Raven Roberts

Raven Roberts

The Bird of Prey
Unified Tag Team Champion
Atlanta, GA

Legal Name:
Raven Skye McAllister (Maiden name: Thomas)
Wrestling Name: Raven Roberts
Picture Base: Deonna Purrazzo
Current Nicknames: “The Bird of Prey”, “The Huntress”
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 139 lbs.
Date of Birth: 06/03/1992
Place of Birth: Louisville, KY
Now Resides: Atlanta, GA
Factions: Fire and Ice (See Here), The Beating Hearts of Voltage
Wiki Page: Raven Roberts wiki (See Here)

Disposition/Alignment: Fighting Babyface

Gimmick: Raven is a sharp minded woman with heart. She trained and sacrificed for years to get where she wants and developed a tactical mind over time, feeling very at home in the ring. Despite a kind heart, she is nothing but aggressive, tactical, and unmerciful inside the ring. She’s a fighter, always looking for a challenge to overcome, looking for her path to the next level. Now that she’s ascended to main event status, her focus is to cement that placement for herself as well as build on it, hoping to push herself into the list of all-timers.

Theme Music:
‘Mark My Words’ by Doll Skin

Special Entrance:
(The lights cut out throughout the arena. Suddenly, the silhouette of a bird appears on the titan tron and a loud hawk-like screech cuts through the silence.)

“I was born into this, won’t hesitate to use my fists,
Break the cuffs around my wrists... again...”

(“Mark My Words” by Doll Skin plays as smoke fills the stage. The music begins to get louder.)

“I have waited here for months, to get the nerve to give you what,
You deserve for what you’ve done... again...”

(Raven Roberts steps out onto the stage through the smoke wearing a black and silver trench coat with a collar that extends a over her head. She wears her EAW Unified Tag Team Championship belt around her waist. Her head is down, shaking herself loose.)

“I always get... my revenge...
I’ll come out on top... in the end...”

(Raven looks up into the camera with a smirk as the tron is suddenly showered in purple flashing lights and highlights of her matches begin to play on the screen.)


(Raven makes her way down to the ring, flaring out the tail of her coat as she turns towards the steps. She climbs up the turnbuckle from the outside, posing with one foot on the ring post and one on the turnbuckles, her arms out to hype the crowd. She then drops down to the mat, removing her coat and title belt and stepping to her corner.)

In-Ring Attire:

Entrance Attire: When she walks out, she wears a black leather trench coat with a high collar that zips just at the bodice and has a design of wings stitched into the back. If a champion, she always prefers to wear the belt around her waist.

Segment Attire: Always fashion forward but comfortable more often than not.

Casual: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4

Formal: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4

Tendency to Cheat: Rarely. If an opponent cheats she isn’t unwilling to match the aggression, but otherwise she respects the ring and the rules.

- Passion – Raven loves wrestling and competition. She feels it saved her from ending up dead.
- Glory – Raven has worked her entire adult life to be a wrestler, her dream is to be recognized as the very best.
- Gold – Raven wants to be a champion and hold as many titles as possible on her way to the top. She believes that being a true champion, one who not only wins but proudly defends the title, is a marker for proving herself as the best.

Wrestling Training:
Trained by Vivian Marshall and Shayna Jackson in Las Vegas

Wrestling Debut: Officially in Super Lucha’s “Reinas de Lucha” Tournament in 2015. Unofficially in a dark match in 2010.

Favorite Weapon: Steel chair if she has to grab one, Bo staff if she walks out with a weapon.

In-Ring Style: Focused, Tactical. Can get very aggressive. Raven will seek to keep pressure on her opponents, finding even the tiniest openings for joint manipulation in submissions or staying on them when standing.

