MATCH PROMO “La Familia is the best faction by process of elimination” || Voltage #001 ||


The Huntress of Showdown
“Gloria on a pole, Gloria on a pole, that’s very suggestive out of context, but get your mind out of the gutter. It’s the match now set for Grand Rampage, where Bea Valentine has to put her title up on a pole, with the goal for one of us to pull it down to win it! Bea is so used to her silly little gimmick matches, so I thought I- I mean…I guess SHE would keep that theme going as we head into Grand Rampage. Now let me make this clear: no match, no stipulation, nothing is going to stop me from taking that belt off of her. She may hide it by putting on a brave face, but the truth is, she knows that the Huntress lurks. She knows that it’s only a matter of time until I finally take what is mine. I have given her warning after warning, some passive…others more direct. But it seems like it goes out one ear and the other; I mean, her nerve to say that I carry around sporks. I mean, it’s TRUE but I think that it’s a handy utensil. I don’t think for a second it should be used as an insult! Anyway, while I would love to bash on Bea more unfortunately we are partnered together for Voltage. I mean does EAW ever get sick of the “lets partner up the mortal enemies” clichè? I mean for goodness sake I just got out of a rocky partnership with Usagi who sold for our team at Reasonable Doubt. Don’t even make me think about my partner before that! Then I remember carrying my team 3 v 1 at Territorial Invasion. I fucking hate teams, all it ever does is bring me disappointment. Hopefully Bea Valentine can carry her weight in this match. Because my back can’t take another job! This isn’t even me being funny, I went to my doctor recently and he said if I do another carry job then I am going to need surgery. The strain from helping lift dumbasses like Usagi and — you know who — up! It has completely destroyed me physically and mentally. Mainly physically for the sake of this bit. So I beg of you Bea, please try to be of some help. I’m hoping as Specialist Champion, you can work your magic and show me what you're made of live and in person. If not then I will have no choice but to do what I always do, spend the entire match doing what I have done my entire career thus far — wiping the floor with our opponents alone, solo, numero uno. This isn’t false confidence by the way, I know that I can do exactly that. I mean I already faced them both in a match, Brianna Hill and Roberto Del La Rosa! Which can I say, congratulations to you Roberto! When we fought and I pinned you last in that Territorial Invasion match, I thought that there was no way you were that guy. I mean, you had that contract but I couldn’t help but think…”

“Maybe he won it based on luck, but BEHOLD! You are standing here as the Hardcore Champion! Also, you’re pretty much the most successful member of your team! How does it feel, Roberto? How does it feel to be the leader of the best faction in EAW?

“Hold on, let me elaborate on that: La Familia is the best faction by process of elimination! HAHAHAHA!”

“There is quite literally no other faction that exists to touch you guys right now, thanks to Devolution shitting the bed harder than a newborn infant. Thank god for that; you might have had a bar to live up to. I mean no disrespect cause I know that you respect me as a competitor, but I got to be honest with you, man. When I see the name La Familia, it doesn’t invoke the fear that you want it to. I think the emotion I get when I see that name is…amusement. Because other than you, everyone on your team is amusing. Luis De La Rosa is supposedly the hottest New Breed and isn’t drawing a dime, hell I don’t even think he’s drawing a penny. I have never heard anyone scared to fight Luis De La Rosa. I won’t say there isn’t a future for Luis; I am sure sometime in the distant future, he will finally become a Tag Team Champion. But now, he seems to be nothing more than puppy chow. Because he’s sweet. Valerie Hellstorm, the fucking memes right itself, what can I say about her that hasn’t been said to her face or behind her back. Everyone knows she is a loser, even her La Familia. You say, “Never leave a member behind,” but you might want to retract that stance before she burns your ship down. Brianna Hill…I’ll get to you in a moment. My point in saying this is, Roberto…just run solo. You have all the talent in the world; you could be and do so many things if you weren’t dragging around corpses and hoping that one day, they wake up and walk by themselves. It isn’t going to happen, trust me, I walked a couple miles in your shoes. Let them go, be free and hold that championship knowing that YOU earned it. However, as much as I appreciate you and respect you as a competitor…HAHAHAHA!! You’re not going to beat me! I mean if I wanted an easier walk to the title at Grand Rampage, I would have just chosen you but there is no fun in hunting those you have beaten. I mean shit, I was out numbered, I was hurt, semi concussed, and I still BEAT you! Hell that was when I was slightly weaker than I am now! What do you think I can do to you now Roberto? I can twist your head like a bottle cap and pull it off! Too dark? My bad. Point is Roberto, no matter how many titles you win, no matter how good you think you are. I have proven to be better in less fortunate circumstances, now I can show you what I’m like at 200%.”

“But that’s enough about you; it’s time to move on to Brianna Hill. The so-called “Future of EAW”. A lot of people say that, but very few can back it up truly. Can you honestly stand there and say that with a straight face? I mean, I get setbacks. I am no stranger to losses and being on the receiving end of losing opportunities, but the truth is when it comes to you and most of this faction, you’re never good enough to keep stepping forward. How can you be the future if you always stand in one place? You heard this last time we fought, so allow me to repeat it if you don’t remember: “You have a bright smile and a good attitude, but the fact is that none of that is getting you anywhere. Because I don’t believe in you, you haven’t given me a reason to believe in you.” That quote I gave you then still applies, and you might play it cool; you might say that you don’t care about what I have to say. That I am in the same position that you are. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite every loss I have faced until now, I am more of the future of this company than you could ever imagine yourself to be. I am taking on the best and stepping on anyone below that bar. The only thing I am missing to certify my position in this company is the Championship on my partner's shoulders. You have a long way to go, a very, very, long way to go until you can even reach me at this phase of my career. It isn’t happening in this match, I can tell you that much, but I can tell you that there will come a time when you stand where I stand right now and realize why I feel so confident. Why do I feel I can say what I said without being nervous that I’m wrong? Cause I am not wrong. Everything I said was true, and it didn't take Einstein to figure it out.”

“At Voltage, THE HUNTRESS STINGERS shuts down La Familia, and it won’t be a shock — it will more so be a “what took them so long.” At the end of the night, despite holding that Championship and despite hiding behind the successful one, Brianna. This match is just too predictable; if I can beat you two, then god adding Bea Valentine makes this match unfair. Add the entire team next time to make it somewhat interesting. Oh well, you work with what you’re given. Expect a thorough ass beating and Bea Valentine when that bell rings and the match is over. Expect to get some licks yourself for what you did last week.”
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