, and we can actually beat Solomon and Halsey. Me and Solomon actually have history in the ring before, and I’ve managed to beat them before, and I have no doubt that I can beat him in the ring again. But not just that, if we include Halsey in the situation, I know that us as a team can be dominant enough to the point where we win. But here’s the thing tho.. if our chemistry is not on point tho, then will it all matter? Terry I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I’m not backing down to nobody. We can team all we want, and I can respect you all I want but the fact of the matter is I’m not going to let someone take away the shine from me. Especially coming from someone who has been away as long as they have, meanwhile I have been working my ass off for opportunities. It’s just not going to work. So with that in mind, I just say we both have an equal amount of time. None of us have to be the leader. We’re both great elitists nonetheless. Because other than that it’s no problem. And to our opponents, I hate to break it to you but Reasonable Doubt won’t be your moment. And it can hurt, because now I kinda have a different perspective now going through losses where a huge opportunity was at hand. Because I have to inform you that the opportunity that you so desperately desire just isn’t going to come now. Because me and Terry, as long as we work together and work well, we’re going to be too good of a match for the both of you. Once again I apologize! But it is what it is. You’re time ain’t now. Because of how great of a pairing we are and if we manage to make things work, you guys simply just won’t win.

And once we win, that leads us to the cage match. And THIS is what I’m talking about. This is THE match where it all matters. This is the match that determines whether or not I get what I want, and I get what I fucking deserve. And when that match comes I’m fucking showing out. I’m going to hoop in that match. In fact I don’t just want to show out I’m here to win. I’m here to damage every single person that steps foot in that ring and I don’t care if you have my respect, because this right here, is something that I have been waiting this entire goddamn season for, an opportunity to face the Answers World Champion in a one on one match and if you think I’m going to take this for granted you’re stupid. There’s nothing more in the world that I care for than THIS. THIS is what I’ve fought my whole career for. I’ll put my life on the line all if it means I get to face the Answers World Champion, and I don’t care anymore. I’ve lost too many times, I’ve wasted too many opportunities and now it has fueled me to levels that I never thought I would ever get to. This has created a man who is more desperate and angrier than ever before. I need to overcome this, I MUST overcome this. Because the time to prove myself is over, I’ve already proved that I’m a dawg in EAW. I’ve already proved that I can hang in there with all time elitists. I know that I can move in the ring with the top stars of today in this ring and there’s no doubt in my mind that I can. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone in the locker rooms, anyone in the management team, or any of these fans either. I only have to prove it to myself if I am worth it. I can recognize this situation that I am in as a Me vs Myself moment. I’ve been beating myself up time and time again over my constant failures and to be honest I still am. But what I do know is.. I must overcome my demons. I have to overcome all of my securities, and walk into Reasonable Doubt a better man than I was yesterday and I know that I can. I know that I am strong enough to fight inside the ring, but am I strong enough that I can fight my own mental? I hope so and I think that is a possibility. But until then, Reasonable Doubt it is. I’m eyeing down the most important opportunity that I have thus far and I pray to god that I don’t waste it. Because this has been too long in the making for me, and I cannot waste another opportunity again during this season, or else it’ll be a flop to me.

So to everyone competing, I’ll see you there.

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