MATCH PROMO "Respect. Takeover. KAI-ZEN" — Mig De Decker — 012


The Realest Wrestler Around
I guess I have some explaining to do about what happened at Territorial Invasion, right? Explain to everyone why I did what I did. Explain to everyone that I decided to pick up Ricky's offer and aligned myself with him, MITSU and even more talents that you wouldn't have ever guessed I'd be aligned with. Well, the reason is in the name.


That's what we stand for. Kaizen is a Japanese term that stands for positive change. The same change I promised by advocating for technical wrestling, a style I will continue to perfect. Albeit with people on my side to help me in that journey. They've already started to help with that. Kaizen also stands for the change we go through as performers when we are at each other’s side because we make each other better. Ricky is the mastermind behind it all. He's a mind in this business like no other. He knows that together, we won't just have a great chance at taking over all of Dynasty. We WILL take over all of Dynasty. We are looking, not for fame, not for glory, we are looking for dominance and gold. We are looking to be the rulers of this sport and Ricky made us see the vision that the best way to do that… is together.

To many I may be the black sheep of the faction. It's obvious that my ethnic background differs from the rest of the group, but to that I have one thing to say. That only makes our bond as a team stronger. They don't make me feel like an oddball. They have made me feel like there was no difference between us at all. Because there isn't. Because when you look at it, in that ring… everyone from KAI-ZEN is a killer. Everyone has that instinct to snatch somebody’s soul and make them fall dead inside that ring. Every single one of us has the spirit that gives us the strength to get whatever we want in this business. We have what it takes to dominate any division we want and if we feel like one of us is failing to live up to that, we will help them back up.

We aren't simply a team that fights together. We are a collective, a group of individuals looking to get to the top faster than the rest whilst still making sure that everyone keeps up. But not by slacking. No. We make sure that everyone keeps up by making them keep up. If MITSU is winning and I'm not, he'll force me to step up my game. And that's with every single member. We aren't just a team, we are specifically selected by Ricky because he knows we are the men that do exactly that. We fight with each other. We fight for each other. And we fight to have everyone fight at the same level as the front runner. That's the reason that we will be successful in this business. That's the reason that the most dominant faction in the history of professional wrestling will always be KAI-ZEN.

But enough about our faction. I have to address the people we will be proving our point against first.

First is the man who I layed out the week before T.I. That would be none other than NOVA. I wanted to address what you said to me but you responded too late. Waited until I couldn't call you out anymore to tell me what's up. I have to say that you missed the mark completely. You repeatedly said something about me claiming to be the greatest of all time when in all reality, I have been saying the exact opposite. I've been saying that I have been everything but the greatest. I have been saying that I had fallen off and that now is my redemption tour. This is my route to becoming the greatest, but I haven't gotten to that point just yet. I have been improving a lot. I have been training a lot. And this week, it will be the same result as last Dynasty with the side I'm on taking the victory over yours. This time it will be a team effort. I've beaten you before and it will happen again. That's a promise.

Speaking of men I have beaten before. You can't really rely on your teammate either. Cody Maverick, hm? Another man I beat. Not just beat. I destroyed him. He was made to look like an action figure that I just got to do whatever I wanted with. That same man I beat up like he was worth nothing is the same man that beat you. It's not looking good for your team when the opposing team has someone who has cleanly pinned 2 of you and did so in a match that couldn't be called anything less than one he dominated. Cody, you have started to pick up since, but you ain't caught up to the level KAI-ZEN is at just yet. A little bit more time and you'll be able to compare to what we are right now. But we will always be ahead of you.

Lastly, we have Ogawa. A man I faced when I just started out here. The same man that took the fall in that match, 10 full seconds after I hit the Butterfly Effect. That meant one of two things. Either you were weak or my finishing move is just THAT strong. You tell me, because whatever it is, that is the same reason I will be beating you this time and not have my win stolen by Korey Gaines. Well, I say it as if it's a singles match. No no no no. This will be KAI-ZEN beating you because you are weak. This will be us starting our path of terror up the card and you 3 are just the first ones that will have to fall to achieve that goal.

We do it in the name of respect for this sport… But also in the name of taking it over.

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