MATCH PROMO Kindness begets kindness, apparently that's not true around here - (Voltage #2)


A Delicious Danger
It's amazing how nobody in this company has a shred of respect, not even for a mere ant walking across the floor. Hehe, who am I kidding? Kindness begets kindness, healthy title swaps don't matter to fans, viewers, commentators, the media... Nobody wants to see good people reigning supreme, they just want monsters taking over everything, that's why everything is going well in your world, Kassidy. This year alone you've done more than any "mere mortal" could dream of doing, haven't you? Because that's the difference between you and the rest of the people here, they dream it, you do it. But I guess that's not so different from what I am these days, Kassidy, and I was pretty good at predicting your moves. I knew you'd call me a clown, I knew you'd flaunt your victories in my face, all in just a few minutes of speaking. Wow, impressive, it seems you're not really fighting tooth and nail because you don't see me as being enough. I may not be Minerva, the Iconic Cup winner, who wants to see the same title I want, but I'll go all the way, just as she's probably willing to go so she can make a name for herself too. Kassidy, your name being on even tuna packets for merchandising, gets in the way of anyone who doesn't have their own name signed even on an autograph napkin. But that's what makes this industry never die, these people who... like you Kassidy Heart Waffles and Co. at the market, are made to gain all the prestige and become history one day. Does it sound like an offense to you to say that you're too legendary for this business? ... Kass, you've been built up until today, for someone to come along and renovate it.

A person like you who has already done so much for business should know that. Your next step is to star in Hollywood movies that will only gross 30 million on a shoestring budget just for your fat paycheck, because that's the way you've been used to here in EAW, to having everything in your hand because you're the best. Kassidy, all the time I've been here talking to my opponents, I've made up a lot of stories, and that's my magic. Nobody really knows who I am, but every time you win, win, win, you stop making your enigmatic persona appealing to the public. They're going to know everything about you, and soon you won't even have any privacy. The Grand Rampage winner? Oh yes, Kassidy Heart. #Kass2Belts? Oh yes, Kassidy Heart. How much longer can your pride stand having your name everywhere and your steps completely watched in everything you do, your words reproduced and taken out of context over and over again by this industry that you kill and die for, but which in return does nothing for you. Kassidy, it's time for you to evolve or retire. Either you go on the red carpet, compete for the Canis Festival, with your chilling theatrical performances, or you just leave and let the course of life run its course, as I said, renew itself like the ecosystem it is.

I'm not being a hater, I'm even showing you how to remain relevant in this world that you say is going well. The truth is that you're already so attached to these ideas that I've presented, which are simply toxic and exposing, that you don't realize that it's no longer merely a massage of your ego, it's an invasion. And that's good, very good actually. Because I don't know if you know it, but every brutal crime involving a famous person is because of the EXACT information it contains. So the more chances you have to keep exposing yourself, being visible, having everything about you spread everywhere, the greater the chances of you ending up in the headlines for being found in a dumpster lifeless. Kassidy, I say it again and again, I love you, I love everything you've done for me unintentionally. If you lose to someone like me, will that take away all your prestige? ... No! You're history, you've made history, and you'll continue to do so in everything you try to do, because you're a capricious, talented woman and I can assure you that you're a perfectionist, hm? ... But that's how the ecosystem works, Kass. The hungry tigress, queen of the jungle, at the top of the food chain will die at some point, whether from natural causes, another predator, or even a tiny savannah snake that takes advantage of her distractions and injects all its venom when she least expects it, the top of the food chain ALWAYS dies at some point. And who eats it?

That's right, Kass, the vermin. The buzzards.

Everything that's imperceptible, they're always sneaking around waiting for the right moment, they're parasites of the carrion, they're hated, you hate them don't you? You even identify some here in this business as those responsible for the food chain working, don't you? People you look deep in the eye, say nothing to, almost spit in the face and laugh at as if they were nothing, call them a clown, a fucking weirdo, WHATEVER. It doesn't matter which version of the butcher it is, whether it's a bird of prey or a white grub... It doesn't matter which version it is, it will always devour whoever is on top, it's only a matter of time. Whether it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will ALWAYS devour. Isn't it funny how life really works from outside a bubble of stardom and bright flashes? While you win here, someone loses there, when you least expect it you fall off your horse. Kassidy, life is so fast for you to waste your time on someone like me, I even suggested that you go and live out your summer love with Sienna Jade, but you decided to do like all the others who show up to confront me... YOU DON'T LISTEN TO ME, BECAUSE YOU'RE TALKING TOO LOUD! Blablablabla I'm the best blavalabaoba titles bakablablabaa victories... SCHEISSE!!! And once again you proved my point, you don't care about me because of your friends from the past who crossed your path in your "fucking war"... Scott Connor also went to war, I'm not impressed that I managed to defeat him heheheh... Just kidding, Kassidy, you know that making jokes is still in my blood, no matter how rotten and stinking it is. I like your smile, Kassidy, I really like it, I love it when people smile at me because it reminds me of what I did to Lilith in Dynatsy.

