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La Pantera Sexual
EAW Hall of Famer
The camera cuts to TLA in a gym hitting a punching bag. TLA is clearly in a bad mood looking like he wants to kill something and make it bleed. TLA has been listening to what Drake King has to say and has some shit to get off his chest before he hops in the Chamber looking to pulverize the champ.

TLA: You don’t believe in second chances Drake. Cuz you don’t believe in anything. You don’t even believe in yourself cuz if you didn’t you wouldn’t need to call yourself God to make yo dick feel bigger. If you believed in second chances maybe then you would have actually done the right thing and used one of your many many chances to do that right thing. To make amends n shit. To be a bigger and better person. But instead you haven’t done shit for anyone. You haven’t done shit to make up for any of the bad things you have done in the past. And let’s be clear. You don’t deserve to be forgiven for any of that shit even if you did. You don’t deserve to be forgiven for all of the friends you betrayed. You don’t deserve to be forgiven for any of the people that you used. For any of the lives that you destroyed. I sure as shit don’t forgive you for all of the times you attacked me. All of the times you interfered in my matches. All of the times you tried to end my career. You can go fuck yourself because I wouldn’t forgive you even if you were actually sorry.

I wouldn’t give you a second chance.

TLA: Cuz I’ve already given you fifty. I’ve waited and dealt with your bullshit since the day you entered this company and I’ve given you more chances than anyone else here. I’ve given you chances to actually show me some respect. I’ve given you chances to show these fans some respect. I’ve given you chances to show this company and this brand some respect. But you have failed each and every time and I don’t believe that you will ever change. I don’t believe that you have what it takes to actually take responsibility for your actions and suffer the consequences like everyone else has to. But apparently you think that you are a special snowflake and can just move on and leave the burning rubble behind you and go on think that nobody is going to be mad at you anymore. But unfortunately for you just because you have moved on from some shit you’ve done don’t mean the rest of us have.

Nah you still gotta get that ass kicked.

LA: Apparently I begged to get into this match too. That’s a newsflash to me because I ain’t begged for shit in my life. I don’t beg for shit I earn shit and I take shit. Captain Charisma was practically jumping for joy at the idea of putting me in the Extreme Elimination Chamber because he knows exactly what I can do in that match. I’ve had more big moments in that match than anyone else and every single time I enter into the Extreme Elimination Chamber I be making that shit memorable. I be leaving people talking the next day with the shit that I pull up in there so no Drake I don’t need to beg to be in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match because I deserve to be in it more than anyone else. If you are too much of an idiota to recognize that then you are clearly too far gone for anything to get through to you. Which means I don’t gotta feel bad about any of the shit I do to you in that ring. I don’t gotta feel bad for bringing the pain to you and making you suffer. Cuz you just a deranged sociopath who can’t feel any emotion.

But you can feel the pain.

TLA: Honestly Drake if you don’t recognize that I have been straight up reppin’ and carrying Voltage this whole season then you clearly ain’t been watching the show. You ain’t seen the work that I have put in this year and if y’all don’t wanna appreciate the fact that I have given every ounce of myself to this company day in and day out then you a real piece of shit. You a blind motherfucker cuz everyone else sees it. Literally everyone sees how hard I work around here and how much blood, sweat, and tears I put into this company, this brand, this business. I live, breathe, and die EAW. But this is the kind of shit that I get from you? I get told how unimpressive I am. I get told how I don’t deserve to be here. Go fuck yourself Drake. I’m going to kill yo bitch ass gringo. You think I don’t deserve to be here? Y’all think that I ain’t deserve shit after I have given absolutely everything I have to this company and this brand. To YOUR brand by the way. You are the champion. You should be all kinds of thrilled to have someone like me on your brand making this shit look ten times better than you ever could. You should be happy to have someone like me around because together we can work to make Voltage the absolute best brand in the company. But instead of working together, instead of giving me a second chance like you have claimed you are all about, you have been fixated on yourself and proving that you and you alone are the only wrestler who matters in the entire world. To that I say once again pendejo. Go fuck yourself.

Cuz I ain’t walking away con nada.

LA: I ain’t about to work as hard as I have all year and walk away with absolutely nothing to show for it. I’m not going to let you walk out of the Extreme Elimination Chamber and rewrite history and claim that you are the only person here who mattered in 2023. Because you weren’t. I matter. Rex McAllister matters. Cameron Ella Ava matters. Jack Ripley matters. Even Mr. Wrestling XIX as much as I hate his bitch ass. He matters too. And they all deserve to be recognized for what they put into this company. They all deserve to be in this Extreme Elimination Chamber match and they deserve a champion a hell of a lot better than you Drake. They deserve a champion who can actually acknowledge his competition and show them some respect. Who can actually look them in the eye and tell them everything they have done and how good they are. And then go right on ahead and beat them anyway if you really are that good Drake don’t let anyone stand in your way. But you let yourself stand in your own way. You tear this brand down. You tear everything down behind you and leave a mess for everyone else to clean up cuz you ain’t capable of taking any kind of responsibility for the bullshit you pull.

But it is going to catch up with you.

TLA: The time is moving forward. Tick tock. It is only a matter of time before your past catches up with you and what about your precious second chances then? You think anyone is going to give you one? Nah they ain’t going to give you shit. Cuz you ain’t never given anyone shit. This that Navidad. This that season of giving but the only thing you capable of giving is a predictable and boring Drake King performance that literally everyone in this company saw coming from a mile away. Another match with Drake King shitting on all of his opponents. Another match where Drake either gets his ass kicked or basically skates by off some bullshit and then goes on to claim about how DEFINITIVELY he beat everyone. Rewriting history like he do. We all know how this shit works. But you are not the only champion around here Drake. So I will do what you can’t and I will show respect to the people in this match. I will give everyone in this match what they deserve for what they have done for Voltage this year and if you got a problem with me stepping up then that’s on you holmes.