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
- Knee bar
- Codebreaker
- Judo style throws and slams
- Top rope missile drop kick
- Muay Thai kicks and strikes
- Springboard reverse elbow
- T-Bone Suplex
- Lou Thesz Press w/ punches
- Guillotine Choke with Body Scissors
- Northern lights suplex w/ bridging pin
- Springboard Spike Hurricanrana
- Lionsault
- Canadian Destroyer
- Hip Toss and Back Handspring into a Dropkick

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of six (6)

- ‘The Facelift' – Spinning heel kick to opponent’s face

- 'Huntress Bomb' – Sit out spinebuster (See Here)

- ‘Wing Breaker’ — Fujiwara Armbar

- ‘Flight Destroyer’ - Suicide dive Canadian destroyer to opponent on the outside (See Here)

- ‘Beak Breaker’ - Tilt-A-Whirl stunner. (See Here) (Usually uses to set up for a finisher.)

- ‘Aerial Ace' – Shooting Star Knee Drop/Shooting Star Meteora (See Here) (Hits to a standing opponent)

Finishing Moves: Maximum four (4)

- 'Raven’s Wings' – Spiral Tap (See Here)

- 'Talon' – Claymore Kick (See Here)

- ‘The Aviary’ — Cattle Mutilation Style Cross-face Chicken Wing (See Here)

- UF - ‘Shredding Talons’- Raven ties her opponent’s arms in the ropes and runs back and forth, hitting three consecutive Talon kicks to the side of the head before pulling them out of the ropes for the pin.

- RARE DESPERATION FINISHER - ‘The Rex Effect’ - Move made famous by her husband. The Rex Effect ddt is a combination of a float over tornado and evenflow ddt. When rebounding off the ropes, she grabs the opponent by the neck and uses the momentum to carry her into the float over and down into the evenflow ddt. She will only break this out when she feels all other avenues have been exhausted.

Championships and Achievements:

-EAW Universal Women’s Champion (1x)
-EAW Unified Tag Team Champion (1X) (Reigning with @Rex32)
-EAW New Breed Champion (1x)
-2019 Cash in the Vault Winner
-2019 War Games Winner (w/ @Andrea Valentine and @Ms. Extreme)

Awards and Recognitions:
-First Woman to win the EAW New Breed Championship
-First Woman to win the Cash in the Vault briefcase
-Member of the first all female team to win War Games

Most Valuable Elitist:
-MVE Rising Star of the Week (2x)
-MVE Match of the Week (7x)
-MVE Beef of the Week (8x)
-MVE Champion of the Week (4x)
-MVE Promoer of the Week (7x)
-Most Valuable Elitist (5x)(Pain for Pride XII’s Most Valuable Elitist)
-Elitist of the Month (October 2019)

Raven grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Her mother believed in classic southern elegance and entered Raven and her sisters in beauty pageants regularly. Raven found herself an outcast most times, mocked by the other girls before shutting herself out. This would lead to regular beatings from her mother. She discovered wrestling at 16 with her high school sweetheart who was killed only a year later. She decided to live out this dream and pursue wrestling as a career. When she turned 18, she gathered everything she had in a backpack and ran away. Briefly homeless and stranded in Albuquerque, she eventually made it to Las Vegas where she met her wrestling idol, Vivian Marshall, and her future mentor and friend, Shayna Jackson. Raven didn’t have a natural gift in the ring, but she never gave up. She practiced every technique hundreds and thousands of times, taking her losses as lessons across the independents before finding her stride as a competitor and making something of a name for herself. In March of 2018, Raven got her first major contract with REVOLT! Pro Combat, which quickly merged with her current promotion, Elite Answers Wrestling.

-She also speaks a large amount of Spanish due to the time she spent wrestling in Mexico for Super Lucha.
-Extensive training in Judo, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate, and Muay Thai.
-Takes her training and career extremely seriously, but relishes the opportunity to be silly with her friends and loved ones.
-Peanut butter and milk is her ultimate comfort snack.
-Her in-ring last name comes from Danny Roberts, her high school boyfriend who was killed by a drunk driver.


Rex McAllister (Roderick Strong)- Raven’s husband and tag partner. Rex is an active member of the EAW roster who’s information can be found Here

Shayna Jackson (Jacqueline)- Former wrestler and instructor at the Vivian Marshall Wrestling Academy. Retired in late 2015 to become a sportscaster. Was Raven’s primary coach for years and now is one of her closest personal friends.

Vivian Marshall (Alundra Blayze)- Head of the Academy where Raven learned and eventually taught. Was Raven’s favorite wrestler as a teen.




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