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Inside the Aztec Arena in the nearly finished decorated arena for this weekends Rode To Redemption event sits the ring where Korey Gaines and his trainer are in the ring as he is taking weighted bags and large punching bags tossing them over the ropes as he takes reps after reps for preparation of eliminations for the battle royale in honor of Extreme Enigma. The crew gets closer as Gaines trainer is yelling motivation towards Korey

You might think your running!
But God is always gonna send somebody
Lucky for you I am that somebody
God wants you to pick a side
Yeah he said your lukewarm, you right in the middle
He said he ain’t foolin with you
He said pick a side!
You either going to trust him or you aint You gotta pick a side!
Either you going to believe that the impossible is possible or you ain’t!
either your going to know that your healed or you aint
but stop all that Inbetween
He sent you to be great, he made you in his image
All he need you to do is operate in his image
Either you going to be his or you ain’t
Either you’re going to lead your family down the right path or you ain’t!
How do you want your legacy to be!!
pick a side!!
It’s on you nobody else!!
Stop blaming people for your past!
Accountability or not!!
Greatness is on the inside of you!
Either you’re going to choose to operate it or not!
Pick a side!!!
let’s be great!!!

Korey digs deep as he grits through the pain of his sore ribs and fires off several belly to belly suplexes over The ropes as he tosses the last remaining ones as his trainer/friend claps his hands and fist pumps Gaines as hops out of the ring as Korey leans against the ropes as he tries to catch his breath

Korey Gaines
Growing up watching wrestling I had one dude that I gravitated to when it was on the tv screen and that was Extreme Enigma as that dude was such a beast as I reallllly love his move set especially the swanton, his whisper in the wind, his leaping kicks and so on. I met him once way back when as a kid when this company came through my home state. At that point in his career he wasn’t a big fan of taking pics or dealing with kids but he took his time with me that night and it was a big highlight for me and it drew me closer to wrestling and bigger fan of his. So it’s a honor to be apart of this memorial royale. The one thing I remember him telling me during that time is just make the most of your opportunity and when you got be sure to make to the moment an everlasting memory. In this royale I am going to attempt.

Korey takes a deep breath as he goes from leaning against the ropes to looking into the camera

Korey Gaines
Its been a minute since I last put out a promo as I’ve taken these last few weeks to heal my ribs, to mentally get back in tune with my competitive fire, and just get my head screwed on tight. I’ve been in funks and I’ve been in complete clarity off and on this season so in order to get right I had to step to the side and get right so I took full advantage of my rest and days off. Because I’m literally going on a road to redemption as this event can help get people back on the right back if they make the most of there opportunity and I’m going to take this road out of Mexico City and flip it into my favor as I go crazy making every moment count and making every opportunity i get into a big highlight reel for myself.

Korey hops up on the turnbuckle as he looks around the arena and back towards the crew

Korey Gaines
i got newbs shouting my name in there promos in order to get my attention I order for me to give them there moment in the ring this weekend in order for them to make a name out of themselves in order to get ahead. Brae the fookin warrior king. One thing I know for sure is that stupid Irish accent makes it incredibly hard to understand and why is it that every Irish men want to strut around here like Conor mcgregor as they take the trash talking from his playbook. Just once I wanna see you irish dude come out with your own material and quit riding that man’s Irish jock. I’m not worth your time huh? That’s cute cuz I am worth every bit of your time, so when come at me you come correct. You overlook me or think I am worth worrying about then you’re going to have problems.

Mitsu, last time we were in a ring with me it was when we were on the same squad for the divide and conquer match as our squad won and then it all the hell when it went to individuals then you jumped the man I have all the respect for in De La Rosa. Ive had you on my hit list ever since that day and let’s just say when I wear into your ass and dump you over the ropes it’s not only just for me but it’s for Roberto as well. But you ain’t got shit to speak on my name huh? Going do that lackadaisical bullshit of brushing me to the side cuz i worth giving time to speak about huh? You’re gonna make time when I make you fight for your life as you your best to keep from going over the ropes.

Kutcher, one new guy who wants to make a name off me as he wants to toss me over the ropes. Honestly I havent been watching the product in a minute to know you and Brae have done so I ain’t going to act like l seen how well or what you done but I really hope your other promos were worth paying attention to but I’m going to cut the chase with you. You ain’t going to be making any sort of money off me, you sure as hell ain’t going to make a name off me and you sure as hell ain’t going to advance to anywhere in order to make a mockery off me. But I’m the awkward one huh that’s not socally aware? that’s cute, your the dipshit athlete that shows up to school and everyone is like oh shit is That the new star of the school only for folks to quickly find out your just MID! So you can feel bad all you want to but when you wake your ass up from when I knock your ass out I will have a McDouble, fries, and Fanta waiting for your dumbass

Miggy what’s up my guy? Last time I saw you we were in a ring together and I taught you a think or two as I handed your ass as I make you cry like the little bitch that you are. Your really quite frankly haven’t impressed me since then but you ain’t going to get one Back over on me as i got your number and we’ll your my bitch. You know it to as you barely spent any time on my nam. You’re scared and you’re going to do every thing in your power to duck. Honestly that’s wise cuz why be the guy that Korey Gaines has not only beaten but embarrassed twice. No one wants to be that guy right? No one wants to be down 0-2 to Gaines. No one wants to be Marrow.

Speaking of Marrow. Hi Hayley how are you? It’s gotta sting huh? Knowing that I practically sit at the lowest of the totem pole when it comes to this organization but yet I hold two wins over you. One singles and one tag. Sure you will do everything in your power to say I didn’t pin you in the tag but let’s face it a loss is a loss am I right? Whats going to be funny if I add to your resume that you were dumped over the ropes by me which will equal out to Gaines have three different types of wins over Hayley Marrow. What a crazy ass world we live in huh?

I got an alley in this match and it’s my tag partner in MSC. What’s up Mike? I’m going to be real honest with you man I’m going to do everything in my power to help you win this match. You deserve this shit man as you have been working your ass off to be the man you are now as your hard work has paid off tremendously and I see how badass you have gotten while I’ve been by your side as your tag partner. so I got your back when it comes yo watching your six, dumping dudes you are having trouble over the ropes or even taking one for the team by sacrificing my self. You deserve this win and I’m going to do my best to see to it you win

Korey hops down from the corner as he slides under the ropes and onto the floor as he looks back to the crew in the ring

Korey Gaines
This match I’m going to do everything in my power to win but I also am I going to do every thing in my power to make the most of any and every opportunity to produce a moment in time to make a ever lasting memory that will be remembered in time. If that’s taken out the suppose favorite or it’s knocking someone the hell out or if that’s risking it for the biscuit. Korey Gaines road to redemption starts this weekend and as I take what is given to me that night and turn it into things that people dont think I’m even capable of. I’m teeing off on every body I come across. Kicking ass, taken names, and destroying yalls hopes for a dub. Viva la Mexico!! See y’all soon!!

Korey smirks as he gives out a wink before turning and leaving up the ramp then out view
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