I got no problem being the champion in this match if you won’t do it.

LA: If you are too much of a lazy asshole to actually show some luv to mah chica Cameron Ella Ava then I will do it for you. Talk about second chances. Believe it or not Drake me and Cameron have not always gotten along. In fact Cameron was once one of my biggest haters. Back in 2017 she almost couldn’t keep my name out her mouth and wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of her for the way she treated me. Fast forward a couple years, I worked my culo off and became an EAW Hall of Famer and guess who was there to induct my ass? A couple years before nobody would have seen that shit coming. But I moved on from the beef we had and since then she been one of the most respectful people I’ve had to deal with. She always giving me them props for my success and accomplishments and I be doing the same in return. When Cameron Ella Ava made it to the main event to compete for the top title on Voltage this season I was all kinds of proud of her. It was her big opportunity and her big moment for all of her hard work. She was going to face a real champion and maybe even overcome them to become the top wrestler in the game. Instead she had to face Drake King and homie can’t even give her props for the absolutely phenomenal performance that she put on at Wicked Games.

Homie can’t even do that.

TLA: Can’t even do that even though it would make him look better. So I don’t blame Cameron for feeling like the situation between you and her is not finished. She put in all she had and you might have been the winner on that day but that ain’t mean that Cameron gotta step aside. Nah just because you beat someone one day don’t mean they not going to be getting right back up in yo face the next day looking to throw down. Cameron was the top contender for the title like a month ago, now you in a match with the five top contenders for your championship and y’all best believe that she going to be included in that conversation. The same goes for yo boi. You think that I gave a fuck when you beat me for your first title all them years ago. Fuck no. I done bounced back from that shit and I’ve styled on yo bitch ass making you look like a joke ever since. I ain’t never lost a step and that is why y’all can’t never get complacent. Not as a champion. Not in this business. You ain’t never too successful to have to deal with the hungriest motherfuckers out coming for yo neck Drake. Don’t y’all go forgetting where you came from homeboi.

Cuz we got no problem reminding you.

LA: As I step right back on into the Extreme Elimination Chamber in the place that I came from I realize that I ain’t never ever forgot. I ain’t forgotten who I am. I ain’t forgotten what I’m all about. I ain’t forgotten the barrio. Ain’t forgotten the people. I ain’t forget my colleagues in this business neither. How could I forget someone like Cameron Ella Ava? How could I forget someone like Rex McAllister? Y’all wanna see how a real champion treats people that they have beaten in the past y’all should watch and learn Drake. I been nothing but respectful about Rex, his career, his success despite the fact that I could easily dismiss him based on our past record in matches together. I could dismiss him, Jack Ripley, whoever else for the time they have sat on the sidelines while I have been busting my ass in the ring, on the microphone, doing what I do and doing it better than anyone else in this company. But nah Drake I’m not you. I realize how good Rex McAllister is. I realize that he a hungry motherfucker who looking to grab him some gold. Looking to snatch it right on up and go right on back to where he was before he took all that time off. I don’t tell Rex that he is a lesser challenger or someone who doesn’t belong in the ring with me because it isn’t true. It’s not true when Drake King says it either. Make no mistake about it ese everyone in this match deserves to be here. We have made this show the number one brand in the company all year long and we are getting this championship opportunity in up against you whether you like it or not.

Cuz it’s what we deserve.

TLA: If the world was fair we would get a hell of a lot more than that too. But unfortunately the world ain’t always fair and the people who deserve to be rewarded don’t always get it. Instead people like Drake King who are soulless voids of nothing get rewarded and get to call themselves champion and I will fight against that shit as long as I can still deliver these manos. Because EAW deserves a better champion and you just ain’t that guy pal. You could never have the honor of Rex McAllister. You could never break barriers in this business like Cameron Ella Ava. You could never persevere in this business like Jack Ripley. You could never even have the kind of respect for this business like Mr. Wrestling XIX has in his own twisted ass way. And you can’t do what I do Drake. You never could. You couldn’t handle the pressure of walking a day in my shoes. Just like you when you almost took an L to Cameron Ella Ava at Wicked Games.

You would trip and fall.

LA: You aren’t capable of winning a championship that some people said wasn’t worth your time and taking it and building that shit into the most prestigious championship in the whole company. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m doing every day this year. Since I won this Hardcore Championship this belt has entered into a golden age and it has been a long ass time if ever since it has had a champion like me up in that ring every single week looking to throw down and defend against all comers. When the title is on the line you know I be going all out. When the title not on the line? Y’all already know from our last match Drake that I ain’t so easy to take down. Mr. Wrestling XIX knows this better than anyone. I am coming to take what is mine not because I give a fuck about beating Drake King. But cuz that is what fighting champions do and as far as I’m concerned I’m the real champion in this match. I don’t care who’s belt is on the line. Y’all think that trying to end my career wasn’t that bad dawg? Keep that energy.

Tell yourself it’s not that bad when I cripple yo ass into retirement.

TLA is shown continuing to batter the punching bag hitting it with such force it nearly breaks off. TLA is shown practicing his boxing skills because he has a feeling in the Extreme Elimination Chamber he is going to need all of the striking practice that he can get.

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