As much as she never wants to touch my name again, I'll use her as an example of my brutality whenever I need to. It's no mystery that I like pliers, so much so that I named one of my finisher submissions after a clipper, I wonder how pretty and expensive a bitch I wouldn't look in a beautiful red lace dress, walking down the street at dawn with a nice set of your teeth as my earrings, Kassidy, then I think we'd finally have something to hype up! A fundraiser for your new dental implant. How many more times do I have to remind you that I don't want to be your enemy, that I actually want to be like you, because you're an example. Everything you once had the courage to do reflects on what people sporadically do today. But I've yet to see you suggest any way of beating me, as I said myself. You call me an idiot, you call me a fucker fucking flyin' fuckes fuckling something all the time, when I don't even fuck that much. And what did I do? I called you my inspirational muse. Yeah, kindness doesn't really breed kindness in this filthy land, and certainly, this filthy land isn't part of the perfect world that's going well for Kassidy Heart, so here's what we're going to do, we're going to make her an alien from this world of hers, bringing her into a reality that she hasn't seen for a long time.

Facing a new blood? I'm not going to lie, I'd be OFFENDED too if it were me in your place, I practically have new challenges to face every day from all sides to come up against an insignificant creature that has only won ONE EVENT out of the many that I've appeared on the main poster that is always shown to the SEVEN corners of the world, that's really something terrible to happen, offensive is not enough, it's outrageous. Complain to the boss, not to me, your call I'll be passing on to HR. Can't you control the consequences of the Clusterfuck Match? Me neither, honey. You kept me waiting and my illnesses kicked in and that's what happened! If fate wanted me to face you, if I wanted to beat Clusterfuck at any cost by making the hell I promised come true and so far making my words come true too, it's because there's something between us that needs to happen. You do you, I do me. You're right to say that it's something so unexpected for you that it can be difficult to know, but I disagree on one specific point, it's JUST the fact that the Universal Women's Championship is on the line that will make this situation even more unexpected! And don't get me wrong, you've already faced rookies like me here, Drake Armstrong had a match for New Breed not long ago, and unlike him I'm not going to rub my possessions and my porsches in your face like I'm pretending you haven't! I know my position here, I know I can't fail, that's why I said, what is for you just another normal Voltage Sunday where you'll climb into the ring and be counting that you'll make a squash match, for me it's not something that gives me butterflies in the stomach and chronic anxiety, I see an opportunity that I can't just let slip through my fingers, and you know how that works.

You're nobody's personal hooker here, Kassidy, I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, everything you have you earned with your sweat and blood, that's a fact, that's known, but now it's time for other people to earn it too, I'm going to earn it. You didn't have to have sex with anyone to get your success, don't pretend that it just fell into your lap, because it didn't! You know that one day you were a New Breed, you know that one day you were nervous about something happening, you know that, don't make an idiot of yourself because I know that a person on a level like you, if you like to talk about levels as much as a Democratic politician talking about social strata, is not an idiot!

Alex Myers, on the other hand, is a ho'. Period. Don't think that just because we wear make-up we're cousins or something, a defeat won't make me change my personality because the pact is already made. Not even if I wanted to be someone else could I be, I'm already a lost soul wandering around, I don't mean it like Caroline, I don't mean it like Kasai, it's the truth, what have I got to lose? Are you going to hurt me, embarrass me? None of that really impresses me, not even coming from you, Kassidy, do you really think I'm going to give up anything more in this life because a person like you was too big a challenge for me? No, that's not even going to happen. For someone who's been as soggy-eyed and red as if he'd smoked more marijuana than Valerie Hellstorm when she discovered the De La Rosa, you talk as if my mist was something really small. It's not like a complete mist, and as I mentioned before, Kass...

It's like a sneaky, opportunistic snake that crawls up and unleashes all its venom on the strong, brave tigress, when she least expects it on the savannah, and when she wakes up, when the sun rises, it will only be a piece of rotting meat on the ground.

Would you be shocked, Kassidy? ... It's not news to me that I shock people, it's not news to me that I have this talent, this gift I would like to say, so I really wanted you to think again about my questions that I asked, a mere pinfall? No, that's not going to happen, it's not even me convincing you, it's pure reality that every pinfall since the "mysterious change" that you've been questioning whether it will happen in the future, has worked. I can swallow my words just fine if you try to do one, but a kickout will follow and I'm predicting a KASSYPOG on social media in the future due to this MWAH gold moment! Kassidy, don't get me wrong, I don't mean that you're losing your talent or even the strong hands you had before... It's just that for a pain lover, the more pain, the better. Either you change your Fatality to a Friendship with me and grant me the honor of continuing to do what I'm doing so well these days, or I'll have to come up with my own strategies on how to really shock you to the point of a heart attack.

And really, how stupid of Kasai to talk about technical terms like tracheotomy, isn't it? Pfffft... We all know that it's much better to talk like me, be a top-notch butcher and slice off all the limbs and leave the meat drying on display! Doesn't that sound simpler?

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